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  1. crypto strategy

    Hi, I hope all is well. Where's the best place to buy ripple and LTC. Thanks Deputydog
  2. Interesting article in the Guardian today about digital currencies. Bitcoin cash mentioned. Worth a read. Deputydog
  3. That is true. I was wondering if the BBC revised its pay strategy to public sector we would celebrities cheaper. Other channels may then revise their pay grading. I don't think it will happen.
  4. The presenters and other famous people are paid high salaries because of their celebrity status. The BBC is a public sector organization like councils etc, they should have pay grades and rises like public sector workers. The BBC will not do this as they will lose viewing figures. The age group who feed the celebrity status symbol and culture will not sacrifice this culture as it is part of their life like social media. This is what they have grown up with, we all feed it by watching TV, movies and sports. The only option I see is for the BBC to except a loss of viewers and celebs for a period, give everybody new contracts like public sector workers and pay each sex the same wage. Will this benefit the BBC in the long run? I think it will but am I in the minority?
  5. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Hi, hope all is well. One from Germany on 30g China Panda https://auragentum.de/angebote/1480/30g-goldmuenze-china-panda-2017-sonderaktion How do they accept payment? Transferwise? Thanks Deputydog
  6. Capsules for Britannia silver coin

    Hi, I hope everything is ok with everybody. Does anybody sell capsules for a 1oz silver .Britannia coin. Looked at Ebay and they only seem to come in packs of ten Thanks Deputydog
  7. Platinum - who's buying?

    Hi, I am unsure how to get into the ETF thing, any tips. How easy is it to sell Platinum coins if this is a viable option. Thanks Deputydog
  8. Royal Mint to Launch Digital Gold

    I would agree with you. People who buy paper gold are in for a shock when they try to cash it in. I think this says more about royal mint than anything else. Deputydog
  9. Cashless society.

    If the banks get into trouble then bail ins will come into effect, it is easier for banks to do this if we keep all our money in the banks. We are also allowing companies to become bigger and more powerful by internet shopping. Deputydog
  10. Opinions on the new American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin

    Hi, I hope all is well with everybody. Coininvest have them in at 1.717,22 €.or £1,489.04. 1717.22 euros in pounds converted is 1469.80. Do coininvest accept Transferwire? I am going to buy one. Deputydog
  11. The New Peter Rabbit coin sold out?

    I just got 3 as well as set up for the rest. Thanks everybody.
  12. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Thanks for all the hard work you are putting in for fellow members. You are the man. Deputydog
  13. Gold rooster panda

    Hi, I hope everything is going ok with everybody. I have heard they are making a gold rooster panda. Mintage 19 with 50 g Gold. Don't know the price. Thanks Deputydog
  14. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Hi, the postage is a bit expensive $49.95. How do people get round it? Thanks Dougie
  15. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Hi, whats the best way to pay Apmex. Does transferwise work? Thanks Deputydog