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  1. Perth Mint 1oz Gold Bullion Swan 2017

    Hi, sorry for the mix up, i am UK based. Will probably keep 1 and sell 1. Deputydog
  2. 2017 Swan PROOF Coin ON SALE NOW!

    Hi, how much are you looking for? Thanks Deputydog
  3. Perth Mint 1oz Gold Bullion Swan 2017

    I got 2 gold (UK based). Deputydog
  4. Silver Deals.....

    Going to put an order in,anybody want me to add anything. Divide shipping costs amongst us. Will place an order by 5pm Thanks Deputydog
  5. Hi, i hope all is well with everybody. I am looking to buy 3 altcoins using bitcoin. 1. Neo 2. Ripple 3. Ethereum or OMG What do people think? Thanks Deputydog
  6. Hi, how safe do you think this is? It reminds me the peer to peer lending schemes like Zopa, i imagine if it takes off then more companies will do it.
  7. Lakshmi cryptocurrency

    The Indian government are meant to be releasing their own cryptocurrency. I cannot find a seller yet.
  8. Hi, do you know if you can use transferwire to send money, it looks like they only accept SEPA payments not wire transfers. Thanks Deputydog
  9. Hi, i hope all is well with everybody. Anybody going to buy Lakshmi cryptocurrency when it appears. Thanks Deputydog
  10. Hi, i hope all is well. I read this in the i newspaper today A Greek court has cleared the way for the extradition to the US of a Russian suspected of using a bitcoin exchange to launder billions of dollars. Alexander Vinnik is accused of using BTC-e, a digital currency exchange to launder more than $4bn since 2011 for criminals ranging from computer hackers to drug traffickers. Russia also wants his extradition. He denies the charges and is appealing against extradition. Thanks Deputydog
  11. NEO currency

    Hi, who did you use to buy it with? Thanks Deputydog
  12. Hi, I hope all is well. Has anybody bought NEO currency. Seems to be gaining favour with people. Thanks Deputydog
  13. Gold distorting UK trade figures

    Hi, I hope everybody is well. People should research chemtrails, governments all over the world are spraying the atmosphere with chemtrails by using converted planes. Chemtrails are fully of chemicals including aluminium and nano particles. Aluminium is a neuro toxin to humans, it kills micro biology, increases combustion of fire and some people believe that it is affecting the bee population. Nano particles are very much part of the AI agenda. The UN agenda 21 clearly sets out goals for reducing the population and also getting people to live in mega cities not the countryside. I say this to people and gets called a crackpot. The financial system is fixed so companies and rich people can make more money, maybe it's getting old but I do not believe the spin anymore and trust anything I am getting told. Hope I did not depress people too much with my rant. Deputydog
  14. Palladium

    Hi, I had a look at gold silver.be, the cheapest platinum coins are the platipus (roll of 20). Deputydog
  15. Palladium

    Hi, I hope all is well. I am looking to buy some coins but if I wish to sell then who do I sell it to. Are people buying now ahead of the trend and know it's valve before dealers do. Also when silver and gold becomes more expensive will it become the new silver i.e. an affordable precious metal. Thanks Deputydog