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  1. Interesting (for me) chart showing performance of various asset classes over the past 15 years. And if it doesn't interest you, at least it's colourful
  2. Bargain on ebay or load of junk?

    Dodged a bullet for sure. He's even bought empty official boxes from the londoncoincompany to put them in Scumbag
  3. Trading CFDs

    CFD's are in immensely useful tool if you're a fund manager or gambler. Something like 95% of Average Joe traders lose money in their first year. Trading most indexes with tight stop losses is pointless - the day to day volatility will wipe out stops long and short before eventually resuming their trend. Everyone's always after that one big position that bags £000's - just doesn't happen. I've said it before, it's like picking up pennies in front of a steamroller (a fast steamroller!) And stop losses mean sh!t when something like the below happens (even Mini CFD's on the EUR/CHF ran up tens of thousands in losses that day and positions were frozen. Flash crashes on the main market indexes just as likely - happened before and will happen again. I'd learn how to trade options instead, much less risk but still opportunity for good returns.
  4. Chinese Pandas on Ebay

    Some pretty awful fakes! Steer clear if anyone's feeling frisky for some cheap shiny stuff http://r.ebay.com/Vj30TS
  5. PM mining shares

    Whilst I have a large proportion of my wealth in mining, I'd suggest anyone dipping their toe in here, treads very carefully. I won't name particular stocks on a public forum for obvious reasons, but feel it's worth pointing out that... over the next few years, as (paper) prices continue to get squeezed, miners are experiencing a slow death. We'll see more and more mining companies go under, or more likely be forced to issue more and more shares to raise funds at inappropriate prices (effectively killing off market cap/share price) but in doing so maintaining the salaries and lifestyles of the board. The security of the region is also massively important - there are situations in parts of South America and Africa where gold exports via land/sea are being hijacked. It's not sustainable it's putting even further pressure on margins. Companies affected dare not mention this for fear of share price capitulation/shareholder revolt. Far better to blame 'unforeseen circumstances'. Same is happening in the oil industry. If you want exposure to mining and are relatively inexperienced - stick to mining funds (and junior mining funds) or ETF's where you're spreading your investments across 50-60 companies. Those who survive this battle will do very VERY well. Just make sure you sell out in time before governments nationalise/expropriate the licenses 'for national security'. (keep tin foil hats on at all times)
  6. Purchasing Euros

    If you want a contact name at TorFX - PM me. I doubt you'll find a better rate
  7. Purchasing Euros

    Have a look at TorFX - can recommend
  8. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Spot and futures traders will only be looking for settlement in cash - because that's whats offered in the contract. You are correct in saying that the it's those investors with physical unallocated owners who could be left with a certificate of ownership.. And nothing else! At the same time, if silver opened one morning at $50 - no guarantee that you'd even get settlement for cash! No idea on the second question you ask, but I'd imagine the percentage of hedging by miners/industry is minuscule in comparison to the amount of trades by hedge funds/banks
  9. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    These are actually just contracts on the silver spot price (as opposed to orders for physical). All contracts for spot (and futures) are settled in cash. Nowt to do with comex. That said, the brokers can see where stops and limits are
  10. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    I'm actually trading CFD's (contracts for difference). Unsure if you know much about this so I'll explain as if it's nothing. This is when you're buying actual contracts in the market through the broker (CFD provider). However you only need to place a 'margin' on the full contract amount. Each silver contract is 500oz (say $8500) but the margin requirement is 1.5% - so I only need to pay $127 in order to buy (and be liable for) the fluctuations in value of a 500oz contract. In my case, I bought 2.5 contracts, so that's 1250oz (or $21,250 value) but a margin requirement of only $318.75. The margin requirement does actually drop lower when stops are placed. It's really just huge leverage on actual silver contracts. And a good indication of how easy it is to buy paper contracts of massive value without having the funds to pay for it! CFDs are also used in buying shares - same principle. However, unless you're a professional investor, or have more money than sense - stay clear of them. (I'm the former )
  11. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Wrong forum for this really, sorry! I'll keep my bad habits to myself from now on (although I thought buying PM's was a bad enough habit!)
  12. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    I hope it stays that way! For every 1 cent movement in the price of silver, I'll make or lose $12.50. Although if price gets to stop level, position will be closed and I'll be down about $137. I can close at anytime so at the moment would be in profit. It's a game for mugs really (me)
  13. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Smashy smash! Carnage. I wouldn't normally trade silver but couldn't help it. Let's see how long the stop lasts! At these prices, should be placing physical orders really. Mind you I'll still be over the moon buying at anything around £13/oz so should be plenty of time for more orders next month
  14. Silver price prediction game.

    Clive Maund just updated these two charts. Pivotal moment for Silver and the dollar. If both fail to materially break through resistance, we could see nice big reversal in dollar (down) and silver (up). Whilst I'd like to benefit from at least another year or two around these levels or preferably lower, I still think we're about to head higher. Have a feeling any drops from here will be very short lived