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  1. completed

    1oz now sold too. Thanks
  2. completed

    10 gram bar sold
  3. completed

    Hi, will send you a message
  4. completed

    Updated. Currently about 5% under spot price.
  5. withdrawn

    Bar back on sale for £1,685
  6. completed

    Prices reduced.
  7. completed

    Back on sale with 10 gram bar also for sale
  8. completed

    Price now 2% under spot
  9. withdrawn

    Price reduced
  10. Hi For sale is a Pamp 1oz Palladium 9995 Bar. Asking for £615 for 1oz bar (delivered). No additional charge for special delivery. Payment by either PayPal (F&F), bank transfer or cash on collection. Any questions, please ask. Thanks
  11. Cheers again Rich
  12. Thought I'd sold all these a few years ago, but just found them at the back of a cupboard in my early days 'stacker box' (shoe box). No surprise sovereigns unfortunately. 4 x 1oz Koala Silver coins from 2009. As pictures show, they are in the original capsules and have only been opened to inspect quality and take pictures. They look in really good condition to me. Prefer to sell all together but happy to split if need be. £20 each plus your preference for postage or £80 delivered. Any questions please ask. Payment by PayPal friends and family or bank transfer preferred - funds to be cleared before posting. If your local to Birmingham and want to collect for cash let me know. Thanks
  13. completed

    Wow. Thanks RichRock. Must be a record for quickest sale?
  14. For sale: 10 oz Silver Koala Coin. Coin is in really good condition. Only markings on the photo are on the capsule. Asking £165 plus postage Payment by PP (F&F), bank transfer or cash/collection. Any questions, please ask. Thanks
  15. Sold. Many thanks I'll drop you PM