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  1. hatton garden metals

    Buy silver from Germany and you'll be ok. I've even bought gold cheaper than from Atkinsons.
  2. Yes, this kind of mirrors my experience of a couple of months ago. He's the "good cop" while the other is a bad cop, while Eva is the one delegated to apologise. I've seen this movie before!
  3. Sorry but comes across as d*** is you now! You've just posted a "white knight" thread on Goldsilver.be who are by now universally acknowledged as a cheap and nasty seller. Then you attach a picture of a coin in very bad condition. You were told by a few that the coin is crap. You attack the ones who point out to the state of the coin and you call them d***. WTF mate?
  4. Who'd a thunk it? http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/13/man-who-shared-image-of-muslim-ignoring-westminster-victims-was-a-russian-bot-7074488/ With this post I'm in no way implying that there may be Putin-sponsored trolls on this forum. No way!
  5. Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    If it's on the Express, it must be true!
  6. Folks, I'm genuinely confused! Ever since the last financial crisis I've been told that the root of all problems was due to the PIGS countries, who, as we all know, are lazy and corrupt and genetically inferior. Now somebody is saying that some elements of the Anglo-Nordic master race are implicated in a large scale corporate tax avoidance scheme, including allegedly the Queen, and I'm not referring to the late Freddie Mercury. How is that possible? Weren't corporations the good guys and the South European plebs the bad guys? Or is someone a bad guy only when he's stupid enough to get caught?
  7. So, where's the "Angela Merkel's got blood on her hands, the EU collapsing under the influx of refugees" crowd at today?
  8. Don't the separatist leaders come across as cowards, or is it just me? They're in Belgium begging for asylum, while they should be in their own land fighting. Why don't they accept to go to jail and be treated as martyrs? Really if I had a shred of sympathy for them, it's all gone now!
  9. Midlands Coin Fair to buy bullion gold?

    Did you buy anything? I'm thinking of going next 12th of Nov. I'm interested only in sovs at the moment.
  10. Universal Credit

    It's the oldest trick in the book: in times of crisis and decadence, blame the ones at the bottom of the pile : the poor, the unemployed, the disabled, the immigrants, etc. Wash, rinse and repeat!
  11. Absolutely not! Gold and silver have an intrinsic value, beyond the convertibility into fiat currency. You can rest assured that gold will always be worth something.
  12. I kind of disagree on where this thread is heading to. Of course the financial elite would like to have the most of us to voluntarily and gladly adhere to a world fiat currency (SDRs?) which is fully trackable. And this is happening right now. Remember that most human beings are sheeple and refuse to give their brain a chance. However the financial and corporate world also needs a tiny niche or people/money/land not subject to central scrutiny. Tax heavens are just one example. If you hold precious metals, you kind of are your own tax heaven king (or queen). Even if it's only 0.01% of transactions, there will always be some cash. If the Central Bank stops issuing cash, private banks will do. I have stopped worrying. I try to use the system to my advantage. I hold most of my money in cash, silver and gold. Only about 20% is in my bank accounts. One day I'll move abroad with all my stash and start a new life.
  13. Apparently Prince William had a chip implanted at the age of 12.
  14. Most people wouldn't have a clue of gold and silver real value, so this is not a threat to the financial establishment. Once I showed a full sov to some friends of mine and I asked them what they would charge me if they found one in their basement. They said they would pay me to collect it, them silly buggaz!
  15. stepping up a gear

    What kind of world are we living in, if you are fined for paying your debt early!