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  1. Heubach-edelmetalle vs Auragentum.de?

    @Pete I wouldn't have taken it. I'd have rung or emailed or both and asked for an explanation. If you think you have been shortchanged or ripped off, you still have your rights. Give a look at this link: https://e-justice.europa.eu/content_small_claims-42-en.do I've never used it myself but I think you can take them to the small claim court. Thanks for the feedback. Another dealer added to my blacklist.
  2. Goldsilver.be blues, part 2

    There have been developments with regards to this order. I've thought long and hard whether to post an update. I believe my feedback is not always welcome. An established forum member labelled me as "an impertinent nightmare". Maybe I'm naive, but I have used 'tinternet for 25 years and I belong to that school of thought for which all feedback is good, whether bad or good. I owe it to to the lurkers who, like me, trawl across the net looking for precious information before firing an order, and consequently parting ways with their hard earned savings. So, back to topic, there have been developments. Let's start with the positives. - The shipment has arrived, even earlier than expected (more on this later). The Philarmoniker are there, safe and sound and shiny. - I have received, among other, even an email of apologies from GS. GS don't do sorry easily, so credit when it's due to them. Now, logic dictates that when there is an apology there is an admission of fault. And that's where the negatives start. I've had an exchange of emails with GS I'd categorise as either brutally honest, or honestly brutal or unnecessarily brutal. From this correspondence I've gathered precious information about their business model. I now connect the dots and I believe somebody told me more that they should have. Hence the apologies, hence the super expedited shipping (a gesture of reparation?). I was tempted to copy and paste the whole correspondence, albeit concealing names, but I won't do that, and not just out of politeness. I don't want to expose either myself or the owner of this site to litigation or negative attention. So I have decided that if anybody is genuinely interested, they can PM me, provided they attach a legal disclaimer, promising they will not republish the content of my correspondence and exonerating me and this site from any responsibility, and I'll give them a copy of my correspondence. Suffice to say I will stop ordering from Goldsilver.be until there's either a change in management or practices. Apologies to those who think I'm just a moaner and a difficult buyer. I acknowledge, though, that I'm a fighter and I like to stand up for my rights and don't take no for an answer. If then either admin or more forum members think my feedback is not appreciated, I'll have no problems stopping contributing and moving on to other pastures. Have a nice weekend!
  3. Heubach-edelmetalle vs Auragentum.de?

    @Pete they should have at least contacted you and asked what option you would have preferred. Your feedback is important. I'll take this into consideration for next order.
  4. What % of your stack should be bullion?

    It's 100% bullion for me.
  5. Athenian 1oz owl worth the ugliness?

    I've got 40 of them. Who cares what they look like! It's just silver! I've only looked at them when I checked the order and I will look at them again when I sell them one day.
  6. Goldsilver.be blues, part 2

    Since the last time I called them the status of the order has been stuck at "processing". David of gs.be told me the package was going to be sent Wednesday but apparently not so. I understand there are forum members here who are have taken Goldsilver.be's side and blame us buyers for our moans and complaints, but if you had spent 10k or so in 12 months only on one dealer, you'd expect the latter at least to be communicative and informative about their delays. I wonder if there are any French speakers who can translate Goldsilver.be terms and conditions so that we know where we stand. https://goldsilver.be/en/content/3-conditions-generales-de-ventes
  7. Goldsilver.be blues, part 2

    It was David himself who told me it's better to email them if I receive no confirmation within 24 hours. And all in all it was 72 hours when I decided to ring them and still they insisted the money had not arrived. So, timing is not the issue. And then last month it took them a whole week and several emails. Either one believes them, in which case they have a defective software, or they're talking absolute tripe. Either way they are not very proactive in troubleshooting. Edit: third option : Transferwise mangles the reference code so it doesn't match the original one.
  8. Goldsilver.be blues, part 2

    Against my instinct I decided to give Goldsilver.be a second chance and fired an order for 40 oz silver. Waited 24 hours since Transferwise gave me a confirmation that the money was in the recipient's account. Nothing. Sent an email to info@goldsilver.be with a screenshot of the transaction. Nothing! So it was almost 7pm (8pm in Belgium) and I decided to call them. Not expecting to find anybody, David from GS picked up the phone. Nice chap. He insisted that they did not receive the money. I insisted that they must have received it. I said: look at the screenshot I sent you yesterday. He said : a screenshot means nothing to me. Do you know how many scammers send us screenshots of money they never sent? He said they have an automated system to check if payments have arrived. So I ask him to check on their bank account manually. Et voilà, my transfer has been found! So I ask him : how come this cock up twice in a row? He says: our automated system sometimes does not recognise payments. Well, not very good, is it? I don't really know what to think now. Apparently I'm the only one having such a problem with them. If this is the case, I'd like to know what I did wrong. I surely put all details right, otherwise David wouldn't have found my transfer. Any suggestions as usual will be appreciated.
  9. silver prices

    Never mind paying more VAT or not. The real issue is the pound constantly deflating.
  10. @Bumble part of my family lived in Argentina in the 60s and 70s. Argentina has always been a boom and bust economy. My uncles went to Argentina pennyless and became bank executives with fabulous salaries in less than 10 years. Then they left pennyless again. Already during the Peron years (hardly a socialist by any means) Argentina was suffering, then the military came in (again, hardly socialists) and finished the country off. I agree that both continental Europe and the UK are finished. We have no empires left, no slave nations to rape and pillage and almost no natural resources (apart from a bit of oil in the North Sea).
  11. Soppy story

    Terrible mistake Roy! You should have never told your wife about your gear! Now she knows there are 30 grand to spend. Fail!
  12. Jim Rickards: "is there one investor safe haven left in the world? The answer is, “yes.” It’s Europe. I expect the euro to soar from $1.17 to $1.25 and higher in the months ahead." https://dailyreckoning.com/one-safe-haven-left/
  13. Heubach-edelmetalle vs Auragentum.de?

    Thanks @pete and @Tritoon01 It looks like neither of them are much better than goldsilver.be. I'm not really into collecting. For me silver is silver.
  14. Hi all, I'm looking to buy a Kilo coin from Europe. I'm looking for an alternative to Goldsilver.be, who let me down the last time. I know silvertogo are reliable but unfortunately there's a premium. I've narrowed it down to heubach-edelmetalle and auragentum. Couldn't find feedback for the latter on this forum. Mixed reviews for Heubach instead. Has anyone got any recent experiences with either of them? If neither of them can offer solid customer service, I'll have to decide between Goldsilver.be and STG. It has to be said that my written German is almost decent, so language wouldn't necessarily be a barrier. As usual any input is welcome.
  15. ASE sales collapse.. Are *you* still stacking?

    Guys, your silver is worthless. I'll come and buy it from you for £1 an ounce!