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  1. Homeless people

    I was very close to homeless twice in my life and in neither of cases was I involved with drugs or severe mental illness (however I had moderate mental illnesses earlier on in my life). I had money withheld by my employer who was also my landlord. The bastard evicted from my crappy shared accommodation with a month in hand of both wages and deposit (all in all a couple of grand in today's money). I had litterally 50 quid in my pocket. I met a questionable man in a Backpackers hostel in London who put me in contact with another equally questionable man in the East Midlands who gave me accommodation in a camper van and cash in hand work with the worst scum of the world, but at the end of the day he saved me from litterally have to go and sleep in the woods in February. I learned my lesson and I started building a war chest and I've never been seriously in trouble after that. But what would have happened if I hadn't met that git? I don't know the answer but there's the chance I would have died on the streets. Before that episode I was with the majority, thinking that if you are homeless you deserve it. That experience changed my life in many ways.
  2. Rhodium is on Fire - what’s up

    I thought they stopped making copper coins long ago [edit: 1992], at least in this country.
  3. Rhodium is on Fire - what’s up

    Sorry for hijacking this thread, but a thought comes to mind. Apart from gold, silver and probably platinum, which other precious metals are minted in coins? (And that excludes privately minted rounds and bars)
  4. Take the above statement. Replace Catalonia with Britain. I've seen similar statements on many pro hard Brexit media, including this forum.
  5. Rhodium is on Fire - what’s up

    Where do you even buy rhodium?
  6. Rich dad poor dad

    I recommend all James Rickards' books (4 at the moment).
  7. Another nail in the coffin of the petrol dollar?

    China entered the SDR system last year. They have long abandoned the idea of an alternative currency to the dollar. The SDR will be the next reserve currency.
  8. Yes, I'll be looking to change bank soon.
  9. How to handle gold coins?

    Is it safe to handle gold coins with your bare hands or do you still have to use cotton gloves as with silver? Ah, and I have another question. Is this the right colour for sovereigns, or don't they look a bit too dark?
  10. A little update: I went to the only Halifax branch left in town. After waiting half hour to speak to a human being, I was told there was nothing they could help with and they told me to call the debit card helpline, being very kind to let me use their phones. After 15 mins of holding the line, I finally spoke to the rudest git I ever had the privilege to speak to. He would not let me speak. Clearly his only worry was to terminate the call ASAP. He said if you receive a call or a text from someone saying they are Halifax, then it must be Halifax! Can you believe it? He refused to take the details of the phone numbers I received saying that it wasn't necessary. WTF? I asked to speak to a supervisor but he wasn't having it. So I literally had to grab an employee of the branch and force him to call the helpline again for me, which, credit to him, he did. The second operator was a bit better and he cancelled my debit card but still refused to go into the phone numbers. He said, I quote literally, that if the call comes from a 0345 number, it can only be Halifax! Double WTF! Anybody can get a 0345 number, provided they pay for it. Shocking! It is quite clear they don't take online safety seriously. At this time I still don't know if I have to blacklist or whitelist those numbers. This is the British banking system for you!
  11. I rag the number back and I got exactly the same automated message. If this is really Halifax, then whoever has invented this method of communication is really a moron. If you need to call me back, please let it be a human being and let them give me some information so that I know the call is genuine.
  12. I received a text earlier on allegedly from my bank Halifax: "Halifax has noticed your debit card ending XXXX was used online on... at... If this is you reply YES". The text came from +447860035284. I googled this number but I haven't found a definitive answer on whether it is legit or not. Then a couple of hours later I received a call from 03453560024. It was an automated call asking me to input my date of birth. I did not trust the call and hung up. Googled this number but could not confirm it was Halifax. A bit suspicious, isn't it?
  13. https://www.bullion-investor.com/ I've just found this site. Looks legit but I wonder if anyone has any direct experience. For the moment I'm happy ordering from gold-silber-muenzen-shop.de but I'm always open to better deals.
  14. Today I received.....

    A 2009 silver kilo Kookaburra and three sov mixed dates, all from Leihhaus Nürnberg. By the way, should sovs look so bronzey, or is it because they are old?