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  1. All in on Komodo (KMD) at the moment (around 25 bitcoin worth at current exchange rate) Hoping to make house money with 12 - 18 months
  2. ordered up some quadrum cases, I have also remove the protective film from the cards and coins look a lot nicer and crisper now :
  3. Baird's order arrived
  4. Something like a lighthouse quickslab? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pack-of-5-Lighthouse-Quickslab-Coin-Capsules-Sizes-14mm-to-41mm-or-self-cut-/152315257139?var=&hash=item2376b26133:m:mkBv4m06KCeaduvOufpoNxA
  5. The miss universe I have is worth around £4.5k as its an artist proof with only 5 available. Standard version xx/150 - around £3k Coloured version xx/10 - around £4k
  6. My latest money making sideline involves flipping limited edition art prints or original pieces. Takes a little research to get up to speed on the current trends of who's hot and who's not then its just a case of waiting for the latest print release, a mad F5 refresh session followed a quick buy then sell for an easy profit. Good site to build up some knowledge: http://urbanartassociation.com/ To date I have doubled my investment on several pieces and holding a few more slightly longer term for a larger return. Holding these longer term: The notes are created by "Penny" a surgeon that quit the day job to become a full time artist. They are created using real bank notes and hand sprayed using up to a 20 layer hand cut stencil using a scalpel. The second one pictured uses a real £10 and a real Peso note: A John Doe "Miss Universe" Artist proof Gold Edition (1 of 5 created) Henrick Uldalen original oil on glass: Marchal Mithouard Ondes coloured print Marchal Mithouard Ondes monochrome print Charming Baker, created for a "Big Issue" charity edition of the magazine Tip of the century if you are lucky enough to grab one is a new "Invader" print is shorlly due to be released from the lazerides gallery : http://www.lazinc.com/ Some of these prints are now hitting up to £15k in galleries and on ebay and should be <3k when released.
  7. has only the proof lion been released to date?
  8. After selling off my last stack after the Brexit spike and paying off the mortgage I have now started from scratch again. The initial plan was 100% bullion sovs and up till yesterday I have stuck to the plan. Now its all gone out the window and I ordered these 3 from Bairds yesterday : I have also just pulled the trigger on one of these: So now have to try and keep on top of the bullion + proof releases to get the set Are there any nice presentation cases for the bullion set?
  9. Well I have broken my "sovereigns only" rule for my current stack. Buying all sovs and just sticking them in tubes may be a sensible approach but it got so boring. Just ordered these 3 up from Baird, at £1000 a coin seems like a bargain :
  10. There are ongoing network issues with bitcoin currently leading to long confirmation times unless you pay a slightly higher transaction fee enabling a quicker confirmation time. You can also try this site to speed things up : https://www.viabtc.com/tools/txaccelerator/ It is very busy so you need to try on the hour to catch it.
  11. Gold would have been nice but the silver has a crazy price increase too.
  12. 2014 5oz proof Britannia.
  13. Dumped my whole stack right after the Brexit vote during the price spike and paid my mortgage off. Now buying back in (purely sovs this time around). The interest payments saved alone pays for a sov a month
  14. Direct gold printing Is already available. It uses a laser to melt powdered gold building up tiny layers as it goes. There are a few vids of it in action on YouTube.
  15. Makes me think me think where this technology is going in the future. Pair a high quality 3d scanner with direct 3D gold printing and those old, low mintage high premium coins could be easily replicated