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  1. I agree with pampfan, if your in the US go for eagles.
  2. mintage info here : https://www.pandaamerica.com/panda_coin.ASP reference price info : http://www.apmex.com/search?q=1987 panda
  3. Some very good fakes here - http://trustytime01.com/
  4. Deutsche Bank pays $38 million fine for silver price fixing: Another conspiracy proven to be correct. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-17/deutsche-bank-pays-38-million-settle-silver-manipulation-lawsuit
  5. Just grabbed another 12 sovs from Hatton Gardens. 2 1/2 tubes full. 17 1/2 to go until target
  6. Love Aprillia 2 strokes, my first bike was almost an RS250 but a years free fully comp insurance won the argument for the thundercat.
  7. Same here, I did a direct access course then bought a thundercat followed by a zx7-r ninja. Great fun but all car drivers are out to kill you.
  8. Where did you source them from, a certain well known German panda supplier has been caught doing this (not coininvestdirect)
  9. only just turned 40 and Bentley has a slightly older whiff to it for me Nice car though
  10. like the jags too, was also considering and XKR-S
  11. I thought the rear leg room in the 911 was token jesture, in the DB9 its about 1/2 the space again. Will have to check I can cram my 8 year old daughter in first.
  12. Getting the itch to trade up shortly. Went to see an Aston DB9 last weekend and want to check out a maserati gran turismo before making my mind up. Wont do the stacking fund any good but I get to play James Bond Went to check this one out :
  13. I managed to hit just over 57oz in about 2 years in my last stack before selling up so I reckon I can do it. I estimate 5-6 stacking years though. Has anyone ever seem a pic of the original RM box tubes of sovs come in, cant find any on google?
  14. Im trying to stick to original tubes and challenge myself to make up a "monster box" of sov tubes, 20 in total. Ill be up to 2 1/2 tube fulls by next week so a way to go yet
  15. @sovereignsteve had 4 sovereign tubes delivered today from Chards, thanks for the heads up. Now have 2 full tubes, 3 emptys to top up