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  1. Atkinsons terrible customer service

    Hatton Garden + Atkinsons are my go to dealers every time. Personal experience with both has been top notch for both purchases and sales.
  2. How does goldline work

    Not exactly state of the art online shopping but they are trusted and ship quickly.
  3. How to handle gold coins?

    The sovs look good to me. They are bullion so feel free to have a fumble
  4. Origins of gold

    Bit of science article on sky news around how gold is created : http://news.sky.com/story/scientists-discover-incredible-origin-of-gold-to-herald-new-chapter-in-astrophysics-11083888 "This tells us that the heavy elements, like the gold or platinum in jewellery, are the cinders, forged in the billion degree remnants of a merging neutron star."
  5. Broadband Speeds

    On the 150mb service with Virgin. Cant fault them for broadband although not a fan of the **** TIVO box I have.
  6. Queens beasts question

    Check goldline prices for queen's beasts, they were cheaper than most places: http://www.goldline.co.uk/bullionCoins.page
  7. Today I received.....

    @augur allready thought of that and its affecting my ocd lol, better?
  8. Help with 2009 silver eagle coin

    The fonts are different. Compare the holes in the "A"s at the end of "America" The stars on the reverse are almost touching on the left coin with much bigger gaps between them on the right coin. Looks like signs of a previous acid test in the middle of the right hand coin too (in the shield).
  9. Today I received.....

    Another Johnson Matthey + Umicore Brasil bar arrived. Think thats me officially done with stacking now
  10. Today I received.....

    2 x umicore delivered today. Last 2 bars due to be delivered tomorrow.
  11. Making first purchase from Atkinsons

    All bullion coins I have purchased from Atkinsons have been in good condition. An old sovereign that shows a little wear just adds to its character, much nicer than shiney brand new sov.
  12. Import charges from outside the EU

    Ive had a few 1kg gold bars shipped from canada. No import or handling fees to be paid just a custom declaration form stating its investment grade gold. If they are classed as collectibles I think import fees apply.
  13. I received my personal pension illustration yesterday from my company showing how the proposed changes are about to personally affect me. Approx 30% less than the original scheme. I have another 25 years to go so no doubt that figure will be eroded further over time. My stack is plan B pension top up fund.
  14. market manipulation true or false

    There has been cases where paper contracts greater than all gold ever mined has been dumped on the market within several minutes to hammer the price down.
  15. market manipulation true or false

    Considering several banks have admitted to it there is no doubt it happens and we are only aware of a fraction of what goes on.