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  1. Thought I may get lucky then
  2. send me the link, not available where I am looking
  3. add to basket not showing for the piedfort version for me.
  4. gutted I missed the piedfort. Debating if I should grab the regular version
  5. Good place to buy here, cheaper than ebay : http://urbanartassociation.com/board/29/art-sale New invader coming soon if you want to try your luck grabbing one and flipping on ebay: http://urbanartassociation.com/thread/145998/new-invader-invasion-kit-release
  6. just sold a little at 0.001, also have some sell orders at 0.0011, 0.00115 and 0.0017 (only selling around 10k KMD at those levels) Another 100k to shift when the time is right If price levels are hitting this now they should push higher when DEX, Pangea, trading bots etc go live in the Agama wallet. The only thing worrying me at the moment is I could end up with 110 BTC + in my wallet so will be shitting myself preying I dont get hacked. Have a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet on order but wont be with me for a few more weeks, also in the process of getting verified on coinbase to convert to cash. Wonder if questions will be asked if nearly £1/4 million appears in my current account
  7. Not worried about getting finger prints on them, it just upsets my ocd when they are loose in the case
  8. A bit of Krugerrand porn, 10 X 1oz's delivered this morning from Hatton Garden. Just waiting on the capsules to be delivered.
  9. 21oz since the 4th June inc. a proof queens beast = kitty decimated for now Was so tempted to spend some cash on Omega Speedmaster but opted for the asset rather than the watch.
  10. Just grabbed a Hatton Garden 10 X Krug special Pushes me back over the 1kg at 36.76 oz, need another 15.76 oz for stack V2 to match my stack V1
  11. Got some tinder lined up for a 10 oz gold purchase. Grab pre or post election result for best bang for buck?
  12. Design and finish is always very nice on the Perth Mint lunar series.
  13. RM lunar series was really disappointing for me. Design looked flat and finish wasnt the best. On the flip side the queens beast series are very nice. No contest in my opinion.
  14. That's pretty bad and defo one to send back
  15. @sg86 I will give mine a close inspection to be sure. Nothing stood out when I first checked them over.