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  1. Had a bit of geek blow out. Been running a water cooled overclocked I5 2500k for ages and it has served me well but had to scratch the threadripper itch. Have an existing psu, SSD, HD and R9 fury to throw in to the below system. For those that are not tech savy, the AMD threadripper is the brand new super duper 16 core CPU Parts should be with me early next week.
  2. Today I bought.....

    @shortstack68 Do you have a link?
  3. Signed for delivery/post

    @sovereignsteve The PDA's record the GPS location of the signature so if there is ever any dispute just ask them to check the exactlocation it was signed for.
  4. Difference between gold bars ?

    I have had a couple of the 100g cast bars, main benefit is they make a great figet toy as you can can get your hands on the metal instead of a certicard
  5. just electrify the roads and give us all bumper cars.
  6. Today I received.....

    Was like Christmas day today when the postman arrived with 3 X special delivery parcels 2017 Piedfort sov + full, half & quarter
  7. Today I bought.....

    yep, missed that one lol. 2 left to buy then.
  8. Today I bought.....

    They are individual coins.
  9. Today I bought.....

    1/4 proof, 1/2 proof & full proof 2017 pistrucci sovs to go with my Piedfort, just need the £5 sov to complete the set now
  10. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Juat grabbed one thanks
  11. Today I received.....

    Piedfort sov arrived this morning. Beautiful looking coin, think its a battle between this and the 1989 Tudor sov for nicest ever made
  12. Today I received.....

    1oz Krugerrand $20 Liberty head, 2g Kinebar 1g regular Heraeus bar
  13. Gold Stack Pic

    The kind of people with no savings, multiple credit cards, store cards, car lease and overdrafts? Living pay cheque to pay cheque with zero safety net?
  14. Today I bought.....

    Just grabbed a 2017 Piedfort sovereign on Ebay. £299 over RM list price but was cheapest available, will eat into the profit margin but still a fairly safe bet I think.
  15. Today I bought.....

    Another Hatton Garden purchase, 1oz Krugerrand $20 Eagle Liberty Head 1g gold bar 2g gold bar Have been 100% coins until now but the premium was so low on the 1g & 2g bars they were a no brainer.