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  1. Royal Mail Signed For - warning!!!!

    The postie would have very likely lost his job for that if reported (which they are all aware of) PDAs record GPS location of signatures too which can catch the dodgy ones out.
  2. Royal Mail Signed For - warning!!!!

    Recorded delivery items are treated no different to regular mail. It's not segregated and is sorted and processed with all other items with just a signature on delivery. Special delivery items are segregated and processed in a secure locker with restricted access. Every step of the journey is scanned and tracked with a signature on delivery. You can also claim the postage back if it is delivered later than the 9:00 / 13:00 delivery deadline. If it's valuable use special delivery! Sorry for your loss numistacker, I've posted a few times here that recorded delivery does not cover previous metals.
  3. Decent 0.01g weighing scales

    Make sure you pay a little extra and get one with a bundled calibration weight
  4. The price of silver

    Because people in the UK want to play the game too. If they buy "cheap" silver from the US they get smashed with import duty + expensive shipping costs. We pay more per oz when silver is cheap and we will pay more per oz when silver is expensive. UK buyers were happy paying £30 oz previously and they will again.
  5. Today I Received

    1 Escudos cob just arrived from France. Gold 1 Escudos cob type (hammered coin) King Phillip II. Dated 1556 to 1598 Weight: 3.37 g diameter: 18 mm Now have the full set (1 Escudo, doubloon & Double Doubloon), just need to get another stand and dome for it.
  6. Matter, Space, Time<Action.

    I am starting to think the op is a bot, most posts are off topic. cryptic and random at best.
  7. Royal Mail is a disgrace

    PMs are not covered by recorded delivery service. Special delivery will cover PMs, you would have to purchase additional insurance if worth over £500. I work for Royal Mail and its never nice to see when things go wrong. The mothers day story is pretty shocking and the majority of staff would be more than happy for the person to get caught and sacked, same as the people that steal from mail. https://www.royalmailchat.co.uk/community/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=84723&p=804753 In a large organisation you always get a few bad apples and they usually get caught sooner or later through CCTV, test mail + the internal investigation branch.
  8. Today I Received

    @JunkBond@Silvergun That 1989 sov in cambridgeshire coins looks like it has a scratch on it
  9. Using ultrasonic tester agaings fake coins

    For what a decent tester costs it would probably work out cheaper just to pay a little extra per coin and buy direct from the mints or large and trusted dealers.
  10. Today I Received

    @PansPurse they are called caliper stands https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/One-Quality-SMALL-Sized-Brass-CALIPER-Display-Stand-for-Meteorites-and-More/332451909781?hash=item4d67ad9095:g:C~gAAOSw5dlaDymn
  11. Today I Received

    2 X glass domes arrived to display my doubloons. Really happy with them and a nice way to display some coins.
  12. Hatton Garden price increases

    Has to be a bullish sign for gold as they obviously feel they can sell at an increased price.
  13. Notification problems ?

    same here too
  14. Today I bought.....

    Gold 1 Escudos cob type (hammered coin) King Phillip II. Dated 1556 to 1598 Mint: Sevilla Weight: 3.37 g diameter: 18 mm Already have the King Phillip II 2 Escdos & 4 Escdos (Doubloon & double Doubloon) thought I just needed the 8 Escudos to complete the set but it turns out that the 4 Escudos was the largest coin minted under King Phillip II's reign and the 8 escudos came later. I can be satisfied I have the complete set without having to drop £8k - £18k on a 8 Escudos cob coin
  15. Bullion or not Bullion

    Think about your exit strategy. When the time comes to sell bulk bullion sovs can just be dumped on a dealer. Proof coins will likely have to sold privately via forums/Ebay to get the best price that takes time and effort + has an element of increased risk. Everyone is different but for me the bulk is cheap oz generic gold bullion with a few nice shiny pieces to keep things interesting.