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  1. Freedom of information request - Royal mint

    And here it is ....... Dear *********** I refer to your Freedom of Information request dated 27 February. For information and perhaps clarity the term “mintage” for a particular coin, as applied by The Royal Mint, means sales of that particular coin less returns. It is critical, we think, from both a collector and valuation perspective and also to preserve the integrity of any secondary market, that there is transparency as to the number of coins, of a particular type, in the market, that could potentially be bought or sold. This definition of mintage supports these objectives. The reason I provide this explanation is that whilst mintage figures for the coins you mention are intended for future publication, indeed we publish mintage figures as a matter of course on our website, they do not generally get published for 2 years after the end of the year of the coin in question. This is partly to allow for any returns to take place to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the mintage figures when published. So whilst we are unable to provide you with mintage figures for the coins in question, given these are 2017 and 2018 year coins, I confirm that details will be available on The Royal Mint website in due course and in line with our policy as stated above. As for the second part of your request our response is as follows: For Commemorative coins: We may on occasion mint coins after the applicable release year but only up to confirmed maximum issuance limits. For Bullion coins: A cease of production is usually announced approximately 12 months after the launch date of a new bullion coin product. This is approximate as it is dependent on varying factors, including production and manufacturing schedules and capabilities, but typically is within a few weeks of the 12 month window. The 10oz Silver Queens Beast Dragon for example, which launched on 19th March 2018, will cease towards the end of March/beginning of April 2019. The date of course will remain the same on the coin for the duration. I hope you will find this information of interest. By way of formality, if you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request, you have the right to ask for an internal review. Internal review requests should be submitted within two months of the date of receipt of the response to your original letter and should be addressed to: Mr Martin McDade Finance Director Royal Mint Llantrisant Pontyclun CF72 8YT If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have the right to apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision. Please be aware that the Commissioner will be unlikely to make a decision until you have been through our internal complaints procedure first. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at: Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF. Kind regards Yours sincerely FOI Team
  2. We need more data to know what has caused it. If it is still high next year then we know that it is something that has been introduced into our lifestyles in the past few years that is only now just kicking in. It cant be obesity as this would be a gradual rise over the years not YOY. I don't know how the government measure stress but I suppose that is still in the running if 2017 was a particularly stressful with people winding themselves up over Brexit, North Korea and the shortage of chicken at KFC.
  3. U.S. nuke scare and minimal prep

    Its an interesting subject. I have spent a substantial part of my life lifting weights and putting on substantial size/muscle to protect myself and wife from the big scary world we live in. If you are big then you generally don't get any grief when out and about. Ironically I ended up in hospital due to the size I put on. It can be what you do to protect yourself that can ultimately do more damage than the event that you are fearful of as you do it to an extreme with a sense of paranoia. However I still have that initial fear and I am still quite big, but more controlled about the way i go about it. I agree about the preparation for some sort of catastrophic event but try to ignore the fact that it could happen. My ideal news report would be that Putin and May are dating, Kim Jong-Un and Trump are holidaying in Ibiza together and that Israelis and Palestinians become friends and propose to use all the underground tunnels as a metro system.
  4. U.S. nuke scare and minimal prep

    The problem is that if nothing does happen then the preparation has really disrupted my life - tins of beans everywhere, sacks of rice used as pillows, enough Evian to fill a swimming pool, not to mention that these items will be a constant reminder of possible Armageddon which will then keep me on edge all the time. I still have a bit if a beef (which isn't easy for me as a vegan) with the youtube gurus that have spouted end of the world propaganda and saying that silver will save me. This has meant that I have achieved minimal gains from PMs whilst I could have made decent returns in the stock market. Of course, some of the above is tongue in cheek as I still buy silver and I still bath in Evian (!) however preparing for the worst can screw up your life as you limit your enjoyment for an event that probably wont happen.
  5. **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    The Beasts arrived today. Superb timing as the wife was out so I didn't need to make up any stories about what I had been purchasing. Really appreciate your time organising this BYB - well done you.
  6. Not showing face in YouTube videos?

    Porn?? If so then I would say thousands, not hundreds. you are doing yourself a disservice!
  7. Atkinsons - New silver lego

    Love the product - hate the packaging. Its killing me knowing those bricks are loose to rattle around in that box.
  8. Freedom of information request - Royal mint

    I have just received the email below. Very exciting that its an FOI "team" which suggests that its not just 1 person. It makes me think that I should think up some quirky requests to keep them busy during the quieter periods! Dear ******** Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding to your request for information. We are still in the process of collating the requested information and will follow up with you shortly. With kind regards FOI Team
  9. Payday

    Absolutely. I put my order through on Goldsilver.be as soon as the money hits my account. Whatever is left is my living expenses for the month. Pay yourself first as the Richest Man in Babylon said.
  10. Sunday Night Metal Chat

    Its 2oz and 10oz Queens Beasts in bulk for me at the moment although thinking of changing this to focus exclusively on 10oz which I believe will be easier to sell when the time comes. The only other coin that I would consider is the Perth Mint rectangular dragon as they are cheap and shouldn't tarnish as I fear my beasts will. I don't want variations anymore. I think 1000 of one type of coin looks far better than 1000 mixed coins .... I like uniformity. It looks better on a spreadsheet as well!
  11. Modern football is rubbish

    Agreed. The cheating is killing it. All this fuss about steroids in sport. I see absolutely no difference between steroids and diving - its both cheating. I have the misfortune of having my club tattooed on me but that's for another thread .... "show us your tattoo"
  12. 100% agree with reading The Richest Man in Babylon. I would join ADVFN for free and read their forums (although be very selective as there is a lot of ramping on there), look at the charts and build a "monitor screen" of shares to look at each day. The naked trader is a fun book to read if you are starting out and links in well with ADVFN. If you really believe in metals then there are loads of miners on the market but many are badly run. I have watched HOC for years and it seems like a well run company, however I am not invested in this as I don't want to over expose myself to PMs on AIM. I have decided to spend a year buying physical silver or whilst it appears to be cheap. This will work well for me as I like buying something tangible and it will stop me buying clothes/shoes/women. Having said all that I ended up losing a fair bit last year on what I thought were good well run companies (such as Glaxo) while speculative bad shares that I didn't buy did well. Perhaps do the opposite of what I have written. Good luck either way.
  13. Group Order Negotiations - 10 oz Queen's Beast Dragon & More

    With uncertainty over the VAT loophole with Brexit, and the rock bottom price of silver at the moment, I'm all in on silver for the next 12ish months. My purchases will be as follows: Tubes of 2oz Beasts 10oz Beasts And then possibly Britannia's. I will be contacting you at 7.59pm tomorrow for my group order purchase request (last in first out right? ).
  14. Alternative Money (Wheat)

    Careful - Perth Mint will get in on the act and do limited edition sacks of Wheat. The Royal Mint's sacks would go mouldy.