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  1. Niue silver 1oz Roaring Lion

    Reminds me too much of my wife when I leave the toilet seat up. For that reason I am out.
  2. Thoughts on Bitcoin, PMs, Bubbles and fundamentals

    Great post @PansPurse. I love the subject of bubbles (not Jackos Monkey) and was looking for the next one early last year as I thought one was due. Clearly I completely overlooked Cryptos as being the next bubble so have missed out. For me its now looking back at history to see how previous bubbles have played out and how to use this to my advantage. It seems that when bubbles burst all assets suffer as people move to the safety of cash. However this time currency itself is an issue (debt, printy printy etc) so what happens next? Looking at all the asset classes, and the way the economies of the world are going, I am still most comfortable in precious metals.
  3. completed Empty Sovereign Tubes

    This link may help with your Unicorn aspirations https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jasonwell®Giant-Inflatable-Unicorn-Float-Valves-275x140x120cm/dp/B01CL7YRDU/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_21_tr_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=DRXBWGVRZ7WEGFTBMT05
  4. completed Empty Sovereign Tubes

    Good luck with the project. I started doing the same this time last year and am up to 19 coins in a tube. A very neat and efficient way of stacking but also a great little weight to hold in the hand.
  5. I'm in 1 oily and 2 Crypto related stocks. I don't understand cryptos, I don't like cryptos, and I don't believe in cryptos but there is clearly money to be made. I do understand Gold/silver, I do like Gold and Silver, and I do believe in Gold and Silver, but I haven't done well out of them recently. My strategy going forward is to do the opposite of my better judgement and so far it is working. I feel/felt the same as you @BackyardBullion and thought I would go into safer shares and purchased Glaxo last year. Even that didn't work out. Usual economic rules don't seem to be working recently (the last decade) so I think a lot of luck is involved.
  6. wanted 1957 or 1958 Gold Sovereign

    Had some great "discussions" on here in the past from informed posters (I particularly loved the vegetarian £5 note one where you were all wrong and I was right!) and have always respected opinions of others. However it is a shame that one person has come on here and ruffled the community so much and so quickly. Perhaps the entire forum should be for premium members and we can introduce an interview/vetting/initiation process at a bi monthly group meeting . Unfortunately I don't do Facebook but I imagine the same issues exist no?
  7. Please don't sell yourself short. It has everything to do with the heart. In fact I fancy getting a couple of mistresses so may purchase some more. In all honesty both myself, and my wife are very grateful as they are a fantastically unique, romantic gift idea. Keep it real.
  8. I really must recommend @BackyardBullion after buying one of these from him, with video, for my wife last valentines day. I believe this purchase is the only thing that has kept us together for the past 12 months. If you were thinking of buying flowers/chocolates/shoes/Olly Murs CD for your other half then don't. Been there done that (not with your significant other!) and it doesn't work.
  9. Cheap Copper Rounds

    Noticed this earlier - http://www.mining.com/copper-price-jumps-china-cuts-scrap-imports-94/ I always fancied one of those 10 kilo Lunar coins. A copper version could be an affordable compromise. Come on Perth - there is money to be made.
  10. My Chards Experience

    Yes, its a useless trait for my coin collecting hobby (except for lifting the kilo coins) but necessary for the sport I do.
  11. My Chards Experience

    I am 6ft4" and 130kg so no small man syndrome here. I do however like Atkinsons and Chard and assume they will give me a huge discount on my next order for sticking up for them . Pack mentality? - I think its worse than that. There is clearly some sort of gang culture on this forum. Me and the Sovereign crew are currently at war with the Privvy Possee who in turn are against the Moon Panda Massive. Very nasty.
  12. My Chards Experience

    I pay my premium membership so I will comment on what I want buddy. I like to do things with dignity and feel that this is rewarded long term - slagging respected companies off on this forum is not dignified. If Alex was a long term respected member then perhaps I would take note but this seems fishy.
  13. My Chards Experience

    I really think this trial by forum is in bad taste. Fine if its a rogue seller that we need warning about but Chards and Atkinsons are the good guys - I would just sort it out with them on a personal basis and do it with dignity. 23 posts and most of them are about perceived poor customer service.
  14. I have tried to educate myself over the Christmas period by reading a book and various articles on Cryptos. Admittedly I have invested a very small amount in a couple of shares associated with the "new system" but not directly in coins. This is because I believe that people can still make money during times of bubbles as long as you recognise that it is a bubble. However I really don't believe in the fundamentals of the shares I purchased I have to agree with @KDave. The arguments in the book/articles are that transactions are low cost (as opposed to western union), they are digital, and that each transaction is logged. Am I missing something as Paypal F&F and my Debit card does this. The value of Cryptos aren't really backed by anything other than faith. What I don't like about our current paper/plastic/digital currency is that governments (and banks) can just print a load more or add a few zeros. I cant help but feel that doing away with Gold backed currency will bite us (or them) on the arse one day. My Bank of Zimbabwe Ten Trillion dollar note takes pride of place in my house as a reminder as to how fragile currencies can be when confidence evaporates. I guess this will happen to Bitcoin at some point but could also easily happen to the US $. Anyway, I'm off to the garden centre now as spring is on its way and I need to plant those tulips!
  15. Audit time everyone

    Indeed, I forgot to add in the lovely Silver heart that @BackyardBullion produced for my wife. That would take it well over £1000 but really not worth investigating if any authorities are reading this in the future when TSHTF.