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  1. I have given up buying gold/silver to make money as its price reactions make no sense. Global tensions, huge debts of the major counties, money printing and a clown in charge of the USA would make you think metals should be far higher. I sold out of most of my PM mining stocks a few months back. After 10 years of investing in the market I have realised impossible to predict even when using research and fundamentals. The dumping of huge amounts of paper gold/silver when the price gets too high is the only predictable thing about the market. I now buy it because I like collecting and because of the potential insurance if the financial system does properly melt down. My once yearly stock audit is the highlight of the year for me - sad I know, but slightly less sad than other hobbies. Many are predicting a large rise over the summer but the same crackpots have been saying this every year for the past decade. 50/50 chance I suppose. My prediction for next Friday is $17 silver and $1265 Gold.
  2. Welcome. Good luck as the start of your journey turns into an obsession! Loads of advice and good deals to be had on here.
  3. Looks like they had the same tube issue as me. I also resorted to a piano in my frustration.
  4. I already live in the retirement capital of the UK and im 30 years off retiring, however I would say Kerala in India, I love it there. Superb food (mainly vegetarian), friendly people, various climates with both beaches and hill stations, low crime and cows wandering around in the cities (a guaranteed smile maker). Indians love gold so I could talk to everyone about stacking all day without ever having to visit an online forum.
  5. Either that or she will be addicted to Coke when she is older
  6. I don't have kids but fortunately my wife now sees me more as a gangster for my gold/silver hobby rather than the nerd I actually am - thank god. I think its fantastic if kids can become interested in PMs. If only I had started collecting coins at a young age instead of football stickers.
  7. Sold out of my HOC shares today to take some profits. My sensible strategy of "buy and hold" doesn't work so im going to trade more. I am useless at predicting where the price movements of PMs will go but I still feel that the whole money/debt system could blow up at any time so feel happy with my physical shiny/milky (bloody royal mint) investments.
  8. completed

    Thank you - I now have 15 sovereign tubes and a stomach ache.
  9. completed

    Please do let me know if you have an "official" sovereign tube that you are willing to sell. I have been checking ebay for a while but nothing is coming up. Many thanks
  10. Side Hustle - "Something you do outside your traditional job to earn money in order to pursue your main interest" I wondering if anyone has any interesting side hustles to earn extra money to feed their stacking habits. I know that people do a variety of things to earn extra cash such as freelancing web design, proof reading and blog writing. I have imported trainers (weird but quite profitable for a time) and currently work as a venue manager in my spare time. I still like the idea of importing/creating a product to sell online. What's your hustle (so that I can steal your idea and be rich)?
  11. ..... however you have now made me obsess about getting more coins from you. This is like having your local drug dealer move in to the spare bedroom! I also feel this wont help @Roy with his clinically diagnosed coin addiction (see separate thread in members lounge, poor chappie) Hello and welcome by the way - great service and advise from you and your team in the past especially when I first started collecting.
  12. Hi @barney. I would also like one if still available. Many thanks
  13. Slight pull back yesterday although PMs had a great day. With this in mind I was surprised mining shares were generally down across the board. I do worry that Trump is trying to convince himself of his policies and actions every time I hear one of his press conferences. I hope he does actually know what he is doing but happy I have some sovereigns if all does go spectacularly wrong.