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  1. terrible customer service

    You can judge a company by its customer service when something goes wrong. I had an issue with a gold queens beast order and Paul called me up personally apologised and sorted out the problem - so much so that I feel quite loyal to them now. My experience is that they are genuine decent people.
  2. Do you do a tulip bulb backed crypto?
  3. Massive Fire Bomb Strikes London

    I remember having anti terrorism training around 8 years ago and was shown an ordinary looking takeaway coffee cup filled with nails and explosive and the damage it could do(pretty horrific). 8 years later large buckets are being used without much effect judging by the limited damage to the train. It does make me wonder how advanced/organised these groups actually are. On the face of it, it appears to be easily influenced individuals without much of a network - possibly not what we are led to believe in the news with reports of hundreds going to training camps and then returning to the UK.
  4. Massive Fire Bomb Strikes London

    My 1 day first aid course 7 weeks ago said that anyone with a head injury should remain seated ... it certainly didn't tell them to strut the streets of London. Hard bastards in London.
  5. Petition to remove VAT on silver/platinum coins

  6. This is so true. This country needs immigration to pay for its current pension obligations. Please don't poke immigrants Roy. Its morally questionable.
  7. completed Empty Sovereign RM tubes

    Bullion by post have 2 of these at the moment. £9.51 each.
  8. Suggestion: dealers review section

    I always use ficticiousbulliondealer.com due to their unreal service.
  9. Royal Mint Experience Review

    I visited the RM experience last week. It is well worth doing if you are in the area (wales). The tour guide was brilliant and it was interesting to see the coin machines at work. It now costs £5 to strike your own £1 coin - as I happily spend £1000s on coins with goats etc on them I felt £5 to strike my own coin easier to justify in my head. Unfortunately you don't get to see where they package the mail orders (big issues with lighting in that room ) or the room they paint the milk spots on, but a cracking visit for us coin geeks nonetheless. Do I get bonus points for using the search function of this forum to go back a year instead of starting a new topic?
  10. silver prices

    The way I see it is that I missed the boat on Cryptos but the silver boat has returned to harbour. I am extremely jealous of those that got into Cryptos way back when (500 fold increase in 5 years?), however when you look at those sort of figures it makes me think that large % increases in silver are possible over the next few years. Perhaps those wacky youtube silver mystics are right! Having stopped buying silver over the past few months I am now looking to get back in at these prices or perhaps even less. However my main concern remains that the price does seem to be manipulated - I just hope the manipulators change their strategy soon and want it to rise.
  11. Gold down

    I have given up buying gold/silver to make money as its price reactions make no sense. Global tensions, huge debts of the major counties, money printing and a clown in charge of the USA would make you think metals should be far higher. I sold out of most of my PM mining stocks a few months back. After 10 years of investing in the market I have realised impossible to predict even when using research and fundamentals. The dumping of huge amounts of paper gold/silver when the price gets too high is the only predictable thing about the market. I now buy it because I like collecting and because of the potential insurance if the financial system does properly melt down. My once yearly stock audit is the highlight of the year for me - sad I know, but slightly less sad than other hobbies. Many are predicting a large rise over the summer but the same crackpots have been saying this every year for the past decade. 50/50 chance I suppose. My prediction for next Friday is $17 silver and $1265 Gold.
  12. Newbie here.

    Welcome. Good luck as the start of your journey turns into an obsession! Loads of advice and good deals to be had on here.
  13. Piano gold declared treasure

    Looks like they had the same tube issue as me. I also resorted to a piano in my frustration.
  14. Where to retire?

    I already live in the retirement capital of the UK and im 30 years off retiring, however I would say Kerala in India, I love it there. Superb food (mainly vegetarian), friendly people, various climates with both beaches and hill stations, low crime and cows wandering around in the cities (a guaranteed smile maker). Indians love gold so I could talk to everyone about stacking all day without ever having to visit an online forum.