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  1. completed 2016 Gold Panda Sheets 3g, 1g

    ALL SOLD NOW, but unable to edit the post to mark as completed - can a moderator please do this? thanks
  2. completed 2016 Gold Panda Sheets 3g, 1g

    1 sheet of 10 x 3g 2016 gold panda still available - price reduction to £1090 delivered
  3. completed 2016 Gold Panda Sheets 3g, 1g

    1g sheet sold pending payment
  4. completed 2016 Gold Panda Sheets 3g, 1g

    sorry, wasn't clear - 1 of each. have updated post description. thanks
  5. I have 2 sheets (10 per sheet) of the following gold pandas - would like to sell them as sheets initially. 1 Sheet of 10 x 2016 3g - £1175 1 Sheet of 10 x 2016 1g - £430 - Sold pending payment Payment by BT or PP F&F Postage included for free - will be RM Special Delivery fully insured photos to follow on weekend - photos added
  6. Slowly building up my BTC - if anyone wants to sell at spot let me know what you have. Premium members only. thanks
  7. completed 1oz saltwater crocodiles

    sold to @Madstacks
  8. completed 1oz saltwater crocodiles

    2 x 1oz saltwater crocodiles 2014 both have milk spots and show wear & tear hence low price £16.50 each delivered 2nd class. £32 for both
  9. completed 1/4oz Gold Kangaroos

    all sold
  10. completed 1/4oz Gold Kangaroos

    2015 sold 2013 and 2016 still available
  11. completed 1/4oz Gold Kangaroos

  12. completed 1/4oz Gold Kangaroos

    photos added
  13. completed 1/4oz Gold Kangaroos

    2 x 1/4oz Gold Australian Kangaroos in capsules 2013, 2015, 2016 SOLD £265 each plus delivery delivery £2 first class sf at your risk or £7 special delivery fully insured. Payment by paypal F&F or bank transfer Any questions please ask.
  14. completed Australian Kangaroo 1/10oz Gold

    reduced to £112 each plus delivery will knock a little bit off if paying by bitcoin thanks