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  1. 100g Silver Forum Bars Reservations - NOW OPEN

    1x any Thank ya very muchly :-)
  2. wanted Queen's Beast Unicorn Proof

    Thanks for the offer but I'm not looking for a graded coin
  3. wanted Queen's Beast Unicorn Proof

    Thanks for the links I'll check out bnt! I can't buy from the Westminster Collection because they won't remove some old customer from my address and they only allow one buyer per household!
  4. wanted Queen's Beast Unicorn Proof

    Hi All, I missed out on picking one up from the RM website and if anyone picked up more than they wanted then I'm happy to take one off you. Please PM me
  5. 100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars

    I've only read the original post so sorry if anythings changed but I'd happily pick one up!
  6. The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

    As I can't find a decent case I've 3D printed my own! It's not airtight but it will keep the bar safe, and I'll intend to print with transparent filament I'll still be able to see the shine
  7. Hey if you ever need help in the future just give me a shout. Designing and developing is what I do part time and I'd be more than happy to help. Also a great website to ask questions on is Stack Overflow. Huge community and as long as you put effort into your question people are happy to help.
  8. The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

    I'll happily take one for now with whatever lowest number available please kind sir!
  9. Home Safes

    I recommend a tank filled with sharks with lazerbeams attached to their heads...seriously though I would think trying to hide PMs rather than secure them in a safe is the way to go if you have lots, otherwise start with a safe with an insurance rating and see how it goes.
  10. Anniversary privy 2017 britannias - Thoughts?

    FYI Silver Trader is selling them for just over £23 https://www.silvertrader.uk/product/the-2017-20th-anniversary-britannia-1-ounce-silver-bullion-coin/
  11. Hi all, Outside of PMs I have a small YouTube channel about technology reviews and I'm running a free giveaway for a Windows 10 tablet and I wanted to let you guys know. http://www.northernblogger.com/tablet-giveaway-a-thanks-to-my-subscribers/ All you need to do is subscribe to my channel (but if you don't like you can always unsubscribe after). I just thought it would be pretty cool if someone from here managed to win it. Admins: Please feel free to remove if this isn't appropriate I just wanted to offer it out to everyone 😊
  12. Anniversary privy 2017 britannias - Thoughts?

    I wouldn't mind a couple of these but postage costs will put a stop to that
  13. What about the general proof coin or do people think it's montage is too high?
  14. What are peoples thoughts on the new £1 coin proof? I know its £75 and its downsides i.e. only .925 silver and practically no gold with a max mintage of 26,600. But something keeps making me think I should invest in one. Is anyone planning or has picked one up already and what do you think?
  15. Anyone Here Make Youtube Videos?

    Nice videos. Much better than I was when I started...not that I'm a pro, I'm very far from it! Most importantly this is your channel so just do what you want! As long as you enjoy it then it will work. I don't produce professional videos. In fact it's mostly me ranting but because I put the effort in people seem to like it. The only thing I would say is if you do pickup subscribers and later down the line you start looking into upgrades I would suggest investing in a good microphone. Your current mic is more than fine but it's a big mistake I made when I started out!