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  1. I used to sell American license plates on eBay. Got on very well, could get them for £1/£2 each including shipping. Sold for £5-£10. £130 was the most I made on one. About 5 years ago postage went through the roof so instead of a flat rate of -$10ish it went up to $27. was good fun but took plenty of time. Would have got on better if I could work computers better and I didn’t like 15 mike round trip from post office. If I’d had nectar points and tcb back them I could have made a fortune
  2. Royal Mail Signed For - warning!!!!

    How much of a pain is it to claim for arrival after 1pm because quite often mine don’t arrive until after?. Also chap in post office told me the other day that there’s no point sending by 9 in our area because the just can’t get it to us by then
  3. 10p Coins

    had an email Wednesday saying that could be end of next month then within an hour a shipping confirmation and they were delivered today i like them. something different but dont believe for a minute they will stick to 100k mintage each
  4. Proof Sovereign set without COA

    I’ve same problem with 2015 proof from HGM got the box no cert, still looking after a year and no luck. But will pay off in the end. Keep looking
  5. Group Order Negotiations - 10 oz Queen's Beast Dragon & More

    When does the next nortical series come out?
  6. 20 French francs advice please

    Firstly. Why are you stacking? For gold weight or value? When it comes time to sell are you going to take to bullion dealer or piece up and sell individually? Do you want 5 of the same design? On my limited knowledge of 20 francs they shouldn’t be that much above spot
  7. wanted 10oz queens beasts lion/griffin

    @BackyardBullion did you get my pm?
  8. Alternative Money (Wheat)

    Wheat futures are as dodgy as gold futures with most sold on the paper markets. Think Chicago is where most of the action happens. Wheat in the U.K. has done ok in a he last few years but that is mostly on the impact of the currency. If you invest in it what you really want is a major world event because it’s grown all over the world. Keep an eye on planting’s because if they have it too wet/dry in mid west they will change to a different crop effecting production the following year. If what something that will peak or drop at a bigger rate look at soya or maize because lot of production in South America where they can get issues getting to port for export therefor creating uncertainty in the market
  9. wanted 10oz queens beasts lion/griffin

    Looking to buy one of each, pm prices please

    I’m not sure. I have to be honest I’ve never bought from this company but it seems a strange practice. When I sold something on eBay once, when I claimed I had to prove what it was I sent and if it was on the banned list they wouldn’t pay. So if I had this much money on the line I’d check do they send as medical supplies because its cheaper? Has tax advantages? Is less suspicious? More likely not to be searched? I don’t know but must be a reason
  11. Royal Mail is a disgrace

    Can someone explain if I’m right or wrong So if send pm’s/cash signed for and it gets lost or stollen I wouldn’t get compensation? if I sent pm’s/cash guaranteed by 1 they would cover up to £500? Unless purchase extra insurance?

    Aren’t you worried that they get sent as medical supplies and if they went missing you might end up with nothing?
  13. Hatton Garden price increases

    im not sure if im looking in right place but full shields are now £281 which is £20 odd more than last week and now yound heads at £259 which is £10 more i know they can charge what ever price they like and reduce if they loose business but i think that the time of HGM bargains are behind us. i used to look multiple times a day what they had in stock but now i just dont bother
  14. Interesting Overdate on 1843 Sovereign -

    What did it sell for?
  15. 20 French francs advice please

    Thank you for all your replies. A lot more interesting subject than I thought it would be