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    They were still selling at August. At reasonable prices
  2. £250 a month...

    If it’s cash for emergencies. I’d put in a 5% account for 12 months then start with sovs, If you buy 12 sovs in the next year and have to cash them you will probably 4% down (difference from buying to selling). That’s I’d gold stays flat
  3. But he gets a free trip to America and £5k plus eBay may give some kind of backhander. Good on him shows with a bit of thinking and a will to do it things can be done
  4. I voted Brexit and I would again, (now but this may change) but this government and the opposition has made the biggest cock up of handling it so far. I’m with you that we should trade, we should be close but we should be in charge of ourselves also. I don’t want a Spanish/Slovakian/Hungarian politician making our rules/running us like wise I don’t thing we have any business telling them what to do. I’m involved in agriculture and we have Phil hogan who is Irish in charge of agriculture and he is too biased to Ireland. The tories have gone to prove that politicians are quite useless and toothless and the opposition have made sure that it can’t end well for the U.K. I keep hoping that this incompetence is a cunning plan....... but I won’t hold my breath
  5. wanted 1957 or 1958 Gold Sovereign

    I think you are the one with the race problem. The grammar/spelling police are harsh here and I’ve been picked up for it a few tymes!!!!!!!
  6. wanted 1957 or 1958 Gold Sovereign

    No just stop being a prat and we can all get along
  7. wanted 1957 or 1958 Gold Sovereign

    None of my business but if you offer one for for sale I can see it being a problem. Steer clear
  8. 20% off eBay today

    all good, now updated to £14.22. which is over 5%. so worth doing if not done so. better than the £2.78 started with
  9. Need help/advice with gold from USA

    Roy is Roy. Just like Boris is Boris!!!!! And we love them because they are fruit loops
  10. Today I Received

    2 youngheads from HGM. 1873 M and 1876 London
  11. different but worth a watch
  12. 20% off eBay today

    top cash back now upped to 3%. opened a dispute because they should match quidco, not sure what will happen because i haven't tried before, but nothing to loose so will see if successful
  13. January gold?

    told you so....................... 40 young heads sold by HGM this morning
  14. January gold?

    People with more experience than me might have an idea. On radio this morning they said 8 million people will struggle this month with too much spending over Christmas. Does that mean that we should see more gold come up from HGM Atkinson’s and chards to pay for this? @ChardLizzie
  15. NK gold coins

    Would be interested to see some pictures. Might be interested in some just as something different depending in price