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  1. Could be a fake, if it was 100kg those two would struggle to hold so easily, also if it's resting on something the hand underneath would be squat
  2. Think the chap that owns Yorkshire bullion used to be here, got the name Shane or Sean in the back of my mind. Someone else will know. Might be worth a look
  3. Look at the PayPal address, that could give you an idea also how long do you have to open a dispute? Make sure he doesn't keep delaying until you are over date
  4. wanted

    Looking to buy some 1/4 gold coins looking to pay HGM prices or a little more for the right coins pm with coins and prices
  5. just spoke they told me its a 2011
  6. with the special labels, do they have a list of what you can choose from or if you put panda you have a panda on the label?
  7. @Numistacker I'll give you £270 for it and you can't try again!!!! Trouble is next one could be worse. With the damage and scratch would it be ms69 or could it take to a ms68?
  8. 5% cash back on ebay today
  9. @Numistacker was the 1/4 lib ok and in good condition?
  10. I get stick from the boys for calling them football stickers, they are football cards now!!!! Showed then my panini 89 book the other day and they couldn't believe haw many English players that used to play
  11. Think I have lost my sons to collecting pm's. my oldest had a inter school run the other day, he said he wanted to come second because he likes silver more than gold. So I said stupidly that if I wins he can choose one of my coins. He won and chose a 2009 koala. His younger brother said 'we have to be treated the same' so he went off with a 2012 panda. i came in from work last night they were on eBay and the oldest has decided that he is going to spend birthday money on a 2009 kook. Youngest wants a coin rather than an Easter egg. Not bad for a 7 and 4 year old. Wish I had started collecting when I was that age
  12. i dont bet but when it said in tv that Douvan was 7/2 .............................not to win in a 10 horse race over jumps thats where all my money would have gone. plus id have bet on the winner because of the silks he was wearing!!!!
  13. @PureGold got mine today also, bit disapointed with the quality of the strike. yours doesnt look that different to me, thought the 'scales' (or what ever they are) on the dragon aren't that good. compared to the feathers on the griffin. what you think?
  14. Atkinsons have delivery end of March, RMB don't say if it's available yet, but saw somewhere last week it's release date is today
  15. @oliversw5agree with all point would add point 4, they are offensive I don't agree with all points of the monarchy but find these tasteless.