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  1. I'm not sure about this coin but I like the idea of what you are doing here, hope you do this again in the future (hopefully with a coin more to my taste)
  2. Do what shouldn't be done........... send him back a packet with some loose coins in then when I signs for it eBay will side with you. Complete dog of a thing to do but he isn't playing fair either. When you get your money back you can send them on, with or without a stamp
  3. 1/10 Brit at hgm. But 10% premium for some reason
  4. Difference between a business man and farmer..,...,, the farmer will make sure it's classed as a van and claim the Vat back also!!!!
  5. Saw them about 3.30 ish started with 9, also 1/4,double,quit sov came on at same time
  6. Ended up getting a 2017 full sovereign, used nectar points so £221 and should get nearly £10 in points back and £2.50 top cash back
  7. nectar x7 on ebay for weekend.
  8. for sale

    Price drop
  9. Don't know too much about copper, but I think when it oxidises to goes green, is it flakey i.e. Comes off when rubbed or does it just change colour like silver toning? I've fancied buying a couple and using 1 as door stop and pit one out in the garden
  10. I have a great way of remembering passwords, don't have to pay a thing, fool proof and impossible to forget
  11. Not sure where to put this but Amazon doing £10 off a £50 spend code BIGTHANKS better check for yourselves incase I'm wrong
  12. Thought this might be a goo thread to look back on in a year or so. I know a fair bit about America geographically but not too much about politics so it's all guess work on my part, 1)I think that he will de value the dollar to help the American economy, to boost exports and reduce imports 2) will deport a lot of illegals from prisons but won't from the public 3) will get rid of Obamacare leaving a lot without health insurane what are people's thoughts?
  13. for sale

    now for sale £950 including postage, paypal f and f or bank transfer. added up to date NGC coin value, and recent eBay completed listing not sure what Peter Anthony pricepedia puts it at. https://www.ngccoin.com/priceguide/chinese-coin-prices-detail.aspx?lang=en-US&ChineseSetID=944&subcat=gold-panda-coin-prices http://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-1-2-oz-Gold-Panda-NGC-MS69-200-yuan-China-Chinese-Panda-Coin-/302193015055?hash=item465c1b790f%3Ag%3AbmYAAOSwImRYdZoz&nma=true&si=XSKtYB8tlzp7sP1s%2BXIG4T2%2BvtE%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557