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  1. Cornishfarmer


    Make it Tuesday. Probably won’t answer phone Monday!!
  2. Cornishfarmer


    Won't of interest @TheCoinConnection Your picture shows the coin with a reeded edge coin but they are plain. Did the RM photoshop theirs after or just a wrong picture.
  3. I think I good thing they could do is let every order have one, how ever many they ordered that would make sure that the collectors all have one without the flippers profiteering on them
  4. @SovTracker does that mean the more paper applications that come in in the next week or so the more internet orders they cancel?
  5. Any chance of adding an anonymous poll to see how many the the forum have bought. I think will be over 5%
  6. Out of the 650 how many will be fit for sale??!!
  7. If the queen goes this year could they do a sotd with paper work? What happens when queen dies? Do they stop immediately or do they carry on until new monarch is crowned?
  8. @Numistacker just watched your video about what makes a rare sovereign. see you have one with a 65th anniversary with privy on. If they do too good of a job on this one and the bu looks like a proof they could cause confusion like they did with the 2017 sotd bu
  9. With this be available with you @ChardLizzie?
  10. Cornishfarmer

    Ebay Rubbish

    @Paul we will have to agree to disagree, this is on the same level as selling fakes to me, they know it’s not allowed but still get away with it. Ebay hasn’t got the best of reputations for doing the right thing asking as they get their money. Only worked out the shill bidding after when looked at sold items. Wasn’t quite on the ball with this one but will be next time. First item ever that haven’t paid for.
  11. Cornishfarmer

    Ebay Rubbish

    If the same coin gets sold multiple times to the same bidder leaves feedback then comes up for sale again you have to be suspicious. He didn’t even change the pictures. Hard to prove but will leave for eBay to sort out.
  12. Cornishfarmer

    Ebay Rubbish

    bought a half sovereign yesterday on ebay, looked at the past sales and its fairly obvious that a fair bit of shill bidding has gone on . ive sent an email saying that im not going to pay out of principle even if it hasn't gone on with this item, am i out of order or correct?
  13. Cornishfarmer

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Anyone get the $5 Indian head at HGM earlier?
  14. Cornishfarmer


    Glad it’s been resolved, just had a look and I’d have asked if they would have swapped for 5 x 2005 Australian proof sovs, only few pence in it and the aussie proofs are crackers