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  1. Brilliant and rare coin , mintage - 27,338 Any questions just ask £98 Posted Signed for at buyer's risk
  2. Hi all, it's been a while, I have here a wonderful coin and very rare to come by, with a mintage of 27,338. Currently worth $152 (£120) http://www.apmex.com/product/8980/2002-australia-1-20-oz-gold-lunar-horse-bu-series-i I am offering this for £110 with free signed for postage (at buyer's risk) + £4.50 for special delivery Payment through Paypal preferably F&F +3.4% for G&S.
  3. Need help with value of this coin

    Sold it for 25 Thanks for help bud
  4. Need help with value of this coin

  5. Need help with value of this coin

    How come?
  6. You are not getting old you just have a brain cell. I am often embarrassed to be part of this stupid generation..
  7. completed Spot Silver

    Here is all my scrap silver items for sale, most are hallmarked, but have a few items stamped 925. Take a look and I can weigh on demand, total weight is 441g for all items present: 1922 Cigarette Case 80% Silver Hallmarked broken clasp (EDIT) 4 x Watch Cases Hallmarked Small watch case stamped 925 Bent Pandora Ring 925 Bracelet Rectangular 925 Dragon Watch Chain broken 925 Mexican Cream Jug Hallmarked 'Sanborn Mexico Sterling' Mexican silver Payments to be made via bank transfer + Postage of choice/risk . Selling at spot price at time of purchase. Please see pictures:
  8. completed Flash Sale 7oz Silver

  9. I'm 14 And Need Help!

    Iv made in the region of £500 buying large bundles of xbox 360 games and consoles. Selling everything separate for a region of £30 profit each time. Takes patience to sell them and time to list. But at the end of the day all time is money.
  10. Not : coin is not bent, rather worn at one particular point on the edge £8 + free postage standard +£1.10 for SF