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  1. Something like this is to big to pretend it happened There are probably hundreds of people at the NHS dealing with victims, if no victims had to be treated or bodies collected I'm sure it would come out You can always argue why it happened, but I don't see how for now you could argue it hasn't.
  2. I bought when it was £350 ish or below It had already been over $1000 so wasn't pie in the sky to think it could go back again I think 2014/15 was the time to get into Bitcoin for the average Joe
  3. I wonder what type of people jump in at this stage
  4. People can thank me for that, obviously because I sold it was likely to shoot up now hehe
  5. Hello, welcome and enjoy
  6. You can buy the new sovereigns cheaper from dealers too - for a 25 tube of 2017 sovs it's £5,898.62 at Atkinsons vs £6,025.95 at RMB Why there's a £100+ difference to get it directly from them instead of a third party who knows
  7. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and all that Id feel more gutted if it dropped to £600 and I hand't sold than if it goes to £2000 now That £1350 isn't dead money either, can invest it in something else where some more knowledge and control is involved
  8. Antiqued piedfort
  9. Reverse proof and Piedfort Britannia next
  10. Just sold my last Bitcoin for £1350 so officially out of the game, for now I bought that one for around £350 so £1000 profit in 2 years 9 months; even if it does go to the moon now how can I complain I will buy back in if it drops significantly
  11. I don't know much at all I could see it dropping back to £650-750 but totally unfounded guess
  12. I'm selling now, will buy back in if it drops significantly Can't see it going below £500 again but we shall see
  13. Landmarks must be the most boring design for coins zzz very dry I can't believe the America the Beautiful coins are so popular
  14. Apparently Griffin will be released in the next month or two
  15. I have a well off business acquaintance who bought about 100 at £300 couple years ago, I'm sure he is very pleased atm Quite the gamble to have risked £30,000 on Bitcoin originally