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  1. Did it have any milk spots to go along with the scratch?
  2. Do you think these will do well?
  3. The 2017 UK £1 Silver Piedfort Proof Coin is 85% reserved apparently For a mintage of 4500 that's an impressive amount of preorders Is this going to be worth a buy to flip? http://www.royalmint.com/shop/u/uk17d1pf
  4. I'm not sure proof Britannias are that well collected currently; the 2014 is doing really well but that's because it's such a nice design How are the 2013, 2015 & 2016 proofs Britannia doing on Ebay? Maybe that will change in the long term though, who knows As others have said, I would go with the 1 oz I think the QB might be a better bet
  5. Why and who reported them as being found? Just be thankful and keep them/sell them and don't tell anyone you found them, If this was an historic one off piece found ok maybe they should be reported, but sovereigns nah keep them and keep it quiet.
  6. I'm still trying to justify the price lol which I don't think I can If I do get it, I will want to get the rest in 1/4 proof and that is an expensive prospect A very beautiful but expensive prospect hmm Someone posting the bullion 3 coins 1/4s in today I received, they looked amazing, that in proofs will be
  7. completed

    What's your limit you're willing to pay? I have one and am open to selling
  8. I would credit Lawrence as being ahead of his time back then, I know he registered a lot of great domains before most people realised the potential of them + Google gave a lot of weight to keyword domains up until updates in recent years so developing them was the right move for the time
  9. ~~~~~~~~
  10. I don't suppose you have either of these? 2008 Britannia 1/4 platinum 2014 Britannia 1/4 gold proof Thanks
  11. I was going to answer this earlier but there's a lot of caveats to say after every point so it's tough Sometimes bullion coins can have numismatic value beyond their precious metals content but a dealer is only going to pay you for the PM's, so if a coin has numismatic value it's better to sell on a platform with collectors People do indeed collect date runs of things There's loads of youtube videos talking about different coins, the longer you're in the hobby the more you will naturally learn
  12. RM had an article about the QB today, just talking to Jody Clark about the design http://blog.royalmint.com/behind-design-queens-beasts-series/
  13. HI Lizzie, welcome, nice to have Chards with a presence here.
  14. I don't like the design, shape, price or mintage