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  1. All time high - £961 https://techcrunch.com/2017/02/23/the-price-of-bitcoin-just-hit-an-all-time-high/
  2. I'm just watching Can't believe they didn't put the 1/2 sov in the capsule properly Have the RM hired a bunch of drunks? what is going on there
  3. You don't have to listen to us, if you've researched and believe in silver go for silver If you've researched Panda 1/10s and believe in them go that way Personally I would go along with everyone else though and get a 1/2 sov
  4. Is it usual for the RM to send 45% of a product out to dealers? especially a product like this that is expensive and pretty niche Where are they all? Apmex have 6 for sale Is the RM can only sell 222 how are these private dealers going to shift 1000 between them?! It just doesn't add up to me
  5. They were put on the Royal Mint Website on the 5th December with a mintage of 2500 On the 6th of December someone here checked how many they had - 1379 They now have 1157 left They sold 1121 in one day and 222 since?! 222 seem like real sales, where did the 1121 go on the first day? Unless they appear somewhere, I'm much more obliged to think there's only 222 kicking about
  6. The fact a lot are going to go unsold makes me want one more; be nice and rare
  7. Anything that's collectible might benefit from grading Can always look on Ebay and see what high graded coins sell for (on sold listings) compared to their non-graded counterparts
  8. Why is everyone suddenly buying all these Chinese lunar coins?
  9. I have some Polish blood, it's where I get my big nose from
  10. Hello, welcome and enjoy
  11. completed

    Hard to sell bullion silver here on the sovereign and numismatics forum
  12. Would these coins have been destroyed in China since it's before the communist revolution?
  13. It was down to about £700 in November 2015, £880 30th January then by September 2016 almost £1050; 35% upswing in a year and that was fairly recently
  14. 2017 bullion sovereign PF 70 1oz QB Lion 2008 1/4 platinum Britannia 2014 1/4 gold proof Britannia 2014 5oz Silver Proof Britannia 1937 proof sovereign William or George iv sovereign ------- None of these are particularly likely apart from the first two; plan to get a few 2017 sovs at some point