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  1. Hi Rizor Seems you're going about things the right way, researching first before putting in any money Welcome to the forum
  2. If you won an auction there was someone behind you willing to pay very close to what you paid, so you can't be too far wrong. I wouldn't buy a London Mint coin(medal?) mind
  3. Some of you guys have some very questionable taste I may or may not be talking about the Trump coins above lol
  4. These are my takeaways from the thread Andy is a perfectly fine legitimate seller... unless you're unhappy with a coin and want a refund If you ever want a refund, he will begrudgingly do it but don't expect to buy any more coins from him + People here seem very worried about souring Andy as a contact because they might lose out on their Chinese Medal crack fix
  5. Do you never use ctrl+v to paste? if so it's just an extra key ctrl+shift+v I've also learned that ctrl+ left click opens a link in a new tab, which is quicker than right clicking and "open link in new tab" ^ Good for opening multiple threads you want to read
  6. All the ones that say "great to work with" and are from himself, chinesemedals
  7. Just a heads up If you use ctrl+shift+v when you paste text from another site, it removes the styling Example of just pasting vs using the above.. Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg are divorcing after ten years of marriage. Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg are divorcing after ten years of marriage.
  8. If you aren't happy send it back
  9. Probably only be about 5 in the world that haven't spotted so they will have a super premium lol
  10. I actually would like a 70, but $200+$40 shipping too much
  11. Hey Plop Welcome to the forum, enjoy.
  12. I'm far from an expert, but they may well be more valuable to sell in the box unopened If they're first edition base set you will do very well like £2000 or something mad, would have to check Ebay etc Anything early first edition will do well, but I think it's especially base set ^ Well the base set will be good whatever actually, first edition or not Are the cards in English?
  13. I'm arguing with myself here about this coin.. If Liberty is based on a Roman Goddess, European caucasian mythology, it doesn't make much sense for her to be a depicted as a different ethnicity Could you imagine a traditional Africa deity being depicted as white? would that not be seen as being racist? I also feel like it's a case of being precondition to expect something; I would find it odd to see Father Christmas depicted as a different ethnicity for example I don't feel like it's racist to question or even dislike the race of Liberty being changed, I think it's a healthy discussion to have. Should the West be allowed to keep a white culture, tradition and mythology that isn't changed? I feel like if they have a problem with a European goddess representing America, don't change her ethnicity, come up with a new symbol that fits the country and its mix of cultures.
  14. Hard to tell from the pics, is the mark by the 1?