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  1. Nice, I must admit I didn't expect the piedfort to sell out in a day with 3500 available Some things at the mint seem to be selling out pretty suspiciously fast though if you ask me.... the 1/4 proof gold unicorn for example @mr-dead the 3500 sold were limited presentation, but the maximum mintage is 3750 so they have 250 stashed back somewhere, for a set of some kind I guess
  2. Ahh haybe it's just because we have cookies and info saved from looking at the website earlier, I just looked on an incog window and you're correct the add to basket button is gone
  3. At what point does it say they're sold out? because it lets me put one in my basket and checkout and it's still there
  4. Did you get the piedfort?
  5. They can come BU with COA
  6. I should think it will, the other BU products from the RM come in some kind of boxing right? the Britannias and the BU 1/10 gold lunars etc, even if it's not the fancy wooden boxing like the proof
  7. We were discussing it in the sovereign thread
  8. If there were any QB for under £200 this would be alright but the 1oz proof is sold out
  9. Wow yes send it back, that's unacceptable It's also a shame also because I was only hearing good things about the condition of these compared to the Lion
  10. Presentation: 3,500 Maximum coin mintage: 3,750 Are they going put together 250 set or
  11. Even if it's a special design, the gold content makes it sooo much money already, not too much room left for a premium on top As Steve said, " nobody collects these do they" At least with a normal modern proof sovereign, even if the price is £450, we know they have room to go up to £900-1000
  12. The normal sovereign is the most collectible size, it's not about the gold weight when it comes to collectibles That's why the proof double sovereigns of special designs can often be bought for less than the regular.
  13. lol not sure how I typed that out long sleeve*
  14. I bought a couple love sleeve tshirts from Burtons, £8 a pop Cheap, nicely cut, look good on, great stuff
  15. Hello and welcome If you're interested enough you might want to read through a compiled list of threads I put together to help people new to precious metals (I've put a link below) Usually the first few bits of PM's we buy turn out not to be the direction we go with in the future when we know more. So I would say don't spend too much to soon, read the forum and watch some youtube videos and give yourself time to figure out why you really want to buy and what you would truly enjoy having.