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  1. wanted 1984 Sovereign

    proof only year? HH
  2. Do I have a strategy yet?

    I would stack for the long term and take a more relaxed approach. only check prices when it's convenient. it's there to give you peace of mind. over the long term, short term price fluctuations mean very little. especially so if you are using it as something to help out in times of need. it's great to be with the times in collections, but only give it the time that your lifestyle allows. HH
  3. Another nail in the coffin of the petrol dollar?

    I've been having a closer look at the information now that there's been a while for those in authority to dispute any claims. if true what I believe is that it has nothing to do with gold. oil producers can currently sell oil to china in dollars and then use those dollars to buy gold if they so wish. if china is trying to get oil producers to accept yuan and then if they so wish to convert those yuan, then oil producers who want gold for their oil will get a similar amount of gold. it's not about gold or more demand for gold but china trying to replace oil traded in dollars by using yuan as payment. HH
  4. A good deal?

    exit strategy? what's your understanding of the market for those coins? HH
  5. Is a coin worth its face value?

    I wonder what would happen if I had a debt (something like a parking fine) and offered to pay in full using legal tender £20 for £20 coins? HH
  6. Just a "barbarous relic"

    hence silver cannot replace gold? (milk spots will kill the project ) HH
  7. Just a "barbarous relic"

    why did they choose gold and not silver? silver is more reflective and much cheaper. this in the reason why I believe the gsr have been rising. gold is the preferred choice even if it does cost significantly more. HH
  8. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    I used to buy george V sovereigns from hgm when they were included in the cheapest sovereign pool. (chosen from the pool, hgm are nice like that) on average they were good grades but still classified as circulating sovereigns. I haven't bought anything for what seams like ages now. I think buying local at the lowest premium you can find is still a good starting point. the forum have good deals from time to time. or post a wanted thread when you're ready. HH
  9. Maintaining purchasing discipline

    if you must buy something then buy a full/half sovereign. then each time ask yourself which coins for sale are you willing to sell your sovereign to raise currency to buy. if at any time the answer is positive, then do so. it might work? HH
  10. market manipulation true or false

    I disagree. supply takes time to increase with demand due to the time it takes to get a producing mine. supply can however decrease with demand. stockpile some reserves and go easy on the machinery if demand is not up to full production. there is some flexibility here. that is what I think might have happened in 2016. HH
  11. market manipulation true or false

    silver physical demand fell in 2016. demand drives supply, as it's pointless producing something that people won't buy. usually miners will not close mines if: 1. they believe the price will recover soon, or 2. they are still making cash flow. uranium took ~2 years to rise from $20 to $50 during 2004-2006. so wither the figures are wrong or miners are expecting 2 more years of losses before breaking even on sales. that came from non investment in uranium during a 15+ years bear/ horizontal market. the current bear market in uranium is only 10 years old. if history rhymes it could still be a long wait before the price of uranium recovers. are the miners ignorant of this or are they currently cash flow positive? uranium miners have been losing money since oct 2012 when the price never went above $50? 5 years of losses? do you believe they are not closing mines because they think prices will rise to $50 soon? I'm not saying anything about uranium as an investment. I'm saying that the figures don't add up so the picture is far from complete. HH
  12. market manipulation true or false

    how is that such a problem? whole industries have gone bust in the past? (in practice prices will reach a point where some companies will continue to do business because it's still profitable to do so) why are miners not cutting production now at a loss of $30/lb? what is the matter with this industry? it reminds me of a reference to ~2013 when silver came off it's $50 highs to trade ~$26. people were saying mining costs for silver was $20+ there is no way that the spot price would fall below $20. history proves they were wrong as silver dropped to ~$13. the problem I have with your analysis is that it's very one sided. anything that challenges nuclear power is promptly discarded as a non starter. the truth is there exist solar farms that try to challenge all other forms of energy generation plants(time will determine how successful they are). there is no proof to back your ideas that nuclear will win the energy generating fight. if we go into a recession it could be years before the uranium market recovers. there are significant risks from backing uranium that never gets mentioned. HH
  13. market manipulation true or false

    I think there's something very wrong with your analysis of the uranium market. if silver mining cost is at $10/ozt and silver prices went down to $4/ozt, mines would close or be on maintenance until the price goes back up. demand for uranium can't be that big if prices fell from $50/lb to $20/lb? my non-expertise opinion at this point is that uranium power stations is a niche market. japan is well known for using nuclear power stations because it needs a lot of energy to fuel it's economy, but have very little land mass and a big population per square mile. in other countries such as china, uranium is competing against the likes of solar, wind, wave, hydroelectric. the rumour is china is big on solar. it has the land mass for solar farms and solar is intermittent but free once you've set it up.(only maintenance fees). wind, wave, hydroelectric all use(mostly) free sources to provide power. they all have their drawbacks but can be economically more favourable to supply the bulk of the worlds energy needs in places where their drawbacks are not so critical. going forward, improvements in technology eg batteries are more likely to favour renewable energy such as solar, wind, wave. HH
  14. market manipulation true or false

    coin and bars make up ~200Mozt or ~20% of yearly demand for silver. like dealers most of us buy pms to sell on at a later date(maybe for retirement). (silver institute scrap supply figures is from industry only) I believe the coins and bars are distorting the figures. I'm not convinced there is a deficit in silver from the figures I've seen. I'm guessing silver supply is based on an on demand basis. HH
  15. market manipulation true or false

    how are people valuing a commodity such as silver? some say that it comes out of the ground at 9-1 ratio to gold and therefore should be priced close to 9-1 versus gold. is that realistic? is this a bit like saying australian stock horse have a mintage of 1k and chinese silver panda's 8M. therefore a stock horse should be priced at 8,000 times that of a panda? I prefer to value a commodity based on how much people are willing to pay for it. without the demand for use in circulating coins, silver no longer have the demand from governments/treasury that it once had. governments and central banks still hold gold but rarely silver. this I believe is part of the reason why the gsr has risen recently in comparison to historic levels. HH