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  1. Fake Australian Lunar Series II 1oz coins

    is it possible that it's a weak strike? sg test numbers looks within the range for silver. HH
  2. I vote sovereigns HH
  3. Coin Collectors Market Prior to 2011

    this is not from experience but my theory is that if demand for bullion picks up then the better grade coins and collectibles will rise in premium. if a dealer can sell any old bullion coin for spot+3% then why would they sell more premium stuff for the same price? HH
  4. Newb Question - Old Sovs Vs New Sovs

    the pic in marsh shows it in that position as well. HH
  5. Newb Question - Old Sovs Vs New Sovs

    the (R)EGINA looks quite tight against the rim versus BRITANNI(R)UM? the rim dots(forget what they are called) looks inconsistent at thes two points? HH

    recently I was thinking of a comparison between water and silver. precious, important for other industries, relatively abundant, low price for it's practical uses. HH
  7. Gold standard. What if?

    I'm of the opinion that we should not go back to a gold standard as it was in history. paper currency is a good advancement over the previous gold standard. currency is designed for trade and trade 'only'. people should be educated to this fact and don't save in paper currency. there are people who accept money (gold, silver) for their goods and services. this is limited because it is limited to the amount people can put aside as savings. people are unwilling to accept gold/silver for all of their income because they need much of that income to be paid in currency so that they can pay their immediate bills/taxes. the gold standard have it's pros and cons. currently purchasing power is taken away from peoples currency via inflation. if we successfully limit this with the use of a gold standard then taxes will have to be raised elsewhere to make up for the shortfall. governments have budgets to balance and it all comes out of taxes one way or another. I agree with peter schiff when he says an improvements should be focussed on smaller and more efficient governments. HH
  8. if bitcoin makes a peak dec 2017 and the dow makes a peak jan 2018 does that mean that bitcoin can be a leading indicator for a dow bear market? why didn't you draw the lower trend line from the green dot through to the big green/blue/white dot? HH
  9. Gold / Silver Ratio

    about 10 times as much physical silver is mined each year versus gold. the recent decades average is 30-60 gsr depending on how far back you go(the trend is rising). imo this is a better figure for the practical ratio within the markets we currently have. amount mined does not directly equate to price ratios. it's a buyers driven market and prices reflect what buyers are prepared to pay. HH
  10. making money with gold sovereigns

    you might try: very collectible 1928 sovereign, over 18 million sold worldwide obtain a piece of history. HH
  11. Gold is money

    who pays for the vaulting of the gold? I think these companies are either just out to make a quick buck or don't understand money versus currency. currency is designed to facilitate trade. currency needs to be converted to money if the owner wants it to store value. I think of it like a current account versus give notice savings account. the current account allows you to buy things and the savings account gives better interest rates. using the savings account to buy things is poor money management. HH
  12. Gold / Silver Ratio

    the first majestic gsr chart is not complete. currently the ratio is about 81 meaning if you took the gsr trade in 2016 when it was 80+ and held for 2 years until now, you would have made nothing on price movement. I'm not saying that silver is not the preferred metal when the gsr is above 80. the charts are skewed with the use of hindsight to make it look better than it is. I'm more open to the idea that the ratio can get bigger, and can take a year of more to do it. coming back so soon to 80+ means we are in uncharted waters and I'm leaning more towards a watch and see approach. HH
  13. Gold / Silver Ratio

    in 2017 that trade would have lost you money because gold rose while silver stayed broadly flat. fundamentals can work, but they take time to play out. HH
  14. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Two-new-Meltdown-and-Spectre-variants-discovered.284524.0.html what a mess HH
  15. Gold / Silver Ratio

    the rumour is the recent mean for the ratio is about 56. so theoretically it should get back to and overshoot that point. same deal as always with silver. it should..., but waiting for it to do so could be up to the best part of a 40 year wait. from the chart the ratio rose and stayed above 80 for what looks like 2 years. so it can correct but takes time to do so. imo there is a possible long term rising trend. maybe similar to what the gold/copper ratio has done before it. HH