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  1. nice find. I would not feel guilty but would find them to give them the £100 that was suggested. my understanding is it would then close the books on that deal as agreed by both parties. you took the risk so are not ripping them off. think of it like buying risky stocks at a cheap price and then selling them should they recover. you reap what you sow and it works both ways. HH
  2. I'm going to guess it's real as well. good luck HH
  3. SUPER SALE ON AT ATKINSONS!!!!!!! 1 kg gold bars for 45p

    I haven't been watching spot prices recently... what did I miss HH
  4. Stock Silver and Gold???

    I vote sovereigns HH
  5. Merry Christmas

    sorry to hear that. HH
  6. Merry Christmas

    deck the halls... I mean ho ho ho merry christmas HH
  7. Gaming PC specs

    it's noisy cos the spinning fans cause the case to resonate. you could try isolating the fans from the case or use some noise padding inside the case. your water ducts coming across the back fan looks less than ideal? if it plays all the games you want then it's looking good. HH
  8. silver price

    sometimes over xmas there is a delay in price movements. (maybe it's part of the reason why the fed raised rates by a tiny 0.25% at xmas?) HH
  9. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    if last years rate hike movement hold true again then now would be a good time to buy. HH
  10. CGT is it relevent

    they might assume you bought it at issue and work out any tax owed using those figures.(I'm just guessing here but I don't see any reason they would give you the benefit of the doubt when it comes to collecting taxes) HH
  11. CGT is it relevent

    I think you are required to prove your case or be charged the maximum assumed tax. HH
  12. CGT is it relevent

    I think it's down to you to prove how much tax you are legally required to pay. HH
  13. Gaming PC specs

    personally I don't believe in multi core/thread. software have to be coded to take advantage of multi core performance and then any lag is a result of the slowest thread to be executed. two cores provides the biggest boost to freeing up cores so that they focus on the most urgent thread at hand. it's diminishing returns after that. I'm told my thinking is of a time past but I've yet to be convinced otherwise. HH
  14. CGT is it relevent

    cgt is not just for gold, any asset that you sell for a profit counts against your cgt allowance for that year. I doubt the cgt allowance will rise to keep up with the devaluation of currency. that year 2000 loaf has doubled in currency terms, but it's still the same loaf(freshly made). half of it would be classified as profit/capital gains. I vote sovereign. (because you don't know what the future holds) HH
  15. http://uk.advfn.com/stock-market/london/sepura-SEPU/share-news/Hytera-Communications-Corp-Ltd-Offer-for-Sepura/73157433 £74M or ~20p per share. HH