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  1. silver past highs

    my reasoning for what happened is a demand frenzy similar to what happened in 1980 before it. people saw a chance to make money so took it. the silver market is a very small market compared to other markets. if the gold price rises on average by ~10% every year since 1971, and the average gsr was ~30 and is mined a ratio of 9-1 versus gold. then every year the gold market increases by the equivalent of a third of the silver market in monetary terms. why would they suppress such an unimportant market? HH
  2. Getting into gold. What to stack...?

    you have the advantage of time so I would choose something that you can buy now for close to spot and leave it to hopefully gain value. coins are usually more collectible than rounds, bars. HH
  3. FED Rate impact

  4. 4 Ducat

    I think this is true, but they are only bullion coins? spread is higher than sovereigns(8% vs 5%), wipes out much of the recent drop in price. selling on the forums should reduce the spread but will limit your selling market. (I think they are mostly sold as replicas, so bullion content only) there should be until at least wednesday to keep looking for a better deal.(fed meeting wednesday) HH
  5. the gold price is up this year. bitcoin is up this year. not too sure how that is seen as an inverse relationship? gold and bitcoin are completely different markets? HH
  6. Why is it

    people come to the silver forum from hearing silver will go to the moon. discussions on the forum make them realise that 'not any time soon' is probably the right attitude towards silver. sovereigns are plenty liquid and tradable while they wait. HH
  7. silver price by 2020

    I don't see how guessing in the dominant currency that silver is traded in as using various currencies. HH
  8. people are buying to make a return. not for keeps. buy low sell high, buy high sell higher. out of character lower prices is not a good thing for buying with confidence. mostly predictable longer term trends is what allows people to time when to buy and sell. if it keeps dropping, I would keep watching. HH
  9. silver price by 2020

    I'm guessing $21-24. HH
  10. Silver to Gold ratio is around 78!!

    the gold and silver ratio assumes that you can replace 1 oz of gold with (currently) 78 ozs of silver. how many people wear 78x silver band wedding rings?(it's ok, if that wedding ring corrodes over time I've got 77 spares waiting to take it's place. way to go to impress the ladies) culturally silver just can't replace gold. banks hold gold and not silver. gold is investment silver is speculation. year on year the price of gold has risen this year. the silver price is flat. silver probably will have it's time, timing it can be tricky though and it could be a 40 year cycle. HH
  11. How low can we go?

    the spread is currently up on trading gold at hgm. cheapest sovereigns have a spread of 5%(3,-2). gold bars have a spread of 6%(3,-3). from what I remember hgm's stock of cheapest sovereigns was more intermittent(flood, drought) during at least parts of 2014-2015. HH
  12. How low can we go?

    for sovereigns now is a decent enough time to buy. if history rhymes then prices are likely to strengthen once january arrives. HH
  13. no silver deficit in the last 10 years?

    imo david morgan realises that a deficit in silver makes great media articles but is not what the market prices are about. notice how the deficit years corresponds to years of low silver price? HH
  14. gold and silver smashed down again

    who would buy a billion ounces of physical silver? putting this into perspective a years mine supply is ~1 billion ounces. he talks about silver coins held for selling at a profit being ~ 1 billion ounces. much of this physical supply will be available to be sold on. are you saying that the silver coins people have bought will not be sold on? HH
  15. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    that's not a reason to not check each and every purchase. even the best makes mistakes. also your integrity as an able fake detector is a plus when you come to selling. hgm do some good deals but that might require more effort from you to become more knowledgeable about what you are buying. HH