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  1. Seems like the royal mint are minting these to order, let's face it the lion would be long gone by now. When they say there's no mintage they mean it, I can see them minting all the bullion coins for the duration of the series. Short term thinking from the royal mint yet again.
  2. To me bitcoin/cryptos are in a speculative bubble, if I were Bitcoin rich I'd be selling now.
  3. Today I Received

    21 20th anniversary brits, credit where it's due they came shrink wrapped, maybe they're starting to listen...
  4. Today I Received

    I'm no expert but I have a few sovereigns and this one doesn't look quite right, you sure the size and weight are correct, just good to be sure, wouldn't want someone to get ripped off by an eBay scammer.
  5. Seems like every week I'm asked "why are you not on facebook?" Seeing things like this is a good reminder to me why I'm not.
  6. Today I bought.....

    I didn't know there was such a thing.
  7. 2017 Sovereign

    It wasn't ended early, it's a buy it now for 99p and these are sold listings.
  8. 2017 Sovereign

    Someone got a bargain!!
  9. Three 2016 new pound coins, think I'll keep hold of these.
  10. Anniversary privy 2017 britannias - Thoughts?

    Feel like getting a few of these, but then again is the higher premium worth paying when they're probably going to milk spot. 12000 mintage isn't low, they'll be around for a while, I think I'll wait to see if there's any quality/milk issues.
  11. Rhodium

    Rhodium's on a nice run, currently up to $1015
  12. Platinum cheaper than gold?

    I feel silver's undervalued, but if it was really as undervalued as some say demand would've outstripped supply along time ago. Today platinum and silver are really in the same ball park, gold's the only real money in today's world as it has no counter party risk.
  13. Got MilK!

    That's true I have SBSS rounds bought back in 2012/13 that are still in perfect condition, actually I've never heard of one having spots, i believe they were made by the mulligan mint, I mean if they can produce coins that don't spot surely the big government mints can.
  14. Rhodium

    Just seen pamp have just released a rhodium bar, maybe that's what's pushed the price up a little recently?
  15. Rhodium

    I bought a 1/4oz baird and co bar earlier this year, I did some research at the time and couldn't avoid paying VAT. The spot price was around $560 at the time, we're now at $805 so not bad. I'm hoping for another bull run as the rhodium market is tiny, only 30 tonnes pulled out of the ground on a yearly bases that's just over 1% of gold's production, 80% of that is mined in south Africa so the market is also very fragile. I'd like to get myself some more in the future, looking at the historic chart you never know where the price may end up.