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  1. When can we expect the 2015 proof britannias?

    I sold last years 5oz for £1000
  2. Hand Poured / Crafted Silver

    Actually was looking into this yesterday and found fine silver casting grain at £5 for 10g from a UK supplier. Anybody know any cheaper sources?
  3. 2014 Proof Britannia

  4. 2014 Proof Britannia

    Noticed two recent 5oz 2014 proof Britannia's being sold one last week as a best offer original price £1786 and the other £2643. Anyone else pick this up?
  5. TheSilverForum Coin Of The Year 2014?

    As above so below. Agreed the 2014 5oz Britannia should be up there. Was surprised to not see it included in the official list. Would also include 5oz wedge tailed eagle.
  6. 2014 Proof Britannia

    Anybody notice the eBay listing for the 5oz proof asking $2699 - £1719? Listing was asking around £800 before the 1oz proof sold out in the last couple weeks. 19 watchers... Probably all 5oz proof owner's just watching to see if it actually sells at that price.
  7. Today I Received

    Was waiting outside for this one to arrive 2014 5oz Proof Britannia #564 £362 delivered. Had to give thanks to the almighty as luckily this piece has no milk spots.
  8. rare 2008 Gorilla 1oz Rwanda Silver Coin in capsule

    One of the sets sold last week so picked up the other today. Think I got a fair price at £395 delivered.
  9. rare 2008 Gorilla 1oz Rwanda Silver Coin in capsule

    There are two sets on eBay EU going for roughly the same price as stated above.
  10. STG Website is under maintenance

    Really? Last time I checked maybe 3 weeks back there was less products. When did the 2015 kooks and lunars get in?
  11. rare 2008 Gorilla 1oz Rwanda Silver Coin in capsule

    Some pics
  12. rare 2008 Gorilla 1oz Rwanda Silver Coin in capsule

    Found somewhere that in 2012 a limited edition (just 300) set was released by the National Bank of Rwanda which included 5 coins in original blisters 2008-2012 Rwanda 1oz Silver coins. Was released under the title 5th Anniversary African Silver Ounce 2008-2012. Anybody hear about this? Think it would work out as a better buy if anyone is looking to collect the whole series. Is this possibly where the remaining unsold Gorilla's went? Pictures online for the set show the 2008 Gorilla in original blister with no toning at all. Not sure if I believe the hype about taking these bullion coins from their original blisters.
  13. STG Website is under maintenance

    With a lot more stocked
  14. 2014 5oz proof Britannia

    Requested closer images from the seller. Cheers Daniel
  15. 2014 5oz proof Britannia

    My finger has been hovering over the buy it now for last 8 hours