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  1. withdrawn 2004 series one 1/10th gold lunar dragon

    No, not shy re feedback, just that the deal doesnt go through, messages ignored, so since no deal actually takes place, tend not to want to leave feedback.
  2. for sale Lunar Series II Monkey & Goat Lion Privy 1oz

    Try stackerMike he has some for sale Cheers Dave
  3. Bullion tester & counterfeit Bullion

    I am sure they are alright, if you would like a second opinion feel free to send a PM Cheers
  4. Bullion tester & counterfeit Bullion

    Re Pandas (obviously!) an investment in a good book or some reading online and you can easily educate yourself to spot fake pandas, they really are not that good, much cheaper than these machines!
  5. Graded/Slabbed silver coins- don't do it?

    I cannot answer your question exactly, however I can add a little of my thoughts, plus I totally agree with you re none grading of most Silver coins. I base my observations primarily on my interest in Chinese coins. 1) The coin holders from PCGS and NGC apparantly are not 100% air tight. 2) I have seen coins that have been opened from their OMP then go on to present milkspots, when coins that are exactly the same and not opened have stayed perfect. This I have witnessed happen in a very short period of time <12 months. 3) Chinese coins that are Double sealed very rarely show any milkspots, even coins that are approaching 30 years old. 4) A very highly regarded Chinese coin collector suspects that the air travel with changes in humidity/temperature and subsequent opening by the grading companies is contributory in triggering milk spots. 5) Chinese collectors mostly prefer OMP coins. I would never ever break out a coin or medal from its OMP to grade..I know others will disagree strongly with these points, however I have been collecting coins for a long time and have come to the above conclusions through a combination of experience and extensive reading. Gold on the other hand has different considerations to way up. Cheers Dave
  6. Series 2.. 1oz lunars.... Rooster...Tiger...Monkey

    I have a spare Monkey for £23 posted if you are still after one. With normal forum payment options....PP F and F or BT. Cheers
  7. completed Pamp Suisse Rosa 1 oz Silver bars

    all sold
  8. completed 2012 1oz Gold Panda

    Any one interested in the beauty.. £1070 ono plus post (Special delivery £8) PP F and F or BT Uk only Thank you
  9. completed Pamp Suisse Rosa 1 oz Silver bars

    Updated amount.. 10 left
  10. completed Pamp Suisse Rosa 1 oz Silver bars

    pics added
  11. I have 20 of these for sale £28 each plus Post of your choice and risk. Payment by Paypal F and F or BT please UK only Pics to follow
  12. I have 8 2013 Stock Horses for sale complete with COA £45 each, plus post of your choice and risk Paypal F and F or BT please. UK only (except Bosse!!)
  13. wanted RAM Silver Kangaroo 2008 & 2009

    That is a superb tip, on special offer now also! I will get them ordered.. so glad I replied. Cheers Dave
  14. wanted RAM Silver Kangaroo 2008 & 2009

    I think it was how hard it is to get a complete collection of carded ones that appeals to me, the Proofs and the capsuled BUs are way more readily available than the carded version, over the years I have collected differing sets of coins, Kiwis, Roos, Lunar series 1s in various sizes, I now just allow my collector gene to focus on the carded Roos and obviously the Panda series. I have had a complete carded collections before, sold them to Germany to one of the well know Kangaroo dealers on ebay, then started again just for the fun.. They really are a superb set to acquire.