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  1. for sale

    as above.. 1999 Rabbit £ 400 2001 Snake £ 340 2003 Goat £ £330 2004 Monkey £ 370 2005 Rooster £ 380 All in capsules, great condition coins Usual terms.. Paypal F and F or BT for payment please UK Only Prices incl Post Thank you
  2. completed

    I would like 2 sets please... (Catch up tomorrow) Cheers Dave
  3. completed

    Ill take the 2010 please
  4. completed

    I have decided to withdraw my offer.
  5. completed

    assuming this is the series 2 Mouse (series 1 also this year) I have some, please feel free to PM if you want any Cheers Dave
  6. If you pm me your address I will gladly loan you my book for a month or so, cheers Dave thanks Steve, always happy to help.
  7. .. plus other bits and bobs, turrets etc
  8. Yep.... carpet on the stairs!
  9. And as an aside.. the coin is a fake!
  10. for sale

    Thank you for your kind comment
  11. As above 3 available Paypal F and F or BT please UK only £65 each delivered
  12. for sale

    Now for something completely different... I have decided to sell one of my spares of the 1st Year of issue very popular new series Lunar Panda, lowest Mintage of 299, quiet a specialist coin, however I have already sold one of these to a member of the forum, so I thought I would try again. Paypal FandF or BT please... UK only... (This Is also for sale elsewhere) £400 ono Cheers Dave
  13. My pleasure, I sincerely hope that you get your price. Cheers Dave
  14. I will, I wasnt going to, since I suspect that you wouldnt be that happy with the conclusions drawn, obviously this is my best attempt at a valuation, for clarity I have no intention of purchasing them. I would value these coins about £570 give or take £30. my reasoning is, although these in this form are limited, really what you have is 3 bullion coins, (possibly a little towards the proof quality strike admittedly) in a plastic seal with a presentation box, these coins are from a year that had very high mintages of these sizes and dont command much of a premium, there would be a very little collector base from my experience. Hence the bullion valuation, plus a little extra for the nice box and a little extra for the slightly higher quality strike, leads me to that valuation. They remind me of what the Perth mint do, pop a coin in a box, make it all fancy, call it very limited in this form and expect a large premium. I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear, it is only my opinion and I fully reserve the right to be completely wrong! Cheers Dave
  15. I would argue against using APMEX to value these or indeed most coins, very expensive dealer IMHO.