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  1. for sale Silver coins

    Thank you Arshi, For info for everyone else the 2003 and 2004 Kangaroos are now still for sale since Arshi and I have done a different deal. Cheers Dave
  2. for sale Silver coins

    HinArshi Could i have the 2003 and 2004 Kangaroos plus the 3 2011 and 12 kooks please
  3. 1998 Panda 1/20oz

    On ebay if selling worldwide around £650-750. re conservation and grading, that is entirely subjective, some would say certainly, others keep in OMP, me I would keep it as it is. If you wanted a quick sale I would purchase it, however if you wanted top price I would go the ebay worldwide route. Cheers Dave
  4. 1998 Panda 1/20oz

    Wow, well done...
  5. for sale Lunar Rabbit series 2 1 oz

    Sealed Roll of 20 for sale for £580 incl post special delivery if no interest by Saturday I will sell at £29 each plus postage at any buyers choice and risk. Payment by Paypal gift or Bank transfer Cheers
  6. terrible customer service

    No need to say anything else, this post says it all. Cheers
  7. terrible customer service

    Oh please dont shut the discussion down, I am learning so much about the human psyche!
  8. terrible customer service

    ...and there it is........ The moral high ground,...... You know we just cannot beat this man, he has seen off 20 odd members with his defence, look at all his “likes” He obviously knows his stuff, all these super deals that we havent had, never even thought to ask for, then he gets Paul to give him his £8, he can now gloat in public. Gentlemen (ladies??) I have been interested in coins for way more than a decade, spent a long time building up relationships with dealers, why oh why didnt I think to flame all these people on public forums and get deals to shut me up. Every day is a school day, well done MrGeorge, I appreciate this new improved method. Hope you are in it for the long term, I will continue to live and learn Yours in awe Dave
  9. terrible customer service

    I cannot help it, I just have to comment... I apologise to you, without reservation............. ..........Just noted your location, I didnt know you were from a flat earth, all makes sense now. My God, why did I waste my time with reason????
  10. terrible customer service

    Oh ok then, one more time.. £8 loss, then you name and shame with the title disparaging them, despite the super offer they have given you, almost everyone disagrees with what you have done. You however see things as you have done a just thing, to say again,you have gone public on a forum that may cost the company huge amounts of money since you are so offended that they now offer you a SAVING of all of £22 rather than £30 originally on a £3000 deal. Despite countless people disagreeing with you, somehow because of Pauls generosity you feel vindicated, let me tell you now, Paul will have given you this discount to bring closure. I on the other hand would of told you where to go, however that is why I dont run a business, generally I cannot stand the self rightous, whinging public! You sir have your £8, no doubt are so pleased with yourself, then take the moral high ground against the people who have taken the time to point out that there were other ways you could have dealt with this, oh I dont know, maybe suck it up, except your great deal and get on with life, on the other hand, slag a company off publically OVER £8. Of course you will reply with the “its not the money, its the point” from your super high moral ground... I would like to put it on record that I suspect it was all about the money. Honestly reply how you want to, I wont reply to this anymore, in my book you are the type of person who will not see sense. Flame away my friend, I am now defenceless! Have fun with your investing strategy Cheers Dave
  11. terrible customer service

    read what he said: to which you replied: OMG Steve, this gets worse, I for one am not wasting anymore time on this man, let the forum members decide for themselves how they see this. He obviously will not see what is as plain as day for most. Cheers Dave
  12. terrible customer service

    Once again, totally agree with Steve, especially the "To suggest that forumites are biased, have "pet" dealers and are acting as "fanboys" is frankly ludicrous. If you re-read the replies you will find people just stating they had been happy with the company in their dealings with only only person saying thay were "loyal" to them." Just doing the right thing and standing up for what you believe in is not being a fanboy, strange approach to criticise this I feel.
  13. terrible customer service

    1% off the asking price (circa £1000 each) x3 - £8 postage..exactly I agree, let us not discuss this anymore, lets hope this discussion falls off the front page in time, therefore not having a negative effect on anyone thinking of using Atkinson's.
  14. terrible customer service

    Ahhhh, I see, the real issue is you had something, then the nasty man took it away. You focussed on the £8 loss rather than the approx £22 gain... mmmmm, tells me a lot A little self analysis wouldn't go amiss.
  15. terrible customer service

    No, its about his freedom to set whatever price he wants per deal, if you realised that you had given someone too good a deal, you would be quite within your rights, as would anyone else would, to renegotiate. Any reasonable person would understand this. The issue is that you are prepared to disparage a company with the Post title you chose over £8, this a company that has given you a super deal, then a slightly less value but still a super deal... Read back, you are on your own here.