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  1. Come on Ladies and Gents, this auction is only just beginning, it has not ended, look past the value of the Silver coin (Which is a very generous idea indeed) and support the efforts of Lizzie.
  2. Well done MB and Lizzie.. £35
  3. completed Lunar Mouse series 1 1/10

    Yep, same here, my coins in this market were cheap. Wish I had stuck with the Lunars now!
  4. edited post with the extra horse and Monkey that I have
  5. completed Lunar Mouse series 1 1/10

    Hi Paul, As you know Lunars used to be my thing, I moved onto Pandas and lost touch with the interest in and prices of the Lunars. Talking to one of our knowledgeable members on here today, he says they have gone up in price quite recently. Hence I guess why I was caught out with the interest and pricing (especially of my first Mouse and Dragon) however I am delighted another well regarded member completed his set. I could of sold most coins 2 x over within 20 mins, astonishing interest.
  6. completed Lunar Mouse series 1 1/10

    Ok Talk about a rock and a hard place... I sold virtually the set to one person who wanted the Mouse and offered me the full price, it seemed churlish not to let him have the Mouse also, so that is what I have done, I never imagined the interest in these coins and totally found myself stumped as to what was the right thing to do. I am so sorry for those who would of bid for it, I tried to do what was right, no doubt others will not see it that way, to those I apologise and hope you understand. Kind regards Dave
  7. Ok.. All initially sold pending payment (No reason to believe that this wont occur!) However I do have an additional Horse and Monkey that have been offered to a forum member, I am awaiting his reply. Thank you Dave
  8. These are all sold subject to payment.. Sorry I am getting hit with so many PMs at the moment I will catch up soon
  9. completed Lunar series 1 1/10 box

    Lunar series 1 1/10 box, superb condition £20 incl postage (second class)
  10. completed Lunar Mouse series 1 1/10

    Sorry the Mouse is sold Special delivery included UK Only Please Paypal F and F or BT Thank you
  11. As per title Lunar 1/10 gold series 1 Dog, Pig, Rooster, Snake £140 each Sold Tiger, Rabbit, Monkey, Horse £155 each... All initially sold however I have a spare Horse and Monkey available Dragon £195 ono (I know I sold the last one too cheaply!) Sold Plus £5 for special delivery per order (not per coin) UK Only Please Paypal F and F or BT Thank you
  12. for sale Gold Lunar series 1, 1/10 Mouse and Dragon

    I will know early next week what I have left.. I will put an expression of interest with a future listing time to go live.. I have had so much interest with the Mouse in particular that it will be a first come first served, I think that is the only fair way to do this. I know the Mouse is highly desirable, just didnt expect quite so many forum members to be interested to be honest! Cheers Dave
  13. for sale Gold Lunar series 1, 1/10 Mouse and Dragon

    .....Watch this space!!!!
  14. for sale Gold Lunar series 1, 1/10 Mouse and Dragon

    WOW! It shows I misjudged the market. I have sold both the coins, I have had a few PMs, sorry to all who missed out, I will have a look to see if I have anymore! Thank you Dave
  15. for sale Gold Lunar series 1, 1/10 Mouse and Dragon

    All yours! Thank you