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    Sold to Gazer
  2. As per title, free special delivery postage included. BT payment please.
  3. CF Lindsell Train UK Equity (Class D) Accumulation £25.00 £25.00 BlackRock Gold & General (Class D1) Accumulation £25.00 £25.00 HL Multi-Manager Income & Growth Trust Accumulation £25.00 £25.00 Legal & General UK 100 Index (Class C) Accumulation £25.00 £25.00 Legal & General US Index (Class C) Accumulation £25.00 £25.00 JPM Emerging Markets (Class Accumulation £25.00 £25.00 CF Woodford Equity Income Accumulation £25.00 £25.00 Jupiter India (Class X) Accumulation That's my current regular monthly savings mate, open to changing it or adding to it - these are just funds I have personally picked so i'm sure it could be more balanced, I have tried to pick a combination of low fee and low spread funds, , The HL Multi-Manager has a bad spread but a decent yield with monthly dividends pumped back into the fund so I thought id see how that went. Some of these funds have performed amazingly well in 2016, but if they go down significantly this year that just means more units for the same money so its all good for me. I have a 25 year plan with this so plenty of time to ride out any volatility. Will be keeping to £200 per month no matter what but some months I have extra to put in, Will look into long term gilts.
  4. Yep they are good, and have been helpful when I had some login problems. I have to be honest gambling on the stock market nearly wiped my savings out! But that was my fault for using it as a casino - speculating on very high risk easily manipulated "penny shares" looking for fast returns , a very costly mistake hard learnt. But - I would not now be making regular savings into established funds and Respectable FTSE dividend paying companies had I not done it. Accumulation funds and dividend paying FTSE companies only now..I fully expect the stock market to crash hard at some point, but I will ride it out long term with the same regular savings each month and let compound interest work its magic. My silver stacking has mostly stopped, and stack is a mere 150 oz now...I just pick up silver under spot when i can at antique fairs and boot sales. I still love silver and gold for what they are, but I don't want to miss out on compound interest over the next 35 years so am keeping what I have and buying extreme bargains only.
  5. Tax free in an ISA, The commision on FTSE shares is very minor, it was £10.78 to sell and £10.79 to buy today, transaction cost is £11.95 per trade on Hargreaves however this goes down to £5.95 per trade if you make over 20 a month, or £8.95 if over ten. There is cheaper trading platforms available, But I like hargreaves - its well laid out and I trust them more with my money than some of the other companies. Plus they are excellent for funds (something I now save £200 per month spread over 8 funds)
  6. Cheers Cointreau, It has been pretty good, I took a few more closer to £10 so my average is now a bit higher, but ticking along nicely and a good 53.8p divi in march.
  7. I'm surprised eBay are letting that sell to be honest, "collectors item" or not.
  8. Merry Christmas all! have a good one:)
  9. Its alive!! very quiet doing normal tasks, pretty noisy when gaming but not a problem once i have the speakers set up...Build was stressful but mostly strait forward:) Thanks for the tips and advice
  10. HAHAHA I don't think the Girlfriend would agree with that! (i know ya just joking lol) But there's no doubt VR is going to be massive in adult entertainment So many possibilities in general -people may find themselves socialising less in person but instead a game, I honestly think it will get to the point where it could quite easily be detrimental to your "real" life and use will need to be moderated.
  11. I got no motion sickness at all! and that was running on a GTX 980 where we were getting warning it was not upto the required specs (this is oculus rift) (my mates got the rift, I will probably follow suit - not tried the vive yet) Honestly i'm so blown away by how good it is, the only thing its lacking is resolution, in this age of 4k its really quite behind, and noticeably less clear than 1080p, quite a bit less...But its so immersive, it completely tricks your mind into thinking your there in person, racing games give me adrenaline rushes, rollercoaster sims make your stomach rise as you go over bumps, and space sims like elite dangerous are just so mind blowingly good compared to a screen. its so damn good any feelings of lower than used to resolution get forgotten about. Truly the future of gaming. When its 4k It will be an unbeatable experience, but i dread to think of the pc specs that will need to run it.
  12. I have gone for the gtx 1060 for now:) for 1080p it should be enough. lol @ willy waving - the 6700k is hyperthreaded, i dont know much about it really , i just want the machine to be as future resistant as possible. The last thing i want is a CPU that bottlenecks the latest graphics cards whan i do get round to getting something more powerfull, but im waiting for the 1080ti and maybe volta now.
  13. Some do yup but VR for me removes the need for three screens, three screens does not even come close to VR
  14. I know, its a joke, i'm sure there was some golden handshakes for the management to recommend accepting that. I'm out at a very marginal profit. I suppose a counter bid is possible but Im not hanging around to wait an see.