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  1. My first thought is people who think this could be their golden ticket to becoming a millionaire - and to be fair it could well be. Looking on youtube at bitcoin videos they remind me very much of the "silver will goto £5000 per oz" type videos that were about a few years ago, and that concerns me...Getting in now is following the heard and I am not sure how often that turns out to be profitable, Maybe i will look back in a few years at this post and think well S***! I should have bought in.. But the fact is I am not a good investor, I do try but never really get it quite right..My hearts telling me "get in you don't want to be the one that misses out!" but my heads telling me "don't make the same mistakes you have made in the past this is a bubble" For now I am staying clear of bitcoin, and may consider it after a serious retrace. So lets see if i can add this to my long list of poor investment choices Whisky Is my current investment, at least if it isn't profitable i can enjoy the stuff
  2. Price at £1710..Seems to be climbing far too quickly? im sure this may have a lot more to run but i think many will lose a lot here.
  3. completed

    Lol I log in and see 25 replies! that i did not expect! even if they are mostly talking about steak and chips:P Sending pm
  4. One in pretty good condition, one not as good, but at £11 each cheap (sterling scrap is £10.77 per coin) no boxes but do have caps. Postage of choice, will go for £2 signed for so £24 all in delivered.
  5. Welcome mate!
  6. Good luck guys, I never got my head round crypto currencies and even if i could I would be far too late to the party now - but some amazing price movements for sure.
  7. completed

    Reduced to £230 for quick sale. Price will rise inline with any price increase in gold.
  8. Coin of my choice, probably a 1912 - beating atkinsons mixed sovs prices and im pretty sure the coin you recieve will be a lot nicer than a lucky dip:)
  9. 12 more bottles of glen alba 22 bought bringing stockpile up to 24 bottles - after explaining to The girlfriend we cant lose on this investment she agreed to buying them. I see these fetching at least £45 each in 3-5 years at auction, even taking into account auction fees and transport £30 clear as a conservative figure is fair. so a bare minimum return of 20% a year over five years but potentially could be a higher return and potentially could be sold earlier making for better figure's. PS. it won the 2015 world whisky awards "World’s Best Blended Limited Release" in 2015 beating Johnnie walker blue that retailed at 5x the price, so there should always be demand for it and my estimated return could be very conservative.
  10. Haha! well I must be honest, I did open a bottle of the Ben bracken 27yr tonight, strictly for research purposes though! I really want to go back and grab whats left of the glen alba 22, but the poor missus would have a fit.
  11. The daily mail must win some sort of award for the most ridiculous reporting ever..in the same topic they say 300 bitcoins worth £415000 and 300$ bitcoins, pure clickbait.. Still go there though
  12. Just seen the NHS hack, wow!
  13. Wow thats a long time, Would not want to be holding when it starts to crash if it takes that long to get out.