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  1. Yes I would think they are down against bitcoin but up in dollars. I am buying crypto, but slowly. just a little each week and almost exclusively bitcoin only.
  2. Had exactly the same scam, "we are only doing doing this" lol..
  3. Boston Dynamics - Robots

    And so things progress!! this is now..where will we be in 20 years!?!
  4. Lets talk Whiskey

    Its pretty nice stuff! has not been received quite as well as last years 28 amongst some, for me personally I prefer it to the 28..The 26 year old Irish is is good, interesting fruity taste to that one. Settled on 17 bottles this year Bargains both of them at £39.99
  5. Lets talk Whiskey

    Have yet to sell any but have not drank much at all:) Not sure how many bottles I have but its around the 70 level now, when I hit 100 il probably start selling some, and people say silver takes up to much space Some nice profit potential though, selling prices achieved at recent auctions more than what i paid by around 30-50% , take of commision and exspenses and I think a 25% profit is fairly conservative.
  6. Lets talk Whiskey

    Lower ABV than last years glen marnoch 28, but looks interesting and for the price there is nowhere else you can get ages close to that:) I have ordered 10 bottle of the 29 online and hope to pick up some of the 26 year old Irish in store. Ahh fair enough, Nice selection though:)
  7. Lets talk Whiskey

    That's awesome!, if you want to swap some silver for a bottle of dewar's signature and can do me a good deal let me know:P
  8. Nope, just many multiples of the same bottle:D seriously though whisky can be a investment if you pick right, here my last one that I have not sold yet - Glenfiddich winter storm 21 year aged icewine cask finish, part of thier "experimental" range following on from IPA cask and project XX, much more limited in bottles made and the first in the series with an age expression. Retail was £199.99 - a month ago, the last five in auction sold for between £260 and £330 each. I suspect this is for gifts for christmas, and I will probably sell mine next year in time for Christmas too.
  9. I invest in whisky, i also drink it though:) only invest in actual bottles not online. currently have approx 70 sealed bottles. and about 10 open ones
  10. 10oz Kooks - looking for advice and valuation

    Yeah i am overly cautious with ebay to be honest, to get a sale here i would take the ebay completed prices that these coins have achieved, and knock 20% of minimum, with the ebay fees and paypal fees its pretty much the same result (unless you have some voucher for £1 max fees or something) Those ones for £360 are wildly optimistic, one for £237 plus £11 postage in its original case did not sell so i think they have no chance.
  11. 10oz Kooks - looking for advice and valuation

    Just remember all the fees, paypal fees, and the fact you might get scammed on ebay. Buyers are very savvy here and want the best deal, so i am confident you will not get ebay prices here. Beautiful coin though, good luck with your sale.
  12. Bitcoin is king

    I had some sia, bought in at 160! sold reluctantly at 129 - thank god:O Very long standing coin though, im sure they will pick up again soon:) My alt wallet was looking very similar to yours. If you are on the waves platform "starta" is my speculative punt - have about £130 quid on it. Just leaving that one alone.
  13. Bitcoin is king

    I think I will keep my btc as it is as its only a small amount but add some more for alts because like you say they should see some gains after the fork, acctualy isnt there a big fork in November segwit2x? this is out of my understanding Might buy a few more bitcoin just for alts, maybe £300 split between waves/ark/komodo
  14. Bitcoin is king

    Tried to trade alts/ failed - sold all alts on bitrex when bitcoin was trading at 4800$..Now just holding a small amount of bitcoin, its stored on coinbase at the moment..coinbase are not supporting bitcoin gold at the moment but have stated that they will not sell any and should it prove profitable/safe they may add at a later date and credit to everyone who held btc at the time. Not sure what to do really - apparently bitcoin gold will drop massively very fast as its been heavily premined. As for alts im not sure..There appears to be good money to be made from them, and they look cheap priced against btc...But i cant help but notice when bitcoin goes up alts mostly drop, and when bitcoin goes down alts go down too..So seems like a bit of a losing battle Have 0.25btc, not much:( but am happy to feel like i have at least a small stake. Most people still are clueless to it so should have plenty of growth left.