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  1. Hi Steve, yes I do just sending you a personal message now.
  2. Everything sold all that remains is 20g bar.
  3. I would think its only a matter of time before amazon uses similar robots in its warehouses!
  4. Ok I have known about this company for a few years but the speed these things are advancing at is quite frankly a bit unnerving, These things are incredible! how long do we have before we have to bow down and serve our robot overlords??!?
  5. for auction

  6. Dish reduced to £70
  7. Just enjoying a glass of the glenfiddich 18, bloody lovely - I know quite a few seem to prefer the 15, and for the price point of the 15 at about £35 I think its deffo better bang for the buck when the 18 is full price, but the 18 to me is certainly nicer, so smooth..very nice nose, the slightest hint of smoke in the taste and usually i don't like smoke but in this its perfect for me. at 40 quid a bottle i now wish i bought all three instead of two bottles lol. Would I pay £67 for it? probably but I still think id go for the 15 at half the price, but at 40 quid a bottle id choose this every time:)
  8. 3.3g 9ct gold earrings,large hoops that are part squashed so all gold weight. full UK hallmarks, weight is 3.3 grams, HGM pay today for them £37.92 My price, £35, buyer pays postage.
  9. Whisky bargain alert! Tescos doing a lot of reductions on whiskys they are stopping to stock , my local one had glenfiddich 18 for £40.87 per bottle, usual price around £67.50, quite a few others have reductions so might be worth a look if passing.
  10. Just enjoying a glass of The Balvenie 14yr caribbean cask, Amazing stuff!
  11. Libertads and roo now sold.
  12. That is mad, congrats to all holders! I was looking at it when it was about 300 quid, but couldent get my head around it and still cant. At the very least now might be a good time to De-risk if not done already.