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  1. Welcome to the forums Wes! anything you collect in particular?
  2. Funny you mention motorhomes, me and the misuses are currently saving for one with the plan to tour almost full time in (on campsites) no council tax, far less bills, pitch fees for the year less than rent, no noisy neighbors or if there is can just move the next day, no hard to park near your house, no mortgage, no getting kicked out by landlords selling up, ultimate freedom, less stress, beautiful surroundings, open road. A slightly rose tinted specs view but for us it will be a dream come true. no need to get a mortgage when we are not having kids to pass onto and no need to pay of someone else and have no asset at the end. Motor homes hold their value exceedingly well really.
  3. for sale

    No probs mate.
  4. for sale

    Yes I have both but they will cost more, can send you one of each for £22 delivered.
  5. Got mine, really nice thanks BB, will make a youtube video when it cools down a bit:)
  6. Thanks for the update mate, yep RM is strange like that but at least they will be here tomorrow for sure:)
  7. Really looking forward to getting mine through:)
  8. Let me know what you are after and I will sort it for you. Minimum order 200 grams.
  9. Good shout mate, tried it with ice blocks but they defrosted to quick, a 2.5lr icecream tub should do the trick.
  10. Im with you there, went to boots at 9am to buy 40 quids worth of "magicool" spray, it does actually help a bit...Wish we could have aircon but cant, have temporarily moved downstairs as was 27 degrees in the bedroom at night with the window wide open. Hate it, just hope we get a massive thunderstorm at the end because thats the only part of hot weather I love.
  11. Reduced to £200