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  1. For liquidity you cannot beat gold sovereigns, they are hands down the easiest item to shift , recognised the world over and affordable compared to lets say a 1oz gold coin. They also have much lower buying and selling premium than silver. Golds had a nice run and the price has gone up significantly and that's worth bearing in mind, but for liquidity sovereigns are unbeatable.
  2. Sold mate:) I do think I could have sold for quite a bit more on ebay, maybe as high as £350, but I really don't like selling items worth over 50 quid on there. The buyer got a great deal and I didn't have to pay extortionate fees, everyone a winner:)
  3. I really don't think the forums is the right place to sell these but I will try one final reduction and bump - £200 delivered
  4. Welcome! if buying for investment buying "little and often" is a sure fire way to build a healthy size collection but at the expense of your cost average price per ounce as the postage costs will really add up over time, but if your just collecting as a hobby who cares - I don't think you can make many beginner mistakes really as we all need to learn what we like, just be careful of sites like ebay and avoid anything that says clad/100 mills,German silver,Nevada silver,plate,silver filled, silver bonded ect.
  5. I quite like this series, no idea how they can call that a portrait of the queen though
  6. A steal at £26 (protective LED display case)
  7. completed

    Sorry guys that was within my snap your arm of buying range
  8. completed

  9. Got model and display case today - am chuffed with it looks way better than photos show , really good fine detail. (just need to tidy my desk now ) closest i will ever get to owning the real thing haha.
  10. I really have very little capsuled stuff now, but i just put each one in a bubblewrap envelope and seal.
  11. They are insane, only one below the Ariel atom around the top gear test track Considering that's almost a dedicated track day car and the R35 is very practicable in comparison for the real world its very impressive. I will always be a sucker for Nissans as my first car was a red Nissan sunny
  12. Nice DB I think under a grand for a nice car is where I would want to be too. This desk ornement will have to do me for now, at least it will help inspire me to work harder
  13. Wow Nice car DB! whats insurance like ? I did a dreamer quote a couple of days ago on some dream cars from my youth, thinking now im 33 years old with a clean licence I have held over ten years they might acctualy be affordable now, how wrong was i... Nissan Skyline R34, and 1995 subaru WRX both came out at 3844 quid per year!!!! and whats even worse is I did the same quote a couple of years back and both were about £2500!! I was expecting lower than last time not 50% on top!! I only have 1 years no claims bonus but damn...Its not like I can afford them anyway, just disappointing to know I never will be able too. Nissan 350z came out at £950, Not a car I ever dreamed about owning, but the more I look at them the more I like and at least its not out of the question one day.
  14. I think its crazy these dealers are willing to transport these coins around, I'm amazed more have not been robbed at gunpoint whilst packing/unpacking to be honest.