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  1. A package arrived today!

    I will put up a 1 oz coin for a Christmas draw certainly:)
  2. I have the electrum desktop wallet, is this suitable to store?
  3. Ah yes just been reading about potential scams, so will wait till late November to claim once a reliable place is found..currently have a small amount on coinbase so need to get a wallet.
  4. Can anyone suggest a good wallet to get to hold my btc that will automatically send the bitcoin gold to the same wallet?
  5. Sainsburys Nectar Offer

    did a total of 11 £10 transactions.. 1 x 5000 1 x 1000 1 x 500 8 x 200 Prob about average id guess. great promo really!
  6. Worth grading this florin?

    Yeah thats a good point, will take some better photos.
  7. Worth grading this florin?

    Still have this coin, still not sure what to do with it...lol
  8. Lets talk Whiskey

    recieved the whyte & mackay 19 year blended, boxes a bit marked with a light layer of dust on the tops..Must be a warehouse find of some sort! its actually pretty decent.
  9. Sainsburys Nectar Offer

    3 more on fuel..200, 200, 500 bah, still with the other points 6900 points on £50 spend is better than last year:)
  10. Sainsburys Nectar Offer

    first two vouchers today, £20 spend got us a 1000 point and a 5000 point at self service checkouts. result! will be filling the car up in 4 £10 trips tomorrow, dont care if i get raised eyebrows as at worst its 10% off.
  11. Lets talk Whiskey

    I know what you mean, sooo many sherry cash whiskys on the market..These are a punt for investment purposes mainly but I am enjoying the 13 so may enjoy them as well. Got the winter storm in the post today, cant say much about it apart from the packing is superb!
  12. Lets talk Whiskey

    Waitrose cellar have Whyte & Mackay 19-Year-Old Blended Scotch Whisky "old luxury" - For all I can find out about this whisky it was discontinued some time ago! as confirmed by masterofmalt https://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/whyte-and-mackay-19-year-old-whisky/ I really don't know how they have this..dug up for the back of a warehouse and they did not realise they had it? who knows...Hope its good cos i just bought 5 bottles online http://www.waitrosecellar.com/whyte---mackay-19yo-blended-scotch
  13. Interested about this too as i have about 25kg i need to shift also!
  14. Lets talk Whiskey

    Nope on my list tho:) not fond of NAS whisky (well the ones i have tried) and the age statement bottles seem alot