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  1. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    1 year low I think this price is could be 18 months since it was this low
  2. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    big drop in silver glad I'm not paying over £14.50 big drop on the dow 666 hope the stock market crash is just around the corner
  3. e bay bargain

    received the bar its stunning as far as I can research it could be a 2002
  4. e bay bargain

    I didn't mind but why list it as a 5 oz digital photography is so deceiving
  5. e bay bargain

    oh well that was a let down , item came no more than 25 mm wide no idea what happened there , this was some sort of tiny version of the coin needless to say I got my money back , and bought a 10 oz twin towers bar for £145 delivered
  6. any ideas of a value

    would anyone know a fair price for this little bundle I wish to sell 1x 2013 panda , 1 x 2014 panda , 1 x 2 oz lunar horse coin( perth mint ) 1 x 2 oz turtle coin 1 x 2 oz silver bullet silver shield aspyredes coin 8 oz total all immaculate
  7. Done with Silver!

    that's a shame have a look at those Christopher ward watches or vintage chronagraph watches most people pay silly money for em check out vintage bullhead watches crazy money
  8. e bay bargain

    surely its not my luck to grab silver at spot +6% but its looking that way , just grabbed an unusual piece I'm not familiar with 5 oz silver fort mc henry coin was on at £110 buy it now inc postage , grabbed it for £65 delivered they sell at apmex and all the American dealers , will need to test it for being silver but pretty pleased with that I haven't paid £13 per ounce for around 3 years ive seen a reference to the figure 30,000 mintage but that might be a particular year the one ive won is 2013
  9. pan american rounds

    received some pan American prospectus 1 oz rounds they don't have the silver ding sound when tapped together ,I don't have a magnet to test them at the minute , do any members have any of these rounds to confirm if there should be a slight ring to them regards
  10. maria thaler

    can anyone tell me please what is a fair price to pay for restrike 1780 maria thalers there all over the place on price ive grabbed some for £14 in the past does anyone else like them , I love em
  11. silver past highs

    nobody know?
  12. silver past highs

    when silver hit $44 some years ago ,what caused it to get to that price but more importantly why couldn't they keep it under the $19 range that weve seen for so many years , the London gold fix existed in that year didn't it? isn't this the measure of how they fix the price , and there would have been paper trading to bring the price back down back then , so put simply does anyone know what caused this and why they couldn't stop the price from getting to £28 or so
  13. hatton garden metals

    I always thought hatton garden metals were decent with their prices , just checked a 10 oz bar over £185 atkinsons £20 cheaper maybe there cheaper on gold than some others
  14. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    broke through to £11.95
  15. what is your best silver bargain

    just wondered what your best silver bargain was you bought , mine was simply coins I purchased at £12 each inaround 2014 from an e bay seller whodidnt live too far away all tested genuine, I could never really work out why he would do £12 per coin , it went along the lines of ill do you 4 coins for £55 and id say ill go £48 and wed agree a deal I bought some suriname coins and a 1986 maple at this price , I really liked this stacker who sold for less than the dealers , I also bought 5 carded brits for £80 in original packaging , the seller said don't sell em craig one day there'll be worth more than this one day , ohh I almost forgot bagged a 5 oz pamp siver bar with certificate and protective case for £90 and I managed to get 4 mike Maloney rounds for £68 I think