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  1. I really like AUG. Ticks all the boxes for me. Huge drilling campaing for this year with goldcorp backing up. Wish it would come down but seems to be holding on well. GQC is also one with good exploration potential + solid deposit with PFS. Good value right now imo, lower than agnico Eagles entry price.
  2. They had a great deposit so it was only a matter of time. I only got in over month ago around 1cad with small amount. Still nice little quick profit.
  3. Thanks. Think I ended up paying 70 € each.
  4. Like them cast bars
  5. 25€ + shipping each. Paypal f&f or bank transfer, ships from Finland. 2-3 minor milk spots on the snake bar, marks on the plastic cases.
  6. Panda weekend. I guess there is no choice but to get the 2003 silver 5 & 1 ozers now.
  7. completed

    Still available if anyone wants to throw an offer
  8. completed

    185€ including shipping as registered mail Offers welcome
  9. completed

    190€ + postage. 3€ standard non-registered letter (buyers risk) or 11€ registeted at my risk. Flawless, original capsule. PP f&f only or Bank transfer. Ships from Finland.
  10. Iran 1/2 Pahlavi. 4.086 g /. 900. Neat little coin.
  11. )) yes - I have another one in the radar, let´s see if I´m able to grab that as well. You want one with the CoA
  12. 200th anniversary of Mexican independence.
  13. Yeah quite a difference. For 150€ didn´t stress too much about the condition.