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  1. for sale Gold Pandas

    2003 still up for grabs
  2. Today I Received

    Various pickups have been popping up lately. Really like the britannia set. That cal fractional is tiniest thing I´ve ever seen. Pretty cool but probably not for me so might pass that on. 1887 half sov Russian st george 1oz silver
  3. Panda Photo thread...

    1983 proof silver and brass
  4. for sale Gold Pandas

    2005 sold, 2012 also not available anymore
  5. for sale Gold Pandas

    updated prices
  6. for sale Gold Pandas

    2003 back on sale. All others still available too
  7. for sale Gold Pandas

    No problem. Will reserve it for you. Cheers
  8. for sale Gold Pandas

    PayPal f&f or bank transfer with added postage (please PM for options and cost if interested). Possibly little scuffs on 2007 but no other issues with the condition, all marks on the capsules. Ships from Finland. Payment in EUR preferred. 2003 1/4 oz NGC-MS69 Mirrored Bamboo; price 700€ (roughly 100€ cheaper than current market value for this grade according to Panda Pricepedia) 2005 1/20 oz; price 87€ 80€ 2007 1/20 oz; price 80€ 70€ 2012 1/10 oz; price 145€ 135€
  9. Today I Received

  10. Today I Received

    Good Day. thanks @Numistacker + an auction pickup 1987 1/10 Oz
  11. Today I Received

    Bought this set to grade the panda and sell the rest but it would be actually quite nice to leave it like it is. Nice display
  12. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Thanks for this, fantastic outcome!
  13. 100g Silver Forum Bars Reservations - NOW OPEN

    149 please
  14. Close up view and chemistry of the milk spots

    Absolutely, gold is better in many ways imo. But why you rarely see spotting on Perth Mint coins? Something in their process obviously that produces better quality.
  15. Close up view and chemistry of the milk spots

    ok, interesting. Would asetone dissolve the silver chloride?