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  1. anyone concerned about milk staining?
  2. Following this with interest.... and no small amount of perplexity. I don't understand this company. Perplexed because here is a dealership (er sorry, coin portfolio tailors, acquisition consultants, wealth-preservation-and-enhancement enablers.... whatever) who are not interested in getting anywhere close to market value for one of the hottest proof releases going? W...T...and indeed F? Despite the set prices worldwide being ridiculous for a 1m mintage anyway, their bullion version IS at least correctly priced to the current trend, pretty much, but don't buy that one! Instead join the 1.5% club (oh -does our personal coin agent send us a badge?) and here's the proof one under half the price of any savvy dealer anywhere. £95? Can they "tailor" the bu one at the same rate please? £17? No? Only giving away the rarest pieces for under half price not the common ones....o...k I absolutely am not trying to rain on the enthusiasm of the majority here, and i really truly hope everyone gets this deal of the year in their hands. I went through the test process and added 3 to cart but i won't be ordering. Something about these guys doesn't sit right with me, and i've always obeyed my instincts when buying coins. Even though this time it seems i'll be the one left wondering why i didn't buy. But i'm ok with that. I also don't want to encourage my coin consultants calling and bugging the crap out of me with "advice". That would seriously dent the enjoyment i get from my hobby. Good luck to all, and expect we'll see a flurry of uk based listings in the near future
  3. Yes, love the Bu one too. High quality & defect free, incused design, nice mosaic style which i hope will be the standard for the whole lunar run, the same strong sealed pouch with Rwanda insignia, big collector base already for the wildlife series - the lunar will have a bright future. To preserve the best collector premium for the future, though, don't cut open the pouch to transfer to a capsule - however tempting! I can understand though people do that for their personal collection, and a capsule is more suited to a display tray so whatever works for you..... but there is a Rwanda display tray available with the cut-outs for the pouches instead of capsules.
  4. When i am looking for new Bu stuff, it often depends on what the coins are, who minted them, and how they are sent out by a mint before i decide who i'm going to buy from. For instance, buying the latest swan or kook. It's Perth mint, and capsuled. No problem buying something like that from any of the big dealers, shopping around for the best price and shipping, depending how many you are after. Large, faceless dealers are great as long as you don't end up with a quality problem with the coins you receive. They take the "it's bullion" attitude and honestly i can't blame them for that. They don't claim to be suppliers of collector condition bullion, not at their prices and scale. So it's best to only buy from them the stuff you are reasonably confident won't have much quality issues anyway, no matter how they are tossed about or then handled by the dealers employees. As a collector, that is, with a view to holding certain Bu for a future premium. The stackers buying bulk won't give a hoot if the likes of the Athens owl has minor problems. It's low premium. Attractive and interesting from a lot of other stuff, yes, but still intended as a low cost, loose silver bullion product. If a new cheap-as-chips bu coin, like the owl, comes along, and they are loose in a tube, uncapsuled and may have staining issues, And apart from the ridges on that particular coin being an extra worry by rubbing and rattling against each other in the tube....... if i'm buying this as a collector with an eye to getting perfect examples for future premiums, it's best to always go with the smaller dealer who knows you by email already and will deal with individual requests. Building up a modest bit of custom over time with a few of these guys is very valuable and can pay off in the long run, rather than always jumping around only looking for the best deals. The smaller guy might be more in cost per coin but he will respect if you request in advance for the best examples he can find. I've also found the extra cost per coin ends up largely being offset by cheaper shipping costs than the larger dealers, anyway. Especially when just buying the 3 or 4 coins. A one-man dealer will usually charge anywhere from €10 to €12 shipping. GS.be €18, Aurinum & STG €22, SilberCorner €30+.
  5. Those who are more than 3 but under 5, In march '13 - july '13 silver prices dropped by a third after a couple of years of steady highs. That would have got notice, and maybe for some who had been collector proof buyers over 5, this might be when they expanded into bullion too.
  6. It's worth mentioning that in pretty much all listings for fake coins on ebay, they illustrate generic images from the mints of the real things, or other photos of the real things. This is not to say what you will end up getting looks in any way identical to the real coin, or that they are so good that you can't tell. Sometimes, like everything not just in matters of silver, new stackers starting off can be their own worst enemy on ebay and deserve a smack around the head rather than sympathy by being willing to buy from any far flung location just to chase a "bargain". An unwillingness to pay the going rates for your silver bullion is the root problem. And then they moan when some day they find out the "panda" they got for half price from where-ever-istan turns out to be fake. Silver is silver, newbies are more than aware it has a set value on any given day (expect to pay it!!), chasing something that is below that value and you aint getting silver. Stackers new to the game have no excuse from sticking with reputable dealers littered all over Europe and the US for mass produced bullion a small mark up over spot, when starting off. When you have been at it a while and have your knowledge of how the real thing should look and feel, the type of sellers you should avoid and the signals that something seems off in a listing, then you can use ebay confidently as a resource for stacking current or older bullion.
  7. Have to say at least he has a decent manner and stays polite, despite being poked with a stick (limo...heheh). But he really needs to tidy up that whole delivery mess. Get rid of the overall impression he's doing you a favour by selling to you, too.
  8. And curiously, this little gem; " Proof of postage is always obtained. If any item goes astray then contact me then and this will be sent to enable the purchaser to claim from the Post Office" Er....no. That is not how it would go down. Proof of postage alone won't do, i'm afraid, if an item goes astray. Responsibility falls to you buddy, to try claim your own loss back (if you send it insured). Those are the risks you take as a seller, unfortunately. It is not up to your buyer to go through a claims process with the postal carrier! The buyer just has to make a claim through paypal and they will refund the purchaser in full. This guy is a piece of work. But even so, i won't "watch" the item as someone suggested ...a bit cruel.
  9. @DanB92 it depends which version you want, too. The collector one (capsuled with box and coa, satin finished with Philadelphia mint mark) or the bullion one (loose, shiny finish, can sometimes have scratches or small milk spots). If you are looking for just this one issue for a special reason, and for life, the collector version is the one. As far as i know, all European dealers only offer the bullion version, as the collector one is by direct order from the US mint only, it doesn't get distribution to dealers. Best bet for the collector one is ebay. http://www.ebay.com/sch/Coins-Paper-Money/11116/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=2014+P+-+ATB+5oz+everglades&_sop=10 Try avoid the "customs services provided" ones for obvious reasons. Go with a private seller if possible, and ask in advance if he will ship...er, how should i put it.... discreetly. Edit: seems you may have no choice but to take the prepaid customs services (if you want it right away). Most other listings ship within USA only. But it has worked for me in the past asking the seller if he'll consider shipping international. Doesn't hurt to ask.
  10. Yes, dealer tactics often annoy. But it has to be said, in fairness, Apmex weren't holding back and kept demand fed for the first few days frenzy. They would have sold the vast majority of their own allocation during that time, and all at sub $30, even when it was clear prices were going up quickly elsewhere. I wouldn't begrudge them holding a small percentage of them back. They played fair, i think.
  11. Can guarantee you there is no trickling out. I watched Apmex closely the first day of release, they put them up in various sized batches throughout the day. Say, 3500 would go up for sale, i watched that number decrease at a super fast rate every 15-20 minutes (i watched apmex because it's one of the rare places you can see real-time numbers of sales) . When that was depleted another batch of 2,000 or so, and so on at a steady pace for the first days. These were snapped up in large numbers by collectors worldwide in the first 2 days after release. There are also many buyers who like to buy a roll of Perth bullion products. More again who buy more than one roll. It only takes a few hundred collectors w/wide buying a roll, or two or three and all of a sudden averaged out there is half the mintage spoken for, alone. Then factor in the numbers buying between 1 and 5 coins. They don't last long when there's a buzz in the air. The stock horse is a not quite a comparison to the swan. The stock horse with it's small 9,000 mintage may seem like it should be flying off the shelves, but there are subtle reasons why it doesn't. EMK have a much tighter rein on their stock horse. It has a set price from day one, controlled by EMK on distribution as well. This set price is almost 100% premium over spot price. The large market of the USA is initially out of the loop upon launch (a lot of US buyers prefer to buy from a US dealer), this kills any potential "buzz". They do eventually let other dealers like apmex have them, but the price is offputting for all except the buyer who wants one for his personal collection. This makes them less of a bullion choice. Collectors just aren't going to buy them in rolls, they'll buy singly if they have an interest in the series. The swan could initially be had for $24/$25, it only ramps up steadily with huge demand and once it achieves that tag - off she goes, available the same day of launch on the markets of 3 continents, a modest mark up over spot to begin, attractive to the collector/stacker/investor, and so the frenzy takes hold. "Buzz", perception and reputation play a massive part in the success of a coin, and the swan series should have a bright future ahead if they don't mess around with that formula next year. The stock horse has its fans of course, me included, and is a moderate success but when a new one launches you can take all the time in the world you want before buying it, wait 6 months if you like, no problem getting it at the same price. Its launch is quietly done, often its been out a couple of weeks before i realise. How will the numbers compare next year between people excited about buying the next swan and the next stock horse? hugely.
  12. and now at €76.80. Seems no bites at 96, therefore testing the waters again at 76.
  13. yes, love this series as well. Like many, still searching for the elusive gorilla. Actually Dave, i saw choicebullion as well, was going to point out they were f15 privy's but i see danny picked up on it. Not sure if i should tell this story but if it saves someone the bother i went through then it's worth it..... I think bad dealers deserve to be named. a while ago i was browsing a Slovenian dealers site (1oz.si). Imagine my excitement when i saw the 2008 bu gorilla for 219 euro. But it faded when i read on the page that it was encapsuled. As you know, it's only desirable if it's still in the original pvc. But i thought, i'll email anyway. So i asked i don't suppose this actually happens to be in the original mints pvc foil? The dealer replied yes it is! The cautious side of me thought hmm... so i asked for photos, and sure enough he sent me photos of it in the pvc foil. When i got through the 'found-it-at-last-victory-dance'........ very embarrassing to witness, lets just gloss over that bit...... Fast forward to the day it arrives. I open the wrapping and there's the coin in the pvc foil - but wait - why is it moving? As you know, these are vacuum sealed. I discover the pvc has been cut open at the top. What the guy did was take, say, an impala, cut it open, pop out the impala, take his 2008 which had been in a capsule, and pop it into the pvc. I was gobsmacked tbh. The dishonesty of it. A conman. To make a even longer story short, i got my money back through paypal. They're great by the way, if you ever have a dispute with a seller.
  14. that is the best price i've seen. Just checked their site..... but why can dealers not get their s*** right? According to them; "Size in mm: diameter 38.00 Condition: New in Tubes Packing: in a coin tube 20 and into the gray Masterbox from 500" I see Aurinum still have the croc priced at more than the kookaburra.
  15. While i really like the coin, i feel the premium is a little large for what it is (uncapsuled 1m mintage). With some dealers pricing it close to that of the Kookaburra, and in the case of aurinum more than the Kook. I'm not biting. I'd like to snap these up- but the premium needs to come down to an appropriate level. I'll settle in the shallows and watch and wait i think. By the way, i don't suppose anyone can clear up the true diameter of it? Some dealers have it at 45.10mm and others at 40.60mm.