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  1. Today I Received

    5oz ATB 'P' - New Jersey & Indiana. 40 down, 16 to go!
  2. 2oz Yi Soon Shin

    In what way do you mean? Korean characters as in lettering? Why should it?
  3. coming dip

    aha! Many have tried that system and incredibly it just won't work. When you do that, then after YOU have bought it'll dip yet again after you.
  4. coming dip

    Oh yes, goes without saying. And i find it dips by enough that would have almost covered the shipping cost on the whole order.
  5. 2oz Yi Soon Shin

    So Korean subjects seem to be appearing thick and fast, for some reason. The 2oz art coin market is one i turned my back on a couple of years ago. The way some dealers went about hyping every single one played a large part. They would have you believe all of them were solid investment pieces, and a steal at this price range of $250-$400. Conning many new collectors who got sucked into that belief, and bought more than one. If you fall in love with one, of course buy it for personal reasons but don't ever think of it as investment. But for everything i don't like about the way that end of the market is run, i do see a lot of very fine designs and enjoy looking at them. I aint buying, and i'm certainly not promoting but just wanted to share one that caught my eye for a few reasons. This is the Cook Islands, 2oz, antiqued, 500 mintage, first issue of 12, 60mm dia "Yi Soon Shin".... and breathe So what catches my eye more than most other art coins? I like the mirror detail on the sword. I like the two swords on the obverse (standing perilously close to Liz's head... yikes). I like the really big 60mm diameter. I like the coin sits inside the artwork of the box perfectly. I like the box (or folder, rather) includes comic book issue #1 of the Yi Soon Shin graphic novel series, signed and numbered by the author as well. I like that apparently there are 12 sections to the graphic novel series, and each future coin is for each part (accompanied by each comic again signed and numbered). Very cool if you like that kind of thing. What i don't like is the European price €300. Whereas from the Yi Soon Shin site shop (try saying that fast 5 times) it's $249 (almost a hundred euro cheaper) so that's good if you have a mate in the states who can send on, i guess. http://www.yisoonshin.com/shop/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XN88cry__g
  6. Get Prepared for a Financial Collapse

    Speaking of....er.... kooks - Will you accept, say.... 2015 kooks? I would draw a (brown) line at '08's
  7. Get Prepared for a Financial Collapse

    I know i could sure use a shovel after that
  8. Storing Collectable Coins

    My opinion is the original coin packaging, such as outer covers, the boxes, coa's etc are very important so yes, take good care of them. Over the years i have changed how i now store. This is down to having certain things happen, and storage space issues. I now remove all proofs from the boxes and store with the Bu/bullion items together. The coin boxes i wrap back up in clear plastic bags (so i can easily see and retrieve when i want) and stack them into those large cardboard archive-style boxes. Those are great, hold a vast amount of coin boxes yet still manageable weight to lift. Holes on the sides for lifting. Hinged lids. Label the front by year, or by mint, whatever suits. And you only need to store them in normal conditions like under a spare bed, back of wardrobe, etc. I used to leave the collector coins in their boxes but this became impractical for security. Also impractical when considering environment conditions for silver collectibles. These you would want to store in a space where you can control the conditions, such as you mention, and better to do this in a smaller better controllable space, which is what i do now. Also, what changed my mind about leaving some in their boxes is what i noticed with one series of proofs. These were proofs that came in very fancy heavily lacquered wood boxes. The first one i know had spent all its time in the box, for approx a year since issue. The second in the series had been stored out of the box. The first one developed cloudy white streaks(*) across the mirror faces. The second coin is perfectly clear to this day, more than a year later. I eventually put this down to the box itself affecting the first coin, and the chemical vapours given off by the varnishes, and glues used to insert the nice velvet interiors. Those particular wood boxes did have a noticeable aroma when opening them, so i'm not saying all boxes in general will be the same or have any affect. But just be aware chemical vapours will effect silver. If you suspect a box manufacturer has gone a bit heavy on the glues, i would play on the side of caution if it's your ultimate decision to carry on keeping them in their original boxes. * Edit; i should mention this was not milk staining, imo. I've seen plenty of that too and it looked nothing like typical large scale random staining.
  9. Will gold hit $1,500 this year?

    Yes, i think it will, too
  10. The signal is going out to any company having a few difficult quarters. Prepare yourselves some fantasy statement of intent, make sure to include repeated use of "blockchain" "exploration" "innovations team" "solutions ledgers" and you've bought yourself a lengthy reprieve. May as well go for a swim in the stream of bull***t. It works, apparently. That is really all Carillion had to do before today.
  11. Cheers! I needed that tonic
  12. Yes, thanks for that link, interesting read. As usually happens to me like when on youtube, it then took me down the rabbit hole of links to other articles. One-sided it was, yes. But on reflection - i have to think the sane side. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/jan/11/kodak-companies-bitcoin-buzz-cryptocurrencies-share-price https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/dec/21/us-soft-drinks-firm-changes-name-bitcoin-long-island-iced-tea-corp-shares-blockchain https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/jan/10/bitcoin-and-cryptocurrencies-will-come-to-a-bad-end-says-warren-buffett And, oh dear. I've learned a little more about the absurdity of it all. Companies now have only to announce the most tenuous of steps into crypto to see shares surge. In many cases just a change of company name to hint at involvement, with no actual plan or intent, was enough for shares to rocket. Seriously, is the world losing its frigging mind? It's all going to end very... very.... badly
  13. 2017 South Korea ZI:SIN Gallus 1 Oz Silver Bullion

    Yes very possible
  14. 2017 Isle of Man Noble Reverse Proof

    Just in 500 sets. 4,500 reverse proof singly
  15. 2017 Isle of Man Noble Reverse Proof

    "For the last time, i don't care if all the others are laughing. it's a present from me gran's sewing club and you can all shut up about it!" Darg the Defiler snapped at his crew. Love the Noble design. I can't decide if i prefer the rev proof or proof. Both look great