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  1. New Swan Coin incoming?

    Hmm. Yes. Yet another week finishes and no move from Apmex. They're extracting the urine at this point.
  2. Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    Fine looking series, this. Must say i am liking the more realistic launch premium on these Nauticals too. I see the premium for the new Nautical is just over €6, on GS. Traditionally, the Rwanda's have always tended to carry around a €10 premium. Edit: hope that becomes the new bracket for all Rwanda's from now on
  3. Massive price rally on gold and silver today

    Totally unintentional i know, but thanks, gave me a smile as i had a quick picture of some banksters gathered in a vault deep beneath the bank, warlock robes over their suits, chanting and slugging back potions. Sorry... i'll get my cloak

    Yeah, agree, all jokes aside, they will sort out problems and requests. It's frivolous ones which give them the major hump. That is, frivolous in their view, not yours. "grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference". That's what i say whenever i make an order I remember you mentioning the 10oz mouse before and being impressed they sourced another for you instead of just refunding. No mean feat arranging another 10oz mouse in quick order. Meant to ask - how is it by the way? Mint condition, no issues?

    And, may the precious metal Gods be with you on your brave quest
  6. 2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof

    milk started already
  7. Silver lows, what's the evidence ?

    Interesting. The upshot of it is that out of the four, none recognised the value of the silver round. Even the two people that took it. I suspect too, that even if you had come across someone who knows silver to have A value - if offered the same choice it would be the weight that would throw them off. They would think, yeah i know silver is worth ....something.... but just how much of it needs to be here before it is worth more than that $5 bill. For the last one, i wouldn't have confirmed to him it was worth at least the same as the $5. He had nothing to lose then. Shrug and best poker face.
  8. Is this the world's laziest sheep?

    Great pic There's always one in every group, the rest are obviously embarrassed. "oh for pity's sake, Bert. There are humans looking" Very Gary Larson. Been too long since i last dug out his books.
  9. Milk Spots

    Milk spotting/hazing/clouding has gone through lots of theories and speculations over the years. Hard to pinpoint the true causes 100% because the mints themselves aren't giving much away when it comes to their processes. But there are plenty of snippets which can be put together. Some mints are doing things which end up with milked coins. And some mints are doing those same things, but they introduce extra measures to reduce or even eliminate spotting/hazing. These extra measures can have haphazard results or completely successful results depending, i reckon, on how fastidiously they do it at any given time. So what is it they might be doing or not doing - i'll come back to that. There are small independent mints which do not produce milk stained coins at all. It seems to be an issue with the big volume guys. Which could point to the endless cost saving techniques the paper shufflers in every large company come up with to justify their positions to the CEO. Where the margins become more important than the quality of the product. Whereas the smaller outfit needs the quality to speak volumes. So what sort of thing are the mints doing and not doing. Mints have always been using washes and detergents during the processes, most likely taking the correct steps and time needed to remove all residues. Sure, sometimes coins would get through and go on to develop some spots but for the large part, not on epidemic levels. Along come ever improved machines which can mint coins faster. Has some of the time and attention given to cleaning the coins been sacrificed to keep up with output? Also, along has come special chemical lubricants which, when the planchet is pre-washed in it just before the strike, results in a crisper finish and zero chance of particles sticking to the surface. Dies are expensive, too. These new lubricants also serve to extend the life of the dies. At least doubling (tripling if really pushing it to the limit) the number of coins a single die used to be capable of producing. So these advances have been great for mints in increasing output and producing great crisp looking coins to begin with, anyway. Saving costs of materials and man hours. But they have not kept up the quality of the complete removal of these chemicals from the surfaces of the coins. They know how to solve it. Correct washing and rinsing. The thing is, that costs time and money too. Somewhere along the line it got reduced and reduced, depending on the final product. So basic bullion – basic wash. Proofs – a much higher degree of attention to cleaning. Yet, a laziness has crept into the proof process as well, with more and more instances of spotted proofs. In answer to the milking problem, rather than have it known they prefer cost saving over quality, some of the mints have had contempt when the issue became a concern with buyers. Saying it is a mysterious development, they will look into it, but in the meantime it’s just bullion folks so what do you expect. Perfection? Pah. And this is where you get the divergence between mints. Some address it and put in the correct steps to prevent, even if it is just bullion. Because some mints just do care more than others. I suspect that the RCM (still perpetuating the mythical unknowns of milking) have only come up with this new coating because of the slump in the bullion coin numbers. They would have us believe their “scientists” have developed this wondrous solution after years of toil. Oh really RCM? After years of telling buyers to like it or lump it when it came to milking? Also, it points to this coating being actually a cheaper method in the long run than actually cleaning the coins correctly. You’ll find they crunched the numbers on that one. Just to be clear too, this coating will substantially reduce milking, not eliminate it (from their own press release). So not a real attempt, just a PR stunt. Other mints like Perth are doing the necessary needed to largely eliminate milking on their premium bullion ranges. They at least are taking pride in those ranges. But less so on the low premium stuff (anyone remember the milk state of the Funnel Web Spider bullion?). There is also a pattern in that the low premium stuff now gets a all-over frosted finish. Milk hazing will happen but it’ll be less obvious. Like the latest rectangular dragon. So yeah, they all know the cause. And some deal with it better than others. All of this is just my own belief based on reading many obscure articles and talking with others over the years. As to why all the mints seem to prefer to shroud the whole milking issue in mystery? Well, think about it. Who wants to be the first to say publicly ….. um yep, I guess we could wash/rinse/repeat everything a good while longer.
  10. New Swan Coin incoming?

    As Tim the tool man would say - hooooaaauugh? Not happening. Will launch in the 20's (US$), no worries.
  11. New Swan Coin incoming?

    Any day now.......... 25,000 swans a-swimming. C'mon Apmex, give the green light
  12. Today I Received

  13. Today I Received

    So you have the Dragon anyway? Well done! You may as well keep up the series. It's the cost of getting the dragon now which is stopping me catching up on these.
  14. Today I Received

    It's still a fine looking piece. But i know what you mean, i think the Phoenix and the Dragon were better done. The Phoenix is my personal favourite. Wish i had gone for this series at the time, now. Oh well. One thing confuses me. Why did they feel the need to write "unicorn" underneath, on this one? The others simply left it with the Chinese writing which was nice.
  15. Rwanda coins - keep in pvc or out in capsule?

    A lot of Rwanda collectors prefer them still in the pouches. Some prefer to put them in capsules. Either is fine but i do think there is a marginally extra premium and certainly a wider market if left in the pouch. Personally i like them in the pouches and i have come to prefer the slightly mottled effect the plastic gives the coins. All down to your own likes, for the ones in your own collection. But any extras you are keeping in reserve, i would not take them out if you intend to sell on eventually. Collectors who put in capsules will still buy from you and remove it themselves. But don't eliminate the whole section of other buyers who do prefer them still in original state. Some take all of them out as soon as they get them for fear of the plastic reacting with the silver. A bit OTT based on what i've seen with mine over the years. I too have mine in a safe. None looks any different to the day they were minted. That's not to say it won't happen, of course, especially if there are perforations in the pouch that you aren't aware of. But as far as i'm concerned mine are still fine after many years and i'm leaving them well alone. It would be good practice though to keep the Rwandas (however and wherever you are storing) more easily at hand for periodic checking. I might have a browse through at least once a year.