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  1. Libertad box

    You could try ask ChoiceBullion (now BenchmarkCoin) about the possibility of purchasing a spare box that Banco de Mexico use to issue the 7 coin sets. 'Choice' is a main dealer of the annual 7 coin proof sets. https://www.benchmarkcoin.com/2017-7-coin-silver-proof-mexico-libertad-set
  2. 2017 Swan PROOF Coin ON SALE NOW!

    The emotional cycle we go through at the release of the next never ending HOT coin.... brings out the 'Grrrr' all through the process. Grievous, grinding, grueling - as you feverishly click and tap your way through any and all dealer sites you can think of, even that last resort guy you swore it would be a cold day in hell before you'd do business with him again [but hey if the price is right, you're in a forgiving mood] Grubby, grabby, greedy - words you fling at the screen in disgust for all dealers the world over when you see pre-order prices everywhere are already double the norm. [May a sleepy wasp crawl inside their pyjamas during the day] Grave, grim, grumpy - those little doubts after you do convince yourself it's a wise investment [not to mention you deserve to treat yourself] and part with a large sum of money that your 'significant other' had reasonable expectations you would be using to pay the latest home fuel bill. [but he/she will surely see your savvy investment skills when you explain the whole coin-strategy-thing logically once again, and that you were lucky to have got one you might add] Grand, great, gratifying - when that beauty arrives it was all worth it [ok in more ways than one the house is a little cooler than you'd like.... but look what you got!!!]
  3. 2018 Rwanda Lunar Dog

    Had to laugh at GS.BE sense of humour - they haven't yet uploaded the official image of the bullion dog but in the meantime they filled the space with this image. Could be one of the early doodles from the sketchbook of the RM dog artist.
  4. Coin Licensing

    In a nutshell, yes. With a caveat - they are not intended as circulating currency. They should only have a nominal denomination, and that is the term applied to precious metal bullion/collector coins. Once it's understood that bullion and collector coins occupy their own space inside those national frameworks, contentious cases should never arise. A good example of when it did was the royal mints £X-for-£X carrying large face values. It was challenged then and quickly stamped out by the mint and the banks. It did not stop the mint continuing the X-for-X idea, however, they just warn you never try to spend it. [edited to take out an unkind comment about the RM]
  5. Coin Licensing

    Those are some big questions. The process behind a mint approaching the government depts of whatever nations, final approvals and the fees paid for the use of their countries identity and currency...... no idea. It's something that has never bothered me much. What bullion coin is issued under which nation is just a means to an important end in getting the coin out there, and carries no particular contradictions in my view, just as long as it has got a country and legal tender government license status attached. That opens up why a legal tender status is important on bullion coins at all. As you say, all these coins will not be seen much in the nations they're issued under. They're certainly never to be used as legal tender. Isn't it more to do with satisfying our own comfort zones such as that all important stamp of approval from.....well, someone, somewhere, to affirm this is a coin, not just a round. It speaks of assurances, and guarantees, and recognition at some form of official levels, and the efforts that go into all of that. I know why you're asking this in relation to the Czech lion. I won't say much about the channel you mentioned. But what i will say is this is not a round! You ask what is the difference between the Niue Czech lion and the Rwanda's? Absolutely nothing as far as their legal tender status is concerned. But one important difference, the German mint don't say something like "here is the newest German bullion release, the Santa Maria". But where lots of people are having a difficulty with the Czech lion is just what exactly is it??? Completely the fault of the Czech mint reps at coin shows, from what i've heard, in constantly referring to it as the first Czech bullion coin and making that the main point while brushing away inquiries about Lizzie on the other side (dealers too for latching onto that as the emphasis also). It's the first bullion coin this Czech mint have produced -yes. Not exactly the same thing, and certainly not a whole lot to get excited about. It deserves a footnote certainly, but not as the main message. Em so what - get back to me when you do actually produce the first official Czech Republic silver bullion coin. It hasn't helped matters that they have written 'Czech Republic' underneath the lion either. Jeez what a balls up. But that does not make this coin any kind of a mistake or the next big thing because it seems to be identifying itself as a Czech coin when it isn't. They can write anything they like on the design face. But bottom line it is a Niue legal tender coin. And also, it can be either/or "Niue" or "Niue Island". Both are fine and both have been used in the past. I think if we ask ourselves why is this (frankly very average) coin attracting more interest than it really deserves, the answer is all down to the smart marketers and the clever use of language which guides you into making all the (wrong) assumptions.
  6. Replace coin from spotted 50th Anniversary Krugerrand

    ok, sorry to hear you are not getting anywhere with the dealer. I really do think you should not let them off though, and instead of discussing a replacement with them, i would now be telling them to expect the complete item returned for a full refund, which they must honor being a defective collector piece and not a bullion purchase. And if they don't you will be making every collector forum of which you are a member aware by naming the dealer and the fact they refuse to stand by the quality of premium collectible purchases also, not just bullion coins. I understand though, at this point you just want to fix the problem with the set you have in hand, and will someone just answer the question already! Honestly - i don't know. I decided never to buy the silver Krugs what with the cheekiest premiums ever for a new issue 1million mintage. But i would make a fairly Strong guess that there is no difference at all between the one set in the bar, and the standard issue. The term 'Premium Uncirculated' has always smacked of slick sales speak for justifying a whopping added premium on what is a mass produced bullion coin. But hopefully someone who has the 3oz set and the single Bu to compare will let you know for certain.
  7. Replace coin from spotted 50th Anniversary Krugerrand

    35th Krugerrand? That's the 50th, right? Wasn't the 35th the Libertad? Refusals to replace BU coins that have defects is very common, and we all know the situation when we buy them. BUT, that isn't a run-of-the-mill BU item you have purchased. You have bought a collector piece, which carries a high premium, where the coin is one element of it and has to be viewed separate to a regular Bu when it comes to the coin insert. You have not bought just a Bu coin here. You bought a boxed presentation piece which is not priced at a level where any defects are excusable. The fact that a Bu 1oz bullion coin is set within the bar was the decision of the manufacturer when assembling the collector piece as a whole package. A defect on the coin is a defect on the whole assembled item. Do not let the supplier you bought from get away with ignoring it. And why should you have to replace the insert coin yourself? You can certainly insist on return for refund on the whole purchase if they continue to fob you off, because it is an assembled collector item and not the same as buying bullion where they can absolutely refuse refund or replacement.
  8. uh-oh. can opened, worms everywhere. A kilo could never happen for ...er, that. An even higher denomination??!! Ghana would have to dispatch its newly formed Currency-Enforcement-Deadly-Intent-Squad
  9. ....and others. surprisingly large price difference on GS.be. Although i don't go for kilo's this is nice. But i would be first in line to buy a kilo version of the Scottsdale "Marlin" !!
  10. Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    Strange to hear this. I too have always understood the Rwanda range (from the African wildlife through to the lunar and now nautical) were definitely minted by B H Mayer for a third party. And really you've hit the nail on the head there. What is it with the German coin industry as a whole and all their intrigue? They thrive on it. Good luck getting straight answers from any of them. For years they kept everyone confused about mintages of the Somalia elephants and the Rwanda's too. Jesus, i thought we had at least pinned down who mints the stuff! Anyone old enough to remember the Simpsons episode with the Stonecutters? This is how i imagine the mints and dealers when they get together for a knees up at their own secret society. Substitute your own lyrics such as "who controls the pre-mi-ums, who keeps mint-ages obscure ....we do....we do". Yeah, i know. I have far too much time on my hands! P.S. to be serious for a moment, in muenzdach's defense i would not agree his pricing is gouging with regard to the proof nautical. For the moment it's simply a response to supply v demand. Many collectors and flippers will have seen the going rates for the previous first lunar proof and and have smelled opportunity and are buying up the first nautical in hopeful expectation of it doing the same. It's common practice with any dealer to respond with gradual increases as demand looks to start outstripping supply. And let's face it, a lot of individual buyers just want to jump on the bandwagon and be able to buy it at $90 so THEY can be the ones doing some gouging down the line. The only ones i have sympathy for are the genuine collectors who are now denied getting the coin for a reasonable cost. Anyone want to hazard a guess the ratio of genuine collector v speculator on the nautical proof? EDIT; noticed an unsettling similarity between the Silver Forum emblem and that on the secret society beer mugs (0:41) hmmm who is BYB really working for??
  11. If you were going to stack just one series of coins

    Do you mean "stack" as invest in multiples of a yearly issue, from just one series? Or stack as in just assemble a single full backdated set? If i was starting out right now, i don't think i would begin stacking any of the long established series. Starting off, i would assemble just a single set of the series you most like, to get going. Meantime keeping an eye out for fresh opportunities like the Silver Swan to really "stack" and get in on the ground floor (the window of opportunity is short, though, for ones like these and you need to be super quick and decisive). In answer to the hypothetical though, if i really had to pick just one series to begin stacking/investing... and nothing else?....i would wait 2 years and go-to-town on the Perth lunar 3 series. Blow the annual budget on the full range up to 10oz, including a number of rolls of .5,1, and 2oz.
  12. Keeping track of coins and what you paid

    I started with a simple spreadsheet. Year and name of coin, weight, qty, cost.That didn't last long and grew over time from just a few titled columns into many more columns, the more details i wanted to refer back to. One thing i'm glad i did was keep every purchase individual, and not combine into averages. For example as you mentioned, 10 eagles on that date for this cost, and 10 others on a later date for a different cost. Because i also added a column recording where the silver spot price was for the purchase, which is very useful to work out what the various premiums were when looking back. For whatever coin series, weight, year, dealer. For this reason i didn't include shipping costs, as i wanted the actual coin costs only. (While i don't bother recording shipping costs, i do bear them in mind). I also have which dealer purchased from (another reason not to bother costing shipping into the figures. Over time you know at a glance a good estimate of the shipping given the dealer and the weight involved). Let's see, what else..... formulas of course for adding total oz's, total costs, total spend each year. It grows and evolves to suit yourself. Hours of fun! You won't crack it straight away but in time and with lots of tweaking it becomes a great customised resource. One thing i would advise the OP though, you mentioned labeling the physical coins. I wouldn't. Ideally you need records that don't require you to have to physically root out the coins in order to cross reference. Or needing to store them in any particular order. As your stock really grows it's troublesome. The ideal spreadsheet is one that tells you everything you need with the option of not having to even see or refer to the coins for months or years at a time, if you like.
  13. goldsilver.be charge

    I agree, a silver coin is not the same no matter where you buy it from. If condition is paramount. But if you're just stacking cheap silver, away you go. The likes are GS.be are just fine IF you know their limitations and IF you set your own rules when deciding what to use them for. You have to accept, as per their own written views on their site regarding BU bullion (just so it's clear i'm not libelling them here!), you're taking a gamble buying any older year coins from them, whether mint capsuled or not. Even more so when buying any loose uncapsuled/unsealed coins, even newly released stuff. I would never dream of buying extremely high premium collector bullion pieces from them, either, which have been pre-owned/traded multiple times since issue. 1oz/2oz lunar 1's? 2oz or 5oz lunar 2 mouse? A kilo libertad? Old Panda's? etc. Again, as per their opinions given on their info page for bullion coin condition - " B.U. COINS ARE NO PERFECT COINS ! IF THE B.U. COIN YOU RECEIVE IS PERFECT, YOU'RE LUCKY. MOST B.U. COINS SHOW PRODUCTION SPOTS, SLIGHT SCRATCHES, SLIGHT DEFECTS. If you need perfect coins, please concentrate on proof version ".......... so, even with very high premiums on some collector bu pieces their attitude is clear. They are happy to apply market prices for collector pieces but you shoulder all the risk with the actual coin condition. Because i am not a stacker and coin quality is always my main concern, i use them for some safe current-year stuff only, and even then only mint capsuled or mint sealed. For everything else i save myself the potential disappointment and get elsewhere, even if cost is a bit more overall. Before buying silver coins from ANY supplier, cost per coin is actually the THIRD thing i start comparing, and that comes from past experience. First you have to pause and ask yourself some simple things - based on what you know, (1) on a scale of 1-10 how likely is it there could be quality issues with this coin.... and based on that, (2) on a similar scale how much resistance and bulls**t attitude will i come up against from this supplier if a quality issue is more likely.
  14. That's right, no need to worry about breaking the seals on your cheaper bullion tubes (both you and your eventual buyer would be happier verifying first). But sealed rolls of Perth stuff, as shoba has said, can and should be worth more when you go to sell. This is because your buyer may be an investor looking for complete rolls he can break open and send for grading. Graders know a Perth roll will contain a very healthy average of MS70's which is where his reward comes. By all means sell your tubes of bullion back to a dealer, as you have said. But if you ever do invest in Perth rolls, go a different route, especially with certain ones from the Perth ranges. In some ways i often feel the selling trends for certain Perth stuff on ebay are looked at from the wrong perspective. You'll see singles (just for examples sake) at $50 but sealed rolls then discounted to, say $900, because of bulk purchase. It has always been a common sales model - buy more from me and you get this discount. But i think due to the good percentage range of MS70's found in Perth rolls, i say make those future graders pay the premium for their unbroken rolls on the secondary market. List those Perth rolls at +10% over singles and don't let them go for any less. Certainly never auction them. Set your price. I have broken more rolls than i actually kept intact, but any intact ones will never be offered at a discount. This is where some will say - 'the only reason it's good to keep the rolls complete, and be happy to sell for a discount, is because it's a good way round the dreaded milk spotting'. All i can say is i disagree with the milk doomsayers when it comes to the Perth capsuled bullion ranges. Hasn't been an issue for me. Their tubed stuff absolutely, though.
  15. Heubach-edelmetalle vs Auragentum.de?

    It all comes down to a balancing act in the end. Lowest prices and great customer service don't often go together. You don't say in what way GS.be let you down. If it's a mess up with the order, or the condition of the coins you got. As far as condition goes, the trouble with most of the lowest premium guys is they won't entertain quality complaints AT ALL when it comes to the condition of bullion classed products. Whether capsuled or not. You take it as is, as far as they're concerned. It's a crap attitude, i know, but GS.be don't hide it. Covered strongly on their faq section. I'm just guessing, but as you said you are looking to buy a kilo coin (bullion?) and thinking hard about who to buy from, then maybe your priority is the top notch condition of it? In that case i would advise go with the dealer who may have a bit extra premium but has a softer attitude to meeting your needs for the quality condition of the coin. And above all - actually personally replies to you, and not just copy/paste their terms and conditions. Forget about asking for others reviews or opinions on different dealers. Most times, we've all had different experiences with them. The manner you, yourself, write to them when there's a problem has a lot to do with how things end up too, and that is sometimes why different people end up having different experiences. Satisfy yourself by emailing before you make an order. It's no big deal, a dealer with good customer service will be happy to answer. Find a few dealers where the premiums might not be the absolute lowest, yes, but are still at an acceptable level to you. Explain you would like to order X coin from them but are concerned about (whatever it is). And be honest about what it is, that wasn't met elsewhere. No better way to come to your own judgement by weighing up the tone of their response. Having said not to listen to others experience with dealers - i'll just give you one. Customer service at Aurinum.de are good when there is an issue. They also, one time, had no problem exchanging a 10oz bullion coin for me when i was disappointed with the condition. I'll point out this has just been my own experience, anyway. Their premiums are in the decent range too. Wherever you decide to go for your kilo (what one?) good luck with it.