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  1. And hopefully 5oz, 250g, 10oz and upwards in good time
  2. I am certainly interested in these and whilst I would love the same numbers I got for the 1oz bars I fully appreciate this might not be possible. I am up for 1 or 2 depending when these come out and would be happy to pay extra for the hallmarking.
  3. All done and a pleasure to do so.
  4. Got home to find I missed the postman but a 5 minute walk (with a stop over at the pub to counter dehydration) and I was very happy to be looking at these two little beauties. Wonderful work and many thanks to all who made this possible! Going forward, if possible I would like to reserve 9 & 26 on future series and certainly for the 100g versions! Only thing missing were the COA's? Not a big worry though as they are hallmarked
  5. Superb result, looking forward to having mine in my hand, Great work
  6. Haha. To be honest it will be mainly a nose around and a little education for me. I wanted to go last year but couldnt go so would be good to make it.
  7. I didnt realise this was on, might just have to pay this a visit. Thanks for bringing it up!
  8. Hi Pete, luckily he is pretty good with these sort of things, I know there is plenty of tat out there.
  9. Hi there, Maybe a long shot but can anyone recommend any bullion dealers in Istanbul that are worth visiting for cheap bullion, gold or silver? Tried looking on Google etc but was unable to have much joy. Got a friend going on holiday out there who said they would have a look around for me if they have time.
  10. completed

    Ok, no worries. Thanks for responding