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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from BackyardBullion in 100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Bars - Update   
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to BackyardBullion in 100g Hallmarked Silver Forum Bars - Update   
    Hi everyone - starting a new thread to get the message out wider!
    I have been busy over the last few weeks making some of the 100g Silver forum bars!
    I am very proud to announce that we have a completed "Prototype" bar and production is coming along nicely!

    As you can see we have kept the design true to the original 1 oz bars, but just scaled it up! Everything is hand poured and hand stamped! They will be hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office - as you can see underneath the "2017" this time so as to make a feature of the hallmark. 
    The following contains all the important facts that you need to know!
    Total Mintage: 150 (there will not be any further 100g bars minted this year). 
    Delivery date: First week of October 2017
    Prices: Based on membership as follows*
    Standard member £83
    Premium member £75
    Premium gold member £67
    * We feel that these prices are fair for these particular bars based on their quality and the fact they are hallmarked. The whole point of this exercise is to support the forum and promote the benefits of premium level membership. Some of the proceeds from these bars will be used to maintain the forum and ultimately help keep this forum running and keep premium member fees down. 
    Postage: +£3 - However free postage will be offered if you purchase more than one bar. International postage will be more - if you would like an accurate quote please get in touch. 
    Maximum order per person: 5 bars (initially)
    Serial Number Reservation date: Sunday 3rd September 2017 @ 6pm UK time
    We have been thinking about the best way to satisfy everybody who might want a bar for the first time and also members who have previously bought the 1 oz bars and want to match their 100g bars to an existing serial number. But sadly we cannot come up with a way to satisfy everybody. 
    Therefore we feel the best thing to do is to level the playing field for everyone involved and offer a fair chance for everyone to reserve their desired serial numbers on a first come first served basis. To that end I will be releasing a thread on Sunday 3rd September 2017 @ 6pm UK time in which you will be able to reserve your desired serial number(s) on a first come first served basis. We know that this might not seem ideal to some people but we want to be as open and fair as possible to everybody who might want to purchase a bar. 
    I will be communicating more information on this over the coming weeks but if you have any concerns or questions about this please let me know by commenting here or by PM. 
    Payment will be required before the end of September to secure your bars and serial numbers. 
    Serial numbers 1, 2 & 150 are not for general sale. 1 & 2 are reserved for @ChrisSIlver and myself respectively. #150 will be raffled off to the lucky individual who wants to own (and pay ) for the last number in the mintage. 
    @ChrisSIlver and I hope that you really like this design as we have worked hard on them over the last few weeks/months. 
    More information will follow in due course - but in the mean time if you have any feedback or comments please leave them here or PM me!
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to Silverstackeruk in Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies)   
    Finally my wallet is on its way..this is a must have for anyone buying multiple cryptos.

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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from Zaikoff in Bitcoin (and other crypto currencies)   
    SEPA is only from euro bank accounts as far as I am aware.
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to augur in Hello Silver Forum   
    As mentioned you should upgrade to gold membership if you intend to trade professionally on this website or link to your own commercial site. 
    Also, your website states that you only ship to Germany, you are aware that the majority here is from english speaking nations...
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to muenzdachs in Hello Silver Forum   
    I am a dealer from Germany, so please be patient as I am not a native English speaker.
    I have read for longer time and have now decided to join the forum as an active part.
    Looking forward to share information and come together with people that are interested in investing and collecting precious metals and coins overall.
    If anyone cares, my website is:
    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have some questions.
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to kiskelo in Auction: 2014 Stock horse. 1p start.   
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to BNTCoins in BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read   
    Hello to the members of The Silver Forum.
    My name is Steven and I am the Senior Product Manager at BNT.
    Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay that a number of you have experienced in receiving your orders.  Unfortunately this was outside of our control but we have worked hard to expedite things and I am pleased to see that coins have started to arrive.  We do have some new processes in place and we hope to achieve faster deliveries going forward.
    I would also like to respond to the comments about seeing prices change on particular products.  Firstly, if you have placed an order for a coin at a specified price, providing we have stock of the coin at the time the order is accepted, you will pay that price.  And, orders are processed in the order that they are received, so even if someone buys the same coin at a higher price, they will not receive theirs until your order has been fulfilled.  However, at times our site is very busy and the number of orders that we receive for particular coins is greater than our immediate availability, and in these cases we have not been able to fulfil the order straight away.  While we always endeavour to get more coins, in some cases we are unable to due to overall demand in the UK.  
    Please be assured that when you order with BNT, your payment card will not be debited until the order is fully processed and despatched.  So if in the unfortunately circumstance we are unable to complete an order, you will not be charged.  We do endeavour to contact customers to confirm this at the earliest opportunity.
    Finally, I have just checked our stock and see we do have two Strike on the Day Sovereigns available for immediate despatch.  I have hidden it on our site for now so members of The Silver Forum can have first option to buy, you can find it directly by following this link - www.bnt.org.uk/royal-mint-sovereign-2017-strike-on-the-day-anniversary-piece-gold-coin
    Thank you for your patience with the recent deliveries.
    Kind regards, Steven.
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to morezone in Bottle Cap Shaped Coin   
    As title really.  We've had egg shaped coins, spherical coins, cylindrical coins & pyramid shaped coins just to name a few.
    Coming sometime this year will be a bottle cap shaped coin.
    Link to company producing it.  They've been involved with a few licensed themed coins in the past.

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    ChrisSIlver reacted to Silveraddict90 in Auction: 2014 Stock horse. 1p start.   
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to MikeSol in Auction: 2014 Stock horse. 1p start.   
    Had to change it immediately  
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to DavePanda in Auction: 2014 Stock horse. 1p start.   
    Ok Chris... £18 get you started
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to blab in WTB 2016 1/10th Gold Kangaroo/Nugget   
    Sorted now.
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to metallica73 in BNT - Do not use - Bunch of cowboys - Please read   
    Well would you believe what arrived out of the blue by special delivery this morning from BNT? Over 2 months after ordering and long after I had given up on getting this
    Paying via 5 monthly installments of £106 as per original plan. In excellent condition, so no sloppy seconds either...

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    ChrisSIlver reacted to cliveb13 in BARGIAN: Kangaroo Gold at spot price   
    I WILL buy this if still available and if you get me your details in the next hour or so, I can guarantee to get you the funds tonight. 
    Thanks , Cliveb13
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from Ollie1016 in BARGIAN: Kangaroo Gold at spot price   
    1/2oz 1992 Kangaroo
    Spot price + £7.50 Royal Mail special delivery.
    Payment by bank transfer only. Must be sold today, payment received today please.
    Buzz if interested 

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    ChrisSIlver reacted to 4Nines7Hills in Ledger nano S space issue top tip   
    @ChrisSIlver no I'm using the Blockfolio app not sure if its better it was the first one I fund 
    Top Tip Two  - Ledger Nano S 
    For anyone who owns a Ledger Nano S and like to invests in ERC20 tokens Try: https://www.myetherwallet.com/
    The Ledger only supports ETH, ETC and  a couple of other ERC20 dedicated apps but  MyEtherWallet web wallet has full ledger  and trezor integration  and supports all ERC20 tokens.
    To manage your Ethereum account, go to MyEtherWallet website and select the "Send Ether & Tokens" tab. plug your Ledger device, enter your pin to unlock and select the Ethereum app click on "Connect your Ledger Wallet"
    NOTE:  to use  MyEtherWallet  turn on  the browser web support   found in the settings of the Leger app on the device   to use the ledger  Ethereum  chrome app you must have Browser support turned off.
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from Jay2 in How to trade   
    If you want to buy the actual shares and own the underlying asset (the shares) you will need to buy through a broker, most charge about £12.50 per trade (although some cheaper) so don't make much sense to do unless each trade is sizeable so that the cost of that fee is negligible.

    Note that trading and investing in shares are different, trading tends to be shorter time scales and in and out in a relatively short time frame.

    Buying shares in the UK is relatively expensive and traders may instead use CFD's (Contracts for differences) or other derivatives to trade the market, rather than buying the actual underlying asset they are trading on a derivative that follows the price of the underlying asset. 
    http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/savings/cheap-online-sharedealing MSE website here should be a very helpful read, it is about buying shares.

    I am not sure what platform @RichRock uses when trading.
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to 4Nines7Hills in crypto strategy   
     thanks for all your input guys. I've put a hell of a lot of research into cryptos,  but as i only started six months ago i have a long was to go before i consider myself an expert so  any new information, ideas, predictions or theories are still very much welcome.
     for me cryptos are definitely secondary to PMs, but they are well worth some investment due to the huge gains possible.
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to Zaikoff in Ripple XRP   
    Yes, that what I mean, I know it's not the new ETH, but it can easy go €1 or even €2 in future, especially if more and more banks start working with it, it will be official payment system, than we can exchange it for fiat money
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    ChrisSIlver reacted to morezone in What is a Bitcoin wallet?   
    @Jordie Moved to the non PM section.
    A Bitcoin wallet is a place to store bitcoins.
    If you want to know more about crypto currencies etc, there is a cryptocurrency club in the club section.
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from Agpanda in Today I bought.....   
    Today I bought 1kg 2014 Perth Mint Lunar Horse & a roll of 20 1oz 2014 Perth Mint Kookaburra coins
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from Roy in Join TheBitForum.com   
    Myself and bitGuru.co.uk have teamed together to make The Bit Forum, we hope to learn as much as possible about crypto currencies and to share what we learn with the community we are building.

    Please feel free to join The Bit Forum and grow our crypto currency community, I hope we can all learn from each other  
    Visit the community at http://www.thebitforum.com 
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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from Oystonout in Kangaroo photo thread...   
    Same coin, different background.
    1oz 2010 Kangaroo.

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    ChrisSIlver got a reaction from Zaikoff in Ripple XRP   

    Because of the amount of ripple in circulation this isn't a coin that can go to thousands per coin, but it could easily get to £1 and £10 if it is adopted by banks worldwide.

    I do think this one is quite long term though.