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        Paste the link to your video in the topic below. Each separate video counts as an entry (make as many entries as you like) Each qualifying video will be entered into a prize draw to win a precious metals and/or gift card. Value of the prize will depend on how many entrants there are.
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  1. ChrisSilver liked a post in a topic by ShaolinStacker in 1987 Proof Sovereign Set NGC PF70 & PF69 GB Label   
    So that people on ebay( in certain part of the world) cant use my slab numbers to make counterfeit ones
  2. daz liked a post in a topic by ChrisSilver in April 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw   
    Premium member March 2017 Prize Draw:

    Please make sure you have read the information page here: https://thesilverforum.com/topic/3958-premium-member-prize-draws-information/
    This months prize: 20.8g Baby Ripple bar produced by @BackyardBullion 

    Gold Premium member Bonus Prize Pot:

    Should the winner of the prize draw be a Gold Premium Member, you will also win;

    a Silver 2014 BU 1oz Wedge Tailed Eagle coin,
    a 2015 1oz Koala coin,
    a £10 Amazon.co.uk Gift Card* and a 1/4oz Noah's Ark coin
    and a 2013 1oz Stock Horse 
    2016 1oz Kookaburra rolled over from the previous months draw. 
    Added to the pot this month is a 2013 lunar snake with lion privy

    *If the winner is outside of the UK they will receive £10 equivalent as a PayPal transfer, or some other form of prize equivalent to the value.
    If these prizes are not won, they will be rolled over to the next months prize draw and an additional prize will be added to the Gold Premium Member prize pot.

  3. ChrisSilver liked a post in a topic by morezone in LOTS OF COOL STUFF   
    @ShaolinStacker Moved to the US/Canada section
    It's the item location.
  4. ChrisSilver liked a post in a topic by HelpingHands in Anyone Here Make Youtube Videos?   
    We now have a sub forum for posting your own videos.
    Feel free to start your own topics for your channels or whatever you think is best.
  5. ChrisSilver liked a post in a topic by sovereignsteve in Advice for new comer   
    I see you've been round to Numi's house then.
  6. ChrisSilver liked a post in a topic by Bullionbilly in Advice for new comer   
    Im sure a few on here NEED one of these 

  7. Lea79 liked a post in a topic by ChrisSilver in March 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw   
    Congratulations to @Lea79 who is this months winner! Please PM me your address

  8. ChrisSilver liked a post in a topic by bazzytangokoko in 2013 Australian 1oz Silver High Relief Kookaburra UNC Proof Coin COA w/OGP box   
    I have many of these 2013 1 oz high relief kookaburras, and so the COA number may be different than shown. But all of them are in OGP, and come with COA.
    Ships from New Jersey, US.
    Asking for USD $45 each + shipping  -- bank transfer only. 
    I would estimate about $6 (including shipping + insurance fees) to ship via USPS within the US. If you are located outside the US, I will have to figure out how much it would cost to ship international, and provide you a total quote. I would prefer to ship with insurance.
    If you need more information about the coin, more photos, or would like to know the exact COA you will receive - please let me know.

  9. PolarPanda liked a post in a topic by ChrisSilver in New member from Belgium   
    Welcome to the silver forum!
  10. ChrisSilver liked a post in a topic by mongo28 in 2017 Silver Stock Horse is here!   
    Picked up 5 today from a German Dealer... No word on when they will arrive in the US and they are not suppose to be arriving in Canada until 4/17... Since they originated from a German Dealer I figured I'd buy some while on hand and prices are low...
  11. ChrisSilver liked a post in a topic by BackyardBullion in Today I made.....   
    Today I finished 3 more mirror bars. The heart is for sale in the trade section, the Round and Bar are sold already!

  12. SilverSniper liked a post in a topic by ChrisSilver in March 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw   
    New system for prize draws will be implemented within the coming months. Likely May draw. It is just undergoing the first round of testing by the developer and then beta version release. This will stop accidents like this from happening.
  13. mongo28 liked a post in a topic by ChrisSilver in NGC 1oz gold Chinese panda   
    It's a tapatalk plugin issue. Apologies. They are still looking into it.

    When photos are uploaded via tapatalk they don't seem to show on the website.

    I will email them again.
  14. ChrisSilver liked a post in a topic by Zaikoff in Calling all YouTubers   
    One more entry from me: