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  1. Today I bought.....

    Today I bought 1kg 2014 Perth Mint Lunar Horse & a roll of 20 1oz 2014 Perth Mint Kookaburra coins
  2. Today I Received

    I thought this would be an interesting follow up to the "today I bought...." thread. When you receive your order you can post a pic in this thread a kind of photo unboxing. Unfortunately I am out of the UK at the moment, but I will be back in a month so then I have a whole year of small silver purchases that I can take a few snaps of and upload here. In the meantime hopefully some other members will be able to upload some pics here soon......
  3. Hello everyone, this is something that keeps happening so I thought that I would make a post here to help reduce the amount of times it happens. When you receive a notification email or private message notification email, you need to click the blue button to go to the forum to reply. All email notifications are sent from my email, so if you just reply to the email unfortunately the intended recipient will not get the message, only I will get your email. Thanks
  4. Hello All

    Welcome to The Silver Forum
  5. completed Sixpence on eBay Auction

    Please can you post a price up for these. As listings on the forum has to have asking prices, and also you will need to be willing to make a deal via the forum, as the sales section is for items for sale via the forum, not via eBay. However linking to the eBay listing for further information is allowed.
  6. Silver S1 Perth Mint Lunar proofs. 2000 1oz Dragon SOLD 2001 1oz snake SOLD 2004 1oz monkey SOLD 2005 1oz rooster SOLD 2006 1oz dog £135 Further REDUCED to £104. (2 of these left) 2009 1oz ox SOLD 2010 1oz Tiger SOLD 2002 1/2oz horse SOLD 2004 1/2oz monkey £100 Further REDUCED to £69 2006 1/2oz dog SOLD 2007 1/2oz pig SOLD 2009 1/2oz ox SOLD + your choice of shipping at cost. EDIT: ALL prices above included FREE SIPPING Payment by Bank Transfer only. Please message me if interested.
  7. Type: Giveaway


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    Premium member February 2018 Prize Draw. Entry closes end of February 2018 GMT. This months prize: 1oz 2014 Kookaburra with lion privy Gold Premium member Bonus Prize Pot: Should the winner of the prize draw be a Gold Premium Member, you will also win: 1oz 2014 Somalian Elephant (may contain milk spots) 1oz 2014 Canadian Maple Leaf (may contain milk spots) 1oz 2013 Somalian Elephant with snake privy 1oz 2013 Perth Mint Lunar Snake with Lion Privy coin 1oz 2011 Berlin privy mark koala coin To buy premium membership and enter the draw please visit the store: Click here to visit the store and buy premium membership
  8. Not getting email notifications....

    Email system has been fixed. Issue was caused by the email server automatically blocking the account to stop a suspected attack, as security is taken seriously a password reset with a two factor authentication was required. New psssords have all been updated now in Admin and all emails are functionining correctly. Apologies for the inconicnence caused. If it happens again in the future I will try to get it resolved much quicker, thanks for your patience.
  9. TSF Discord?

    We had a chat room on the forum before, it wasn't popular enough and was empty all the time so I removed that feature as it wasn't worth paying for. I'm not aware of discord, but I can't see any advantage of a live chat over the current forum layout.
  10. Since the Photo Only Threads are for photos only, you may wish to use this topic to discuss other members photo uploads. Might be useful to use the @ mention feature if you wish to grab the attention of another member to this topic. e.g. what was the size of that bar you just uploaded @Bosse68, as @Cornishfarmer wants to know
  11. This thread will have a simple complied list of dealers, including the country the dealer is based. Bullion Price Comparison sites & Allocated Storage gold-price.co.uk (UK based price comparison site) gold.de (Price comparison site which includes a wide range of German dealers) BullionVault.com Allocated Gold & Silver. This is a referral link that supports the forum ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Official Site Sponsors - links to their external websites >>> coininvest.com Germany (Official forum sponsor) <<< >>> silver-to-go.com Germany (Official forum sponsor) <<< ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please also see the dealers in the Dealer Directory http://thesilverforum.com/dealerdirectory/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dealer Reference list apmex.com USA largest dealer in the world 24carat.co.uk UK ainsliebullion.com.au Australia aschhoff-edelmetalle.de Germany atkinsonsbullion.com UK http://www.atsbullion.com/ UK https://autrading.ee/home.php Estonia https://auragentum.de/ Germany aurinum.de Germany bitgild.com The Netherlands Pay in bitcoins for gold bleyerbullion.co.uk UK bullionbypost.co.uk UK (May publish details of PM purchases by county) bullionlist.com.au Australia bullionmark.com.au Australia bullionmoney.com.au Australia http://www.bullionuk.com/ UK bullionrock.com Chanel islands bullionstore.co.uk UK canadianbullionservices.com Canada http://www.darlingtoncoins.co.uk/ UK elminvestments.co.uk UK europesilverbullion.com Estonia en.emk.com Germany firstmajestic.com Canada gainsvillecoins.com USA geiger-edelmetalle.de Germany gold-silber-muenzen-shop.de Germany gold-preisvergleich.com Germany? goldcoinsni.com UK goldline.co.uk UK goldstackers.com Australia hattongardenmetals.com UK heubach-edelmetalle.de Germany kitco.com USA libertysilver.ee Estonia (Purchases made through this link support The Silver Forum) http://www.ma-shops.com/ Germany https://www.moderncoinmart.com/ USA muenzenmueller.de Germany perthbullion.com.au Australia http://www.philastudio.com/ powercoin.it Italy http://www.reppa.de/ Germany The Royal Mint(Purchases made through this link support The Silver Forum) https://www.scottsdalesilver.com/ USA sdbullion.com USA sarniasilver.com UK silber-corner.de Germany (Good for numismatics) silvertowne.com USA taxfreegold.co.uk UK thebullioncentre.com UK https://www.tjbpreciousmetals.co.uk/ UK topworldcoins.com Germany yeagerspouredsilver.com US ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: This list is for reference purposes. The Silver Forum does not endorse any of the dealers above. Apart from the official site sponsors of course If you wish you can first research the company you are going to purchase from, search the forum to see if a topic exists and if not start a new topic asking for peoples reviews about that company. I lot of the companies listed above I have no persona experience of so I can't advise whether or not they are good companies to deal with. But other members will be able to help. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adding a dealer to the list If you would like a bullion company added to the list, please post the website address below along with the country the dealer is based in. I will then add to the list and remove your comment to keep this thread nice, simple and clean. Please DO NOT post other comments below as they will be deleted. Only reply to this topic if you are adding a dealer to the list. This will ensure that a simple list is created for reference. More specific questions about a dealer can be asked / discussed by creating a new topic in the appropriate forum section. Please use the search feature first, as a thread about the particular company you wish to ask about may already exist.
  12. Type: Giveaway


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    Premium member January 2017 Prize Draw. Entry closes end of January 2017 GMT. This months prize: 1oz lunar series 2 Goat with lion privy x Gold Premium member Bonus Prize Pot: Should the winner of the prize draw be a Gold Premium Member, you will also win: 1oz 2014 Canadian Maple Leaf (may contain milk spots) 1oz 2013 Somalian Elephant with snake privy 1oz 2013 Perth Mint Lunar Snake with Lion Privy coin 1oz 2011 Berlin privy mark koala coin To buy premium membership and enter the draw please visit the store: Click here to visit the store and buy premium membership
  13. for sale S1 proofs for sale - Last coins remaining

    BUMP. Last coins remaining still.
  14. This is a reluctant sell, but nethertheless I need to sell to move funds elsewhere. These are really beautiful coins and some of the most desirable in my opinion. All coins are 1oz silver. I paid over £50+ for most of these below. Now selling for an amazing £35 EACH (FREE SHIPPING) RAM 2015 HR saltwater crocodile SOLD 2014 HR American Bald eagle REDUCED TO £35 (FREE SHIPPING) 2014 HR American Buffalo REDUCED TO £35 (FREE SHIPPING) Perth Mint: HR Kangaroo: REDUCED TO £35 EACH (FREE SHIPPING) 2010 2011 2012 2013 SOLD 2014 SOLD 2015 SOLD HR Koala: REDUCED TO £35 EACH (FREE SHIPPING) 2012 2013 2014 HR Kookaburras: REDUCED TO £35 EACH (FREE SHIPPING) 2013 SOL 2014 SOLD 2015 SOLD
  15. Sorry. Only just seen this. Please let me know what you are interested in and I can upload some picture of them.
  16. The forum is very unstable for me

    Everything should work fine, sounds like some sort of browser issue if you are expericing all of those errors, please update to the latest version of your browser software and if you are still experiencing issues please try a new browser e.g. Chrome (after clearing cache and cookies) With the @ feature you need to start typing the users name and then click it from the list that appears.
  17. January 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

  18. Looking for advice on face to face sales.

    Yes as far as I am aware exif data is removed from the photo when uploading to the forum. Still wouldn’t hurt to disble the setting on your phone though so that there I no tag in your photos.
  19. I have noticed a lot of cryptocurrency related topics in the personal finance / other investments section. Whilst topics about crypto are highly welcomed, I don't feel that the personal finance / other investments is the correct section for crypto topics. Please can you instead; either post them in the cryptocurrency club on The Silver Forum found here: http://thesilverforum.com/clubs/3-cryptocurrency-club/ OR join our sister site The Bit Forum to post there www.thebitforum.com
  20. Forum email system

    Thanks. Everyone works perfectly. *Everything
  21. Forum email system

    Hi, please could any member mention me in a comment in this topic, so I can check if email notifications have been fixed or not. @HelpingHands @morezone
  22. Hi from the Netherlands!

    Welcome to The Silver Forum!
  23. Forum email system

    I think I’ve fixed it now. Please can we test again @morezone
  24. Forum email system

    Thanks, still down. I will email developer tonight with all access info and hopefully can get this issues sorted.
  25. December 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw