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  1. You can leave reviews for dealers in the dealer directory, although I appreciate there is only a select few dealers there. I may expand this in the future to include more dealers and those ones who are already there will just become featured and will appear at the top.
  2. Repost the post below on Instagram and be in with a change of winning. Click though for full detail and to enter. Competition closes 31st August 2017.
  3. The best new photos in the forum photos section of the forum I will also promote on Instagram Help fill up this section with amazing photos
  4. for sale

    Both please, if possible. I have sent you a PM.
  5. for sale

  6. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum
  7. Welcome to The Silver Forum Endre
  8. I need to make a link for it and it would load within the app from the web version of the site, as it wouldn't natively be able to feature the traders feedback. Should work fine though, once I am able to do it. I had actually cancelled the subscription to the app as there was an issue with notifications on IOS that was never fixed, for some reason the app is still up in the android store. I'm looking to resubscribe the the apps, just need to create an apple developer account as per new apple rules. Once I have access to the admin console again for the apps I will edit in a link to the trader feedback and release it in another app update. I don't particularly like tapatlak itself, the custom app is much better. I would have preferred another solution, but as far as I know once doesn't exist other than paying thousands and thousands for a custom developer to make an app from the ground up and then pay them each time the forum software is updated to keep the app working. If you have any other suggestions please let me know. For the moment please use the following link to access feedback to leave for users: http://thesilverforum.com/feedback/ Regards, Chris
  9. Test upload via tapatalk image icon
  10. Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum!
  11. I am thinking of changing the video section from a forum based topic style as is currently, to a system which which be a dedicated page, accessed via a tab on the forum menu. This would be set to allow members to add videos to the database, and probably just premium members which should stop any potential junk/spam from being posted. I was thinking 3 categories, Gold, Silver, and a General Precious Metals category, with ultimately maybe a Trading the markets section. A tag system could also be implemented so videos could be tagged as "full stack video" "unboxing" etc, so it could be easier to browse specific themes of video. I personally think it would make videos easier and nicer to browse, as at a glance could see multiple videos and their thumbnails, which out having to first click a topic title and then see. Please let me know your thoughts on this below and if you would like me to introduce this to replace the current in topic forums type of video section we have now. Please vote on the poll, yes, if you would like this change. An example:
  12. Better to send them a private message rather than bring it up in a topic. Otherwise just looks like you are sabotaging their sales thread. I don't think anyone would object to offers by PM either, as members can just decline the offer. The listing might also state if they are willing to take offers or if it's a firm price. Prices of some particular items vary considerably, even amongst sold items on eBay, some sell for higher prices and others lower. There is also a forum rule somewhere that states no unsolicited comments in sales topics, if you aren't a genuine interested party to the trade don't comment and sabotage their sales thread. This is just my opinions anyway, I am sure@Morezone and@HelpingHands will comment with their suggestions also
  13. for sale

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