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  1. December 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw

  2. wanted 1957 or 1958 Gold Sovereign

    @Alex I whole heartedly believe that @HawkHybrid posed a genuine question. It seems like the topic escalated from there. And although I can't deny that this topic has offered me some entertainment on a Sunday night, I don't think continuing it is constructive, so I have locked the topic. Those who have this particular coin for sale will be able to PM you with pics etc as requested.
  3. Not going to reduce them further than they are, as they are already significantly cheaper than anywhere you will find. I will upload a photo.
  4. BUMP. Offer on remaining coins will continue in January.
  5. BUMP. Offer on remaining coins will continue in January.
  6. Bank Of England’s own Bitcoin???

    It is a separate company, the price of the USDT is tethered to the actually USD price, they make their money by charging very small transaction charges on transactions. An interesting concept.
  7. Bank Of England’s own Bitcoin???

    Moved to the cryptocurrency club topic section. Would be very easy for people to check the amount of GBP in circulation if this happens.
  8. As the forum has a lot of forum categories, it can be daunting for new members to decide where to start posting, or where to start viewing. I have added a new fluid view option, which instead displayed the forums as one big list, this list can then be filtered by the categories by selecting them in the right sidebar (multiple categories can be selected) To change to fluid view please press the button in highlighted with the red arrow in the screen shot below. Fluid view is also useful if you want to quickly view posts only in particular topics, for example you can have it selected on just the trade sections, and browse the topics listed in all countries simultaneously. Standard forum view: Fluid forum view:
  9. Silverstan link not working

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, yes that site doesn't seem to work anymore, it hasn't;t for a while. I have removed the banner on the sidebar now. I think @SilverStan Is no longer running that site anymore and has taken silverstan.com down? He has a new site I believe, so I am sure he will message about it below when it is ready.
  10. I don't think the author of the article fully understands cryptocurrency. There are many different mathematical economic models, and models for mining (some don't even have any mining or are all remind). To outright say that all cryptocurrencies are a scam is a bit of a blanket statement. Here is one example of how tokenisation can be used by a company.... A games company who has an online game sells digital items in the game to users, which they use in the game. Currently the system can easily be cheated and people who don't buy these upgrades are able to cheat the system from a bit of simple hacking and duplicate their items etc. By making a token and then by registering all of these items in the game on a blockchain, all items are tracked and it isn't possible for items to be duplicated or for tokens to be either.
  11. The winner of this on The Bit Forum was @Madstacks, who is also a member here on The Silver Forum, a big congratulations to him!
  12. Official 2017 Christmas prize draws[emoji318]

    Good point. But it's Christmas, so let's make a new draw and select a random winner (draw from everyone who donated a prize, excluding me many thanks
  13. Official 2017 Christmas prize draws[emoji318]

    Thank you but please can you withdraw it. I shouldn't be allowed to take part as I am the Administrator.
  14. Drinks on @morezone at the Christmas party then