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  • Perth Mint - Silver
    S2 Proofs - ½oz
    S2 Proofs - 1oz
    S2 BU - ½oz
    Kookaburra BU - 1oz
    Koala - 1oz
    HR Kookaburra - 1oz
    HR Kangaroo Proofs - 1oz
    HR S2 Lunar Proofs - 1oz
    HR Koala Proofs - 1oz
  • Chinese Mints - Silver
    Chinese Panda BU - 30g
  • Perth Mint - Gold
    Kangaroo - 1oz
  • Chinese Mints - Gold
    Chinese Panda BU - ½oz

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  1. completed

  2. completed

    Sorry for the late reply. This has already been sold, pending payment. Should the sale fall through I will let you know.
  3. I think they should be hallmarked, keeping with the 1oz bars. The hallmark on the 1oz bars was a lot smaller than expected, a little bit larger hallmark might be nice as it's easier to see. In regards to serial numbers, and In the interest of fairness to keep things simple maybe it's best to not take reservations for numbers on the 100g bars but to just send them out as per order. So when you are ready, you could make a sales topic and then allocate the numbers in the order of who orders. So members placing an order earlier get an earlier serial number. That's what I am thinking. 1oz, 100g, 250g, 500g and a kilo. But the larger sizes there probably wouldn't be much interest at the prices BYB can produce them for, as they are premium bars. But perhaps we could get a few 250g's made. It's an awesome size.
  4. This is really a splendid coin. Box & COA included. 2015 1oz proof kookaburra anniversary coin. £54. includes UK delivery. Payment by bank transfer / deposit only.
  5. for sale

    2015 1oz Perth Mint Lunar series 2 proof £53 2016 1oz Perth Mint Lunar series 2 proof Monkey £53. COA & box included. Prices include FREE UK delivery. Payment by bank transfer / deposit only.
  6. completed

    3 coin libertad proof set featuring a 1oz, 1/2oz and 1/4oz proof. Only 1000 of these sets £120 ono. Including FREE UK delivery.
  7. for sale

    £61 ono including shipping within UK. Mintage of only 84,057 compared to 300,000 sold out of the 2016 is one of the reasons why this coin commands a high premium. Payment by bank transfer / deposit only. (stock photo for illustration purposes only)
  8. for sale

    2014 wedge tailed eagle proof silver coin. £150 ono. Bank transfer / deposit only. All complete, box & COA. Price includes shipping within UK.
  9. Entry open.....
  10. for sale

    Bump. £34 each.
  11. Seems like the TapaTalk image issue may be back again. I have emailed them again to ask them to look into it and fix it.
  12. Thank you for that @KevinG ! So am I correct in thinking that the price on the left is the value of the order and the price on the right is the cost of the shipping?
  13. Price for the 1/4oz is currently about 10€ More than coininvest. And their ½oz is about 17€ more as CoinInvest have a sale on their 1/2oz kangaroos currently. Trying to find a 1/4oz somewhere for a really good deal. P.s. Do you know what the shipping cost from aurinum to U.K. Is?
  14. TSF 2017 bars, this one will be added to this months Gold Premium Member prize pot on this months competiton which will be released this week.
  15. Hi guys, who seems to be the best priced for gold fractionals, and specifically gold kangaroo fractionals in Europe? @coininvest seem to have some really good deals on 1/2oz mixed year kangaroos. https://www.coininvest.com/en/gold-coins/australian-kangaroo/1-2-oz-nugget-kangaroo-gold-mixed-years/ Do you know of any dealers with good deals on 1/4oz anywhere?