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  1. Email error

    This should hopefully be fixed now. Please let me know if anyone still has errors.
  2. wanted Perth Mint Lunar 2 1oz Tiger

    I have deleted your address for your own security I would advise not to post your address publically but to instead send in private messages.
  3. There seems to be some error with the email server at the moment, I will likely move the email system back from Yandex to a server that is hosted with the web host. Some email notifications may not be working currently, apologies for the inconvenience whilst I look into this and fix it.
  4. Type: Giveaway


    • 1 Prize
    • 44 Participants

    Premium member March 2018 Prize Draw. Entry closes end of 6th April 2018 GMT. This months prize: 1oz 2013 Fiji Taku Gold Premium member Bonus Prize Pot: Should the winner of the prize draw be a Gold Premium Member, you will also win: 1oz 2012 Fiji Taku 1oz 2014 Somalian Elephant (may contain milk spots) 1oz 2014 Canadian Maple Leaf (may contain milk spots) 1oz 2013 Somalian Elephant with snake privy 1oz 2013 Perth Mint Lunar Snake with Lion Privy coin 1oz 2011 Berlin privy mark koala coin To buy premium membership and enter the draw please visit the store: Click here to visit the store and buy premium membership
  5. February 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Sometime this week
  6. February 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Sometime this week
  7. Topic moved to general precious metals section as post is about precious metals and not question in regards to the forum.
  8. Hi

    Welcome to The Silver Forum!
  9. Hello everyone

    Welcome to The Silver Forum!
  10. "Contact Us" Button

    @HelpingHands Thanks for tagging me. @kugelblitz I did receive your previous email and your email today. I have PM'd you in regards to your enquiry. Note that if I take a while to reply other moderators are also able to help you with editing/deleting the requested post as needed.
  11. Hello everyone, this is something that keeps happening so I thought that I would make a post here to help reduce the amount of times it happens. When you receive a notification email or private message notification email, you need to click the blue button to go to the forum to reply. All email notifications are sent from my email, so if you just reply to the email unfortunately the intended recipient will not get the message, only I will get your email. Thanks
  12. Hello All

    Welcome to The Silver Forum
  13. completed Sixpence on eBay Auction

    Please can you post a price up for these. As listings on the forum has to have asking prices, and also you will need to be willing to make a deal via the forum, as the sales section is for items for sale via the forum, not via eBay. However linking to the eBay listing for further information is allowed.
  14. Not getting email notifications....

    Email system has been fixed. Issue was caused by the email server automatically blocking the account to stop a suspected attack, as security is taken seriously a password reset with a two factor authentication was required. New psssords have all been updated now in Admin and all emails are functionining correctly. Apologies for the inconicnence caused. If it happens again in the future I will try to get it resolved much quicker, thanks for your patience.
  15. TSF Discord?

    We had a chat room on the forum before, it wasn't popular enough and was empty all the time so I removed that feature as it wasn't worth paying for. I'm not aware of discord, but I can't see any advantage of a live chat over the current forum layout.