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  1. A package arrived today!

    Nice video @Madstacks! Thanks!
  2. A package arrived today!

    We should start a topic for that in the premium member club to see if there is any interest in doing a draw like what we did last year.
  3. Ray

    Welcome to the forum Ray
  4. A Moocher

    Welcome to The Silver Forum!
  5. Email notifications stopped working...

    Email Notifications are working for me @mondy41
  6. Email notifications stopped working...

    Can you tag my username into a reply, that way if everything is working correctly I should get a notification email.
  7. Email notifications stopped working...

    Sorry guys, forgot to update the new email password within the forum outgoing email settings. Should all be working now I hope.
  8. My friends were talking about this, the returns seem amazing. And also my friend who invested a small bit are, it seems like it could just be some giant scheme paying new investors with old investors money, but who knows. Seems too good to be true. But maybe it is all legitimate.
  9. Hello!

    Welcome to The Silver Forum Cameron!
  10. Email notifications stopped working...

    Yea my email also stopped working on my phone a couple of days ago. I know what the problem is, the host has changed some email settings for thesilverforum.com when I actually instructed them to do for another site. I will contact them today and get them to fix
  11. October 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Perhaps we can try to make an announcement topic in the premium members club, perhaps to keep things simple just a general pinned topic to congratulate the winners and the same topic is used for each month's prize draw? Or maybe we can try to make an announcement for each prize draw after it ends. I understand what you mean as I was thinking the same before, there should be more of a public announcement. In regards to the system, I meant the forum software itself, everything is automatic from taking a ticket to the winner being chosen. There is no human pat involved with choosing a winner, which is why it is the fairest way to randomly choose the winner.
  12. October 2017 Premium Member Prize Draw

    @kimchi The prize draws are drawn automatically, a member is randomly selected by the system at the close of the raffle. Unfortunately it isn't possible to integrate an automatic announcement at this time, although that might change in the future. For now please use the comments section in raffles (here) to congratulate members.
  13. NEO currency

    Those others interested in the reply: please see here http://www.thebitforum.com/topic/62-neo/