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  • Perth Mint - Silver
    S2 Proofs - ½oz
    S2 Proofs - 1oz
    S2 BU - ½oz
    Kookaburra BU - 1oz
    Koala - 1oz
    HR Kookaburra - 1oz
    HR Kangaroo Proofs - 1oz
    HR S2 Lunar Proofs - 1oz
    HR Koala Proofs - 1oz
  • Chinese Mints - Silver
    Chinese Panda BU - 30g
  • Perth Mint - Gold
    Kangaroo - 1oz
  • Chinese Mints - Gold
    Chinese Panda BU - ½oz

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  1. for auction

    @motorbikez is the winner.
  2. for auction

    Ends at 23.59 tonight.
  3. completed

    Let me know if you have any more.
  4. TapaTalk are working on this. Hopefully they can fix shortly. There are a few errors with the plugin, waiting for this to be fixed before launching the TSF app.
  5. Also to note that not all gold members are business sellers. Some are just members who wished to purchase gold for whatever reason, and we thank these members for their support. I think Gold Premium Membership works well as a name, especially as it's a precious metals forum. What name would you prefer, just out of curiosity?
  6. for auction

    Silver There is an issue with images being uploaded via Tapatalk now showing on the website. We are working to fix this, apologies for the inconvenience. I will try to upload an image from the website.
  7. Auction will end Saturday night at midnight Auction starts at £1 Min bid increment £0.01 Sold as seen. Condition is terrible, maybe have some scratches as well as toning. Postage to U.K. Free. Rest of world at cost.
  8. Welcome to The Silver Forum
  9. I have private messaged you. You will require a Gold Premium membership to have a commercial licence to sell on The Silver Forum.
  10. @chardlizzie welcome to The Silver Forum!
  11. Are you browsing within a browser in private or equivalent mode? If so then it will be an issue as cookies aren't stored. If just browsing via a normal mode please try clearing your cookies and cache as that should fix it.
  12. for sale

    Nope. These are the single ones that come with COA's total mintage for both are 10k, with 1k carded and 9k with COA.
  13. This is being looked into and will be resolved as soon as possible. Please bare with us.
  14. for sale

    Offers welcome
  15. Welcome to the forum!