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    Yes yes more shields , 8 to be exact, and 2 young head st.georges The lustre on 3 of them is incredible, hard to capture in a photograph so i tried with fingers as you can see reflection :D. I've never graded a single coin but this may be worth it. Also a 1891 Sydney half sov photo at the end, little worn but only 154,000 were minted 130 years ago and the first branch mint half sov i have i think
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    It's great coming home after being gone on vacation a week...it's sheer pandamonium around here! (see what I did there?)
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    I am delighted to announce that the sponsor of the magnificent Temple of Heaven panda medal has donated one of the 199 bimetallic medals minted to be a prize in this free member prize draw exclusively for members of the silver forum. this is the second in the panda Temple of Heaven series of medals and this one features a massively improved design for the panda, and significant additional detailing for the Temple of Heaven itself. To enter all you need to do is to reply to this message and put the next available number in the reply. The closing date will be midnight UK time on 31 May 2017. A winning number will be drawn at random and the medal will be sent direct buy the sponsor to the winner. GOOD LUCK!!
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    Got my 5 tiny 1gram gold Pandas sorry for the images but these really are tiny but stunning
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    This thread is intended as a resource to help new stackers/collectors Please see below links to various Silver Forum discussions over the years on the topic of "what to buy" silver vs gold, stacking vs collecting, bars vs coins etc Note: These discussions are UK oriented and are about what to buy in our humble opinions, not where to buy.
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    Today I got the hard to get 1998 1/10 Britannia. Mintage of only 392. A huge thank you to arshi
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    Very nice @sg86! I feel a bit embarrassed putting mine up now 😂 Today I recieved my lucky dip full sov and I was please to see it was a old head Melbourne mint, so glad as I need this head. Only need a shield back a Perth, Sydney, Ottawa and South Africa minted sov now, I might also try and get one each of the modern queen heads then I will see where I can go from there
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    All of our coins are safely in the USA The TSA agent was keen to talk Coins with me
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    I meant if his coin gets au58 won't add much value to it (cost of grading) A lovely 1832 William Full Gold Sovereign 👍
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    2017 Lion Dollar Love this coin
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    Received these coins today 2016 Australian Sovereign Proof 1996 Smithsonian Liberty Proof 1996 10oz Kookaburra BU
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    My first gold coin a 1/4oz 2009 gold nugget from Chards
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    Today I got my 1/4oz beasts X3 my 1/4oz Brit and my 1/10oz Brit. I'm returning the Dragon for an exchange as it has a really poor edge.
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    The postman has just brought my new favourite silver coin [emoji4]
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    These finally arrived, lovely looking coins...
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    Today my half sovereign and Perth Mint silver swan arrived.
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    These came in the mail today, the Queens Beasts took forever to find but finally got it in MS70. Only 33 the last time I checked and only 3 with this label. And my first batch back from NGC resulted in 3 MS70 2017 Silver Stock Horses, I sent in 5... The other 2 are MS69...
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    I just ordered my first ever sovereigns, the 2017s.
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    Following numbers still available:- 83, 129, 132, 134-143, 146-149 @ChrisSilver Big update video coming on Sunday!
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    I have just made a purchase from HGM and notice they are now offering credit and debit card payment options I have always used bank transfer in the past, but tinkering around I went through the 'pay by credit card' link and noticed it doesn't charge you the usual 2-2.5% surcharge that other bullion dealers usually add. Nothing game changing I know, but you are now afforded the protections that using a credit card gives (Section 75 CCA etc which is helpful in its own right) However, if you make bullion purchase using a 'cash back' credit card you can get a little back on your purchases from one of the cheapest dealers to buy bullion I have had a Nationwide Select credit card for years and it pays a none capped 0.5% cash back on all spending annually. So on a 1oz gold purchase of £1,000, you would get a fiver back for the privilege of just using your credit card. A free couple of pints for nothing You also have Aqua Reward cash back credit card pays 0.5% (high APR but wider criteria of acceptance for folk with lower credit scores) Asda & Amazon credit card also offer 0.5% cashback credit cards, Various Amex card also offer cash back but not sure if HGM take Amex I wouldn't advise anyone going in debt to get precious metals, make sure you clear your balance in full each month. Making active use of your credit card for decent sized purchases will also give you good brownie point green ticks on your credit file each month, i hear the rule of thumb is dont use over 25% of your card limits and you will look like a model customer
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    Today i bought 5x 1oz Proof Rwanda Roosters (7 in the picture, 2 had been sold) and 5x 2oz Lunar II Monkies a few days back
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    hi came in today, nothing spectacular for you guys , but now means I have a small collection of 2009 to 2017, I have one space left, do I go 2018 or go back to 2008 ? dean.m
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    What do you guys think about this new annual series from the Royal Dutch Mint? Specs: Finish: Proof Purity: .9999 Weight in Ounces: 1 oz Grade: GEM Proof Denomination: 1 Currency: Dollar Dimensions: 38.7 mm Mintage: 5,000
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    I bought a gold Lion and Griffin 1/4 from @GoldBenj, and very excited indeed I am to receive them when these come!
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    Just bought a lucky dip sovereign from Atkinsons, won't receive now until Monday or Tuesday but on a plus side I have now completed my first gold goal of 100g! 😃 Fingers crossed for a old head sovereign as I don't have this type yet
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    +22 oz added today, 69 oz in total in the last 4 weeks. I have now joined the 1000+ oz club. Bring on the Apocalypse!!
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    Getting back into this after, what, a year hiatus? (Moved and new job!) Picked up a 1/4oz gold eagle, 1oz silver lunar monkey and rooster. It's good to be back in the game.
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    I was looking at the UK Gazette and noticed the following: https://m.thegazette.co.uk/notice/2771383 These match the denominations of the Lion of England proof coins. I wonder if they'll do something interesting and release the next beast in Proof before its Bullion counterparts? Edit: This is my first topic so apologies if it's in the wrong forum.
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    LOL, you're going to have to change your screen name to just "steve" You're still the go-to guy for all things Sovereign related.
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    An Australian 150 year anniversary proof full sovereign from Chards
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    Today I bought 1kg 2014 Perth Mint Lunar Horse & a roll of 20 1oz 2014 Perth Mint Kookaburra coins
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    Not Metal, but cool... 1917 and a 1928...
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    Another few coins sent in for grading. Only one more packed which is being sent by an American from youtube to me over in Florida but so far we are sending 170 coins over to NGC for grading. Last time it was about 145 and the time before that 117 coins. It is interesting to see what the flavour of the month is for grading each time. Top choices for grading this time: 2017 Perth Mint Swan 2017 Peter Rabbit 2017 Tuvalu Dragon 2017 Netherlands Lion 2017 Silver Proof Krugerrand
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    Pre1920's British silver is great. They can be picked up for near spot in worn condition. I have a crown collection which is slowly increasing in numismatic condition by swapping out the worn coins for nicer ones. These are my favourites;
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    Just bought 3 rare pandas in OMP one -99 serif 1, and two -95 microdate
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    This turned up on my doorstep today and I quite like it. Not the rarest year but in not bad condition . She has a little knock on her neck and a ding on the rim above the crown and a weird line above the number but is it worth grading?
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    QqOrdered these ages ago but had to wait for the Tiffany Art to be released before they were despatched.. I've been collecting the Mongolian wildlife and Tiffany arts from the start..
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    2017 Lion Dollar -- This coin is simply amazing
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    The new design looks much nicer then the first and the dragon on the steps look amazing
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    Some more grading entries Flying to New Orleans tomorrow
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    Bought the outlaws of the marsh first in the series to go with my dream of red chamber series.Bought this set which I was going to grade until I found the full sets already graded..by that time it was too late to cancel.although the seller did offer me a return but I'll keep..
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    Received April draw prize with thanks to @BackyardBullion A lovely piece of silver, just stunning.
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    Thought it was time to get a handheld point and shoot camera so have opted for this Panasonic Lumix DMC LX15 EG-K 3" TFT LCD touchscreen display which can swivel 180 degree 20,1 Megapixel, 4k Video, wifi high speed and panorama
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    I think this is the best of mine, no idea how it would grade, meaning what do people think?