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    i got a 1kilo PAMP Suisse Fortuna bar from Atkinsons. I thought about it for a bit and then got the rest.
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    A couple of days ago Atkinsons had in a mixed date Panda for a little over 3% over spot. I thought it would be one of the newer years but thought I'd ask the year anyway in case it is an older one and they didn't have time to make a separate listing. Normally they list individual years for the older stuff. Asked in web chat and they got back to me a couple of hours later and it was a 2008. 2008 for 3.3%, why not! Came in a scruffy cap so that's been replaced.
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    Final delivery of the day from DHL. Been wanting to pick up the 1oz Griffin for a couple of weeks. Was going to pickup from Chards but that didn't happen. Was going to buy from Bairds but then RMB had a sale. Worked out a little cheaper than from Bairds and with a screw capsule as well. Rehoused in a ringed cap to go in the coin box with the others.
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    Today I received one & a half sovereigns from HGM.
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    My first 1/2oz panda came today a NGC MS70 1993
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    It was bad, but not too bad if that makes sense. I really fancied it and it looked in good condition. Christmas 2017 may be cancelled however...
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    2017 plain fields Britannia to keep run going & 2015 £50 Britannia.
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    Some more 1g gold notes. 2017 Year of the Rooster from the Agricultural Bank of China. Comes with fancy packaging but I didn't get the bag though. 2016 Year of the Monkey. I think this may be from one of the regional philatelic branches/divisons of China Post. Going to ask our resident Chinese expert to translate the COA 2017 CGCI Year of the Chicken (can't really say rooster for this design). This is the 1g gold to match the 8g silver I got last week. 10k mintage on the gold whereas the silver is 60k. Quite a big difference.
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    1883(s) full sov shield (like the condition) 2012 half proof sov (full proof too expensive :/ )
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    Just received the 5 gram and 1 gram sizes = So the collection of the re-releases is complete = 1 ounce, 10, 5, and 1 gram
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    finally got round to picking up my monthly draw prize from the sorting office today . many thanks @ChrisSilver
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    I bought a 1/10 Brit from HGM, just because I wanted to have some gold to fondle. Annoyingly it was a 2006 Proof so I can't fondle it! But chuffed none the less
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    A couple of high seas medallions and a rather worse for wear 1980 proof sovereign.
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    a 1999 NGC MS69 small date panda Not many left for a full set now, depending how the grading goes I sent 5 pandas to numis for grading
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    Finally these were delivered on Friday.
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    Today I made - my first Mirror finish bar! All done by hand!
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    If you pm me your address I will gladly loan you my book for a month or so, cheers Dave thanks Steve, always happy to help.
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    More Silver notes. These are 5g Disney Licensed which have come from Shaghai Pudong Development Bank and manufactured by Beijing Kingee Culture Development Co., Ltd. Very nice packaging. Outer sleeve containing 4 sets. Each set is a folder within a sleeve. The backs are all the same. Here's a video of the contents for anyone interested.
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    My new gold coin showed up today. I won an ebay auction, for one doller less than the US mint is selling them for. Plus free shipping. Score[emoji38] Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Reminds me how bad the newer Sovereigns look compared to the older ones. Hopefully they will colour the same way.
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    Few shields, camera focus is on the dates as i would like some opinions on the below! 1859 has an "8" over something, a strange clipped "1" and a die crack. 1852 has a very odd 2.
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    Today I recived via a forum member thanks @Silveraaron
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    a 1994 NGC MS70 1/2oz panda to keep my 1993 company
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    Stop by my LCS on Saturday...Pick up a few pieces Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I haven't been buying much but I picked up a 1901-S half eagle today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fridays pics ups at my LCS in Las Vegas Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Fridays pics ups at my LCS in Las Vegas Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Iv noticed that the Royal mint as a flash sale finish today, like the 2017 queens beast is £282 delivered and others on sale, just letting people know if anyone interested, might be a little bargain.
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    Nothing special, I'm saving to buy another gold piece, don't know what yet but will see what takes my fancy. Maybe another sovereign or lunar 2 coin A few junk silver coins just under 18g fine content and a 1 oz dragon and Phoenix, bought from eBay for only £27 delivered which I thought was a good price compared to others I have seen so I did all the tests, weight, magnet and also specific gravity which was 10.43 so all good
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    i sell PUT options in the VIX so i follow this closely. This is the volatility index for the S&P index. In simple terms the VIX measures fear in the market. The amount of PUT options traders are buying to hedge themselves against a fall in stock prices. The VIX has been very low for a long time now. There is absolute complacency in the market. The VIX will always revert to the mean. We saw this level of complacency in 2007 prior to the 2008 crash. The Fed may well raise rates next month, there is the Dutch and French elections, either of which could break the EU. North Korea is launching missiles. There is constant conflict in the Middle East. The stock market is at all time highs without earnings to support these nosebleed heights. It is speculated that the market is being pushed high so the insiders can get out at maximum profit. Every parabolic move ends in a similar move down.
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    Good attitude! All sovereigns are worth keeping
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    1st you need to decide if you are a collector or a stacker If you are a collector, go for the coins that you like If you are a stacker, just go for the cheap metal Gold or silver is hard to say, go for both and decide later It is better to save in PM instead of burning the cash in the pub Good luck with your stack
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    I had to laugh at this one. Some idiot from Greece who is selling fake Perth mint coins is trying to big up the price because the fake coin has a mint error LOL As an aside I have reported all his fakes http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/kookaburra-2015-1oz-silver-clad-coin-with-capsule-/222419564712?hash=item33c93d38a8:g:l9AAAOSw-0xYPtaQ
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    In leu of this thread - I decided to see how difficult it would be to crack out my spotted ms70 philly from its anacs holder. Hammer in hand - one quick hit - split right open - and all over the floor. The coin was unharmed. 👍 To tell the truth - it felt good hitting it and breaking it open. All my anger of the coin spotting in the cheap plastic was gone. And there I was face to face with the milk spot starring at me - ah - I hate milk spots. 😄
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    Looks to me you got the "Pamp Fever"
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    An unexpected purchase at the Munich car show today
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    With the amount of work it took to do this one piece...I dont think this will be a regular series! So I guess yes, that means they will be "limited edition" "Low mintage" proof pieces
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    I've got a few Morgans. Like others I realized early that a full date/mint set was a challenge that could take a lifetime. Not to mention VAMs which could consume multiple lifetimes. So I took a different, achievable strategy - I focussed on collecting the whole 1878 set. i.e. the 8TF, 7TF, Rev79, 7/8 Strong, S, CC in decent grades (63/64) For me that was achievable and interesting, and the money I would have otherwise spent on a lot of low grades I could put into fewer high grade coins. If you read about the early days of the Morgan I think that's the most interesting year. "Hey fellas, did you know that Eagles don't actually have 8 tail feathers" "No worries, just put 7 over 8 and no-one's going to notice" Maybe I'll get back to it and collect the CC set, but that's an expensive exercise, if achievable at all.
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    Sixgun has bought from me before with no problems, and if he or anyone else were to be unhappy with the condition, i would happily do a refund. Sold pending payment.
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    I'm only aware of one, Peter Anthony "Gold and Silver Panda Coin Buyers Guide". It doesn't have prices though, that's a separate subscription. Others with more knowledge should be along soon. eg @DavePanda
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    My 2013 silver eagle proof arrived today. I bid on another silver proof on ebay earlier today then realised it looks slightly different than this. Now I'm wondering which is the fake? I'm hoping it's not this one!
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    Totally agree, I also like these different types of European gold coins. Many countries to choose from, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Switzerland etc etc
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    I quite like 20 francs. They're not far off spot, 5.8g so affordable, I've got 1 from 1803 so there old and loads of different designs from various countries. Keeps me interested.
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    Just click on return item, your covered by internet selling rules and id also start a case if you paid via paypal. Id look at paypal first as they 99% side with the buyer. Hope this helps. Id also if returning pay extra for guaranteed postage for your piece of mind.
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    Just a single 3/4 oz rcm wolf but didn't have one and forum member was letting it go
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