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    Offer of help If anyone out there is not to savvy with excel for a spreadsheets of their stack i would like to extend help. if all your stack is in a little black book and you want to come into the modern age, i can help you Although i am not at software engineer standard at MS excel i have managed to cobble together a half decent spreadsheet to track your stack. Over the past few years, it has certainly took me a few hours to perfect it, as i have added various bells and totally unnecessary whistles like colour co-ordination Features: Total invested Current stack value Current profit/loss in stack GSR breakdown % breakdown of stack allocation Price per (g) per item Price per (oz) Mean average costs of stack (DCA) Mean price (g) Mean price per (oz) Dates of purchase Item description Basically everything at a glance where your stack is, nice to experiment if gold/silver goes to the moon what your stack will be worth in fiat £'s If anybody wants it i am happy to email it through to you for the princely sum of £FREE, gratis, zero, nothing, ziltch, nadda All i ask for is a 'like' and a 'small thanks or comment' follow up post in this thread Just drop me a private message (PM) with your email address and i will send it through to you
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  3. 18 likes
    2005 Full & Half Sovereign in original sealed packet.
  4. 17 likes
    Had a quick play with the macro lens. Hope they look ok
  5. 17 likes
    Bought this 1937 double Sovereign proof. Needs NCS and reslabbing
  6. 16 likes
    Shout out to Backyard Bullion for making the video on the 1/4 oz proof QB lion. Got mine in the post today. This coin is a real beauty. Some scratches on the capsule but not the coin. The box it came with is really nice as well. Part wood with detachable magnet piece that holds the coin. No regrets buying it.
  7. 16 likes
    Just back from NGC and a pickup from MCM.
  8. 15 likes
    Got a 50 peso from Hatton Garden Metals. A bit dingy on the rim. Pleased to see it was not a 1947 restrike.
  9. 15 likes
  10. 15 likes
    Finally got the Griffin to go with my lion. Looks good with the 2oz silver ones.
  11. 15 likes
    1/4 QB Griffin arrived to join his brother lion.
  12. 15 likes
    Received my 1/4 oz gold queens beasts lion today, I really really like it, it looks so much better in person, I may well have to get the others now lol. Just under 5 grams to go now until my first target reached! I quite like the Swiss 20 Franc so that might be the next purchase.
  13. 14 likes
    2017 225th anniversary coins arrived form the mint today. They will be going to NGC tomorrow. The pictures dont do these coins justice. They are beautiful.
  14. 14 likes
    Received my Plain Edge Gothic Crown. A (near) perfect coin only ruined by a tiny scratch. Compared to my Undecimo crown.
  15. 14 likes
    1oz Gold New Zealand Mint Lunar Rooster. Came in Mint capsule but I've rehoused. Set of 5 2017 Gold Pandas 2017 Gabon Springbok & 2017 Armenian Noah's Ark to continue the date run for absolutely no reason. Same coin different year stamped on it
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    Today I purchased.....my first ever gold coin!! A 1/4 oz Lunar Sheep - the year of my daughters birth.
  19. 12 likes
    1820 Crown, 1911 Sovereign, 2005 1/4 oz proof gold Britannia.
  20. 12 likes
    2 items arrived today, a dutch ducat, and a platinum "love angel" (bleaurgh). I decided i needed a little platinum in my life.
  21. 12 likes
    2017 1/4 oz Kangaroo -Royal Australian Mint MS70 (NGC Pop Report of 1)
  22. 12 likes
    What do you think? The 1825 arrived quickly in today's post.
  23. 12 likes
    1872 melbourne mint shieldback sourced locally and graded at vf-ef. Seems fair.
  24. 11 likes
    i got a few Royal Mint 100g silver bars from Arshimo2012.
  25. 11 likes
  26. 11 likes
    picked up today at auction 1989 Proof & 2002 bu shield
  27. 11 likes
    Ordered these on the 4th March turned up today.
  28. 11 likes
    Didn't expect the price to rise so rapidly with this one and left it too late.
  29. 11 likes
    1869 shield full sov .. good grade , can't go wrong with them
  30. 11 likes
    2016 and 2017 Wedge Tailed Eagles High relief
  31. 10 likes
    Coins confirmed as real:) they did not use an XRF, but have highly accurate scales - they were happy to buy them outright or loan on them there and then so that's good enough for me. We have debated selling two and keeping two, but have decided that they are really nice condition and will be good to keep as coins for a rainy day fund so going to keep them all. finding 4 sovereigns on ST Georges day of all days just seems like it was meant to be. Thanks for the advice everyone, kept me sane whilst waiting!
  32. 10 likes
    Just a small piece of advice before you dive in, don't be afraid to ask for advice as i'm seeing a lot of coins coming back from NGC in bodybag slabs, so if there is something that you may be looking to buy anytime and unsure then don't hesitate to ask, advice is free, mistakes cost.......
  33. 10 likes
    Todays update is that the packages seem to have appeared at Coventry Parcelforce and were downgraded to a different service level for some reason. I believe both are now on the way to the USA and one may have already arrived so good news I hope.
  34. 10 likes
  35. 10 likes
    Today I found the One Quarter Ounce Pamp Suisse Fortuna Bar - It was unfortunetly part of jewelry - but It will serve its purpose until a mint condition one is found. Only one left is the never seen 8gm bar.
  36. 10 likes
    Something a little different courtesy of silverstatues.com I was really hoping these would be VAT exempt on UK import since they're both collectable and art but that wasn't the case.
  37. 10 likes
    Yodel delivered a few recent pickups today . the swans are beautiful coins shame about the Queens Beast Dragon another one born with the spot but no scratches on the Queens cheek, anticipated this so only purchased one pleased i did .
  38. 10 likes
    I am delighted with my 3 peter rabbits (another 3 being sent to USA) they are beautifully presented. I am delighted with my 3 peter rabbits (another 3 being sent to USA) they are beautifully presented.
  39. 10 likes
    Was expecting my Peter Rabbits but this rabbit turned up instead
  40. 10 likes
    Coin Invest is fast as usual. Two days after ordering these were delivered. Looks like the queen got no scuff marks? The 20 Korona is from 1892 and a 1 oz poured silver bar.
  41. 9 likes
    A couple of swans and some threepence for next to nothing
  42. 9 likes
  43. 9 likes
    Casa de moneda libertad medals 2016.probley get these graded..
  44. 9 likes
    1 Oz Lion Proof - The design is nice and clean I am quite happy with it. I think the gold quarter version may be worth a second look.
  45. 9 likes
    I have been working hard today and have finished a "Mirror Heart". Poured by hand, sanded by hand and polished by hand. Yes tools would be easier but 1) I don't have the tools! & 2) I like a challenge! It is the 5th piece in my Mirror finish series, hence it is stamped with MIRROR 5. You can see all my other pieces (all sold) here: http://backyardbullion.com/mirror-finish/ So, this heart is for sale and I am looking for £75 delivered for it. I think it is a great piece and in my opinion well worth it considering the time, energy and resources I have put into it! It would make a great birthday, christening or wedding present! Weight 2.35 ozt Purity: 999 Paypal F&F or Banks transfer. G&S +3% Open to sensible offers too.
  46. 9 likes
    Peter Rabbit 2017 Silver Proof
  47. 9 likes
    1pcs 2013 silver panda 3pcs 2016 silver panda 4pcs 2017 silver panda All MS70 NGC
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  49. 9 likes
    Not a making job but a customer had a rather bad disagreement with her other half and decided to take a tin opener to her engagement ring and then stamped on it, here's a before and after I worked a little bit of magic.
  50. 8 likes
    All four precious metals as Canadian Maples.