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    I'm not a collector, only interested in bullion... but I figured I'd share a picture of my cute little stack anyway. 2oz away from my goal. Apologies for the poor photo quality, my phone has a rubbish camera.
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    Walk in......walk out. PR70 Deep Cameo 500th Anniversary 1989 £2 Double Sovereign. Population 5. 1/2, full and double in the collection now. I must say, I think the double shows off the design so much better and has tremendous eye appeal. Of its type, this is as good as it gets. fyi, pcgs uses deep cameo and ngc uses ultra cameo, so in that sense there is a total population of 27 (ngc 22 ultra cameo/pcgs 5 deep cameo)
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    My 300g silver bar from Japan arrived. Love it. Hate thieving uk customs though....
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    Another 6 X 1oz Krugerrands from Hatton Garden. A bit of a milestone stacking moment, just hit the 2kg gold mark
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    Piedfort sov arrived this morning. Beautiful looking coin, think its a battle between this and the 1989 Tudor sov for nicest ever made
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    1822 George lV full sov in 'ok' condition what a lovely morning 😉
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    Good news.. large box has arrived containing most of the May grading apart from some at NCS Expect to see lots of unboxings and coins in the post over the next few days
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    Something a little different a 1788 two Escudo. 6.7 g
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    My first oz of gold, is there a 'better way' to stack/collect? I haven't as much money as some, plus it stops me from buying more guitars.
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    Added a strike on the day Sapphire Sovereign to the stack many thanks to@Regalstacker for making one of his available.
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    Today my order from GS.be arrived. I think i took pretty good advantage from the low silver price from last week...
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    Just received my 35th anniversary bi-metal panda coin..wow 😍😍 Better then I expected and quite big too.
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    Look what the silver forum members did this month.....
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    The kind of people with no savings, multiple credit cards, store cards, car lease and overdrafts? Living pay cheque to pay cheque with zero safety net?
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    Ah the internet. Where things are taken out of context and people get annoyed because they cant see each others face when they are talking and get the wrong end of the stick. If we had the internet during the cold war we would now be living in a radioactive wasteland.
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    In my few years experience and many successful dealings on the forum here. Price gold/silver things fairly in line with a combination of spot price, eBay prices (minus 10-15% commissions) similar items the major trusted dealers have and you will get a sale For gold if it between spot and 1-2% would item will sell here, since it is cheaper than any comparable dealer source, HGM typically being the yardstick of cheapness with their +3% on most items Look how @arshimo2012 sells his items, never greedy, always priced fairly, a next day service. I remember buying gold from him and spot majorly spiked that day and I ended buying for well under spot and he didn't welch on the deal, as some seller may have chose to do for more money. He was good to his word and his rep here. Things like this have not only got my business, but he also has guaranteed my business ongoing in future I needed to raise approx £5k last year for some works equipment and did it here via the forum, easily in under 24 hours. So didnt need to arrange financing or loan through banks because I priced to sell and people trusted my reputation here folk could buy with full confidence Also do no underestimate what posting of forum content does to elevate you as a seller, post things of value, post experiences and knowledge, go out out of your way to help people for free, It gets rewarded back to you many times in return. I have sent silver 1oz tubes to members for free, empty proof sovereign boxes, odd sized single capsules folk needed, offered my precious metals spreadsheet to all who wanted it for free Come across as an arrogant so and so on or your are just looking to flip for a quick here and you wont be getting a penny of my business. Sell it via eBay, their none personal in and out checkout policy is perfect to take your capital gains and you wont have the forum tattoo of being a greedy fecka Lastly, I would say three quarters of folk here on the forum are switched onto values and know how to research what things have sold for via eBay so if you appear greedy it simply doesn't result in a sale.
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    Quintuplet Sovereign and the Struck on the day Sovereign to go with the Piedfort that arrived earlier in the week.
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    I have just made a purchase from HGM and notice they are now offering credit and debit card payment options I have always used bank transfer in the past, but tinkering around I went through the 'pay by credit card' link and noticed it doesn't charge you the usual 2-2.5% surcharge that other bullion dealers usually add. Nothing game changing I know, but you are now afforded the protections that using a credit card gives (Section 75 CCA etc which is helpful in its own right) However, if you make bullion purchase using a 'cash back' credit card you can get a little back on your purchases from one of the cheapest dealers to buy bullion I have had a Nationwide Select credit card for years and it pays a none capped 0.5% cash back on all spending annually. So on a 1oz gold purchase of £1,000, you would get a fiver back for the privilege of just using your credit card. A free couple of pints for nothing You also have Aqua Reward cash back credit card pays 0.5% (high APR but wider criteria of acceptance for folk with lower credit scores) Asda & Amazon credit card also offer 0.5% cashback credit cards, Various Amex card also offer cash back but not sure if HGM take Amex I wouldn't advise anyone going in debt to get precious metals, make sure you clear your balance in full each month. Making active use of your credit card for decent sized purchases will also give you good brownie point green ticks on your credit file each month, i hear the rule of thumb is dont use over 25% of your card limits and you will look like a model customer
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    1oz Krugerrand $20 Liberty head, 2g Kinebar 1g regular Heraeus bar
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    So the May grading laggards are out for delivery [emoji403] and@silverstackeruk cheered me up by sending me a 35th Anniversary Bimet panda to look at. This really is double stonking yo my eyes.
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    This is a particularly GREAT Forum, We are all very privileged people to have found this Forum and joined. All nice people - even the arguments are done in a (mostly!!!) gentlemanly way! I'd say the system on this Forum works very well. I can really see no benefit in trying to overcomplicate or to fix something that is working perfectly. If you can't do your research and are starting out with a general mistrust of people then buying and selling is not for you.
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    I believe that you should only post on someone's sales thread if you are expressing interest in either a buzz to buy now at the asking price or to make an offer. Other than that, there should be no reason to post. If you believe a price is over valued or under valued then you can PM the seller. If someone offers something for sale which is believed to be under valued I don't think people will deliberately point it out and offer to pay more for it. At the end of the day, people are free to sell something for whatever price they want. It could be they bought high and want to get back what they paid. It could be they want to make a few £ on it. It could be they wan to sell cheap to get shot ASAP. It could be any number of reasons for something to be priced at what it is. Buyers also have different buying habits. Some don't want to spend time looking for the best price. Some only want to buy from the UK. Some don't want to wait. Some only want to pay using a certain payment method. All these affect what they consider a reasonable price. What's a reasonable/good price for one might not be such a good price for another.
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    Look what arrived today! Thanks @Numistacker!!
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    Bought one of these a 1788 two escudos
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    Unbelievably and without any email notifying me the 5 sov and sotd had been despatched, and these literally walked in the door just now. Incredible. I took lots of photos for you. All three boxes in immaculate condition. Not a bent corner, tear, rip or any problem. The capsules were all a miniscule amount (like about 3 mm) off being absolutely screwed in but that I expect to happen in transit which is why I sent mails in capitals demanding the capsules etc be given special attention.
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    A city boy, Kenny, moved to the country and bought a cow from an old farmer for $100. The farmer agreed to deliver the cow the next day. The next day the farmer drove up and said: Sorry son, but I have some bad news. The cow died. Kenny replied, Well then, just give me my money back. The farmer said, Cant do that. I went and spent it already. Kenny said, OK, then just unload the cow. The farmer asked, What ya gonna do with her? Kenny: Im going to raffle her off. Farmer: You cant raffle off a dead cow! Kenny: Sure I can. Watch me. I just wont tell anybody she is dead. A month later the farmer met up with Kenny and asked, What happened with that dead cow? Kenny: I raffled her off. I sold 500 tickets at $2 a piece and made a profit of $998.00. Farmer: Didnt anyone complain? Kenny: Just the guy who won. So I gave him his $2 back. Kenny grew up and eventually became the chairman of Enron
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    hi this is probably old hat to you guys , but this is my first graded/ slab coin , courtesy of dutchstacker from this forum, a very good advert for the sales corner after the debate on here recently on trust etc. very please with the deal and coin dean.m
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    First unboxing video for grading results is up.
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    €500 with a little wiggle room PP F&F or Bank Transfer and post of your choice. Mintage of these was only 200. Would also be interested to hear if you think the price is too much, but i did pay more than what i'm asking
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    Flew in 2 more beasts Btw anyone knows who made all these presentation box and special labels? Even MCM doesn’t have this label
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    First coin in the 47 prefecture serie 2008 Hokkaido Silver proof.
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    I have fired up the large furnace today and poured some GIANT bars for the first time ever! I have 4 "Big" bars available:- Pour #164 - "Giant Ripple Bar" - 9.35 ozt - £225 Pour #165 - "Giant Kit Kat Bar" - 8.18 ozt - £195 SOLD - Pour #166 - "Giant Kit Kat Bar" - 8.35 ozt - £200 - SOLD Prices include special delivery postage. Payment via PayPal F&F or Banks Transfer These bars are currently UNHALLMARKED - as they are "bullion bars" they do not legally require hallmarking. However, hallmarking is possible for these bars but it would be at an additional cost of +£10 for one bar, +£15 for 2 bars & +£18 for 3 bars. The prices are due to the size of the articles and posting them to and from the Edinburgh Assay Office. Also, there would be a distinct chance that one of them might be selected for "Destructive Testing". Just let me know if this is something you are interested in and we can assess the options. Any questions or if you want to see any more photos then please let me know!
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    So it wasn't today exactly but here is "What I received earlier this week!"
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    2017 Benin Elephant. Will be 2 months tomorrow since I ordered. Somethings to do with production delays.
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    Just had a proper look at this beauty and it is stunning...didn't notice the small pandas with there legs and arms in proof finish..this is definitely my favourite coin in my collection and so glad I bought ..
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    Today I received.... A strike on the day Sovereign. But not the one that the craze is about at the moment. 22nd July 2015. Only 400 coins of this were made so pretty low mintage.
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    Well, as i went to the Royal Mint Experience yesterday in Wales, i thought i would give you my thoughts on it. 1) Main building--there is a lot of free parking for the site just round the corner. You park up, then walk over a small bridge to the building itself. The staff onsite were enthusiastic and really seemed interested. One of the staff there told me about the new design for the Sovereign next year. Should be coming out Nov time. Not sure what its celebrating, but he said its the 200th anniversary of something. 2) The tour. The tour guides were great, though obviously still learning everything. We were taken to where you can see the type of machines used to make the coins, then into a glass gallery part where you can see people working. What was interesting to me to learn was that they actually melt the metals onsite, which makes sense. After the glass viewing gallery, you can then mint your own pound coin. Its a design that isnt going to be released to the public apparently, but for £3.50 each, or two for a fiver, why not. After the small tour (would have liked to see more of the actual manufacture tbh) then you head into the museum, which was pretty interesting. Then, exit through the gift shop! All in all, its worth it if you dont have too far to travel. I drove from the midlands, and it was about 2.5 hours. I drive a lot so its fine for me. Yeah, not bad Royal Mint. We might not agree with some of the things you do, but with the experience you did ok Any questions, feel free to ask
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    Got my graded coins back today and A++ job done by @Numistacker in packaging the coins!
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    The first real pics of the new garden panda medal have appeared and it looks promising. There are 6 varieties and all but the antique silver one have 99 mintage and the antique silver has 59 minted. The silver medals are 2oz of fine silver and all medals are in a scolloped pattern. The second of the garden panda designs is in the planning stage now. I have ordered 2 sets of 6 from Lucky and I will have these graded. The medal is made by XSJ who are connected to Shanghai Mint and I believe there is some crossover in ownership. The XSJ team did the lovely Trigos medal This graded well and was well received. I have confirmed that a large USA dealer based near NGC has bought 10 sets of 6 and will be marketing these. A first for an independent medal.
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    I visited the RM experience last week. It is well worth doing if you are in the area (wales). The tour guide was brilliant and it was interesting to see the coin machines at work. It now costs £5 to strike your own £1 coin - as I happily spend £1000s on coins with goats etc on them I felt £5 to strike my own coin easier to justify in my head. Unfortunately you don't get to see where they package the mail orders (big issues with lighting in that room ) or the room they paint the milk spots on, but a cracking visit for us coin geeks nonetheless. Do I get bonus points for using the search function of this forum to go back a year instead of starting a new topic?
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    1989 500th Anniversary Double Sovereign PF70 Deep Cameo. Only 5 graded Deep Cameo PF70 on the planet so quite excited about this one. Pick it up Wednesday - that gets me the half, full and double now. The full is a PF69 and the half is PF68 and were both bought raw a few years ago and graded a year or two after, so not unhappy with the gradings I got for them at the time. To have chanced upon a PF70 Deep Cameo as I was surfing some old haunts on the net was a bit of luck and it was a national holiday, so most hunters would have been on holiday, I'd like to think. Will flog a few standard bullion pieces to subsidize and consolidate.
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    Received today! Thank you Agpanda, DutchStacker and shortstack68!
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