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    Gold sold - my lessons learned

    So now I have sold my entire gold stack I thought I would post some of my lessons learned for anyone that may be interested. Total amount of gold sold - just under 55oz A total mishmash of coins, bars, bullion and semi numi stuff. My lessons learned 1) Fractionals at 1/4oz or under are defo easier to sell than larger items. Older Pandas were the most popular followed by the lunar series and retain the greatest premium. 2) Bars do not sell as well as coins (no problem at the dealer but you will get a lower payment compared to selling privately) 3) It takes a lot of time and hassle to piece out your stack if you want to maximise profit, the more diverse the stack the longer it will take. 4) Having physical gold makes it harder to react to spot price, when you decide to sell you will be praying spot price doesnt take a big hit on the way to the dealer. 5) Atkinsons pricing is based on either an AM or PM price fix (I got todays 3 PM price fix at just over £1000oz) 6) Make sure you keep a good spreadsheet of your stack - makes life a lot easier at selling time. 7) I know this is "thesilverforum" but I am so glad I put my money in to gold over silver. I cant imagine how long it would have taken to sell the equivalent value in silver compared to my gold stack as it would have had to be private sales to make up for any VAT and increased premiums on silver coins/bars. My stacking strategy moving forward: I plan to continue buying gold on the next dip but my approach will change significantly. 1) I will split funds between a physical stack and a bullionvault account 2) Physical stack will consist of 100% sovereigns, used as a long term retirement investment. 3) I will not stray into the semi numi coins for simplicity and easier selling when the time comes. 4) Bullionvault account will be used for real time buying/selling in relation to spot price movements and will also enable me to play the GSR ratio when possible. Summary. It was a very strange feeling walking into atkinsons this morning with a box holding a few years of hard work and dedication. The big plus side is that gold stacking has enabled me to save far more money than I ever would have managed if I was just banking fiat. I will get a real sense of satisfaction when I settle my mortgage 11 years early saving a lot on interest payments and ensuring a safe and secure future for my family. OTHERS OPINIONS MAY VARY
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    Gold sold - my lessons learned

    I don't get all this stuff about selling to a dealer.. I have never sold anything to a dealer but if that is your thing clearly it is best to stick to common bullion sovereigns which are immediately recognizable. I do not buy for investment! On the other hand my gold investments have gone up between 20% and 40% on average. Most of my silver investments are like fine wine and still require to be kept for another 3 to 4 years for maturity. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk