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    Just received the 5 gram and 1 gram sizes = So the collection of the re-releases is complete = 1 ounce, 10, 5, and 1 gram
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    My new gold coin showed up today. I won an ebay auction, for one doller less than the US mint is selling them for. Plus free shipping. Score[emoji38] Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Nice gold but still second best I struggle to to like perth mint don't know why. Even after the wife has just bought me a 2004 florin that she knows (now) I sing keeping. Did you get the 2.5 gram? @Pampfan
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    Agreed but even so, I dont think (from what I've read) early sovereigns ever looked like the modern ones. maybe its the alloy mixture.
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    You probably wont know what you like for maybe a year or so, which is when you've bought and collected a range of things. Then once you do realise, sell off what you dont want and collect more of what you do.
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    Reminds me how bad the newer Sovereigns look compared to the older ones. Hopefully they will colour the same way.
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    a 1999 NGC MS69 small date panda Not many left for a full set now, depending how the grading goes I sent 5 pandas to numis for grading
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    Some more 1g gold notes. 2017 Year of the Rooster from the Agricultural Bank of China. Comes with fancy packaging but I didn't get the bag though. 2016 Year of the Monkey. I think this may be from one of the regional philatelic branches/divisons of China Post. Going to ask our resident Chinese expert to translate the COA 2017 CGCI Year of the Chicken (can't really say rooster for this design). This is the 1g gold to match the 8g silver I got last week. 10k mintage on the gold whereas the silver is 60k. Quite a big difference.
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    I think that @shortstack68may be on to something when he says something may not be right in the market place. It used to be that collectors had a "limited pool" of items to collect than they do today. The market is being flooded with hundreds of different items - all of them grabbing at the pool of money investors have to spend. I also think that we have become a little desensitized by the grading companies and the multitude of coins graded 70 that are out there. What I have seen in the USA is that old age collectors are dying off and their collections are coming back into the market place. If these coins weren't graded - they are quickly sent off to the grading companies by the new owners - thus increasing the population of coins in all the grade categories - including the higher grades. As this new supply hits the market - it must compete with the thousands of new products. With less money available to spend by collectors - the prices will fall as they are not willing to spend the "big bucks" for some previously hard to get items. So an item which commanded $3000 in MS67 10 years ago - may have collectors only willing to spend $1,500 on it today. The other reason the prices may be falling so drastically is because of an overall lack of demand for the specific coin itself. (A side note: - I had two bullion 1/10 ounce eagles from 2015 - both of them were graded MS70 - by the same company NGC - and if you were to look at both of them - even though they were both graded perfect - One looked better than the other - It had greater eye appeal. - How do you explain that??) -
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    In all fairness to @Pete, he did start off with 30 oz of silver. I couldn't imagine trying to store 1000 ounces of silver. That is the equivalent of two monster boxes or 70 + pounds of silver. For perspective, the same dollar value in gold would be about 16 1 ounce coins or one pound of gold.
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    Mama Genesis. I sort of miss the 80s. A bit more variety then.
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    1000oz Silver! How many of us have that amount
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    With respect, worst advice ever. You were joking?
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    Having a wee smoke up in here before bed time and listening to some MC's freestyle battling. Tonight i am mostly listening to Blind Fury, mostly......
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    My advice is to buy bullion silver right now and for £500 you will get almost 30 ounces of nice shiny fondling sized coins. Shop around for a tube of American Silver Eagles or get a mixture of coins from the likes of SilvertoGo, CoinInvest, Goldsilver.be or Atkinsons ( sorry if I omitted others ) allowing for shipping costs of course. With the gold / silver ratio high at the moment the tea-leaves are indicating that silver is under priced rather than gold over priced. Once you have collected 1,000+ ounces of silver coins then start looking at gold. A good place to start is HGM and see if you can buy half sovereigns to start. Look for the lowest margin over spot coins for now until you get your next badge. Try and buy at least 4 minimum because the shipping costs of Special Delivery for 1 HS can be about 6% extra. Until you are comfortable with PMs I suggest avoiding the "holy-**** what have I done " scene when your first £1,000 value gold coin arrives in the post and you gaze at it held in your hand. Good luck with the new hobby - you will find lots of good advice on this forum and don't be pressurised into buying anything until you are comfortable.
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    1st you need to decide if you are a collector or a stacker If you are a collector, go for the coins that you like If you are a stacker, just go for the cheap metal Gold or silver is hard to say, go for both and decide later It is better to save in PM instead of burning the cash in the pub Good luck with your stack
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    Collecting is sometimes trial and error. A few years ago I decided to collect 1/10 oz gold coins from around the world. Managed to buy about 20 different ones. The only problem was that they were two small for my failing eye site and they were just to small in general, also they command a huge premium. At the end of the day - I sold them all and started collecting the 1/4 ounce size. I regret buying all those 1/10th sizes, but love the 1/4 ounce size.
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    This video seems to show it doing a half decent job by simply using a storm-lighter on affected areas. Anyone who wishes to have a dabble with affected coins, feel free to report back here their success or failures with using this technique
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    Fridays pics ups at my LCS in Las Vegas Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Fridays pics ups at my LCS in Las Vegas Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Final delivery of the day from DHL. Been wanting to pick up the 1oz Griffin for a couple of weeks. Was going to pickup from Chards but that didn't happen. Was going to buy from Bairds but then RMB had a sale. Worked out a little cheaper than from Bairds and with a screw capsule as well. Rehoused in a ringed cap to go in the coin box with the others.
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    A couple of days ago Atkinsons had in a mixed date Panda for a little over 3% over spot. I thought it would be one of the newer years but thought I'd ask the year anyway in case it is an older one and they didn't have time to make a separate listing. Normally they list individual years for the older stuff. Asked in web chat and they got back to me a couple of hours later and it was a 2008. 2008 for 3.3%, why not! Came in a scruffy cap so that's been replaced.
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    My first 1/2oz panda came today a NGC MS70 1993
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    It was! However it was sold as 'proof design' rather than proof and was only £2 more than a new 2017 bullion sovereign so I guessed this was the likely reason.
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    A couple of high seas medallions and a rather worse for wear 1980 proof sovereign.
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    Sorry to hear your experience with Aurinum hasn't been a good one. I've used them many times with no issues and I've always been happy with their service. Although DHL can be a pain I'm told. I think you've taken the correct action by asking them to define shortly. If they are going to make you wait until the investigation has ran it's course, and you dont want to wait, you should ask for a cash refund or be sent your order. Point out that you've done nothing wrong, your cash was good and that you shouldn't have to wait for them to claim before sending you your order. Your situation differs to the chaps in the link since you haven't received anything, no damaged parcel or any silver. In the UK under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, retailers have, in most cases, up to 30 days to deliver. If the goods still haven’t arrived in that time you can cancel and claim a refund.