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  1. 11 likes
    A whole bunch of OMP pandas (1/2 oz and 1oz) 2013 Libertad 3 coin silver proof set
  2. 10 likes
    Option 1 takes it. 1/4 oz gold lion turned up, along with a milky but free 2 oz silver lion.
  3. 10 likes
    This 1901 20 dollar gold piece was given to my father , by his grandfather, and then passed down to me. This coin inspired me to start collecting coins from all over the world.
  4. 9 likes
    Police are on the look out for anyone enquiring about 21 inch airtite capsules
  5. 8 likes
    Think I have lost my sons to collecting pm's. my oldest had a inter school run the other day, he said he wanted to come second because he likes silver more than gold. So I said stupidly that if I wins he can choose one of my coins. He won and chose a 2009 koala. His younger brother said 'we have to be treated the same' so he went off with a 2012 panda. i came in from work last night they were on eBay and the oldest has decided that he is going to spend birthday money on a 2009 kook. Youngest wants a coin rather than an Easter egg. Not bad for a 7 and 4 year old. Wish I had started collecting when I was that age
  6. 8 likes
  7. 8 likes
    I put it into a little perspective tonight when i was sitting on the sofa with the Frau and said to her, my rooster 1oz Rwanda golld coin cost more than our leather corner sofa (only by €85) the look she gave me........... never tell the boss either, akward silence is never good
  8. 8 likes
    Wise words to seasoned stackers and people new to the game. I will gladly paypal you enough for a pot noodle or 2 should you get sick of bread
  9. 4 likes
    Sourced locally for a not stupid price. Small card on the left is a disclaimer saying the mint takes no responsibility if the capsule has been tampered with.....so if you buy one, video yourself opening it from sealed as proof in case the capsule comes loose. It is not a screw capsule just a push down one
  10. 3 likes
  11. 3 likes
    I can only state that in 15 years of using eBay I've never lost money under these circumstances - I guess I'm just more comfortable with eBay and the supposed 'risk' than others. Each to their own, I just wasn't expecting to be judged quite so harshly in what was meant to be a 'fun' thread.
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    You know when you buy something and then regret it?! I bid on two sets of silver UK threepences recently, and won a date run from 1911 to 1919, but lost out on the other bid for the WWII design I know they are cheap, and plentiful, and not much silver content,...but actually now when I look at them and imagine the number of transactions they must have been through ...I am actuallly quite pleased to have them! Part of it is the novelty - as I don't have any crowns, shillings, Florins etc etc. Slippery slope ? Maybe the collector gene will now dominate and I will need to start looking at those as well!!! Anyways - anybody else a fan or collector of these tiny British coins 🇬🇧? Lindeman
  15. 2 likes
    30th September: Silver 20.50 dollars would be my prediction.
  16. 2 likes
    Another territory's pound coin from my step son again. He's a good boy lol 😃
  17. 2 likes
    Go back to episode #1 of Hidden Secrets Of Money: "Your true wealth is your time and freedom" ergo... if you end up giving up part of your life fighting a dodgy seller, even if you get the outcome you want, this shyster has taken a part of your true wealth.. that is unless you actually like spending your time presiding over ebay disputes.
  18. 2 likes
    My Yorkshire bullion order arrived, consisting of a 2017 Koala & x 5 2oz Queens beast capsules. I did order a 2oz dragon but owed them for 2 oz's of silver. so they took the money for the dragon & made the difference up with the capsules. The carded Britannia was from Ebay, was advertised as a 2015 but this 2016 came instead. Are these cards supposed to be made out of actual card or should they be made out of plastic like the carded sovereigns?
  19. 2 likes
    To my surprise my purchase arrived this morning. Although he advertised a 2015 silver carded Britannia, a 2016 carded Britannia arrived instead.
  20. 2 likes
    When did you order this? It's no longer on their site...
  21. 2 likes
    privy marks in general are a con to increase mints profit and increases maximum total mintages by stealth
  22. 2 likes
    Some of my spare of the moment buys have turned out great for me. I have plenty more but im a lazy man and will only bother uploading pics for my favorite 2. Ebay for £18.79 with free p+p Ebay for £20.95 with free p+p Others include x3 1oz lunar goats for £45, 2009 koala for £19, 2004 kook for £22 and a 10oz stacker bar for £115. Im not even counting using discounts vouchers they add to my account, the mean reason for the spare of the moment buying. My last voucher i used to buy x2 2017 kooks at £22.50, free p+p. After the £15 discount, they cost £15 each. Nothing wrong with spare of the moment
  23. 2 likes
  24. 2 likes
    I quite like them, I have a few, I was trying to get a date run from 1900-1946 but I still need quite a few, I only seem to buy them when I haven't bought anything else in a while lol
  25. 2 likes
    Either that or she will be addicted to Coke when she is older
  26. 1 like
    20.00 silver 1300.00 gold by years end
  27. 1 like
    With spot up some $.30 cent over the past week I figured we place our projections here... I expect Silver to level off and stay put after today... But by the end of September be back around $15 spot... Any other predictions? Always fun to hear other insights...
  28. 1 like
    Then he' ll know we're keeping an eye on him Ive sold and bought a few bits and bobs of silver off ebay, i usually end up chatting to them via ebay mail and always mention the forum and say they should check it out.
  29. 1 like
    im guessing around £16ish around July/August and sliding around £1 from its peak by the end of September
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    Here's one unslabbed in Fine and one Good/Extra Fine Spink (2016) 3805 F £50, VF £150, EF £675, UNC £1450 I reckon Steve has it about right at £50-£60
  32. 1 like
    I'm always happy to be wrong when all ends well. Good pick-up @Shinus73
  33. 1 like
    Not so sure, They aren't air tight and a lot of the older ones are badly toned. They don't tend to sell that well.
  34. 1 like
    Depends who was selling it. If I was buying privately, at that grade. £50 best
  35. 1 like
    Hi @shortstack68- nice Florin! Don't get me wrong - I was referring to the threepences as small and not exactly valuable, not your fine florin!. At about £1 each they are the reason why I did not worry greatly about buying them - but they are not exactly worth flipping/ selling. As others noted - they are just kind of fun and "historically connecting" to have. Whether I graduate like you and Steve to getting Florins and crowns - remains to be seen😄. Mind you having seen that MS65 I am impressed ! Like @jayboat I have also bought some other wonderful stuff on the spur of the moment, including silver from the Shetland Bullion Company that I have never seen elsewhere... the joys of surfing the net.
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    I'm hoping that's what will happen when I leave all my coins for my little girl. I can't remember my first coin. I started with silver bars and it just progressed from there.
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    These format worth more $$$$$$ than lose brits when you re sell ..... just looks better nowadays rm will give u a 38.6 mm screw cap instead of card
  39. 1 like
    Atkinson pre owned 282 , new 292 that seller sold the coin for 270 so it is 12 quid or 22 quid difference , not much difference isn't one PayPal funny decision you will lose 270 nevermind about the time used to fight the case
  40. 1 like
    eBay bucks are coming in a week - should be the full $500 - hoping something good comes my way (1/4 ounce pamp fortuna bar would be sweet)
  41. 1 like
    I heard that the royal mint was having problems sourcing some .99999 gold bullion.
  42. 1 like
    He clearly stated a 500kg silver bar. I have one as well. Welcome to the forum.
  43. 1 like
    Anyone know if or when this will be released this year? Thanks
  44. 1 like
    Thanks you are correct, 30th of March.
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    Ah James Stunt, son of Cupid? Welcome to the forum Aly.
  47. 1 like
    Welcome to the forum Ally. I've not used LondonGoldBullion before, tbh I hadn't heard of them. A bit of digging shows that it's owned by James Stunt - the husband of Petra Ecclestone of the Formula1 dynasty. I'm sure the website is legit, but I'm not sure I would trust Mr Stunt given his past history. So there's no reason to panic - it's a proper company selling real gold and silver. But perhaps don't store it in his vaults; I believe his offices were raided recently for tax reasons.
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    Feel like getting a few of these, but then again is the higher premium worth paying when they're probably going to milk spot. 12000 mintage isn't low, they'll be around for a while, I think I'll wait to see if there's any quality/milk issues.
  49. 1 like
    I have a few Oz of them, bought for the 90% content at spot , having received the,, like you , I really like them.
  50. 1 like
    'Joeys'? @SilverTanner may have a fondness for them? I like all old English coins