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    Coins confirmed as real:) they did not use an XRF, but have highly accurate scales - they were happy to buy them outright or loan on them there and then so that's good enough for me. We have debated selling two and keeping two, but have decided that they are really nice condition and will be good to keep as coins for a rainy day fund so going to keep them all. finding 4 sovereigns on ST Georges day of all days just seems like it was meant to be. Thanks for the advice everyone, kept me sane whilst waiting!
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    Well - while most days on the Forum we talk about the Queens Beasts or other coins from around the Commonwealth with Her Majesty on them all, today I got to see the Queen up close as she popped along to Newbury in time to see her horse Call to Mind win the 4.15 with Ryan Moore onboard. I have to say it was about 30 years ago I last saw the Queen - but I have to say it was a privilege to see her again, and she seemed totally at ease and us race-goers were delighted to see her (minimal fuss, but plenty discrete security as you would expect!). My wife and I got this great view as she walked back to her Range Rovers ....and it was pretty cool to see her go up to collect the winners trophy after her horse won!!! Enjoy these pics. Did seem surreal after looking at her on the coins ...and made me appreciate how dedicated she is to the country (and I am not even a major royalist...). Lindeman
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    I haven't been buying much as I have been busy closing on a buy to let in docklands.. well that is now closed and the tenant will move in at the beginning of May so I can now focus on the hobby a little bit more. I have been looking for interesting things with some potential and just bought this item in eBay auction. I love coins from this period. I have an 1812 Napoleon I 40 Frank and this got an AU55 when I graded it myself. This one is 1815 and is a Louis coin.
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    Today I bought 2017 Malaysia trigos 1st KL Money fair 60g silver Panda and dragon coins with a mintage of 66..
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    Figured I needed to do something with my old youtube channel and today seemed like a good day to make a new video.
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    Just bought a silver Britannia anniversary privy and a Queens beast dragon.
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    Got myself 25 lovely libertads with spot drop this morning.
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    1987 5 oz Silver Panda Proof. First 5 oz proof of the series with a low mintage and none graded higher by NGC (didn't check PCGS). Verified with the seller prior to purchase that there's no toning, milking or spotting on the coin. Looks to be a great specimen. Gonna send it along to @Numistacker for reslabbing in the scratch resistant holder and the panda label. UPDATE: Yup, no PR70s from PCGS either and a total of 348 PF/PR69s between the two TPGs!
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    It's worth mentioning that in pretty much all listings for fake coins on ebay, they illustrate generic images from the mints of the real things, or other photos of the real things. This is not to say what you will end up getting looks in any way identical to the real coin, or that they are so good that you can't tell. Sometimes, like everything not just in matters of silver, new stackers starting off can be their own worst enemy on ebay and deserve a smack around the head rather than sympathy by being willing to buy from any far flung location just to chase a "bargain". An unwillingness to pay the going rates for your silver bullion is the root problem. And then they moan when some day they find out the "panda" they got for half price from where-ever-istan turns out to be fake. Silver is silver, newbies are more than aware it has a set value on any given day (expect to pay it!!), chasing something that is below that value and you aint getting silver. Stackers new to the game have no excuse from sticking with reputable dealers littered all over Europe and the US for mass produced bullion a small mark up over spot, when starting off. When you have been at it a while and have your knowledge of how the real thing should look and feel, the type of sellers you should avoid and the signals that something seems off in a listing, then you can use ebay confidently as a resource for stacking current or older bullion.
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    Found this on the Royal Mint Bullion website this morning, It said it was available for order but had no stock and since then it has been removed/hidden. https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Our-Products/Landmarks-Of-Britain/Silver/UKBB17AG
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    Thats a nice Roman coin! I gave all my Roman coins (not as good as that to my kids), thats the thing of living in a former Roman city poor quality coins are easily found. Edit Just want to say better coins are very hard to find.
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    Sever the shopping till this weekend meant to be 10x nectar points including petrol. Don't know t and c yet but could be a good promotion
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    Someone been watching silvershodow videos 😂
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    I've been collecting coins forever. I started with foreign coins when I was a kid. Didn't really continue the interest wholeheartedly but came and went as the years rolled by. Didn't really get into "stacking" in terms of thinking about the precious metal content of coins until around 2012 I think it was.
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    I'm another for 3 years. I wonder how many of us will still b stacking in say 3, 5, or ten years? Loads have gone from the forum since I started. Great members like fluttershy and Keith oil.
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    No I did not sell any because the purpose of stacking was to accumulate not to flip. The precious metals experts were going overboard to get people to switch fiat for gold and silver. There is an Australian Forum that preceded this one called Silver Stackers and that didn't help as the forecast for silver was "to the moon". Talk of Morgan Stanley manipulation and all sorts of crazy stuff meant that stacking PMs was a no-brainer. Loads of informative videos, emails, news bulletins and financial super-gurus all encouraging pundits to buy, buy, buy !!! Trump calls this FAKE news and on this I have to say I agree. Of course the price shot up and proved everyone right and so the climb went on and on. Anyone selling a silver Britannia or Kookaburra on eBay would get £30 or more the day it was listed. Finding a good eBay German seller, that ended up being Aurinum, was brilliant as prices were good and VAT in Germany was ( I think ) only 7% whilst it remained at 20% in the UK. Today the German's ( and some other countries ) use a loophole in VAT ( which surprisingly UK sellers don't seem to be interested in ) called differential VAT after the Government increased the rate to 19%. Silver bars were always 19% so buying coins was a better deal. Having the fiat and getting bo-didly-squat in the bank, stacking seemed an interesting investment, especially with the forecasted silver price caused by the Chinese buying more than could be produced - allegedly. Anyhow you can see how the price plummeted and never reached the $1,000 per ounce projections. Mind you it could have been worse as a friend of mine sunk all his pension pot money into Brent Crude when it was over $100 a barrel - again on the advice of "experts".
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    I think it was from watching The Money Masters and The Secret of Oz documentaries by William Still that led me to watching Mike Maloney Hidden Secrets of Money, to then watching stacking videos like SalivateMetal
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    I signed up to the forum May 30, 2014, that's around when I started give or take a month or two, so 3 years Time goes quick May 30, 2014
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    Great Videos as usual. I enjoy watching what everybody is sending in to be graded.
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    Coin is in excellent condition; no scratches on the coin, there are some small ones on the case though. I've included an image of the ad for the coin series. The coin is in proof condition and contains 1oz of .999 silver, and is gold plated. Mintage of 20,000. £45, including First Class Signed For P&P. If you have any questions, be sure to ask. Thanks.