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    It's great coming home after being gone on vacation a week...it's sheer pandamonium around here! (see what I did there?)
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    Today I got the hard to get 1998 1/10 Britannia. Mintage of only 392. A huge thank you to arshi
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    The postman has just brought my new favourite silver coin [emoji4]
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    hi came in today, nothing spectacular for you guys , but now means I have a small collection of 2009 to 2017, I have one space left, do I go 2018 or go back to 2008 ? dean.m
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    I was looking at the UK Gazette and noticed the following: https://m.thegazette.co.uk/notice/2771383 These match the denominations of the Lion of England proof coins. I wonder if they'll do something interesting and release the next beast in Proof before its Bullion counterparts? Edit: This is my first topic so apologies if it's in the wrong forum.
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    10oz silver Queens beast lion 2017 3gram gold panda
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    1oz 2010 Gold lunar Tiger coin in good condition £1160 posted
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    I want to know why I'm still waiting for the one I ordered. Why have those US got before me. How would US collectors/stackers feel if their coins were released to the rest of the world first?
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    Just as I thought - always cheaper in the USA. Kind of sucks when you add the shipping from the UK and the margin of the dealer and it still smashes the best price from the Mint direct even before the 20% VAT is added.
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    Hello everyone! I have recently been offered some nice old coins, but as I do not know very much about them and or the market for these coins I thought I would ask for some help from the forum! If anyone could let me know thoughts on whether they look genuine, I feel they all look genuine but I am no expert! Any ideas on a fair market value (i.e. what you have or would pay right now for each coin). Any help would be great! Ta!
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    Be on the lookout for ms70 graded first day of issue - one of the big boys submitted 150 - with 28 grading ms70- the others all ms69 by ngc. so far a 19% ms70 grade rate for these coins at ngc. Really good if you ask me considering the quality issues of the Royal mint. The capsule they came in really have made the difference.
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    So guys, I guess I should start. I am Chris Silver, I am from the UK, London, have been stacking for a year or two now, right around when we had a massive smack down, silver became so cheap, I had been wanting to eventually start accumulating PM and thought that now was the right time. Absolutely loving these amazingly low prices, hopefully it stays for a while so I can build a decent size stack before the price rockets back to highs. I created this forum as there was a lack of good UK & Europe forums for silver and gold stackers / collectors. My aim is to successfully build this forum so that this becomes the best place for UK and European stackers / collectors to discuss all things silver related, and one of the most active places to trade. We also very much welcome members from anywhere around the world, not just from the UK & Europe. There is a lot of trade that happens on US and Australian forums and I feel that the UK and Europe is missing out, would be great if we could all build a successful forum together with lots of active trading on here, it will certainly help liquidly in the UK & Europe silver stackers market and get us all a better price than if we were to sell back to dealers. So if you have just joined please start a thread and introduce yourself Happy stacking
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    The Elizabeth is 1578/7 but fairly common, , the George II has been cleaned and a LIMA, but they are also common, also for the George I SSC, there is one variety of these where the SS is minted over a C in the 1st quadrant but even so the grade is still low, i'd be looking to pay between £75 and £90 for all those 3, the Frenchie i've no idea
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    Cannot believe the discussion that's been going on here.
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    Thanks, yea getting a tray like this may be the best option then. Half sovs are just over 19mm, but coingallery says the CAPS19 is for half sovs? 63 in one tray will keep me going
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    @westminstrel - welcome to the Forum, and thankyou for educating us all, as I can say I had no idea about the Gazette (and congrats on the scoop). Quite a piece of proclamation. "God Save The Queen" as the closer😊. I am going to predict that a beast from Northern Ireland will follow the Scottish Unicorn....to keep peace across the Union!
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    No, you are getting confused with sovereign weight vs gold content.
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    If you are of the belief and opinion that the world does not end at Maine, take at look at Lockdales of Ipswich. http://www.lockdales.com/
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    With a long-term constant upward trend. Just don't buy with a mind to making money day trading it, see it like Gold or Silver and average buy a bit (even a few quid) each month and keep it as a savings pot and you should do ok. Yes things can change. But all I know for sure is gold and silver are being manipulated down, and other assets are already bubbled (property, shares etc), and fiat is being devalued hard. To ignore btc because it waves about in value a bit is silly. I bought my first btc at £220, a month or so later at £150, and now it's £2000. That initial loss was seen as an opportunity to buy more cheap given the long term trend!
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    What's up! can't beat 1oz Kookaburra from Perth mint :-) try to avoid paying vat by buying silver from for example silver to go.
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    3% for bullion is pretty much as cheap as it gets. New stuff is going to be 5%+ minimum. If you want cheap bullion, stay with HGM or try Malcolm Ellis for some slightly lower condition coins which he's currently doing for 1% on 20 sovs. Normal condition is 3%. If you're wanting newer coins and a good range then shop around on Gold.de. Factor in 0.5% exchange rate fee + average shipping of €20 on top. Buy multiple coins to lower postage/coin cost but expect to pay well over 3%.