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    So now I have sold my entire gold stack I thought I would post some of my lessons learned for anyone that may be interested. Total amount of gold sold - just under 55oz A total mishmash of coins, bars, bullion and semi numi stuff. My lessons learned 1) Fractionals at 1/4oz or under are defo easier to sell than larger items. Older Pandas were the most popular followed by the lunar series and retain the greatest premium. 2) Bars do not sell as well as coins (no problem at the dealer but you will get a lower payment compared to selling privately) 3) It takes a lot of time and hassle to piece out your stack if you want to maximise profit, the more diverse the stack the longer it will take. 4) Having physical gold makes it harder to react to spot price, when you decide to sell you will be praying spot price doesnt take a big hit on the way to the dealer. 5) Atkinsons pricing is based on either an AM or PM price fix (I got todays 3 PM price fix at just over £1000oz) 6) Make sure you keep a good spreadsheet of your stack - makes life a lot easier at selling time. 7) I know this is "thesilverforum" but I am so glad I put my money in to gold over silver. I cant imagine how long it would have taken to sell the equivalent value in silver compared to my gold stack as it would have had to be private sales to make up for any VAT and increased premiums on silver coins/bars. My stacking strategy moving forward: I plan to continue buying gold on the next dip but my approach will change significantly. 1) I will split funds between a physical stack and a bullionvault account 2) Physical stack will consist of 100% sovereigns, used as a long term retirement investment. 3) I will not stray into the semi numi coins for simplicity and easier selling when the time comes. 4) Bullionvault account will be used for real time buying/selling in relation to spot price movements and will also enable me to play the GSR ratio when possible. Summary. It was a very strange feeling walking into atkinsons this morning with a box holding a few years of hard work and dedication. The big plus side is that gold stacking has enabled me to save far more money than I ever would have managed if I was just banking fiat. I will get a real sense of satisfaction when I settle my mortgage 11 years early saving a lot on interest payments and ensuring a safe and secure future for my family. OTHERS OPINIONS MAY VARY
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    I am thrilled with the Sovereign that arrived today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk *Removed Tapatalk's double post within a post.
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    Hi All, Not sure how interesting this will be, but I thought I'd share the story of my stacking journey over the last 6 years or so. It all started 6 years ago, as I mentioned. I can't remember how it started, but I can only assume it was a bored eBay search that drew me to my first 1oz coin. I believe it was an older maple. At this point, I'd probably be best to describe myself a little. I'm impulsive, easily bored, change my mind often and am a born "collector". That'll become clear though as I continue.... The first maple lit a fire, heavy, shiny and substantial to hold, proper treasure. If memory serves, in a short time I had about 30 different year and privy maples in my collection. Now I'm not sure what happened next, but I sold them all to fund another "master plan", not metals related. As soon as they were sold, I missed them so collection number 2 began. Collection number 2 was all about world crowns from different countries. I had about 40 which was a really nice collection in an album. Then I stumbled across a 5 reichsmark from the Germany Nazi era on eBay. I bought it, and fell in love. So on with those. I collected an ADAM set (all dates, all mints). This was a great achievement and I was so chuffed. Then I chanced on a cheap (cheap then, not now) 1oz Britannia. It arrived and I was smitten with the design. I'm sure you can guess what's coming next.... I got an offer I couldn't refuse on the crowns & reichsmark collection. So I sold them all, with the intention of getting a date run of Britannias together. This is my only "stacking regret" - ever since the day I sold them, I missed the reichsmark collection. Still do now, but that's a story for another day. As an aside, it was around this time that a few of us UK stackers chatting on an Australian forum managed to talk ChrisSilver into starting this forum, and we all put a lot of work into making it the fantastic place it is today, thanks Chris. The date run of britannias started when silver was at around £23 (distant memory I know). Got a date run together but with duplicates, so I went for two runs but ended up with three. This is where the proper collecting started, buying lots of 1oz coins. 50oz became 100, 100 became 200, eventually 200 became 450oz. This was mostly comprised of date runs, 1/2, 1 & 2oz lunars, run of kooks & koalas, proofs, high reliefs etc. A really good collectors hoard. Below is a photo of the stack at around 350oz, I didn't take any more after that before I started selling. My long term target was 520oz of silver to enable me to sell 1oz a week for the first 10 years of retirement. At this point storage was becoming a big issue. I'm lucky enough to have a friend in the jewellery trade with a big safe, in which he allowed me to keep my entire stack. His business was expanding though, as was the physical size of my stack, but his safe remained the same size. I could tell things were tight, but he assured me it was not a problem. I had often thought about gold, and had owned very little during my stacking journey, but never did anything about it. That is, until I bought my first sovereign. Although a tad disappointing when I received it, being used to 1oz silver coins, it was exciting to hold something so small that was worth (at the time) around £200. My silver stack £/oz had always annoyed me, hovering around the £25 mark, so I decided to sell some premium silver to fund the purchase of more sovereigns. To cut a long story short, and 8 months later, I had sold my entire silver stack and ended up with 55 sovereigns. No more storage issues as my entire stack now fitted inside a smartie tube, and would be easily sold on through the likes of HGM, Atkinsons, eBay or the forum. I was very careful with my gold purchases, and had a £779/oz average. Spot has dropped recently, but still a very respectable average in my opinion. Below is a picture at 48 sovereigns, I didn't take another picture before I started selling. But, true to form, my mind changed. I missed the exposure to silver, which in my opinion has more scope for a meteoric rise than gold. So I decided to sell some sovereigns and get back some silver, although keeping a very close eye on my silver £/oz, a very close eye indeed. I didn't want to fall into the "collector" trap again, and I also didn't want to have the pain of selling a large amount of individual ounces in the future to get out of the game. So this took me to larger coins. Generally lower £/oz and easier to liquidate a kilo coin than 32 single ounces. Less profit to be had, granted, but the eye on the average would sort that. I was very strict in my purchasing, and I have now arrived at 520oz (my original target) of silver for an average of £11.75/oz. Thankfully it didn't take the sale of all my sovereigns to get there, and I ended up with 25 of them also (£763/oz average). I'll post a pic up of my silver stack next week when the last few kilo's and 10oz coins arrive from STG. So 450oz of semi-numi silver eventually turned into 520oz of bullion, and 25 sovereigns. And at very respectable cost averages I think. The silver stack is now wholly comprised of kilo coins and 10oz coins (all Perth Mint), and fill a shoe box slightly larger than a monster box. Much less intrusive in my friends safe, which I'm very pleased about. This has been by far my most favourite hobby, and a fantastic method of saving money into a tangible asset, which I hope will assist me in my retirement. I'm only in my late 30's, so retirement is a while away yet, but I like pre-planning. Increasing my pension contribution % every year should also help, and I have been doing that for some time now. I'm not quite sure where I'll go with my stacking journey now, don't really want more silver (that's getting sealed in a box and left for a long time now) so I may possibly increase the gold stack, or take a little stacking holiday, but I'm sure it will come to me in a dream sometime soon. I don't know why I felt compelled to write my story, but I hope it is interesting to some and maybe it will provide comfort to others that feel they wish to change direction with their stack - it is possible, and I have done it many times!!!! Thanks for reading, if you managed to make it this far.
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    Picked up a couple of IOM 1 ounce Nobles - 2016 gold and the platinum from 1987 (middle of the Noble platinum run which went from 1983-1989, 3000 mintage for 1987). Have to say - the gold noble has instantly become one of my favourites ! Took further advantage of the long drop in platinum $ price in early October (to lowest in 6 months) to pick up another ounce, this one a Canadian 2016 maple, and for metal diversity I got my first palladium coin - also a 1 ounce Canadian maple, from 2005. Interesting to see that the palladium is quite a big bigger (less density than platinum). Also from Scottsdale - a 5oz chunky silver bar, and then the pretty awesome Chad King Tut 5 ounce Egyptian Relic Series with its chiselled look antique finish. From MCM when they got them back in stock - a few slabbed PF70 silver moon festival medals, which I was initially immune to ...but now appreciate more for the sheer detail packed into the 1 ounce. Two Asahi 10 oz silver bars - nice to see how they kept some elements of the Johnson Mathey design, but added some new design features. Core stack. Finally - a batch of QB Lion gold quarter ounces (still picking them up ...as I reckon they still hold a lot of collector potential). I am going to look closely under a loupe to see if any deserve grading. Need to lay off the PMs for a few days😉..but especially enjoyed the dip in platinum, while adding to the collection and the stack.
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    Hi all, I have made a webpage about silver pandas Take a look and if you find something wrong, just let me know www.agpanda.com This is ment to be a little help for those thinkin about collecting pandas.
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    Hi I just completed the Lunar S1 proof set this week here is a couple of photos along with the Bu set I completed 2 years ago. Proofs are on the left Bu's on the right.I hope you like them as they are very difficult to get a good photo.
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    After the popularity of the "Today I bought.." and "Today I received" Threads I thought perhaps people could upload pictures of things they have made/poured/cast. I thought I'd kick it off with this 9ct Gold bangle I made today...
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    Just received my 1 oz Gold Queen's Beast Griffin😋 Just waiting for the 2 oz Silver Griffin now
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    Offer of help If anyone out there is not to savvy with excel for a spreadsheets of their stack i would like to extend help. if all your stack is in a little black book and you want to come into the modern age, i can help you Although i am not at software engineer standard at MS excel i have managed to cobble together a half decent spreadsheet to track your stack. Over the past few years, it has certainly took me a few hours to perfect it, as i have added various bells and totally unnecessary whistles like colour co-ordination Features: Total invested Current stack value Current profit/loss in stack GSR breakdown % breakdown of stack allocation Price per (g) per item Price per (oz) Mean average costs of stack (DCA) Mean price (g) Mean price per (oz) Dates of purchase Item description Basically everything at a glance where your stack is, nice to experiment if gold/silver goes to the moon what your stack will be worth in fiat £'s If anybody wants it i am happy to email it through to you for the princely sum of £FREE, gratis, zero, nothing, ziltch, nadda All i ask for is a 'like' and a 'small thanks or comment' follow up post in this thread Just drop me a private message (PM) with your email address and i will send it through to you
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    1/4 oz Gold - Red Dragon - Queen's Beast
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    Order from Goldsilver.be 5 x 1/10 Efelants 1 x 1/4 Queens Beast 1 x 1/4 2013 Panda in OMP
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    some investment pieces 30g 2017 Panda 1oz 2016 American Gold Eagle 1oz 2017 American Buffalo 1oz 2017 Krugerrand 50th anniversary privy Gold goals for 2017: achieved
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    1987 3 Coin set Gold panda Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey I didn't know where the best place to post this, but I wanted to say thanks to all the people who have given me advice since joining the forum. As all noobs do I've asked some stupid questions (and I'm sure I'll ask more), but everyone has been very patient and informative and now I have a nice solid start to my collection. I will be looking to collect for years to come...just don't tell my wife!! Also I have to throw a mention to @Numistacker and @morezone as I happened to stumble on their videos while researching stuff for my channel and introduced me to this forum. Ive attached my collection so far, not the biggest but it's a start! Thanks!
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    Pleased with my choice of buying from the mint.
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    After weeks of cleaning up the stack - I present the 5oz PAMP bar. Goal for 2017 Completed!
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    So I finally got around to presenting these 1/10th brits, using a box from the RM and a custom insert (9mm deep high grade felt with 3mm base), fits perfect! Yes yes it's incomplete, but won't be long before it's done :D. Photos were rushed but i wanted to share, they really do look so good all together in person
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    Some recent arrivals 2017 3 coin premium sovereign set 2014 half sovereign India Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My first panda a 1oz gold 2011, very pleased wit it to.
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    Just got the grading back from the current NGC batch and I wanted to share some things with you guys... Lets start with Centennial Gold - I sent in 4 pieces - 3 dimes and one Standing Liberty Quarter as an Early Release As you can see ALL yes ALL got SP70! Next invoice in the modern tier was a couple of pandas, a couple of gold beasts and some moon pandas... As you can see - The 2 Beasts (one mine and one for Oldun) scored... drum roll... encore drum roll... MS70!! The 1983 Panda looked great to me when I bought it and to get a 69 on such an early Panda was great. Lets turn to the Moon Pandas... I dont think anyone has graded any yet independently ... got 69 and a 70 which was not bad. the MCM 70's have sold out as a dealer in China bought about 150,000$ worth of them! Lastly I did a favour for Junior member @Brycekanowski aged 11 who wanted to grade his prized 2005 Proof Silver Eagle. What was really cool was it got its own special 30th Anniversary label free of charge by NGC which I was not expecting and it scored a perfect PF70 too.
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    At last my coin arrived, It was my birthday a few weeks ago so i decided to treat myself, Little did i know when i wrote "a Russian gold 50 Roubles" in the topic "Your Top Gold Coins For 2016" How hard and stressfull it would be to firstly to find one and secondly to get one at at resonable price. In the end i had to buy one from the Russian Federation and wait just under three weeks for the coin to arrive. But now the coin is here im very chuffed
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    The Panda's have arrived, 4.5kg of Panda goodness , a cracked case or 2 but genuinely pleased with the order
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    So over the last two years myself and Christina have been building up a very modest little business with a focus on excellent customer service, affordable prices and a great selection of all types of pre owned jewellery. We are trying our best to grow and evolve and I felt it time to share with the forums our little Business. We are currently Ebay based only, but will be moving onto other selling platforms and building our own website. We currently have over 650 items of silver jewellery (and a few gold) From a stacking point of view this will be irrelevant as all our items are not suitable for investment, however should anyone ever see anything they like for themselves or as a gift for a loved one we can offer silver forum members a 20% discount if bought through the forums and paid by Paypal friends and family passing all our savings on fees we pay on ebay and paypal. So I present - Dorset Jewellery http://stores.ebay.co.uk/dorset-jewellery
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    2002 proof full sovereign 1/4oz griffin in good condition Youtube video comming up sovereign_uk
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    Lunar Series II 2012 Dragon and 2014 Horse Gold Proof Coins. Still waiting for rooster proof...
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    My 3-coin 2017 sov set came today from @arshimo2012 many thanks. I don't think the coins are totally perfect, they seem to put more effort into the box, which is very nice . The box manufacturer/team should send some of their guys to package the coins. Also a few 1/10 2017 elephants, 1995 proof IOM angel 1/20 Then a half sov 1843 weight, I had few glasses of wine and not sure really why i bought it, it's just interesting
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    2014 Britannia gold proof coin set..150 Mintage
  30. 22 likes
    Rushed pictures but my first HGM pickup arrived and I'm quite happy. Got to love the shield's
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    Day 1 - save 1p Day 2 - save 2p Day 3 save 3p Day 100 save £1.00 Day 365 save £3.65 Print the above picture off and mark each day off as you drop your cash in You'll have £667.95 after a year, enough for a few sovereigns, a half oz of gold and a few 1/10s. Get it without really trying, the cheapest will be the first week £0.28 the dearest week, this last week will cost you £25.34. It wont cost you more than a Starbucks coffee a day Each day when you get up, when you make your breakfast or are about to leave the house put the amount into a jar and watch your money increase daily. Because its loose change you won't really miss it and it will soon become a habit. Think of it as you are paying yourself if you like. You could even transfer it from your bank account daily to a savings account if you don't tend to have loose change on you or start by using a jar of loose change that you already have to keep you going for a couple of weeks or months. I'll be using a money tin which you need to open with a tin opener which will stop me from dipping into it. You can find these in most 99p shops and then you have a penny for the first day to get you started. The above is at the bear minimum, everyone sticks to this who wishes to participate. But feel free & POST any FREE unexpected money that comes your way over the year, to it over the year to keep the thread alive. Your odd coppers in your jeans after a night out at the end of the working day, it goes in your gold pot You get a £2 coin in your change at the supermarket, it goes in your gold pot Your Lucky 15 bet comes in and nets you £20, it goes in the pot. You find a £1 on the way to work, it goes in your gold pot You get a x3 numbers on the Lottery it goes in your gold pot You win a domino card at the local darts/pool league game, it goes in your gold pot You are gifted a tenner in a birthday card, it goes in your gold pot Who fancy's joining the challenge ?? This day next year we share our gold pot totals here, and share our pics of our gold purchases this time next year from our daily savings ? As chancellor Mr George Osbourne said, "We are all in this together " Fancy joining the challenge ?
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    i got a 1kilo PAMP Suisse Fortuna bar from Atkinsons. I thought about it for a bit and then got the rest.
  33. 21 likes
    Thanks to @calandlew1 for iron man. Looks great with his newly antiqued brothers.
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    I have had the day off work and not alot to do so i decided to pull the stack out for a sorting. Wanted to tube up some elephants and check for any new milky's. 2015 pandas are milking which i thought odd. Anyways, ended up taking a few quick pics to post up. The picture quality is rubbish but everyone knows what most coins look like. That is the complete stack above ^^^^^^^^^^^ Below are my tubes of britannias, x1 2012, x1 2015, x3 2016 & x1 2017, tube of milked 1.5oz polar bears, tube of 2015 2 oz turtles and tube of 1/2oz apmex rounds. The rolled coins are my x120 1/2oz lunars along with x4 2oz's and x10 1oz's. Almost forget the 2008 5oz libertad. Next, i have my 500gram and 10oz silver bars, queens beast and x2 ms-69 coins. In the boxes are a 2000 queens mother sterling proof coin, 210 brit, 1985 silver proof £1 and a boxed 2011 1/2 sov. You can also see the sheet of 2016 pandas under the 2015 and 2016 congo garilla's. Bars, graded and boxed are mostly impulse and ebay bargins for me. Now we have 3 years of koalas, 2 years of kooks, 1 year of kangaroos, 2 years of libertads and 3 years of elephants. These are stacked in piles of 5. On the bottom row, there is tailed eagles, the UK lunar series, zanzibar qr codes coins and 2014 pandas. These are in piles of 3. These are coins most of us buy every year, easy to trade. Next up are my milky maples and birds of prey series. The only 2 coins none milked coin i have are the 25th anniversary and the superman ones. Along the bottom, theres a 2013 bitcoin, zombuff and ramdon mint stuff. Theres also my x4 SBSS coins, you cant really see them. Theres a 2013 slave queen, 2014 feedom, 2015 cannabis and 215 silver bull. In the bottom corner, you can just about make out a 2009 koala. Below are more random coins that i have got in parts of lots, seen of offer are added to make up an order. Got a couple of good ones, 2004 kook won from ebay, 1985 libertad and 2011 panda. Nothing else really special . Then i have the britannia date run from 98 through the 2017. Have a few extra 01, 05 and 11's along the bottom. Need to buy the wooden box for these. Packed up and ready to go back into storage for another while. I understand a lot would not entertain the idea of posting there stack but i feel safe enough on here. Hope you've enjoyed a quick snap of my hard earned stack Stack on bro's and hoe's !!!!
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    few 1/4 Griffins, have the 1oz on order from elsewhere. Think this series is great, lovely coin and to the eye looks flawless, i think condition is going to overall be better than the lion 1/4s, though there is a strange amount of "pimples" ? around the edge that i can only see with these macro shots
  36. 21 likes
    Surprised to receive a text from DHL saying that my RMB parcel was going to be delivered today. The text yesterday said Monday. They're probably working a 6 day week to keep on top of things. Came in the usual RM capsule. Seems in good nick. Few specs of dirt which I've now removed and rehoused in an air-tite so that it can go in an album with the rest.
  37. 21 likes
    Lets get festive! I wen't a little mad with my angel obsession and picked up a large run of the 1/20 proofs with xmas privys. Incredibly hard to get at only 1,000 minted each. Can't wait to get a complete run of these but i fear it'll be many years before i get there Extra little treat of 12 privys together
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  39. 21 likes
    Just my monthly sovereign for October, a 2015.
  40. 21 likes
    I received this beautiful 1oz beast on Friday and introduced it to the family 🙂
  41. 21 likes
    Hatton Garden order arrived today - 25 sovs to fill tube no. 1
  42. 21 likes
    Today i got from my family for my birthday later in the month. 1 x Maple. 1 x Philly. 2 x Spiders. This brought my average way down. To £18.76p per oz.and a total of 100 oz. I have finally made it after all these years of scrimping and saving,selling stuff,collecting scrap metals for money,then using the money for silver,birthday and Christmas gifts, and just buying an ounce here and there too, as cheap as i could find it with the odd exception. I have done every trick in my book to stack this one hundred ounces of silver and i am very proud of myself for sticking with it.
  43. 20 likes
    A couple of 1/10 gold lunar tigers
  44. 20 likes
    A couple of Lunar 1 1/10ths. Capsules were damaged but after pointing it out to the seller they refunded the cost of replacing the caps.
  45. 20 likes
    1oz gold Griffins, 2oz silver Griffins, 2017 sovs note: right click > open image in new tab (or middle mouse click) to see coins in their true beauty!
  46. 20 likes
  47. 20 likes
    Thought I'd join the club, couldn't resist any longer, especially with the griffin about to be released.
  48. 20 likes
    Hi guys I'm standing down as a moderator as of today, as some of you may have noticed I haven't been around as much as usual over the last 3 months or so as all of my main collections are complete apart from the recent Britannia frenzy initiated by HT LOL. I also have other issues to attend to in my private life & feel it is not really fair on Chris & HH if I can't devote enough time here. So after being a mod from the start of the silver forum I feel it is time for me to move on, it has been a mainly enjoyable experience with most of the members & former members being a decent bunch of guys, long may that continue & best of luck to Chris, HH & everyone here. I will still look in from time to time & am not disappearing from the forum altogether. Cheers MB
  49. 20 likes
    Happy to receive our 1st kilo silver coin.
  50. 20 likes
    My Perth Mint Lunar II 3-coin Ox Proof Set finally arrived. With a mintage of only 340. This was a hard one to track down. It brings my collection up to date.