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  1. 25 likes
    1/4 oz Gold - Red Dragon - Queen's Beast
  2. 23 likes
    After weeks of cleaning up the stack - I present the 5oz PAMP bar. Goal for 2017 Completed!
  3. 22 likes
    Pleased with my choice of buying from the mint.
  4. 22 likes
    So over the last two years myself and Christina have been building up a very modest little business with a focus on excellent customer service, affordable prices and a great selection of all types of pre owned jewellery. We are trying our best to grow and evolve and I felt it time to share with the forums our little Business. We are currently Ebay based only, but will be moving onto other selling platforms and building our own website. We currently have over 650 items of silver jewellery (and a few gold) From a stacking point of view this will be irrelevant as all our items are not suitable for investment, however should anyone ever see anything they like for themselves or as a gift for a loved one we can offer silver forum members a 20% discount if bought through the forums and paid by Paypal friends and family passing all our savings on fees we pay on ebay and paypal. So I present - Dorset Jewellery http://stores.ebay.co.uk/dorset-jewellery
  5. 20 likes
    Created in Birmingham by @GoldBenj this 4oz silver bar was a birthday present for my father. It has the full Birmingham Assay office hallmarks. A beautiful paper weight or just fun to play with
  6. 20 likes
    A couple of 1/10 gold lunar tigers
  7. 19 likes
    1 oz Gold Lunar Year of the Tiger🐯From Chards.. Finally I have one😄
  8. 19 likes
  9. 19 likes
    Back from the USA Today and there were a few packages waiting 1901-S half eagle 2005 1/4oz proof Libertad 3 rare California fractionals Also 3 proof Rwanda Roosters Glow in the dark Cu-Ni show panda ... 1000 minted and another 1000 in silver. Back from the USA Today and there were a few packages waiting 1901-S half eagle 2005 1/4oz proof Libertad 3 rare California fractionals Also 3 proof Rwanda Roosters Glow in the dark Cu-Ni show panda ... 1000 minted and another 1000 in silver.
  10. 18 likes
  11. 18 likes
    100oz Johnson Matthey. Love these old loaf bar types.
  12. 17 likes
    Royal Australian Mint Lunar Rooster in 1oz and 1/10th & New Zealand Mint Steamboat Willie. All come in Mint capsules but I've rehoused them for my storage system.
  13. 17 likes
    So, not received today but over the past couple of weeks: - 2016 150g Proof Silver Panda - 2017 1/10 oz 50th Anniversary Privy gold krug - 1oz Proof Scrooge McDuck (NIUE) - A horde of 19 silver pandas
  14. 16 likes
    One of my NGC submissions finally came in.[emoji38][emoji1]
  15. 16 likes
    1987 two coin britannia set. I really like it
  16. 16 likes
    a few lucky dip sovereigns from HGM, it was a fairly good cheltenham.
  17. 16 likes
    Not yet received, but they've finalised the slab and details on their website
  18. 16 likes
    Hello, I'm Lizzie from Chard in Blackpool - I'm not here to sell you anything even though we have coins from all over the world and the strongrooms are like a treasure chest for numismatists. We're coin geeks and are happy to help if you have a question - if we don't know, we'll try our best to find out the answers.
  19. 16 likes
    Panda weekend. I guess there is no choice but to get the 2003 silver 5 & 1 ozers now.
  20. 16 likes
    1g 2016 Disney Note from JuneYao Group which was sold through Shanghai Pudong Development Bank $5 Indian Head from HGM. Didn't think I would get it as I took so long looking up the stats to work out the % over spot since HGM no longer display it. I missed out on the $2.5 a week or 2 ago for the same reason. Australian Domed Southern Sky 1oz Gold Coin from the New Zealand Mint. Very nice packaging.
  21. 15 likes
    Perth Series 1 Lunar Proof Rooster My 8th out of 12 in the set, with thanks to @shortstack68 for being the connecting "post office" in Germany.
  22. 14 likes
    Yesterday I HAD made..... (warning:pic heavy) edits to come Remember these? @GoldBenj had them for sale. 3 x 22ct bands, 10.2g at near spot.....hmm. I approached Ben with an idea, nothing dramatic or exciting but could he do it? No problem guvnor A 10.2g lump! Yippee....wait for it.... Look at this machinery! Proper craftsmanship. Love it...it's probably as old as @Oldun? Nipples Taking shape. Yes, this is for myself. When Ben asked me what style I would like the ring, I wasn't sure. The idea was to create a bullion ring, as near to spot as we could. He recommended a classic 'D' shape because there would be the least wastage (filing etc.) Talent Birmingham Hallmark 9.4g 5mm Finished. The ring was completed in two days, the assay took time....Cheltenham didn't help! lol You all know I'm a soppy old tart. I'm pleased! I have a hand made, pic documented 22ct ring, and it's personal. Made in England. It's fantastic Ben.
  23. 14 likes
    1992 sov proof bought as bullion using the photoscope for the first time to post....cant get the whole coin in focus just bits of it and by hand.....pros would laugh and rightly so........
  24. 14 likes
    2017 Munich International Coin Show 4 Coin Panda Medal Set. I only really wanted the 1oz.
  25. 14 likes
    35th Anniversary of the Issuance of the Gold Chinese Panda Brass Medal. Weighs approx 500g with mintage of 500. Copper has the same mintage and silver has mintage of 99. There is also a gold one with mintage of 9. Not sure if it's the same size as that would make it 1kg in weigh or whether it is a reduced down 150g version. I really like the back with the coins and temple. This is a private medal from Shanghai CaiQi Travel Souvenir Co Ltd. This is supposed to have been designed by Zhao Qiang (Rocky Zhao) who also designed the 2011, 2014, 2015 Gold Pandas as well as numerous other things from the Shanghai Mint. It is rumoured that the owner of Shanghai CaiQi travel is an ex employee of the Shanghai Mint and the company leases workshop space from the Shanghai Mint. No idea how accurate those rumours are. This year we will be seeing some fiat commemorative Panda coins from the Peoples Bank of China and no doubt we'll also be seeing medals from CGCI as well as the official Mints themselves.
  26. 14 likes
  27. 14 likes
    Thanks to @Sovereign and @lucioelv
  28. 13 likes
    http://articles.royalmintbullion.com/red-dragon-wales/ Bullion version is on the RM bullion site What do you guys think of the design?
  29. 13 likes
    Lucky to get these Rwanda Proof Lunars .
  30. 13 likes
    Couple of shields 1869 and 1871 and a couple of pandas 2016 and 2010 in omp just walked in.
  31. 13 likes
  32. 13 likes
  33. 13 likes
    2000 two coin proof kookaburra set, successfully imported from Aus using the 5% numismatic customs code
  34. 13 likes
    My new gold coin showed up today. I won an ebay auction, for one doller less than the US mint is selling them for. Plus free shipping. Score[emoji38] Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  35. 12 likes
    Just got my Rwanda 1oz gold grade..................MS70 get in!!!!!!!!
  36. 12 likes
    Got these quite locally tonight, probably going to flip them.
  37. 12 likes
    Todays pickup 1/10oz Lunar Rabbit
  38. 12 likes
  39. 12 likes
  40. 12 likes
    Here we go. Ideal http://articles.royalmintbullion.com/red-dragon-wales/
  41. 12 likes
    Some tiny bits of gifting gold (0.2g). Gods of Wealth from Shanghai Mint Comes with red packet. Included full sovereign to give you an idea of the size of the pieces.
  42. 11 likes
    A whole bunch of OMP pandas (1/2 oz and 1oz) 2013 Libertad 3 coin silver proof set
  43. 11 likes
  44. 11 likes
    A nice coin but a little disappointing. The frosting doesn't show as much detail as I hoped for. The coin feels a little cheap which it certainly isn't lol
  45. 11 likes
    Picked up a Unicorn [emoji882] at the Orlando show today. Always wanted one of these. It's a 1994 1/10th in PF69 Picked up a Unicorn [emoji882] at the Orlando show today. Always wanted one of these. It's a 1994 1/10th in PF69
  46. 11 likes
  47. 10 likes
    Option 1 takes it. 1/4 oz gold lion turned up, along with a milky but free 2 oz silver lion.
  48. 10 likes
    2012 Uncirculated full sov not as nice as the proof but alot cheaper 😁
  49. 10 likes
    An angel and a panda rolled in today...forgotten I had even bought them.
  50. 10 likes
    I make additional money by tidying up Chinese web pages, I got the idea reading some Chinese Ebay pages with the pigeon English - This product make you much happyness, very much quality etc. I send them an e-mail saying I will tidy it up for a tenner or sometimes just if they send me one of what they are selling and that they will look more professional and make more sales if they agree - and many do and it takes me 10 mins to sort it out even though I don't speak a word of Chinese. I now change their attempt to something like - This is a quality product which you will be delighted with, send it back to them and thats the job done. Years ago I made a good income buying faulty phones on Ebay, Nokia N95's mainly, if you bought one with a faulty screen and one with any other fault and just make one good phone out of the two and sell it back on Ebay, Was £80 to £100 profit per phone and on my worst week I sold 2 and on my best week I sold 18, then phones got all sleek and complicated and I had to chuck it.