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    Loving my Piedfort sovereign its stunning , but not happy with my second offering from the mint a Queens beast 1oz proof Lion that's going back along with the Unicorn no more proof silver from RM for me.
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    I'm not a collector, only interested in bullion... but I figured I'd share a picture of my cute little stack anyway. 2oz away from my goal. Apologies for the poor photo quality, my phone has a rubbish camera.
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    Received back some coins direct from NGC. Went direct myself so that I have a paper trail for proof of authenticity for when I come to sell. Counterfeiting is getting better all the time so in 10-20 years it's nice to have the paper work to go with the coins. I'm keeping the original submission forms, screen shot of NGC site which shows invoice and line items and copy of NGC's emailed PDF invoice which also have invoicing a line items. All info will match each cert on the slabs. Adds reassurance to buyers since coins in slabs can't be tested and it's authenticity is reliant on visual inspections against the original. Main reason for slabbing is to reduce storage space, protect the coins and possibly add value to some. Saves having to play Tetris when new items are added into storage or when I take things out and have to get it all back in again. 90% of my grading will be proof gold with a select few silver. For me, I don't feel slabbing silver is economical unless it's a special coin/medal. Pile of boxes on the left is now reduced to the pile of slabs on the right. Boxes will be shrink wrapped and labelled (pics of the slabs) for easy identification and matching up in the future and then thrown into a Really Useful Box and put into storage. The boxes are not needed but I want to keep everything so they can be sold on together with the slab. The full Sov only got a 69 Expected a 69 for the 3g Temple Panda. Happy to get 70s for Dragon and Phoenix Turtle boat was originally a 69 but they recommended conservation and came back a 70. Kazakhstan Lunar is one of my favorite coins and a 70 is a bonus. 1g 2016 Panda came from a Chards in OMP on release but was cut open for some reason. I knew they were sold out and never bothered to quiz it since an exchange would not have been possible and I got it for a really good price on pre-order. Thought I'd throw it in for grading. Happy with the Berlin Panda at 70. 2016 Temple of Pandas. 69 was pretty much expected with only 20% achieving 70. Never bothered to inspect them properly when I received them and I can see and issue with the frosting on the bottom left medal. No wonder they're making such a big deal with the Temple 2 Panda and the high number of 70s which have come back (to the Sponsor). We'll have to wait and see if the public also get the same proportion or whether they've been cherry picked. I already sent back 2 of the 4 I received for replacement.
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    Received a couple of days ago but have had trouble with my SD card reader. My first submissions for any kind of grading. Decided to initially go with PCGS as they grading weeks in Paris and accept submissions at coin fairs. These were dropped of at Birmingham on the 11th June. A bit disappointed not to get one PR70 from my 6 krugers and not to get two 70's for my 2017 proof sovs, but hey, I'm greedy
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    New arrival this afternoon.... given the cost per oz my journey from stacker to collector is now complete!
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    What a nice day it has been today. 1Sov BU 5Sov BU
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    Walk in......walk out. PR70 Deep Cameo 500th Anniversary 1989 £2 Double Sovereign. Population 5. 1/2, full and double in the collection now. I must say, I think the double shows off the design so much better and has tremendous eye appeal. Of its type, this is as good as it gets. fyi, pcgs uses deep cameo and ngc uses ultra cameo, so in that sense there is a total population of 27 (ngc 22 ultra cameo/pcgs 5 deep cameo)
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    My 300g silver bar from Japan arrived. Love it. Hate thieving uk customs though....
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    @mr-dead - let's be honest: that is not a stack. It's a gold mountain😀 Respect. Thanks to @Numistacker - for getting NGC to relabell my Libertad 2015 as a PF70 - very happy to get it back today.
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    15 X Krugerrands arrived from Hatton Garden today. Stack V2 is going strong, 38 X 1oz coins 1oz proof queens beast lion 1oz proof queens beasts unicorn 2 X tubes of full sovs. Total OZs = 51.77
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    I'm sure we will have plenty of these posts in the next few days. Received my Piedfort Sovereign.
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    Another 6 X 1oz Krugerrands from Hatton Garden. A bit of a milestone stacking moment, just hit the 2kg gold mark
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    Nice little gold delivery 2day 😃. Sotd sov and proof ducat.
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    1x 1/4 Lion QB 3x 2oz Dragon QB Bought with bitcoin, just wanted exchange some of my bitcoin to some PM's. Am glad I did . Ordered through Bitgild on Tue afternoon and arrived on Friday. It looked like that the order was shipped and distributed by STG.
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    Piedfort sov arrived this morning. Beautiful looking coin, think its a battle between this and the 1989 Tudor sov for nicest ever made
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    1822 George lV full sov in 'ok' condition what a lovely morning 😉
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    Good news.. large box has arrived containing most of the May grading apart from some at NCS Expect to see lots of unboxings and coins in the post over the next few days
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    Something a little different a 1788 two Escudo. 6.7 g
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    My first oz of gold, is there a 'better way' to stack/collect? I haven't as much money as some, plus it stops me from buying more guitars.
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    Added a strike on the day Sapphire Sovereign to the stack many thanks to@Regalstacker for making one of his available.
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    New addition to my world 1/4 ounce gold collection - 2015 Isle of Man Gold Proof Angel
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    Some fractional pickups in my new capsules
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    A few door stoppers from @arshimo2012
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    A mixed bag from my sovereign submissions. Disappointed with the cleaned details for one of the 1822's. The highlight was the MS63 for the 1863 but very surprised to only get a AU55 for the 1853. The 1887 double was pretty much expected although on a good day I think it might have achieved a MS60.
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    A piedfort coin. Now on it's way to PCGS
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    An 1884-CC $20 Double Eagle; I think it's a good candidate for NCS conservation and will be sending it across to them for a 'touch-up', and subsequent grading from NGC. The red spot at the top of the coin is either a very dark copper spot, or blood. I'm not too sure on grade, but I think it might be able to achieve AU53-55. Picked up from HGM, after a post on the Gold Deals topic.
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    Today my order from GS.be arrived. I think i took pretty good advantage from the low silver price from last week...
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    Just received my 35th anniversary bi-metal panda coin..wow 😍😍 Better then I expected and quite big too.
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    Look what the silver forum members did this month.....
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    Recently had the piedfort sovereign very impressed with it
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    Received the 2017 BU sovereign Strike on the day. Also the 2017 jubilee proof ducat.
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    One of the finest Swedish 20kr I received so far. Very shiny.
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    The kind of people with no savings, multiple credit cards, store cards, car lease and overdrafts? Living pay cheque to pay cheque with zero safety net?
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    Today I got 1kg of these lovely coins. Swedish 2 kronor - with Oscar II as our king back then. They are 80/100 Silver. 31mm, 15g silver each.
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    2017 piedfort sovereign arrived....and in a big sturdy box with oodles of polystyrene chips in it protecting the package. My stinky mail to the RM about taking better care for overseas deliveries of expensive purchases got through. And dont worry. The mark in front of queenie's nose wiped off. It was on the capsule. Lovely coin and totally wish I could hold it as it is a first piedfort sovereign. If anyone scratches theirs up, lemme know. I'd buy it just to be able to actually "handle" it. You dont get too many chances like that in a lifetime.
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    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311760279894 USA Ebay for delivery in USA I have just bought 2 random sovereigns I found Nectar points worth £112.50 from Easter. The Sovs are $305 which is very cheap anyway but with the deal. £359.88 plus 4700 additional Nectar Points less 1% Topcash back so about £355 for 2 sovs or £177 each.
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    Very interesting. The Strike on the Day is proof like of both sides and easily differentiated from the Proof because of the plain edge. The 5£ Brilliant Uncirculated is proof like on the reverse and the obverse is a plain shiny finish. This would have been done to differentiate it from the Proof. Bit of a mix and match otherwise they'd be too similar to the proofs.
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    An 1810 French 20 Francs Napoléon Empereur Laureate Head from Bleyer Bullion
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    2016 1/4oz + 1/10oz proof gold krugs
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    Remember the problems I was having with Yodel damaged deliveries and bad customer service from a certain company in Belgium earlier this year, as mentioned elsewhere in the forum?. Well, I decided to shop around and find a new supplier. I have now switched to this supplier: www.gold-silber-muenzen-shop.de, based in Germany. Their 10oz Queens Beasts are on average 2 Euros cheaper each than the last supplier I used, but more importantly their much better customer service and delivery handling compared to my last supplier (and hence why I looked for a new and better dealer) warrants a mention. My first delivery arrived this morning, I was impressed with this company and thought I would give them a full review for the forum members. Their website is in German, and I don't speak German, but the google translate add on bar worked a treat. Most suppliers in Europe are running delays on these 10oz Queens beasts due to initial demand, and this dealer is also experiencing delays. I emailed them regarding delays and shipment, and received a quick response (in English) telling me a delay of 14 days and not the 14-30 days as shown on the webpage in the link below. The 10oz Queens beasts prices and any current delays are on this page: https://www.gold-silber-muenzen-shop.de/silber/silbermuenzen/10-unzen/silbermuenze-the-queen-beast-lion-2017-10-unzen.html Delivery cost: Eur19.95 for my package, but lower value weight packages start at Eur9.95. My last dealer's delivery was Euro1.95 cheaper, but if buying more than one coin is easily offset, besides, I would pay much more just to never experience Yodel deliveries again. Excellent communication: I was emailed as soon as ordered, as soon as they received payment, and another email when shipped, with tracking details. First section of journey is via DHL-Germany to UK, second stage is via Parcelforce Express 24. DHL-Germany section: UK section: So, in all, parcel was collected from dealer on Friday and arrived this morning, Wednesday. When delivery turned up I waited a couple of minutes to see if like my last dealer's delivery company (Yodel) the delivery driver would chuck the parcel in the garden, leave at wrong address, try and leave at neighbours or put it in a wheelie bin (this one I was most interested in, it's bin day today and another forum member mentioned his £4k precious metals Yodel delivery in a wheelie bin was nearly carted off to landfill...), but no, to my amazement he took the parcel back to the van and began to write out a slip to put through the door...so I put him out of his misery and opened the door to collect.(Feel bad about that bit, but wanted to see, we are talking about Bullion after all). Parcelforce has a bad rep in the UK, but this wasn't their normal service, instead it's the Express24 service after handover from DHL-Germany and I was quite happy with it. Packaging and contents: Parcel arrives wrapped in a mail bag and was undamaged. Box was undamaged and intact. Packaging was good and kept coins secure. Love the 10oz Queen's Beasts, much better than I expected for bullion. I expect large demand for these to continue, CGT free and all that. So, all in all, very pleased with my new dealer and will be ordering from them regularly. Rich
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    In my few years experience and many successful dealings on the forum here. Price gold/silver things fairly in line with a combination of spot price, eBay prices (minus 10-15% commissions) similar items the major trusted dealers have and you will get a sale For gold if it between spot and 1-2% would item will sell here, since it is cheaper than any comparable dealer source, HGM typically being the yardstick of cheapness with their +3% on most items Look how @arshimo2012 sells his items, never greedy, always priced fairly, a next day service. I remember buying gold from him and spot majorly spiked that day and I ended buying for well under spot and he didn't welch on the deal, as some seller may have chose to do for more money. He was good to his word and his rep here. Things like this have not only got my business, but he also has guaranteed my business ongoing in future I needed to raise approx £5k last year for some works equipment and did it here via the forum, easily in under 24 hours. So didnt need to arrange financing or loan through banks because I priced to sell and people trusted my reputation here folk could buy with full confidence Also do no underestimate what posting of forum content does to elevate you as a seller, post things of value, post experiences and knowledge, go out out of your way to help people for free, It gets rewarded back to you many times in return. I have sent silver 1oz tubes to members for free, empty proof sovereign boxes, odd sized single capsules folk needed, offered my precious metals spreadsheet to all who wanted it for free Come across as an arrogant so and so on or your are just looking to flip for a quick here and you wont be getting a penny of my business. Sell it via eBay, their none personal in and out checkout policy is perfect to take your capital gains and you wont have the forum tattoo of being a greedy fecka Lastly, I would say three quarters of folk here on the forum are switched onto values and know how to research what things have sold for via eBay so if you appear greedy it simply doesn't result in a sale.
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    Quintuplet Sovereign and the Struck on the day Sovereign to go with the Piedfort that arrived earlier in the week.
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    Got a right deal on eBay under £27 delivered. 1oz silver proof 2013 kangaroo series
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    Here's a little classic Sov porn for you Just arrived this afternoon. Loving the 1918 GV Sovs. Three more to go.
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    Here direct from the RM my first delivery and I think my first post in "Today I Received. I love it. One point of interest the certificate clearly declares BU quality, but the declaration tells you not to handle to avoid spoiling the Proof quality. I am off to watch the videos now, I'll just check the door is closed............. curtains drawn. LOL
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    Common date, but normally well out of my price range. I had a splurge!