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    I've been wanting the 2017 for a while because of the new design. Luckily I never did buy it and the limited 30th Anniversary Privy was recently released so it made much more sense to get this one instead for the extra few Β£. Decided to buy from RMB as it was only Β£4 more expensive than elsewhere and for that extra I would get a capsule and be entered into the prize draw. Unlike the Queen's Beasts, the capsule is not the screw type and is just a push fit with a little moon cutout for opening. Shipped yesterday with a scheduled delivery for Tuesday due to the Bank Holiday. Delivered today, a Saturday by DHL. The field design is much better than the dimply effect of the previous couple years.
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    Bought a 1/4oz gold Kruger from HGM earlier in the week.. I was not expecting something so beautiful to show up. 2017 anniversary proof! Yay [emoji4] Bought a 1/4oz gold Kruger from HGM earlier in the week.. I was not expecting something so beautiful to show up. 2017 anniversary proof! Yay [emoji4]
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    1817 Full Sov well worth the wait
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    Today I received a 10 oz lunar 2 monkey to finish of the type set, been on the look out for a while now and it finally showed up on chards at a very reasonable price compared to other German dealers. I also recieved the box for them to go in, I am really happy with the box, it makes the set look that extra bit special! I might have to start with the rest of the sets now lol but there is too many series's out there and I can't collect them all
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    Yes yes more shields , 8 to be exact, and 2 young head st.georges The lustre on 3 of them is incredible, hard to capture in a photograph so i tried with fingers as you can see reflection :D. I've never graded a single coin but this may be worth it. Also a 1891 Sydney half sov photo at the end, little worn but only 154,000 were minted 130 years ago and the first branch mint half sov i have i think
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    My awesome 2005 and 2006 proof half sovereign Facebook bonus ball win. I don't usually gamble, but this 1 payed off big time πŸ˜ƒ Happy days πŸ˜ƒ.
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    Nice pickup of shields, nom nom. All in really nice condition Are double strikes common? ping @sovereignsteve
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    The showcase of my sovereign collection arrived last week - Late to game but still in it.
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    10 OZ Queens Beast in Hand - Amazing Coin
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    Arrived today (good start of the week!):
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    2008 gold 1/4 proof brit. A tiny finger print smudge just above the queens crown and a few white specks, but for 290 posted bargain I'd say πŸ˜ƒ.
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    And here it is..a 2016 999 1/4oz gold proof, mintage 500 and 100 % less than that as some have already been put in necklaces........Good luck finding this on the RM website.
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    My first gold coin - ever - arrived today. The 2017 Half-Sovereign Proof with Pistrucci's original garter design. I will keep it in safe custody. Thanks to the seller, you know who you are! ;-)
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    This is a selling thread and not a discussion thread. You can discuss whatever you want in a discussion thread. If you're not buying or making an offer or expressing an interest, then there is no need to post.
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    2017 Half sovereign came today, 1/4 Oz queens beast last week. I want more.
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    It's great coming home after being gone on vacation a week...it's sheer pandamonium around here! (see what I did there?)
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    Lucky dip from Atkinsons...
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    Received a little Britannia proof set with a mintage if 250 I ordered yesterday with a couple of swans..Thx Mo!πŸ˜‰
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    These three beauties were in the mail today. In real, they really do look great!
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    1870 full sov au58 1864 full australian sov
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    Picked up my Krugerrand's from the PO today , well pleased what an awesome coin. Again thanks for sharing @silverstackeruk .
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    Few other HGM pickups arrived today, two sov dates that are proof only (1984,1987), IOM half sov (1973), and a 5g pamp bar
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    Well pleased with my Queens Beast Proof Lion , seems to be in really good condition .
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    I am delighted to announce that the sponsor of the magnificent Temple of Heaven panda medal has donated one of the 199 bimetallic medals minted to be a prize in this free member prize draw exclusively for members of the silver forum. this is the second in the panda Temple of Heaven series of medals and this one features a massively improved design for the panda, and significant additional detailing for the Temple of Heaven itself. To enter all you need to do is to reply to this message and put the next available number in the reply. The closing date will be midnight UK time on 31 May 2017. A winning number will be drawn at random and the medal will be sent direct buy the sponsor to the winner. GOOD LUCK!!
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    Got my 5 tiny 1gram gold Pandas sorry for the images but these really are tiny but stunning
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    Got these today like new mint condition I'm hooked on sovereigns now lol I'm now up to 10
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    A few Recent additions. 2017 proof half and full sovereign. Thanks to the help of @RegalStacker Two gold Queens beast lions. 1864 shield back and a 2014 India half sovereign.
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    None of these are mine but I did receive them. Two very very delightful deliveries as you can see ... 2 full sets of 5 proof 2017's and I am in love with the 5 sovs...these are for grading A 1902 matte proof set of 11 coins selling for a friend and going on eBay on Thursday for a 10 day low start auction. None of these are mine but I did receive them. Two very very delightful deliveries as you can see ... 2 full sets of 5 proof 2017's and I am in love with the 5 sovs...these are for grading A 1902 matte proof set of 11 coins selling for a friend and going on eBay on Thursday for a 10 day low start auction.
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    First ever pick up from Atkinsons and first royal mint gold I like the brittania but the sov has to grow on me
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    an 1877 shield sovereign, which would have been nice if not for the rim damage..
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    Got my Perth mint lunars and the eagle today, gradually creeping up my ~1/4oz numbers!
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    I made this 24g 9ct hallmarked heart for a customer.
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    Another Louis XVIII 20F minted in Paris 1814 Another Louis XVIII 20F minted in Paris 1814
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    Today I got the hard to get 1998 1/10 Britannia. Mintage of only 392. A huge thank you to arshi
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    Very nice @sg86! I feel a bit embarrassed putting mine up now πŸ˜‚ Today I recieved my lucky dip full sov and I was please to see it was a old head Melbourne mint, so glad as I need this head. Only need a shield back a Perth, Sydney, Ottawa and South Africa minted sov now, I might also try and get one each of the modern queen heads then I will see where I can go from there
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    All of our coins are safely in the USA The TSA agent was keen to talk Coins with me
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    I meant if his coin gets au58 won't add much value to it (cost of grading) A lovely 1832 William Full Gold Sovereign πŸ‘
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    2017 Lion Dollar Love this coin
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    Just to close the chapter on the infamous 1862 "gold" $1 that came back in shame from NGC in @Numistackers recent batch. I had bought it from a reputable UK auction house, at a real auction where I had viewed the coin in hand before bidding. Having contacted them and informed them of the NGC decision they immediately gave me a full refund, with no quibbling. I wanted to share that with everyone - as I found it reassuring that they care for their reputation ( as no good auction house wants to be seen selling fakes..), and obviously while I was motivated to get my own funds back, I also wanted them to know so they would be aware in future if offered / consigned coins by the same seller. So while eBay in theory offers buyers some level of protection, it's good to know that auctions will also do the right thing if presented with evidence of a fake. And I should say that I was lucky / happy with many of my other NGC results - see pics of a few Libertads, my nice old 8 reales (still love that coin), and my favourite of the bunch - the 2005 Perth "Sydney Mint" commemorative sovereign. Thanks again to Numi for getting the coins all there / back home again (we should never take that for granted actually! ). Finally back to the US gold dollars : I should mention I have two others bought raw and ungraded (on eBay) ....but suffice to say I am nervous to send them inπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰!
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    Well I have broken my "sovereigns only" rule for my current stack. Buying all sovs and just sticking them in tubes may be a sensible approach but it got so boring. Just ordered these 3 up from Baird, at Β£1000 a coin seems like a bargain :
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    10 of these landed yesterday. 20th Anniversary Brits
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    My first gold coin a 1/4oz 2009 gold nugget from Chards
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    Sanity check please? Am I mad or going in the right direction? Picked this up PF64CAM Now only the Β£5 to go for the set
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    From Arshi, the 2nd in the Kookaburra Evolution Companion Series and is the 2002 Evolution of Time. 5 coin series starting 2001 with Calendar, Time, Knowledge, Numbers and Alphabet. Originally proof antiqued coins with box & COA with mintage of 15k ish but this is just coin only. Shame there's a crack in the capsule. Will replace it one day. No idea why there's mention of Kookaburra. I forget how good a 10oz coin feels in hand.
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    Got this beast fly in from the states today
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