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  1. 20 likes
    My first pick up from Bullion by Post , well pleased coin in great condition even came in a capsule took pictures at home and work for different light.
  2. 19 likes
    1oz QB Dragon from Bairds. Originally wanted to buy from RMB but since spot is up I decided to go with a cheaper dealer. Chose Bairds because they seal into tamper evident holder and I assume part of the reason they do this to keep coin minty fresh. I'm sure someone here had a sealed coin with an issue and they replaced it without hassle. Cracked it open to put in a capsule. Comparison with the 1/4. Scales are much easier to see with the bigger size.
  3. 19 likes
    Another NGC submission was delivered today!!
  4. 18 likes
  5. 18 likes
    2005 Full & Half Sovereign in original sealed packet.
  6. 18 likes
    1987 two coin britannia set. I really like it
  7. 17 likes
    Had a quick play with the macro lens. Hope they look ok
  8. 17 likes
    Bought this 1937 double Sovereign proof. Needs NCS and reslabbing
  9. 17 likes
    One of my NGC submissions finally came in.[emoji38][emoji1]
  10. 17 likes
    a few lucky dip sovereigns from HGM, it was a fairly good cheltenham.
  11. 17 likes
    Not yet received, but they've finalised the slab and details on their website
  12. 16 likes
    Shout out to Backyard Bullion for making the video on the 1/4 oz proof QB lion. Got mine in the post today. This coin is a real beauty. Some scratches on the capsule but not the coin. The box it came with is really nice as well. Part wood with detachable magnet piece that holds the coin. No regrets buying it.
  13. 16 likes
    Just back from NGC and a pickup from MCM.
  14. 16 likes
    Some bits from the last few weeks. 1993 panda a gift from a good friend you know who you are thank you 2016 Shenyang Mint bar.1986 WWF Panda some gold griffins and dragons and other bits.
  15. 16 likes
    Yesterday I HAD made..... (warning:pic heavy) edits to come Remember these? @GoldBenj had them for sale. 3 x 22ct bands, 10.2g at near spot.....hmm. I approached Ben with an idea, nothing dramatic or exciting but could he do it? No problem guvnor A 10.2g lump! Yippee....wait for it.... Look at this machinery! Proper craftsmanship. Love it...it's probably as old as @Oldun? Nipples Taking shape. Yes, this is for myself. When Ben asked me what style I would like the ring, I wasn't sure. The idea was to create a bullion ring, as near to spot as we could. He recommended a classic 'D' shape because there would be the least wastage (filing etc.) Talent Birmingham Hallmark 9.4g 5mm Finished. The ring was completed in two days, the assay took time....Cheltenham didn't help! lol You all know I'm a soppy old tart. I'm pleased! I have a hand made, pic documented 22ct ring, and it's personal. Made in England. It's fantastic Ben.
  16. 16 likes
    Perth Series 1 Lunar Proof Rooster My 8th out of 12 in the set, with thanks to @shortstack68 for being the connecting "post office" in Germany.
  17. 15 likes
  18. 15 likes
    Received my 1/4 oz gold queens beasts lion today, I really really like it, it looks so much better in person, I may well have to get the others now lol. Just under 5 grams to go now until my first target reached! I quite like the Swiss 20 Franc so that might be the next purchase.
  19. 15 likes
    1820 full sovereign ok grade not sure if it's worth grading what do you think ? can't wait to see what the 1821 did for grading with @Numistacker
  20. 14 likes
    So, i have been having a rough time at work the last few months and have been on the look out for new one. I see jobs that i would be suited for but i by the time i get home, i am too tired and stressed to begin filling out the application forms. My normal work day starts with my alarm going off at 4.30am and ends when i stumble through the door at 5-7pm. Applications are last thing on my mind, im normally angry, tired and have lost the will to live. I am not proud to say but the wife and kids get the short end of the stick until i have had my dinner and im more relaxed. Its not a nice feeling cause they see im not happy. Im setting a bad example for the kids, working for money, not for joy, not thats its that much money either, lol. Today, i made the choice. I made the choice to put my family first and to stop trying to please the wrong people. My manager rolled in at lunch time and pissed off at 3pm, completely leaving me in the **** babysitting 24 EU nationals, most of them untrained useless temps who only understand the words, "break time", "home time" and "yes, you can go for a quick smoke" while i run around like a complete twat fixing all thier mistakes and trying to complete work before the Easter break. While he is away to his caravan for the weekend with his family to do some fishing. and enjoy Easter. I hope hes enjoys it because he will find my 4 weeks notice slap bang in the middle of his desk on Monday morning. I expect to be offered a pay rise and have my work load reduced (which be forgot about after a few weeks). I plan to simply tell him and the MD, that my letter was not asking for a pay rise, it is my notice. Then he will no he is screwed, no more easy days for him No more me fixing all his crap and doing half his work. I will be replaced by another idiot who is promised the world on a plate. I do not wonna sound big headed but no body in my position in work can touch me, not even close. I destroyed them all years ago and make them look stupid on a daily basis. I plan to give 100% until my final day, my final minute until i clock out for the last time, i will not give any ammo to them to talk bad about me after i am gone. I want them to no when im gone, i want them to miss me. When life gets boring and becomes grind, 2, 5, 10 years slip by quickly and you dont get them back, you only get regrets. So....onwards and upwards as the man says. I am just glad i finally grew a set, life is too short and i think (hope) i have enough in the saving account for keep us going until something else comes along. Anyone else out there in silver stacker land want to do the same as i have just done? Its truly a life changing feeling.
  21. 14 likes
    Got a 50 peso from Hatton Garden Metals. A bit dingy on the rim. Pleased to see it was not a 1947 restrike.
  22. 14 likes
    Finally got the Griffin to go with my lion. Looks good with the 2oz silver ones.
  23. 14 likes
    1/4 QB Griffin arrived to join his brother lion.
  24. 14 likes
    2017 225th anniversary coins arrived form the mint today. They will be going to NGC tomorrow. The pictures dont do these coins justice. They are beautiful.
  25. 14 likes
    Received my Plain Edge Gothic Crown. A (near) perfect coin only ruined by a tiny scratch. Compared to my Undecimo crown.
  26. 14 likes
    Added an 1825 Sovereign to the collection today.
  27. 14 likes
    1oz Gold New Zealand Mint Lunar Rooster. Came in Mint capsule but I've rehoused. Set of 5 2017 Gold Pandas 2017 Gabon Springbok & 2017 Armenian Noah's Ark to continue the date run for absolutely no reason. Same coin different year stamped on it
  28. 14 likes
    2x QBs. More detail than i expected and much better in the hand than internet pictures show
  29. 14 likes
    My 1/4 oz Queens beast griffin arrived from the Roayl Mint today. Not a flaw on it, not even a slight scratch, unlike other coins they've sold. Not my favourite beast so far but my first gold beast.
  30. 13 likes
    Another weird set of items. Some 20g Silver bowls. They came in capsules too I'm actually going to split this set. Keep a couple for myself and give a couple away. Secret handshake members will have the opportunity to win one some time soon.
  31. 13 likes
    My first Roman Coin arrived. I love it. Caligula AD38
  32. 12 likes
    1820 Crown, 1911 Sovereign, 2005 1/4 oz proof gold Britannia.
  33. 12 likes
    2 items arrived today, a dutch ducat, and a platinum "love angel" (bleaurgh). I decided i needed a little platinum in my life.
  34. 12 likes
    2017 1/4 oz Kangaroo -Royal Australian Mint MS70 (NGC Pop Report of 1)
  35. 12 likes
    What do you think? The 1825 arrived quickly in today's post.
  36. 12 likes
    1872 melbourne mint shieldback sourced locally and graded at vf-ef. Seems fair.
  37. 12 likes
    Weird and wonderful purchases I forgot to mention.
  38. 12 likes
    Option 1 takes it. 1/4 oz gold lion turned up, along with a milky but free 2 oz silver lion.
  39. 12 likes
  40. 12 likes
    A whole bunch of OMP pandas (1/2 oz and 1oz) 2013 Libertad 3 coin silver proof set
  41. 11 likes
  42. 11 likes
  43. 11 likes
    Royal Mint 1/4 oz monkey and sheep
  44. 11 likes
    Didn't expect the price to rise so rapidly with this one and left it too late.
  45. 11 likes
    1869 shield full sov .. good grade , can't go wrong with them
  46. 11 likes
    I've always loved the Una and the Lion £5 coins; this one is MS62+ and worth around £140,000.
  47. 11 likes
    2016 and 2017 Wedge Tailed Eagles High relief
  48. 11 likes
  49. 11 likes
    2012 Uncirculated full sov not as nice as the proof but alot cheaper 😁
  50. 11 likes
    Kook 2 coin set arrived yesterday, some dust on the proof