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    Here are the mintages and sales figures through April 2017 - Project I believe was a success. Standard Alloy Theme Fine Oz / Size Mintage Limit Despatched Sales to End April Bullion GOLD Dragon 0.25 No Limit 7,635 Bullion GOLD Dragon 1 No Limit 6,519 Bullion GOLD Griffin 0.25 No Limit 10,345 Bullion GOLD Griffin 1 No Limit 11,367 Bullion GOLD Lion 0.25 No Limit 20,000 Bullion GOLD Lion 1 No Limit 22,248 Bullion SILVER Dragon 2 No Limit 154,815 Bullion SILVER Griffin 2 No Limit 180,992 Bullion SILVER Lion 2 No Limit 253,150 Bullion SILVER Lion 10 No Limit 5,000 Standard Alloy Theme Fine Oz / Size Mintage Limit Despatched Sales to End April Proof GOLD Lion 0.25 2,500 1,940 Proof GOLD Lion 1 1,000 589 Proof GOLD Lion 5 125 125 Proof GOLD Lion Kilo 10 10 Proof SILVER Lion 1 8,500 7,684 Proof SILVER Lion 5 2,500 1,431 Proof SILVER Lion 10 1,250 1,122 Proof SILVER Lion Kilo 600 295
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    Back to coins.... Some old gold and some new, some platinum and silver too๐Ÿ˜€. A few gold quarter ounce QB Dragons/Griffins and 2016 Libertad proofs (some for members on the Forum), along with a 2016 Perth mint sovereign. Will think about grading some of them in pursuit of 70s! Another ounce of Pt - this time the 2016 Austrian Philharmoniker, which I bought actually right on the price dip in early January....so well pleased with that, and a nice big coin. Then silver - a stackers tube of 10 QB dragons, plus a few extras for capsules of the dragon and Griffin, and a slabbed Dragon. Happy to report that no milky ones in the tube (I checked!). Shelled out the cash for a silver PF70 QB Lion one ounce proof, and a few more in boxes - now I see why everyone goes gaga over this proof design ๐Ÿ˜‰. Some more irresistible 2016 Libertad silver proofs, and a few 2017 kooks (1 ouncers and a doorstop 10 ounce) and 2017 Britannias for good measure when the silver price dipped. The old gold: "mission accomplished" on the sovereign mintmark set as I just found a nice Ottawa C 1911 sov to complete the set. The Bombay I 1918 I picked up last week made me focus on that missing Canada one๐Ÿ˜Š! 1911 C by far the most common of the Canada years (1908-1919), but at 257,048 minted that is still a pretty low % out of the 40 million minted worldwide that year (numbers from goldsovereigns.co.uk). Got it along with a very nice 1912 London sovereign, and a 20 francs 1897 Lucky Angel. Lindeman.
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    Here is some interesting facts about these bars, by the numbers.... The Silver Forum Bars in numbers Initial mintage: 171 Estimated mintage: 200 (or 250 depending on demand) Project duration: 2 weeks planning, 7 weeks production Weight: 1 ozt (min) Purity: 99.9% Fine Silver Average weight: 32.5 grams Lightest bar: 31.12 grams Heaviest bar: 34.5 grams x220 bars poured x5 graphite melting crucibles totalling 85 grams of burnt off graphite x40 rejected (because of weight or quality) x180 bars sent for hallmarking x1 undergone destructive testing x8 โ€œmint errorโ€ bars (miss stamped by me) โ€“ bound for the melting pot! 15 individual stamps per bar Total individual stamps: 2,565 Number of people purchased bars: 76 (so far!) x7 Gold Premium Members x40 Premium Members x29 Standard Members x7 Countries over 3 continents! x5 US States & x30 UK Counties ~60,000 cm square of brown wrapping paper ~40 meters of Brown Packaging tape 60,000 cm Square of Bubble wrap Average distance each bar has travelled by post (including hallmarking): 750 miles Longest distance to be travelled by any bar: 10,000 miles (to Australia!)
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    2017 1oz maple, buffalo, philarmonica, 30th anniversay brit & kangaroo arrived from atkinsons + 1oz proof unicorn. Great case, holds 90 capsules + has room for 6 tubes of sovs
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    Krugs arrived from Hatton Garden, 4 X 1974 + 1 X 1975 (My birth year) Waiting on my Atkinsons + Royal Mint order now.
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    1779 guinea. Paid too much but it's the year my family bought our farm and it seemed an omen
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    This came today. 1902 Matte proof half sov. I'm a happy stacker today haha ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.
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    Back from the coin show. Traded my 1821 and 1825 Sovereign for a 1911 proof today. Found a dealer from France and bought a couple of 10F pieces. 1899 Paris Ceres 1867 Strasbourg (BB) Napoleon3
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    Some fractional pickups in my new capsules
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    Thanks@arshimo2012 for this lovely 2010 1/4oz britannia Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A bit of Krugerrand porn, 10 X 1oz's delivered this morning from Hatton Garden. Just waiting on the capsules to be delivered.
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    Some lovely 1/10oz proof Britannia's 1993, 1997, 1998, 2007, 2010 and a 2008 1/10oz American Eagle.
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    An 1884-CC $20 Double Eagle; I think it's a good candidate for NCS conservation and will be sending it across to them for a 'touch-up', and subsequent grading from NGC. The red spot at the top of the coin is either a very dark copper spot, or blood. I'm not too sure on grade, but I think it might be able to achieve AU53-55. Picked up from HGM, after a post on the Gold Deals topic.
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    Just back from holiday so a few bits have been sitting here waiting for me. 2016 and 2017 South Korean Chiwoo Cheonwang medals. Originally missed the 2016 so had to pay quite a bit for it. JFK coin from Pobjoy Mint and a 1/10th Gold Money Metals Exchange Liberty Medal. 2016 and 2017 South Korean 1/4 Gold Tiger Medals.
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    Last 1 of the alternative designs proof half sovereigns got. Happy days ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.
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    My second sovereign this week Gratefully received from @morezone
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    Was waiting for the last coin to arrive by mail, as it was won by a paper bid at auction a week ago - an 1826 George IV full sovereign (my first from that decade); it's a bit suspect around the rim (probably ex-jewellery or mount?). Still love the detail on the obverse. Then another first (and probably last...) for me: a 1784 full guinea (that's my oldest English coin). And then a bullion grade 1853 half sovereign. Those two were bought live at auction last week. Collector habit in full swing I guess....๐Ÿ˜‰
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    171 bars came back all OK! Actually they only drill tested one of them, the other 8 are all "Mint Error" bars as I messed up the stamping! So 171 bars...6 stamps per bar...1080 stamps done today... Fingers are sore but my back is the killer, hunched over the stamping block for 4 hours ain't good for the spine... In fact, just going to go unzip my spine and have a well earned beer!
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    Picked up my 1/4 oz proof Unicorn of Scotland from the PO today , well pleased i pulled the trigger early on this one
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    2nd time is a charm. NGC fixed their mechanical error and put the mexico label on . I also sent in a 2016 libertad ,since NGC was paying for shipping. [emoji2]
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    Few More for slabbing.too bad the half ozer has got some hairlines on the back. Overpaid but will still grade it. 2003 looks flawless.
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    Well happy thanks byb got from here my first proof sovereign love it thanks backyard bullion
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    Picked up my first piece of gold, a lovely 1/10 Libertad
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    My first Full Sovereign courtesy of @rebnah
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    Look what i just got through the post
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    Just to update everyone involved in this order I have been informed that the order has been shipped from GS.be and should be with me early next week. Will post out to everyone ASAP and hopefully this will mean you all have your items by the end of the week!
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    A couple of fillers. 1843 Sovereign 1896M
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    Arrived today: 1pcs 2002 silverpanda NGC MS70 1pcs 2003 frosted panda NGC MS70 With these I went to #11 on NGC registerd set for silverpandas with variations
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    A good day (my first purchase from Atkinsons!)...
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    Hi Lizzie, Just to confirm that I have used your company on lots of occasions, going back many years, usually buying Pandas! I have never had anything other than superb reliable service. I have noted recently (and I will try to use my words carefully) that this forum IMHO is been slowly taken over by the type of people who think they are the next big thing since they have purchased a Proof Silver coin and then whinge and cry when things dont go quite to plan, also ready to instantly castigate any company or person when some obscure thing doesnt go their way, on a public forum, ready to destroy reputations made over many years. Please read back over the last month, I would kindly suggest to a lot of people on this forum, reassess your reasons for "investing" in PMs, do more research and stop crying publicly when things dont go your way, it isnt very endearing! Mods feel free to remove if you feel that some of the sensitive souls feelings may be hurt! Cheers Dave
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    Common date, but normally well out of my price range. I had a splurge!
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    My sovereigns came in today
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    Just shipped in another lion on top the one I already own just in case one of them develop spots knowing RM quality.... and another panda to continue to complete my collection Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just had this 10oz beauty delivered to my door. Well packaged, correctly addressed and the security tape intact. Good effort by Goldsilver.be to make sure you get your package delivered safety as it even has a label on it stating it's medical supplies and asking that it's not delivered to a neighbour. However, mine was indeed delivered to a neighbour with a similar house number. Not only was it delivered to a neighbour the said neighbour wasn't even in so the driver helpfully tossed it over the fence into his garden then wrote on the delivery card that he'd done just that. Fortunately I got the package but Yodel really need to have a think about the standards they work to.
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    2011 China World Heritage Series - Shaolin Temple PF69 Ultra Cameo. Few scratches on the slab so will have it rehoused sometime in the future. Piked it up because I really like the reverse but I've got a bad eye at the moment so everything is blury
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    More goodies today inc a stunning 1/10 Britannia.
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    Received 1oz silver Unicorn proof from the Royal Mint - not a scuff, mark or scratch on it and it was the first one they sent! First time! I almost don't believe it! Hurray! A nice beautiful coin, I was not keen on the design of the unicorns...expression? But its not too bad in hand, overall its very nice.
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    Picked up the Proof Unicorn of Scotland 1/4 oz gold
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    I don't normally post my purchases but thought I would share this little 1/10 kiwi gold doo-darr I picked up locally in town yesterday as I have not seen one on my travels before or on the forum. ยฃ107 I paid which was fair enough
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    These arrived from HGM yesterday, 1908 and 1903 Edward sovereigns.
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    1892 half sovereign sheild from Sg86 Fantastic fast service and item as described. Cheers
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    Proof arrived 2 weeks ahead of schedule
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    2002 full sov received few days ago
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    1896 silver Morgan dollar. Philadelphia mint. Pretty coin for 121 years old...
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    From @rebnah two purchases in last week or so 100g PAMP Suisse 2 x 10g PAMP Suisse faith's 2.5 SilverStan Pirate Round @rebnah excellent to deal with, no nonsense deals, good communication including photo of packed items, fast delivery and as the man himself will say cheaper than Atkinsons! Some would say better service than Chards...