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    I am thrilled with the Sovereign that arrived today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk *Removed Tapatalk's double post within a post.
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    1987 3 Coin set Gold panda Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    some investment pieces 30g 2017 Panda 1oz 2016 American Gold Eagle 1oz 2017 American Buffalo 1oz 2017 Krugerrand 50th anniversary privy Gold goals for 2017: achieved
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    So I finally got around to presenting these 1/10th brits, using a box from the RM and a custom insert (9mm deep high grade felt with 3mm base), fits perfect! Yes yes it's incomplete, but won't be long before it's done :D. Photos were rushed but i wanted to share, they really do look so good all together in person
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    Thanks to @calandlew1 for iron man. Looks great with his newly antiqued brothers.
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    I have had the day off work and not alot to do so i decided to pull the stack out for a sorting. Wanted to tube up some elephants and check for any new milky's. 2015 pandas are milking which i thought odd. Anyways, ended up taking a few quick pics to post up. The picture quality is rubbish but everyone knows what most coins look like. That is the complete stack above ^^^^^^^^^^^ Below are my tubes of britannias, x1 2012, x1 2015, x3 2016 & x1 2017, tube of milked 1.5oz polar bears, tube of 2015 2 oz turtles and tube of 1/2oz apmex rounds. The rolled coins are my x120 1/2oz lunars along with x4 2oz's and x10 1oz's. Almost forget the 2008 5oz libertad. Next, i have my 500gram and 10oz silver bars, queens beast and x2 ms-69 coins. In the boxes are a 2000 queens mother sterling proof coin, 210 brit, 1985 silver proof £1 and a boxed 2011 1/2 sov. You can also see the sheet of 2016 pandas under the 2015 and 2016 congo garilla's. Bars, graded and boxed are mostly impulse and ebay bargins for me. Now we have 3 years of koalas, 2 years of kooks, 1 year of kangaroos, 2 years of libertads and 3 years of elephants. These are stacked in piles of 5. On the bottom row, there is tailed eagles, the UK lunar series, zanzibar qr codes coins and 2014 pandas. These are in piles of 3. These are coins most of us buy every year, easy to trade. Next up are my milky maples and birds of prey series. The only 2 coins none milked coin i have are the 25th anniversary and the superman ones. Along the bottom, theres a 2013 bitcoin, zombuff and ramdon mint stuff. Theres also my x4 SBSS coins, you cant really see them. Theres a 2013 slave queen, 2014 feedom, 2015 cannabis and 215 silver bull. In the bottom corner, you can just about make out a 2009 koala. Below are more random coins that i have got in parts of lots, seen of offer are added to make up an order. Got a couple of good ones, 2004 kook won from ebay, 1985 libertad and 2011 panda. Nothing else really special . Then i have the britannia date run from 98 through the 2017. Have a few extra 01, 05 and 11's along the bottom. Need to buy the wooden box for these. Packed up and ready to go back into storage for another while. I understand a lot would not entertain the idea of posting there stack but i feel safe enough on here. Hope you've enjoyed a quick snap of my hard earned stack Stack on bro's and hoe's !!!!
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    A couple of Lunar 1 1/10ths. Capsules were damaged but after pointing it out to the seller they refunded the cost of replacing the caps.
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    Beautifully crafted piece by @GoldBenj and just in time to give to my better half.
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    2012 & 2013 China Lunar 1/10 Gold & 1 oz Silver Commemorative Coin Sets. Looks like they changed from the wooden style to the plastic style box after the dragon.
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    1884-M Sovereign Shield arrived and I like it.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So this is a little bit overdue. But I only fiddle my coins when I have the time to really enjoy them. My WMF2017 pick ups. I should have made better notes at the fair. Because now I can't remember what I paid for some. Don't have receipt from all the sellers, just the big ones. Some maybe don't care, but I know from myself that I wanted to know where the prices lay on this event. Some have really good prices, some are dreamers and some you can haggle with. 1x 1oz Panda 2017 WMF - 89€ 2x 1oz Panda 2017 - 23,5€ 5x 1oz Panda 2016 - 21€ 5 Mark 1934F - 20€ 5 Mark 1934J - 20€ 1x 2oz The Lion - 40€ 1x 2oz The Griff - 40€ 2x 2016 1/2 Lunar2 - 13€ 2x 2017 1/2 Lunar2 - 13€ 2x 1oz Lib 2015 - 20€ 2x 1985 Onza - 25€ 1x 1992 Onza - 1x 1993 - 23,5€ 1x 1993 - 23,5€ 1x 2000 Croc - 50€ 1x 100 Peso 1978 - 1x 5 Peso 1948 - 1$ Dollar Australia WMF Berlin 2017 Carded 5€ Passport 10€ (A small coins from 30 different Countries) Free: $1 AUD 2014 Cuckoo Wasp 2 Rand 2016 South Africa 1 Penny 2014 UK 10 Agorot Israel Medal: Krugerrand 50 Anniversary Medal: Monnaie de Paris WMF2017
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    Yesterday I received..... my 100th gold sovereign*! I didn't realise until I just updated my spreadsheet. And a cool one at that. *the sovereign family inc. half, full and doubles
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    Some Pandas received yesterday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Some Pandas received yesterday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The postie just delivered this, quick pic and then boxed up and in the safe. Thanks @arshimo2012
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    Star Wars Classics 2016 Princess Leia Obi Wan Kenobi 1oz Silver. I have the first 4 so might as well continue. It is quite costly now since Brexit . Interested thing is the coin holder have difference pitches. You'd think they'd be manufactured to the same spec and all be uniform. Chinese New Year Celebration 8g Commemorative Coin. Huge mintage for 2017 at 2.7 million and huge premium but nice packaging though. 2016 had mintage of 1.9 million and 2015 was just 300,000. My first time getting one. 2015 Lunar Goat 1/10 Gold and 1oz Silver Commemorative Coin Set. RAM 2017 Kangaroo in capsule. Carded version is the one to get really but I'm going to remove from the card anyway and means more storage. If I were going to flip, then carded is the way to go. 2017 Cook Island Bounty. I already bought a 2017 a month or so ago but that was the old design so grabbed this as it had a different design. They must have minted some and then decided to change the design.
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    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    1872 shield back MS62 My first ever silver panda lol MS70
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    A few other Coins recently received thanks to @HelpingHands for the gold elephant and pesos. @DavePanda for the 2008. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Today I received my first China Lunar Coin. 2012 Dragon Proof.
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    2011 China Lunar Rabbit 1/10th Gold & 1 oz Silver Commemorative Coin Set
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    I was weak. Could not resist to buy another Reverse Britannia set. This time graded.
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    A 1814 Louis XVIII 20 franc coin , might get this one graded its in better condition than the 2002 Shield full sovereign i bought from Atkinsons
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    arrived today. 2017 proof commemorative panda. 150 gram.
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    Today I picked up two Oriana Gold Bars - 1oz and 10 gram. I think they look stunning
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    3rd batch of 4 from NGC, here are the keepers!
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    The gold Krugerrand is usually seen as a basic gold bullion coin but i think the proof is a bit special.
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    Greeting the New Century Dragon Note Commemorative Scaled-Down replicas in 1.8g Gold & 2g Silver. I already have one in silver but I could only manage to find the gold in this set so had no choice but to pickup the gold as a set. Issued in 2015 and fully authorised by the People's Bank of China and produced at one of their banknote printing and minting facilities. Only 2000 gold were issued so was quite difficult and very very expensive to get hold of. Silver had an issue of 8000 so was easier to obtain.
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    Today arrived the 2010 China Lunar Series 4 Tiger. It's the 2nd in the series.
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    1821 Full Sov love the old sovereign 1887 1/2 Sov PCGS MS62
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    Another 1908 $20 Double Eagle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    An Ebay pick up. My first silver proof coin. I think the reverse is especially cool.
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    Just started collecting so here goes. 47.54g 22ct Titanic coin 1/10oz Lord of the Rings Crown 1/4oz Natura Rhino Coca Cola Sovereign 1899 Full Sovereign 1905 Half Sovereign 1/10oz Kangaroo 1/20oz Kangaroo 1/20oz Kangaroo 1/20oz Maple 1.4g Royal Wedding Coin Hope you like [emoji1]
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    Today I received my 2006 silver proof Queens' 80th birthday coin that I won on ebay for just over £16. On top of that in the post was a package with an ASE & a 2017 silver Britannia that I never ordered. It was addressed to me but had the wrong house number on it. When I opened it there was a receipt with order status 'complete'. Now I then compared it to my recent order receipt from the same firm that had 'processed' in the order status. Duplicate order from Yorkshire bullion! Me being me, I've tried ringing them but no response. I'll give them another ring in the morning. I could easily say nothing but they haven't done me a bad turn & have been pretty good with my orders.
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    Very happy to receive from @arshimo2012 Also, acting on a tip from @morezone 3 Sheild Sovereigns from HGM
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    Visited the London Coin Fair today and it was great to hang out with@platinumskies and@backyardbullion Everything was grossly expensive and I wanted everything but in the end bought a 1/20th Libertad!!! Made a video with@backyardbullion that's now up on you tube Sent from my iPhone using TapatalkVisited the London Coin Fair today and it was great to hang out with@platinumskies and@backyardbullion Everything was grossly expensive and I wanted everything but in the end bought a 1/20th Libertad!!! Made a video with@backyardbullion that's now up on you tube Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ordered on Sunday night, arrived today a 2017 half proof sovereign and also the 5 oz silver lunar monkey to add to my lunar set, it's my first 5 oz lunar coin, better start looking for the others now lol
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    Yes, I know...but hey...thanks @arshimo2012
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    A few Australian coins c/o Shaun and arshimo2012
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    VAT free 1oz PF 70 Queen's beast lion to go with my ungraded coin
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    I saw Atkinsons were selling a few Johnson Matthey 1oz bars so i decided to get a few.
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    10 - 2017 Silver Maple Leaf Panda privy 2. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    2015 Lunar Goat 1g Gold and 5g Silver Notes from Shanghai Philatelic Corporation. Temple Pandas in Silver and Gold. They should have made the gold larger to retain the original detail.
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    1/10oz 2014 kangaroo NGC AU58 $5 liberty thanks to @Numistacker PCGS MS62 full sov victoria