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    This came today. 1902 Matte proof half sov. I'm a happy stacker today haha 😃.
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    Some lovely 1/10oz proof Britannia's 1993, 1997, 1998, 2007, 2010 and a 2008 1/10oz American Eagle.
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    Just back from holiday so a few bits have been sitting here waiting for me. 2016 and 2017 South Korean Chiwoo Cheonwang medals. Originally missed the 2016 so had to pay quite a bit for it. JFK coin from Pobjoy Mint and a 1/10th Gold Money Metals Exchange Liberty Medal. 2016 and 2017 South Korean 1/4 Gold Tiger Medals.
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    A couple of fillers. 1843 Sovereign 1896M
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    Picked up my 1/4 oz proof Unicorn of Scotland from the PO today , well pleased i pulled the trigger early on this one
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    2nd time is a charm. NGC fixed their mechanical error and put the mexico label on . I also sent in a 2016 libertad ,since NGC was paying for shipping. [emoji2]
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    Just to update everyone involved in this order I have been informed that the order has been shipped from GS.be and should be with me early next week. Will post out to everyone ASAP and hopefully this will mean you all have your items by the end of the week!
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    Arrived today: 1pcs 2002 silverpanda NGC MS70 1pcs 2003 frosted panda NGC MS70 With these I went to #11 on NGC registerd set for silverpandas with variations
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    2011 China World Heritage Series - Shaolin Temple PF69 Ultra Cameo. Few scratches on the slab so will have it rehoused sometime in the future. Piked it up because I really like the reverse but I've got a bad eye at the moment so everything is blury
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    More goodies today inc a stunning 1/10 Britannia.
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    1896 silver Morgan dollar. Philadelphia mint. Pretty coin for 121 years old...
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    Never mind the election.. a nice 1918 Bombay I Sovereign. Apologies for the pictures - tricky to catch the I mintmark - but it's there, trust me!
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    Won an auction for this mid-Atlantic Auspicious serial number 666
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    This is what I got in today 4 roosters and a Chiwoo.
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    Photos from @BackyardBullion. I noticed they hadn't been uploaded here and decided to upload them to this topic
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    Shenyang mint carved sheep 80g Silver Shenyang mint carved sheep 80g Silver
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    Some Pandas arrived too! The date gaps may be here tomorrow.
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    A few more Morgans to fill holes in the date run.
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    My first Sovereign! Won this 1918-I George V at Heritage Auctions for $300 ($352 w/ buyer's premium). I've been sweating it all week since it posted. There was some early action (starting bid was $150) and then tonight during the live bidding, nothing. I'm stoked to have this to start my George V 1918 set. It'll be on its way to NGC soon.
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    Recently received UK Lunar proofs from forum member @LongJohnSilver
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    Just grabbed a Hatton Garden 10 X Krug special Pushes me back over the 1kg at 36.76 oz, need another 15.76 oz for stack V2 to match my stack V1
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    2010 silver panda 2011 silver panda 2012 silver panda 2013 silver panda 2014 silver panda 2015 silver panda 2016 silver panda 2017 silver panda
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    Longmen Buddah grotto..62g high relief silver medal
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    Forgot to mention I also received my replacement 10oz Maple from Atkinsons. Have to say Atkinsons have acted professionally as usual! Thanks Atkinsons 👍🏻
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    I love those tigers. Very nice[emoji106]
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    Well if May does form the next government, we can actually thank Sturgeon. Without the 12 seats in Scotland, we would probably be looking at a Corbyn premiership and it's all down to the SNP's obsession with another indy referendum that's caused their collapse. and Alex Salmond losing his seat to the Cons, how sweet is that? and the only bright spot from last night. Just a shame that t****r Farron managed to scrape through.
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    What 1/4oz proof sold out already !! ffs give us a chance til we get paid lol
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    Platinum Austrian Philharmoniker 2016, inaugural in the series.
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    Labour made the same promises that got us into the financial mess in the first place. Promise free this and cheap that on the never never and let some future government (i.e every taxpayer) pay for it later and the young student aged etc types swallowed it hook line and sinker. They are too stupid for words but think they are hard done by. Melts. They are going to need industrial strength vaseline by the time they get older and realise a degree and a sense of "being right" does not pay the bills. They will find out the hard way when they finally stop twatting about with their sense of self righteousness and smartphone life and have to change nappies, get the kids to school and hold two jobs down, while seeing all taxes go up, their wage packet stagnate and find out just how far "being right" and "hard done by" gets them. Got my popcorn ready....can't wait. Get Brexit done asap so the gbp can tank already and it makes real manufacturing return to The UK by making our products cheaper and also making them freely available without eu bollocks restraints to anyone we want to sell to.. Then ironically, labour as a party can go back to actually what they were supposed to be....representing the working classes, not pandering to the middle classes and melts.Yes Im looking at you Blair, you tool.
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    Ah, you see! You were using goolge. You need Google! A quick look and I found this on a Dutch website. I think it's just a run of the mill '64 half dollar but with a stamp to commemorate 200 years of Dutch/US relations. I don't know why they chose this year of coin to celebrate that milestone. I don't think it has a mintage of 200. I've seen one for sale for 25 euros. I think the first coin is scrap and the '64, whilst interesting, is not worth much. I advise that you leave them. I can be helpful. How refreshing.
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    Wow lovely coin best I've seen for a while
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    Thanks @KDave- I took a better pic at an angle - here you see the "I" much better. It was a targeted 1918 I purchase, and yes, I did pay quite a bit more for this one, at auction - @£350. Looking at the graded coins in MS63 or above I reckon I got a reasonable deal, and you will struggle to see these as raw coins in good condition for less than £350. True - if you happen to bag one of these as a "bullion" sovereign for regular bullion price then that would be a rare jewel...
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    lol yes most paths do seem to lead to global monetary collapse in those videos I don't really know anything, I have a feeling silver will go up or at least holds in value over the years but I don't stack it I only really buy gold I like gold not as much as an investment on it's own but because I don't like to keep all my savings in the bank. I also like gold because I can store or transport £10,000 worth very easily, could pop it in my pocket(s) if need be, whereas with silver it would be a hassle I also like to try and buy numismatics that I think will appreciate in time and I have a pretty good track record with it; The 2017 proof sovereign is a good example, £435 bought and sells for £700 or so now If you're interested in pm's for making money in the short term, the best way to do it imo is to learn as much as you can about numismatics and collected coin series and watch out for bargains or new releases you're confident you can flip
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    A bar i got from Danny-boy, who i see originally got it from arshimo2012. A hand me down so to speak.
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    So here's how I see it. In Scotland Ruth Davidson did a great job for her Party by making the vote up her about the Scottish Independence Referendum. Turnout up, the quiet majority did not miss their chance this time. So Scotland added 12 Conservative MP's and remember Scotland voted against Brexit. Taking into account these 12 you can really see how far back they went. Theresa May isolated herself, upset the pensioners, youngsters, failed to go strong on terrorists for fear of losing votes across the diverse electorate; all to appease the Tory hardliners. Even now in her "Victory" Speech the result is spun to the Max. She cannot take the risk of going to the Country again as Jerry would not miss his chance the next time. I will say here that I am so disappointed in the state of UK politics - they have tried to make mugs of the electorate - I thought Theresa May had the making of another Thatcher. The real dangers here, in my opinion are Boris and David Davis - they are ruthless and do not show any respect to the electorate. What next and how long?
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    I will pick up my winnings today, The Conservatives have only themselves to blame, they had the worst manifesto i can remember, 'trust me whats in the box' manifesto . They clearly thought they could get away with anything. May has turned out to be a weak leader. who advised the Tories that all the UKIP vote would go and vote conservative that also was a big mistake!
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    Well he's celebrating like he's won but all he's done is do a lot better than we all thought he would. he's still lost an election.Any other Labour leader would be out by now for not winning. It's like calling it a victory because your team only got beat 3-2 instead of 3-1. He has less of a mandate than even Theresa May and it's about time he realised that. From his attitude you would think it's been stolen from him!
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    Hi Mac, In my experience I changed my outlook on silver and stacking in general as time went on. This is probably true with a lot of PM investor/stackers. Back in '08, the thought was (for me) that I was protecting myself and my family from a very possible financial collapse. It later turned into ideas that I would make a nice profit over time. Now, I have more realistic ideas I think. But your point about saving money (in silver) instead of spending on some amazon nonsense or whiskey or whatever is excellent. This is my viewpoint these days. Do I think it will appreciate over time, yes. More than other investments? Probably not for generic bullion anyway. But if it interests you (beyond the idea that it might go "to da moon" someday), then it can be a powerful motivator (and fun way) of saving over time. Gold too (get both ;-) As for the conspiracy theories, you'll find them everywhere with PMs. I just take most with a grain of salt, but realize that even if some are mostly true, it doesn't necessarily mean the result will be higher silver or gold prices. But I do believe that if you take the slow and steady approach over a long period of time (decades), then you'll have an impressive collection (and have fun doing it). Note: if you're into flipping coins for short term profit, check out Shadow stack on youtube. For a more numismatic channel, check on Numistacker. You probably found these 2 by now, but thought I'd mention them.
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    silvertogo and GS.be are good companies. @Rhyseyson I am organising a group delivery at the moment from GS.be (Closed for may) but will be opening one for June next week I think! DM me for more info!
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    @Agpanda I feel for some reason you may be a panda fan of some sort, or have I got the wrong end of the bamboo?..
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    I'm amazed how close the result was and instead of labiur patting themselves on the back it diesnt look good for labour in the future. strategy wise labour did everything right, the conservatives didn't have a much of manifesto , didn't bribe pensioners, students etc with money. Didn't present there views very well didn't point the holes in labours manifesto in fact didnt do much at all. Oh the performance of the last two months how Labour didn't win with a landside is beyond me.
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    I am beginning to think that due to the appalling quality of our politicians and the stupidity of the electorate in general, we might actually be better staying in the EU as we seem incapable of effectively governing ourselves.
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    I know I agree with you look
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    Angus GONE, nick GONE. BBC loving it, they are really showing their colours tonight
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    Hi, IMO for your first Gold buy go for a full sovereign if you live in the UK, you can buy a bullion 2017 at a decent price above spot. I would give the QB a miss that's just my opinion! If you really want one of the coins you said then IMO buy a 1/4 brittania proof as close to spot as possible, I think there was one for sale on the forum just check. Then 2nd choice would be any Perth lunar 1/4 oz. please note the monkey is popular ATM as I think it's been pumped on YouTube, so you may want to buy another year! I like the horse.