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    Here are the mintages and sales figures through April 2017 - Project I believe was a success. Standard Alloy Theme Fine Oz / Size Mintage Limit Despatched Sales to End April Bullion GOLD Dragon 0.25 No Limit 7,635 Bullion GOLD Dragon 1 No Limit 6,519 Bullion GOLD Griffin 0.25 No Limit 10,345 Bullion GOLD Griffin 1 No Limit 11,367 Bullion GOLD Lion 0.25 No Limit 20,000 Bullion GOLD Lion 1 No Limit 22,248 Bullion SILVER Dragon 2 No Limit 154,815 Bullion SILVER Griffin 2 No Limit 180,992 Bullion SILVER Lion 2 No Limit 253,150 Bullion SILVER Lion 10 No Limit 5,000 Standard Alloy Theme Fine Oz / Size Mintage Limit Despatched Sales to End April Proof GOLD Lion 0.25 2,500 1,940 Proof GOLD Lion 1 1,000 589 Proof GOLD Lion 5 125 125 Proof GOLD Lion Kilo 10 10 Proof SILVER Lion 1 8,500 7,684 Proof SILVER Lion 5 2,500 1,431 Proof SILVER Lion 10 1,250 1,122 Proof SILVER Lion Kilo 600 295
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    Back from the coin show. Traded my 1821 and 1825 Sovereign for a 1911 proof today. Found a dealer from France and bought a couple of 10F pieces. 1899 Paris Ceres 1867 Strasbourg (BB) Napoleon3
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    Last 1 of the alternative designs proof half sovereigns got. Happy days 😃.
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    Few More for slabbing.too bad the half ozer has got some hairlines on the back. Overpaid but will still grade it. 2003 looks flawless.
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    Well happy thanks byb got from here my first proof sovereign love it thanks backyard bullion
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    I don't normally post my purchases but thought I would share this little 1/10 kiwi gold doo-darr I picked up locally in town yesterday as I have not seen one on my travels before or on the forum. £107 I paid which was fair enough
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    These arrived from HGM yesterday, 1908 and 1903 Edward sovereigns.
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    From @rebnah two purchases in last week or so 100g PAMP Suisse 2 x 10g PAMP Suisse faith's 2.5 SilverStan Pirate Round @rebnah excellent to deal with, no nonsense deals, good communication including photo of packed items, fast delivery and as the man himself will say cheaper than Atkinsons! Some would say better service than Chards...
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    Won an auction for this mid-Atlantic Auspicious serial number 666
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    I think it was a fair deal in many ways and on others Adrian won. I was too generous with my offer and he said yes too quickly. The 1821 was details and if I had Unslabbed it and auctioned it I would have got between £800 and £1100 less eBay fees of at least £100. The 1825 had been slightly polished but got a clean AU58 and would have sold for £950 or so at auction. Less £100. That had a value of say £1700 or so for the two and I threw in another more bullion sovereign too. I provided tons of value to the deal and Adrian has some potential to add value to my coins and extract his profit. At the same time his £2500 Sovereign was valued by me for £2100 in that condition 64 cameo. Some might have said £1900 but the 1911 proofs are very desirable and only 3,000 were minted. All in all I might have lost out on the deal by £200 in total so I could have dealt better but I have one first class coin in my collection now and can gradually look for the others in that year. I will also look for a pre Vic sovereign in MS to add to my collection too.
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    Been stalking this 1885S Sovereign for a while and decided to pull the trigger, should grade well
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    The concerns are not that longer standing members won't pay. The concern we have is when a new member arrives we don't know who very quickly wants to sell. Normally i send the money bank transfer before the item is sent when dealing with established members. Unless it is a foreign currency transfer the cash is there immediately. i know i will get the goods as described. Everything is done on trust. If someone is new a member might well ask the coin is sent before payment. They will check it is ok and then send the money. If a member welshed on a deal their name would be mud, so they aren't going to do it. It just is not going to happen. But you would have to be dealing with an established member. Once you have sold a few items and you are seen to be 100% you have passed the initiation and all is well.
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    2010 silver panda 2011 silver panda 2012 silver panda 2013 silver panda 2014 silver panda 2015 silver panda 2016 silver panda 2017 silver panda
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    Cracked capsule on the rear of Maple leaf😳
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    2 lovely pandas, one 2002 and one 2003 Both NGC MS70 from Thincat00
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    This is the Silver Forum. You deal with any of the longer standing members this does not happen. This is a community, we help each other.
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    Old but silver, Mexican 8 Reale.
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    Managed to grab this while at work 😁
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    I think a Con majority of 70. Labour have had a better campaign than they could ever have expected which will prevent a landslide, but when push comes to shove we all know that Middle England doesn't really do socialism, and the electorate won't have forgotten how the parliamentary Labour party has been riddled with infighting and trying to usurp its leader for the last 18 months. I also think that, in today's social-media driven world where virtue signalling is the thing to do, it only drives "shy Tories" underground even more, and that, despite whatever adjustments they have made to their models since 2015, they are very likely to understate Con support ever more. The Left haven't engaged any serious debate, they just shout louder, so the Con supporters just go into their bunker, don't even bother to talk to pollsters, and instead do their talking in the voting booth. Also, recent terror attacks have focussed the mind... can you really imagine Diane Abbott dealing with a national terror alert?
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    I haven't bought that much from them lately as I find shield sovs and especially halves go in under 1 or 2 minute. There is no way I'm paying the extra for a jubilee half so I usually miss out. I can often buy a known grade and year from a dealer for around the same price in many cases now once I have haggled the price slightly. This is much better than paying for an unknown grade from HGM. I've had a few that look exmount judging by the dirt in places where the mount clasp would have been or are dinted. I don't think many of the staff are experienced enough to give you a good estimate as to the grade etc,.
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    I didn't take any video at the show this time. The coin was marked up at £2,500 and that's a bit high I think but I did want to start to collect the 1911 proofs as well as the 1937 proofs.
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    king [emoji146] Kong and Godzilla revenge of the mega slab.. Unboxing part 2@silverstackeruk
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    Its time these MPs gave the powers at be some real power and deport anyone associated with hate against the country and stop being such a f@@@@@g soft touch and started cracking some heads
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    Platinum Austrian Philharmoniker 2016, inaugural in the series.
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    I can't say i wear this but i occasionally get it out of the safe and have a look. Don't know an awful lot except it's 18ct with enamel and french, Suspect it's late 19th century
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    This is a genuine problem for a new seller offering a mid-priced item for sale. If selling to an established forum member the seller should be able to confidently ship prior to receiving payment. Trusting the buyer is a risk but a very minor one, especially to a forum member with a good history of trades. A buyer paying in advance for an item from a new member with no trading is however a risk. I believe ( but requires checking ) that if you pay for "goods" using PayPal, the seller would incur a fee, but the buyer is protected. Friends and Family would not be the way to remit these early transactions as PayPal treats them as gifts and not a trade. The seller will take the hit of the initial PayPal fees but will start to gain credibility and future buyers can pay F&F or bank transfer. Finally perhaps you can invite a well-established forum member to act as an escrow, accepting the coin and the payment before releasing both. I am sure someone might volunteer accepting a token gift or similar to cover their inconvenience ?
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    Hands on Review of the 2012 Proof Sovereign It is for sale in the trade section if this video has convinced you to take it off my hands!
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    Hi Roy, I purchased some Silver Koalas from GoldSilver.BE after a fair bit of reading on this forum about a month ago, hence the reference in my first post here regarding the useful information I had gleaned regarding purchasing. After further browsing of the forum I have gained more of an insight into the various avenues one can go down regarding Silver collection/stacking and would like to free up a little bit of money in order to expand my collection in other areas - a wider variety of coins. My apologies for diving straight into the trading section with no reputation and a relatively expensive item for sale. As with my first purchase of silver, I have been a little over enthusiastic!
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    Interment camps for radicals and people with dodgy internet history sounds like George Orwell's worst nightmare to be honest. People will say if you do xyz to this group in an effort to reduce radicalisation, you make it worse and its true. They can be taken out of the game without us having to become nazi's. Deportation is fair, low cost and doesn't take anyone's freedom to believe whatever they want away. Which is what we are all about. You can believe in whatever you want, but we draw the line at driving cars over people and stabbing them in the name of the sky fairy you choose to worship. If you cross the line, or plan to cross the line, you and your family forfeit your property and don't get to play in our country any more. But it won't happen. A frantic few days of hashtagging will be about the sum of what is done, which is why we can expect this to continue indefinitely.
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    Well got my first proof sovereign last week and just love it big thanks to backyard bullion well happy and went to the London coin fair saw some lovely coins there
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    I can point to passages in everybody's Bible that tell you how beating your slave within an inch of his life is fine, so long as you don't kill him. Rules on selling your daughter as property. On situations where stoning to death is permissible. God's guidelines on slaughtering the men, women and boys of your enemy nations, but taking the little girls 'for yourself' is ay okay. Wholesome tales of justified infanticide, and the fatal mauling of children who insulted the prophet Elisha. The list goes on. Judaism and its late blooming cousin Christianity have, for the most part, thankfully grown well beyond these early feudal doctrines.. though the divine guidelines are still there in the testament for all to see. Islam has its horrors too, also writ in stone. All these holy books are ripe for madmen, charlatans, self-proclaimed prophets and the dangerously oppressed to pick up and wield as carte blanche for any number of atrocities. And they have been. But it seems like Islam is the last of the Abrahamic children yet to grow up and stop waging bloody conquest in god's names. If Jim Jones picked up a Qur'an instead of a Bible, maybe the results would have been far worse than they already were. In place of kool-aid at gunpoint, you might have had a People's Caliphate of Guyana. At one time or another all these holy books have justified hell on earth in search of heaven. But in good hands they all demand charity, hospitality, compassion and kinship. They establish literally impossible ethical absolutes but ask their readers to strive anyway, and many do. Christians and Jews aren't stoning their sinners to death in the streets. It wasn't always so, but now they are essentially 'religions of peace', alongside Buddhism and.. Jedi. In non-Sharia countries all around the world, that's generally true for Muslims too. But we have to call them 'moderates'.. why? Apologetics, for the sore thumb of rampant extremism. The problem of violence isn't only in Islam. But I think it's obvious they have the monopoly on actually acting on it still. And until the violent extremist interpreters of Islam are completely gone, 'moderates' will always live in the shadow of their outrageous brethren. And with that comes a whole range of public opinions. At best, a tragically misunderstood people of peace and poetic recitation who have centuries-old doctrines in their sacred song that no longer apply. At worst, seen as sleeper agents in our midst awaiting the next foreign policy faux pas that leaves a leaderless vacuum begging to be filled by vengeful Islam, who will radicalise the domestic agents against their host nations. Is it too much to hope that the problem of extremist interpreters of Islam be solved by their moderate peaceful brothers and sisters? Probably. So the vicious cycle continues.
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    The people are being played. The media says Muslims are being radicalised on the internet. The authorities know about every webpage, every tweet, every Fakebook posting and yet 'so called Islamic State' is supposed to be radicalising Muslims through the internet. Such websites could be blocked in a heartbeat. It would not surprise me if all of these websites which i have never come across were put up by the authorities. I remember speaking to a police officer who told me the authorities put up child porn websites to entrap people. The authorities are tracking everything, there is too much to deal with it in detail but if this 'war on terror' is all important all these websites would be gone. It is simply a ploy to overtly control the internet b/c at the end of the day the powers that should not be are frightened of us in case enough of us found out what they have done and took action. When i was a kid i used to hear about Mohammedans. We heard little else. There might be the odd picture of an Bedouin looking chap in the new story, some stories about a conflict involving Israel. There was stuff about the oil crisis and something called OPEC but that would be your lot. Then there was 9/11. On that basis the endless war on terror began. The Cold War was over and so to keep the money flowing into certain pockets a new boogie man had to appear - the Muslim terrorist. The 9/11 event was supposed to have been perpetrated by Al Queda. The CIA and others created and funded Al Queda. It started in Afghanistan to undermine the Soviets. The Bin Ladens, family friends and business partners of the Bush family were central to this. Osama Bin Laden worked for the CIA which had been headed up at one time by George Bush senior. In the most recent event we hear from a BBC correspondent who just happened to be there. She says the white van just happened to swerve round her and then hit other pedestrians. Then people allegedly jump out stabbing folk and calling out this is for Allah. The police shot them all dead [no witnesses as usual]. The election process is suspended [again - well it had started looking dodgy for the chosen party so steps were needed again]. The same cliques are heard in the media. A series of police raids occur and no doubt those taken for a ride to the local police station will be released. Allegedly so called Islamic State supporters are celebrating the event. Theresa May will have some i am a strong leader [vote for me] speech to give. The other politicos will be played as a bit weak. There will be Fakebook pages, flowers and candle lit events as before as the people are played. i do not believe any of this is random. There will be angry Muslims but the West [allegedly Christian] is bombing the hell out of the Middle East and carrying out drone strikes killing children which they have no business in these countries at all, other than the usual business of corporations stealing the assets. i firmly believe all these events, whether real or hoax or something in between are known to the authorities before hand and they will have their filthy hands in this. The real terrorists are in government. If they stopped interfering in other countries and looked after the people they are supposed to all this would be over by Christmas.
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    My wife was once given a blow up sheep for her birthday at work.
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    I was thinking the opposite, I'm glad guns aren't easy to come by in England otherwise I wouldn't like to imagine how many people would have lost their lives; At least you can run from a knife (if you see it coming of course) ;
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    Yeah it's a shame I did the same..the spending $950 to get the antique put me off..the silver is nice but I think they messed up on the panda.The dragon is amazing as it's used alot but the panda looks too cartoon for me. Starting to spend my money wisely these days rather then just jumping in because everyone else is.
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    Just got back from coin fair wow what a show of coins got panda's some kookaburras some onza.s 2oz lion 2017 Britannia
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    As a sixpence collector I would agree it is a niche area - my reason was my Dad collected shillings and florins and I couldn't afford halfcrowns! In the UK other denominations have traditionally been more popular, such as the halfcrown, shilling, penny and farthing. Sixpences are much more popular in the US (behind sovereigns and they don't seem to have any interest in shillings🤔) and I expect that when I come to sell it will have to be through a US auction house which is why I have been having things graded and now tend to buy graded coins. If you want a numismatic challenge, rather than pure investment, such as looking for new die varieties etc then any niche area of world coins would fit the bill. It is amazing how much knowledge is missing.😄
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    Hello everyone. I have for sale some very special Proof Full & Half Sovereigns! Please see the following dates & prices. Prices have been based on current prices off numerous bullion dealers websites (bullionbypost, chards etc) and are also based on "sold" eBay items. Prices all include RM signed for delivery with the appropriate level of insurance. International postage will be extra and dependant on the level of insurance you want with your items! 2008 Full - £310 - SOLD 2008 Half - £165 2009 Full - £325 2009 Half - £165 2010 Full - £325 2010 Half - £165 2011 Full - £325 2011 Half - £165 The 2012 Full (Queens Jubilee design) has a recently sold item on eBay for £875 hence why I am asking more. I am open to sensible offers if you feel this is the wrong price. 2012 Full (Queens Jubilee design) - £715 I am open to offers for multiple purchases. Payment for these will be via Banks Transfer please for totals over £200 or PayPal F&F for transactions under £200. Please see photos below. All come in their original Royal Mint boxes (both the wooden and cardboard outer layer). They have all of their COA's and these are shown in the pictures. I have carefully examined each coin and HAVE NOT opened any of the capsules. They are all in pristine condition as best as I can see, but if you would like a closer look at any of them then please let me know and I can get some new pictures.
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    I've lost count of the number of times in recent months that someone has questioned the authenticity of a purchase. I must confess to being guilty of this also
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    Mark, understood! We're suspicious buggers on here....jaded I guess with so many chancers about. Be honest and direct and you'll get on fine. Good luck with sale. P.S. any Premium Member on here is safe. Do your own DD but sell with confidence.
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    Hi Mark, Would you be interested in a 2016 1kg Koala? A good start to invest in silver? Please explain.
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    Seriously tiny mintage and seriously low prices .... Silver proof ,mintage 99 ,weight 60g,price 99usd. Antique silver ,mintage 59,weight 60g,price 109usd Brass medal,mintage 99,price 30usd. Antique brass medal,mintage 99,29usd Copper medal,mintage99,29usd. Antique copper,mintage 99,29usd
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    Pm sent ( I'll pay spot + 10% on ANY .999 bullion, regardless of condition)
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    I've got a lot mate. I like them too! I'm after all of them! You can't go wrong with a Sov
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    I think what may help if it hasn't been done already? one of our sovereign experts on here could put up a rough price guide of what to pay max for what sov? just an idea?👍🏻
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    Jo cox springs to mind.Thing is although the "right wing" may have some bad ideas most have too much to lose ie.jobs,family to go round killing people.While these fanatics may have families aswell they also have an ideology that teaches them to kill infidels is glorious.Ok make the argument "not all muslims" and say its a perversion if islam but its just a different interperitation of the religion like c of e,baptist,catholic etc are different interperitations of christianity so its a legitimate interperitation just a different one.Remember the guy who killed the shopkeeper in glasgow because he was a different kind of muslim and wished christian people happy easter.We're dealing with modern day puritans!
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    My investment now worth 59.4 BTC Sitting on my hands until it hits 100 BTC then cashing in.
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    Good luck to them, a business decision. It may work out for them, it may not. Business can't have been easy lately; spot all over the place and I notice some coins have been sticking around a while. Saves me phoning up and asking for the heads I want.
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    American High Relief coins American High Relief