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    I meant if his coin gets au58 won't add much value to it (cost of grading) A lovely 1832 William Full Gold Sovereign 👍
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    2017 Lion Dollar Love this coin
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    Received these coins today 2016 Australian Sovereign Proof 1996 Smithsonian Liberty Proof 1996 10oz Kookaburra BU
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    Today I got my 1/4oz beasts X3 my 1/4oz Brit and my 1/10oz Brit. I'm returning the Dragon for an exchange as it has a really poor edge.
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    These finally arrived, lovely looking coins...
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    I just ordered my first ever sovereigns, the 2017s.
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    Just bought a lucky dip sovereign from Atkinsons, won't receive now until Monday or Tuesday but on a plus side I have now completed my first gold goal of 100g! 😃 Fingers crossed for a old head sovereign as I don't have this type yet
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    +22 oz added today, 69 oz in total in the last 4 weeks. I have now joined the 1000+ oz club. Bring on the Apocalypse!!
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    Getting back into this after, what, a year hiatus? (Moved and new job!) Picked up a 1/4oz gold eagle, 1oz silver lunar monkey and rooster. It's good to be back in the game.
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    An Australian 150 year anniversary proof full sovereign from Chards
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    Just bought 3 rare pandas in OMP one -99 serif 1, and two -95 microdate
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    QqOrdered these ages ago but had to wait for the Tiffany Art to be released before they were despatched.. I've been collecting the Mongolian wildlife and Tiffany arts from the start..
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    Bought the outlaws of the marsh first in the series to go with my dream of red chamber series.Bought this set which I was going to grade until I found the full sets already graded..by that time it was too late to cancel.although the seller did offer me a return but I'll keep..
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    Keep things simple - just buy and stack full and half sovereigns once you have enough funds. Lowest % price spread, highly liquid, ready resale market, ease of storage, CGT free.
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    Received April draw prize with thanks to @BackyardBullion A lovely piece of silver, just stunning.
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    I'm following @Numistacker's lead...per @HyHy, confirmed that the raw coins were sold out at MCM so I picked this beauty up from NY Coin & Bullion for $149 w/ free shipping...Not overly concerned that it won't come with the OGP as the CoAs don't give a specific number for your coin (kinda like the 2017 BU Silver Krugs).
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    Oh blimey, from the likes on this post I can tell I am mixing in company that will encourage me into further 'bad' ways (and I need little encouragement!)!
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    Well, it wasnt today that I made them, but before christmas I made (what I consider to be) my best piece to date! What do you think?
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    I think this is the best of mine, no idea how it would grade, meaning what do people think?
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    A 1888 Alfonso xiii five peseta coin. Some fairly average condition crowns.
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    I was leaning towards voting Conservative in the General election until today. I will go as far to say it is the GREAT TORY BETRAYAL. I am talking about the new proposed Tax on home owners . The TORY DEATH (DIEING) TAX. This is everything that the Conservatives use to be against, a person or a couple work hard all there lives paying all the Taxes and NI that the Government ask for, then they have the rug pulled from under their feet. So the one asset the majority of people in this country have (not the members of this forum) is taxed at a enormous percentage taking in mind the average price of a home in the UK. So why are the Conservatives Taxing the working class and lower middle class ( richer than this you can afford instruments to get around the Tax). They say it is for Social care cost and it is true the money will go towards the costs of social care, though i believe the real reason is more spiteful than that. IMO the real reason for for Death Tax on home owners is to stop the next generation of surfs/PLEBS from buying properties forcing them into high cost renting releasing properties onto the market for their friends to purchase houses/apartments a favorable prices then rent them out back to the next generation who would of been the buyers of the properties returning the Landlords an excellent return on their investment and this will in turn suggest the economy is improving, though in real terms the lives and well being of millions of people will be effected negatively financially and emotionally. I believe anyone who believes the Conservatives have a mind to build more homes than a bear minimum and certainly anyone who thinks the Conservatives have a mind to lower Rents moving forward will be very disappointed. IMO The Conseratives have plans to LOWER HOME OWNERSHIP BY PERCENTAGE OF POPULATION in the middle to long term and raise rents leaving lower income households with less money to spend on food utilities clothes etc. I am a swing voter not a Labour voter. It did not come easy righting this post but I feel i had no choice the Conservatives ring fencing the Death Home Tax to social car have been very spiteful and have back stabbed millions of home owners in this country.
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    Hi @Method - welcome to the forum! Check out my recent "beginners guide" video - I have just been covering some of these topics, and next week I will be looking at Bars vs Coins!
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    lol when we first got married, I was a 'victim' of all the tricks of the East. Powdered this and ground that... She forgot that I was raised on roast beef and Guinness and she soon became 'in da club'. Strong swimmers you see Now she's happy with her Korean/Japanese dramas and leaves me to my forum!
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    Lets take a look at some more of the ones that have been graded... This is the MS version of the Rooster - It looks almost as good as the Proof. The Small Copper Trigos Medal Nice the way they leave the cut away at the bottom so you can see the serial number. The COA has the serial number and the certificate number too. A 1937 old penny - there are only a very few ever graded better than this one. Almost the top graded MS66 Sovereign from 1925
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    1oz Queens beasts lion platinum Bu coin £847 posted 2 available
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    Have a look on ebay. The best ones to find would be: Kew Gardens 50p undated 20p Northern Ireland flag commonwealth games £2 Edinburgh £1 coin
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    Just bought a 2015 half sovereign from the Royal Mint bullion.
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    I reserve 420 if you get there Was just looking and there are around 1600 members to the forum so far. Maybe 1200 at most are active logging in once a week are more. The fact that you can sell 150 of these with i guess most people buying 1 is quite an achievement. Just goes to show that quality over quantity of members make all the difference.
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    Best Asian takeaway in Warsaw! Look at those prices, cheapest ever? Unfortunately, they will only deliver within 5KM of Wilanow
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    Keep an eye out for the mint marks mind, my last from there was a 1930-SA which I was particularly chuffed about
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    Today I made a lovely heart :-) The making of video for this piece will be up in the Video section very shortly!
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    2011 a pretty high mintage year - by Libertad proof standards. But at that price you can't go wrong. It's never a bad time to buy a silver proof Libertad ...so long as its in its capsule.
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    Sounds perfect mate. If you want I can swap for my "1oz Silver Proof Krugerrand, mint condition, do not open as may reduce value" that I've just posted on ebay. I've attached a pic. Let me know.
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    I'm not sure how you can list a coin without a picture of the coin. Regardless of it being a Proof Sovereign or a proof Krug, I'd still want evidence that there's an actual coin in the box, sealing a packet again after taking a coin out is relatively easy for someone who wants to try and pull a fast one
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    Then again if mine come back all Pf70s then all will be forgiven
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    @Method We tend to buy silver from europe for a lot cheaper. Websites like www.silver-to-go.com www.goldsilver.be or www.europeanmint.com are good places to start. Only viable if you are buying enough to warrant the shipping but it usually works out cheaper. I have started organising group buys from Europe and will be doing it more in the future. A great way to pick up a few coins without big delivery charges and avoiding nasty VAT! DM if you want more info!
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    You are a paranoid soul aren't you? What's wrong with people having to contribute to their old age care with wealth accumulated over their lives? The full cost of care for everyone is unaffordable in this day and age by any modern society. We are all living too long and it will get worse (or better if you look at it from the opposite perspective). As to the Tories being the friends of buy-to-let homes owners, who's done the most to make this business unattractive in the last few years?
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    Is that sovereigns plural or the 2017 sydney?
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    Just watching Question Time now; it's utterly depressing. The Tories are relatively reliable on bringing a stable economy, but their attitude to the sick and needy is horrific. Taxing people with dementia and shifting the burden onto their families is beneath contempt. Labour forgot to realise that nationalising the railways, water and energy industries might actually cost money. They would borrow wrecklessly and worsen the economic outlook. Their position on immigration will only worsen the demands on the NHS, as well. The Lib Dems want to overturn democracy, and tax businesses on their turnover and not profit... no more needs be said. What an abolute shower of sh*te. It's a bloody disgrace - we're the most advanced democracy in the world and we don't even have a centre-ground party to represent middle England. I thought I was 100% Conservative, until today. Now I don't even know if I can bring myself to vote for them. But I can't vote Labour, Lib Dem or anyone else... utter bloody rubbish.
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    I overpay my mortgage by £150pm & it reduces my term from 22yrs to 15yrs saving around £12,000 in interest alone, but I want to move to a bigger house so the term is most likely going to end up being 22yrs but with a bigger house. I then buy gold with whatever spare I have. The more you pay off your mortgage the better personally as in 5yrs if the rate goes up significantly your LTV will get you a better rate.
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    that might have fixed it
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    Theres a new business, specialising in coin clairvoyance. All packing, seals becomes clear to the mystic gaze. Accurate grading received by numismatics in the spirit realm. 50 pound a time. No lead boxes.
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    Too true. Could be anything in there? Mmmm...anybody got some empty boxes and a heat gun?
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    Welcome to the silver forum my friend!