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    A couple of orders i made before Xmas order 1 1 kilo Somali elephant 2017 2*1oz elephant 2017 2*1oz Panda 2017 order 2 1/4oz Queens beast lion 2016 1/4oz Queens beast griffin 2017 gold sovereign 2017
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    A pair of 1/4 Queens's Beast Lion back from NGC. Just like to say a big thank you to @Numistacker for the help in grading. Much appreciated, great results
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    Got these back today looking nice in the slabs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got my 2000 mirrored panda back from grading Thanks to @Numistacker for the help
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    This arrived back from NGC and @Numistacker today. Thank you very much it is appreciated.
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    Got my two sovereigns from Bairds today and the Victorian one turned out to be an 1878 Melbourne. Nice!
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    My mum knows I like sovereigns, went to see her one time, she got out a jewellery box and showed me a sovereign that used to be my great aunts I thought she was going to give it to me.. she didn't llol
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    Visited my in laws and found these in their pot of old coins 1887 double florin Arabic 1 1902 Edward VII official Coronation Medal Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2014, 05, 06, 08 kooks thanks @arshimo2012 2014 & 2013 elephannts inc a 2014 horse privy thanks @HelpingHands 1st delivery of the new year !
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    Back from NGC thanks again to @Numistacker, very pleased with the QB Lions obviously (more luck than skill), and as for the $1 1849, well that is the perils of pre-33 grading I suppose! Thanks again Numi.
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    Thanks to @morezone for the box. It looks great with my coins in it 😁
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    I was out this morning but the Postman was kind enough to drop it off at my parents. Saves me a trip to pick up the parcel from the awkwardly located sorting office. From Atkinsons lucky dip I got a Scottsdale reserve. Both bars are sealed so that's a bonus.
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    Just bought a 2017 sovereign and a YH Victorian sovereign from Bairds.
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    Some SilverStan goodies....
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    2012,13 and14 pandas courtesy of @HelpingHands aplogies for the poor photo
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    Got myself some griffins today. Haven't bought in awhile. The itch got too strong. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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    As of now 1267 left of the 1/4 ounce gold beast at the mint. Just found out the results of My 1/4 gold proof coin being graded by ngc. I believe it is the first one they have graded since there is no population report yet. The final grade was pf70 ultra cameo early releases. Pictures to come once I receive it back from ngc.
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    Finally got some capsules to fit my Maria Thaler Coins...
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    Thank you @GoldenAtlantis, I don't usually have much luck in competitions . Thanks
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    And the winner is number 3, congratulations @4Nines7Hills You win 2 x 1oz Armenian Noah's Ark coins (2015 and 2016).
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    1996 1oz Silver panda Large date and small date Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My mum in law didn't give me these either )) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Today I bought 2x 10oz silver bars from Atkinsons, lucky dip.
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    Picked up a 2002 Shield full Sovereign from Atkinsons .
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    Today I received my prize draw win from sebmasch, tickets to cineworld and £15 credit for popcorn and treats . Thanks to the moderators and donators especially sebmasch and all members for a great forum a healthy and prosperous new year to all
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    Jewellers Lens Glass Loupe 30X & 60X and Sony Z2. The pictures have been cropped.
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    Haven't read this thread carefully, and i know nothing about the privy's. All i know is since 2008, excluding the privy's which i know nothing about, each year has seen a release of a 1000 mintage proof's which come in hard capsules, and an unlimited mintage of BU, which come in soft plastic pouches. The past few years, the BU gorilla has been valued higher than the proof gorilla, but it's my sense that is starting to change. I believe it's because the general notion that someone out there is sitting on a large pile of BU gorilla's. I bought the last proof 2008 gorilla i could find on the internet, paid a ridiculous price, but regret nothing.
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    Also, personally I'd want each domino hallmarked.
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    You can reach her thru Silver stackers forum Her name there is Beyond there You can save some money dealing with her thru there
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    Just to keep everyone updated, i will be trying out sandcasting a domino so i can get the sizes spot on, hopefully this will cut a lot of time off, however if anyone has a domino spare for me that would be appreciated, save me having to buy a whole set 🙄
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    CGS was a great idea and would have been a great success and a godsend to collectors in this country, if only they had gone about it in a professional way like the 2 US graders. Instead it was run by vested interests and didn't achieve it's potential. Now it's just a laughing stock.
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    Why are the majority of your posts on this forum so passive-aggressive, boastful, or just downright rude? You won't win many friends treating people so abrasively, and it may well have an impact should you come to buy or sell silver to the forum members.
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    Lovely coins, the mandarin duck looks spectacular. 🐼
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    There is only one safe method: do not buy Perth Mint gold off ebay. It's like finding yourself in a minefield, without a map. You're more likely to get stung than get a win.
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    Sadly both those actions have probably helped to protect and boost the share price.