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    Got my first order delivered today !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    In the USA and so a few arrivals... 2016 1/2oz bu Griffin tiny mark on queen so ungradeable First 2017 Perth Rooster Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2015 Australian Kangaroo, 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor, Rwanda Hippo (I've removed it from pouch), Elemental Metals Rooster Round, Sunshine Mint Rooster Round, Canadian Maple Leaf Rooster & Cougar Privys, Sunshine Mint Rooster Bar. 1/10th Australian Battle of the Coral Sea & Lunar 1 Rooster.
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    Here is how the Crazy Christmas New Year Prize Draws Work Each of these prize draws is titled with the date of the close and of the member who is donating the prize. (Donators please feel free to comment with your prize/pics in the topic should you wish to do so. Or feel free to keep it a mystery prize) They will automatically lock, and entry will close sometime on the date shown in the title of the draw. Once locked the donator of the prize will draw the prize using random results 'numbers' selection http://www.randomresult.com/ticket.php they will then tell me or another moderator the result of the draw, who will then post the winner number in the topic. The winner should contact the prize donator, who will dispatch the prize. Note that because some people are away etc prize draws might be drawn late and prizes might not sent until well within the new year when the donator can do so. NOTE: Not all prize draws will be visible immediately. The will be hidden until opened.
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    I think i've found my 2017 quarry.... really like the kooks's. Got my destiny set sorted which i was leaving till next year. just looking at kook's i really like the designs. 2 oz 2009 kook
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    Premium Members have joined in the Christmas spirit and have kindly donated prizes to be given away in some premium member prize draws. Over the Christmas period and leading into New Year we have over 18 prize draws from Premium Members! Thank you for all that have donated! Entry into these draws is for premium members only. To become a Premium Member and support the forum please see click through to the store: http://thesilverforum.com/store/ More information on how the Christmas prize draws are running can be seen here:
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    A 2009 Carded half sovereign apparently only 5,412 minted .
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    Everyone brings up good points in the discussion. The coin is almost at 50 % percent sold from the royal mint. If 95% of the sentiment of the forum is not to buy it and I would think that we are the core purchases of this then who bought the approx 1200 coins sold. Did the royal mint strike a deal with Apmex or mcm to sell hundreds at a huge discount so they can turn around and get them graded in their fancy label ngc or pcgs holders to sell to the public? I have yet to see any big bullion houses offering these coins. In fact I will call both companies on Monday and ask them if they will be having them available for purchase. Another factor I see from being from the USA, this coin series has caught the attention of the entire world market, in that there are many collectors who couldn't give a crap about British collectible coinage but this series is different, original, and interesting and many coin collectors in the USA are buying and planning to buy it for the entire series. I myself have ordered the 1/4 ounce proof to go with the bullion version I already have. My plan is to get it graded - early releases and add it to the collection. I also got the 1 ounce silver. Yes it is expensive but we only live ounce. 😜
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    Once again the RM charges £20 for a coin and a further £30 for a cardboard box and not even a capsule - you decide
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    The entries so far Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally succumbed and purchased a 1/4 queens beast lion from Atkinsons. I am a bit concerned given @Cornishfarmer comments regarding these and the fact that Atties keep appearing with these every few weeks with a batch of 50 or so when they are no longer being minted." ?,! Regardless, I have pulled the trigger and will see what turns up. I suspect that they may be purchasing rejects from the us market. Also pulled the trigger wit h goldsilver-be a few months ago only to be advised that they were returning stock t and never got this coin.GSBE said that the quality was that poor they sent stock back to the RM. Maybe more than Atties care to do? We shall see. Only hope that they retain some sort of premium due to collector demand and that qc improve from now on. Ha , come on its the Royal mint after all. As a side note had I received a postal promotion from the mint for the queens beast series which looked very professional, if only they could replicate with the product, delivery, quality and general customer service.
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    Today's song by Jamiroquai; 'Virtual Insanity'
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    I'm struggling with the choice whether or not to get the gold 1/4 proof Queens beast It's hard to justify it as an investment, it could do well, I wouldn't be shocked if it turns out to be a popularly collected set but as a new range and without any history it's guesswork. At £455 it doesn't seem like it's leaving a ton of room for profit in future Getting two 2017 bullion sovereigns with a mint mark instead seems a much safer bet.. but it's just not as sexy and there isn't as much potential upside, but no real potential low side either hmm I don't want to be suckered in too much into collecting side of things, but @Phrophet800 pictures just make it look so appealing ahhh
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    Good question Kman! I have the same dilemma. My musings.... It has a mintage of 2500, quite high but then again I bought a 2017 Proof Sov! The proof sov was £430. 7.32g. The bullion beast is unlimited mintage and will be for sale at HGM with a 5-8% premium over spot. A bullion beast from the mint is already a considerable % over spot. The quality of bullion beasts is poor, as is the RM bullion customer service. A proof beast will be perfect (or returned/replaced/refunded). The RM are quite capable of producing 'mint' coins. Not everything is an investment. Sometimes you buy something because you want it, like an Alfa Over the composition of this message, I decided and bought one......I mean, just look at it!
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    Congratulations to @Ollie1016 please PM me your address and your prize will be sent out shortly. The Gold Member prize will roll over and be added to the next Gold Member prize on the December Christmas Day Draw.
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    Roll of 10 Queens Beast Griffin - Ebay USA - Pinehurst coins - $369.99 US for the roll. http://deals.ebay.com/6002992852_Lot_of_10___2017_U_K__5_Pound_Silver_Queen_s_Beast__9999_2_oz_BU_The_Griffin_Ful?_trksid=p2050601.m1256&_trkparms=algo%3DDailyDeals%26clkid%3D1213868135033701905 Hope that some of you guys can take advantage of. - I just bought one for myself.
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    I have not gone for the proof. The mintage is too high and at 2 per year i prefer to focus on the bu. If it has been 1000 mintage and £375 I would have been a buyer. I don't like to buy things that are almost certain to lose money in absolute terms. It's bad enough betting on the gold price and currency Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oops wrong thread As you were. In keeping with the thread though, seeing as I made a mistake, I bought a sandwich to take to my desk this morning Cheese, tomato, egg for those enquiring minds
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    If it wasn't for Numi's youtube channel i would have missed this . The 2014 Half Sovereign Gold Bullion Coin Struck in India . thanks Numi
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    CGT is a problem, but not where gold is concerned and you keep your wits about you. The first rule of gold stacking is the same as the first rule of Fight Club
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    I'd say NO, this coin looks fantastic . £4500+ for the set if you want all ten for 2.5 Oz. If it's a 1 off purchase maybe hoping that people will start collecting in the future and want to back date but that's not to say that they won't re mint the coin in future years. If go for 1/4 Bu and 2017 sov. Or if you have money to burn go for it
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    The original designs where much nicer but didn't quite turn out to good...that's probably why they didn't release but after seeing the success of the 2016 then they pushed it out for release.
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    Trust Daz to know what mayfair was, I am of an age where the word mayfair ment a gents mag!! And when I left school and started work they were in the canteen how the world has changed.
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    Keeping the series going so ordered one. http://www.royalmint.com/shop/The_Britannia_2017_One_Ounce_Silver_Brilliant_Uncirculated_Coin
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    WOW! Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to get involved! I hope everyone has a relaxing Christmas break! Ollie
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    Lol actually you are to blame sir! It was your photos of the coin that I fell in love with. Cheers
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    Everybody here knows I had a dog of a coin from atkinsons and that was a new one, as Paul says bullion is bullion..........,,. but some charge more than others for bullion.
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    I bought a 2002 sovereign few month ago of atkinson's was all scratched up spoke to they live chat asked me to send it back and they replaced with a better one ! That's because they had it in stock !
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    Capital Gains Tax or CGT is a tax on the gain or profit you make when you sell anything, give away or otherwise dispose of something. It applies to assets that you own, such as bullion, shares or property. There's a tax-free allowance and some additional reliefs that may reduce your Capital Gains Tax bill. Most bullion investors will never have to pay this tax due to the size and value of their investment however, it is important that investors know where they stand. Capital Gains Tax is only payable if an investor realises over £11,000 of profit in one financial year. Be mindful that the £11,000 limit is not the total value of selling your bullion, but purely the profit made from your original outlay. For example, if an investor brought some gold in 2013 for £30,000 and sold it in 2014 for £41,000, no Capital Gains Tax would be due as only the £11,000 profit made is taken into consideration. However, this single transaction would constitute the investors full tax free allowance for the year and any other profit made would be taxable at a rate between 18-28%. Please note the tax free limit of £11,000 is only set for the financial year of 2013-2014 and is reviewed every year.
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    bullion is bullion - just expect the worse and hope for the best. i have been pleasantly surprised over the years from pre owned things from Atkinsons and HGM also, occasionally not so. hay ho, some you win some you loose
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    Are you sure they are genuine!?
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    The Canadian Mint and Perth Mint do some nice platinum coins, it would be nice to see a platinum Britannia.