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    1994 2 oz proof kookaburra. Been after this one for a while, nearly there now.
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    2016 4th Panda Coin Expo Bimetallic Gold/Silver. Its a lovely coin. Thanks to @Numistacker for the heads up as these sold out quick.
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    5 x 1/4oz Australian Lunar gold coins, from HGM. I can't remember specifics, as I was too excited and rushing to get the order in. There's definitely a snake, a dragon and a rabbit. The other two are mysteries, until delivery tomorrow.
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    Bought a couple of older pieces I remain as much a sucker for history as a fan of non-fiat medals. Picked up an 1857 type $1 Picked up my first Napoleon Bonaparte an 1812 40 franc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Received today from Atkinson's. Must say i can see no marks whatsoever, very impressed. (not a scratch before the D on queens side,My camera).
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    From islandcoinandstamps Black Friday sale - Thanks for the heads up Scuzzle. Two 2016 proof Britannia sets and a 1/20 drummers privy proof angel
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    I've bought a 20 French Franc king Louis XVIII. And a Edward VII Sovereign.
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    Hi everybody, i read a lot and i also learnt a lot. Today i want to show you the first Time some of my Handpoured Sterling Bars. They all are Sandcasted and in a sort of Nordic Style. The small Odin Bars and the Gungnir Spearheads are about 2 Ounces, the Owls are nearly 4 Ounces and the bigger Vikingbars are a little over 5 Ounces. Hope you also like it...Please give me your Feedback! Best wishes Irminsul
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    Three things are telling me not to start into this series. First - it's confusing, -as these are all marked as 2017 proofs, while the bullion Lion is a 2016. Second - -as Numi pointed out, the range is waaaaay too extensive. Seven coins x 10 would be seventy proofs for the ultimate collection. Finally - the design!! It has lost some of the edginess by losing the stippled fields present in the bullion coins. And the Lion looks smaller. I liked the previous style where the claws lingered over the 2016,,, now it's like he / she has been to the vet for toe clipping. Not a fan...
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    I don't have any, I wouldn't be so cheap. I only stack good delivery bars, they make good door stops. I have so many, they are getting in the way so I'm considering building a nice patio surround with them instaed of bricks. I'll post a photo when it's complete.
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    It's a simple decision for me stick to collecting the bullion range and give the proofs a miss😎
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    I love my kilo coins if I'm honest, I'd rather sell off my 10oz coins. A kilo coin is a proper lump
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    I Liked the silver 2016 4th Panda Coin Expo when it was delivered, so I bought another today.
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    I agree Lindeman especially when it comes to your point about the design - the stippled field are a big loss to the design appeal - why would they leave them out as IMO it was integral to the appeal for me anyhow. Happy to give it a miss thankfully. Its a pity really - I wish it was more like the bullion. I have a few bullion coins but the only one without noticeable issues is the one I bought from morezone.
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    Wow best part of £800 quid for a 10oz coin that will very probably get covered in spots?? Madness.
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    11/10 against Trump winning the presidency in my book, if he did win then Gold would climb to over $1400, but here in the UK the £ would strengthen so we would not see as much of the increase though it would still be a big move. The price of Gold is not high its the price of the £ is very weak! all thanks to the BOE and Mr Carney who has been giving lots of free money to his friends in the City which means the £ is worth less now.
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    8 x sterling commemorative crowns at £12/oz, for the silver is silver pile.
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    This morning at 8:30 the RM have available. 1 oz silver = 3,363 1/4 oz gold = 1359 Sales seem very slow to me , imo they are over priced and not as appealing as the bullion range.
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    In the last 6 hours they've sold 3,698 vs 3,401 silver 1 oz = 297 1,379 vs 1,361 gold 1/4 oz = 18 More just putting this to keep track myself Be interesting to see how they go
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    @mondy41 feel our pain, imaging you had to buy gold in £!!!!!! Surprised it hasn't made a bigger difference so far
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    found this one today, some kids sold it on the street, dont know the history of it! And if its pm chinese zodiac ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2011 Mint Sealed Silver Britannia - £27 4 2oz 925 Stirling Silver British Monarchy Bars - £140 for all four - I am open to offers if you want to buy them individually. Free First Class Shipping
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    @HelpingHands These Jane Austen notes having a better value than AA01 by a long way. The four notes have the serial numbers AM32 885551, AM32 885552, AM32 885553 and AM32 885554.
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    most likely but it makes me happy that I pulled the trigger the other day before the +60/oz rise in prices :-)
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    I prefer the one ozers shot out of a bazooka canon. If done in the home, after they get the intruder, will make a great conversation piece.
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    I meant the big wide world, not the internet. I feel like im cheating on @ChrisSilver if I use any other chat forums. Never again. I have decided to alter my beliefs and will accept any decision my the Bank of England to use human fat for the new note. On behalf of all vegetarians (I cant speak for vegans -sorry), thank you for your donation In all seriousness im not a liberal nut job. I am the first to get annoyed when certain "minorities"/selfish attention seeking people have a "hard done by me" and "give me sympathy/compensation" attitude - I think this issue is different and slightly resent it being grouped into the same category. Without wishing to repeat myself, if alternatives are available then why not use them? Anyway, I have said my piece and I don't want to annoy people with my opinion any more, as it will probably be detrimental to my cause. I'm off to the other boards to read about silver and the forthcoming collapse of western civilisation.