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    The 1/4 oz lunar 2 farm is getting populated 😀 Missing the monkey/ox/tiger/mouse/rabbit!
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    Today i recived 1829 full gold sovereign George IV Might flip it on ebay
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    I'm liking it very much. Borrowed pics until better ones come along.
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    1914 full Sovereign from the HGM lucky dip. Also pictured is the 1/4 2013 Panda bought from a member last month. Picking up more gold than silver these days.
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    10 x 2009 1 oz silver Panda, 3 x 1995 1 oz silver Panda & 10 x 2008 1 oz silver Britannia. Good effort for a Monday.
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    I love my kilo coins if I'm honest, I'd rather sell off my 10oz coins. A kilo coin is a proper lump
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    I arrive home from home and i am like.... - - - Moments later, i am standing infront of the misses and i am now like.... Hand on my heart
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    Be awesome when somebody forks out 1500 quid and finds royal mint employee got confused and the COA inside is 3971
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    I started not so long ago and I've got a few different singles in capsules that look quite nice and are a bit of fun. Started with some funny rounds I bought in the states but thankfully I got the kangaroo's which are good value and high quality. They have to be my best purchase bang for buck although my favourite is without doubt the 1kg horse. Soooo soooo shiny. About 6 months ago I got a tube of Queens beasts plus a single to look at and I'm sort of regretting that. The single is in a capsule that fits perfectly and the plan was to get one each year as the series comes out. I got the tube as well as the single with high hopes of having some extras of the early coins in a new series. They might become worth more as the series develops was my thinking. Well, the single in the capsule (which fits it perfectly) now has milk spots on it which is sad so I think that plan is unlikely to work out. I can't see how the royal mint can compete for collectors' attention if they can't produce a product that doesn't retain it's beauty. After reading other stuff about the Canadian mint suffering the same spotting problem I figure it's best to just stick with the Australian stuff. Really well made and the micro A is pretty cool as well.
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    As stated above - I have two of these available for sale. Comes in its presentation box from Scottsdale Mint and the Republic of Chad. Unique antique chiselled look - limited mintage of 30,000. 1st class signed for postage included in the price - £120 for one coin for UK buyers. Non-UK buyers I will offer them including delivery for £125 each. PP F&F please. Thanks for looking! Lindeman
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    @mondy41 - I agree. I have politely raised my concerns before about the chances of the Mint completing this set if they go at one per year. Like many others - I hope her Majesty continues to reign for a few years yet...but isn't there a law about having the current monarch on UK coins!? The logic would be lost if in 5 years the RM are still chugging along with the series that refers back to 1953 with Charles on the coin. Just saying ....hurry up RM. 😉
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    For any1 that's interested the IOM post office is doing a Christmas 50p pre order for the 2016.... Its sent out 9th dec.
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    sweet. Looks a better grade in your photos but I was right about the edge, there's a file mark from gold testing (probably)
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    Silver and all other hard assets will be repriced when the air finally leaves the inflated paper asset bubbles that have built up over the last 40 years, and the public perception for what is and what isn't deemed "safe" is irrevocably altered. Unfortunately nobody can say when that will be - the markets do not work to yours or my preferred timelines. Buy as much as you are comfortable to hold indefinitely - this should be true of any investment.
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    Yeah it says JC under the shield. So either him or Jasper Carrott.
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    You'll hit dips, you'll miss dips. Consistent buying is the best method in my opinion.
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    Thanks Lindeman. You inspired me to research.....a lot of my (nugget) coins are proof it seems
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    Roy - well, while a fan of the St Gaudens - I do tend to agree with you in that I wouldn't say it's the most beautiful ever gold coin. But I will raise the defence of the Aussie nuggets - as I would argue that the older ones of actual Aussie gold nuggets are special - -and deserve to be in Pile 2. The gold kangaroos can languish in Pile 3, except a few nice designs. Are you talking about the nuggets or the marsupials ? 😊
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    I think you're right vand. It's all about the USD and where that heads. Where that leaves us with the price in pounds is anyone's guess. Just a hunch but I feel that the price of PM's is heavily oversold in USD and even quite a bit in pounds. Interestingly, everyone thought that a Trump win would propel PM's higher but after gold's rejection of its breakout to the high side the opposite narrative appears to be in play just now. Maybe over the next few days a short term bounce is on the cards but I expect it to falter again and build a base. I reckon PM's will end up roughly this price in 2-3 months after building a base at this or even slightly higher levels. That's just from the failed breakout to the high side which is a powerful signal. That time frame to build a base would tie in with DT taking office in mid January leaving a potential breakout either up or down from the consolidation that I reckon is now underway. The Trump PM bullish psychology has certainly taken a beating but I did read somewhere that there was a truly enormous sell order inserted on gold after the unexpected result. Apparently so large that it would likely be the actions of a central bank. Who knows whether or not that is true. The previous narrative of Trump being good for PM's is certainly being tested right now. Interesting times.
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    Also there are lots of other very well made watches, inc Swiss, Japan, German, Eastern block, that can be picked up for peanuts compared to a Rolex or Patek Phillippe where the quality of workmanship is excellent, thats why the China fakes are sooo good its because the watches are all over priced in the first place.
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    I just asked goldsilver.be about the 2oz silver griffin and she replied it should be available mid december if anyone is interested.
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    Would anyone pay £1500 for full sovereign ? Then after you open the box coa number 1000 lol Oh £1500 for half sovereign my bad lol
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    Sovs unlike most fractional alternatives have low premium. The other advantage they offer is that you can release funds in smaller amounts. 1oz is a fair amount of money to be tied up in one coin and you can't release a fraction of it. It's all or nothing without destruction.
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    Nice bare head, is anything happening down on the rim to the left of the 18 ?
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    Thats what i was thinking as well, pretty big drop and nobodys has has a view one way are other. I am thinking about fast forwarding my order a few weeks and taking advantage of the low price.
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    welcome to forum. Nice to start on precious metal at young age
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    Sorry this topic has been close due to inappropriate pricing for human
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    I know this is a very old post, but I bit the bullet and bought some tubes of the Queen's Beasts for resale. I have to agree, they are a stunning coin when you have them in your hand.