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    Series 1 1996 1/4oz lunar mouse. May send off for grading just for fun. Looks clean under a loupe (despite there appearing to be a scratch on Lizzie's head which isn't on the actual coin) but doubt it's a 70 of course. With only 1390 of these as a declared mintage, it might be worth slabbing this one just to protect it. 430 quid delivered so happy with that regardless.
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    Another couple of full sovs, 1980 and 2009 no dings on the edge of these! Also was tempted by a low price for a 1/2 ounce 2001 proof britannia.
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    Some 2016 1/10 Wedgies. Couldn't wait for EU dealers any longer and was far too expensive to import just the 1 so bought a few as spares. Will be offering a few here for any crazy collectors like myself. Real shame they never did a 1/10 for 2014/15 and would be amazing if they did a 1oz in bullion.
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    2016 proof half and quarter Mexican Libertads.
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    Hi all, I got mine this week and did a review video - for what my opinion is worth :-)
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    We're not there just yet, but my long term strategy which I insisted on when we bought our flat 5 years ago is now closer to the end that it is to the beginning. When we bought our flat in 2011 we paid exactly £250k for it and we had already saved up 20% deposit. We got what I considered a fairly priced place at that time, but remember than lending was very tight during that year and we certainly had to jump through a few hoops in order to make it all happen. We could also have stretched ourselves and got a bigger place, but frankly I didn't want to. Our plan was always to buy modestly and overpay the mortgage on it as much as we could so we could own it outright within 10 years. Now, 5 years on, we are well over half way there.. our monthly overpayments bought the loan down a little each month, but we did not readjust our payments, we kept putting a fixed amount in each month, so as well as the principle coming down, the interest would come down even more every month. 5 years ago we were paying £600/month in interest, today we are paying around just £250/month. We've been fortunate enough to have stable employment during this time and a few pay rises along the way - nothing spectacular, but year on year it all adds up and life becomes a little easier. In the last year I've found another useful income stream, so we the day that we make the final payment will hopefully be even sooner than we initially planned. I just share this because I feel it just shows you the value of putting in a long term plan and sticking to it. Without taking action when we did we'd no doubt be lining some landlord's pockets with £16k/year. Not that there's anything wrong with renting - but if you're renting because you don't have a long term plan then you are indeed just perpetually throwing good money away and wasting the part of your life that you spent earning it. I've certainly squandered a lot of money and opportunity in my youth (who hasn't?) but as you get a bit older and wiser you learn patience take a longer term view on things. We've lived well within our means and sacrificed plenty of little luxuries along the way, but also we have found interests that have been life enhancing which are (almost) free. All this, and I still plan on stacking PMs over the next few years, in fact I would say that the mortgage plan coming to maturity has indeed given us the financial freedom to invest in PMs, as well as a degree of financial security in other ways too.
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    Got my first modern silver sixpences from the RM today. Have you ?
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    Just received grading news for my Silver Nanjing Pandas. There were 199 silver proof and 30 silver antique. Antique got 69 so far only 1 70 graded Sent 4 Silver and 3 scored 69 and 1 scored 70 Also sent 2 copper in and both got 70 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Should go without saying, but check your coins after you receive them A couple of years ago I got a 2005 proof sovereign, I inspected it using just my eyes, looked perfect, put it away It was listed as "Gold sovereign "2005"rare low mintage one off design proof Fdc Condtion" 2 years later now after finally looking at it under a loupe, I can see a hint of finger print on an edge and a couple of scratches when the coin is tilted under a certain light Obviously when I come to sell it I would have to list it honestly, which will knock a significant premium off the coin I paid £300 which I still think even in not perfect condition it would comfortably get with current prices, so I'm not totally stuffed, but what a silly goose for not checking it properly after I received it
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    Ordered on monday from GS.BE arrived today ! I even asked for a few tubes and they threw me a couple extra in aswel
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    Hi, I hope all is well. Ebay are doing a 24 hour cash back rate of 5.25% on TOPCASHBACK today. I do not work for either of these companies, just thought somebody might find it useful. Thanks Deputydog
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    Two 2012 sovereigns from Heisenberg Two sovereigns from HGM One 2016 gold nugget from HGM
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    Very noticeable isn't it? I think we need a poll on this one, I think I know what the popular opinion would be.
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    Yep Call me old fashioned. I have lovely memories of popping one in the mixing bowl with my sister as little kids and wondering who would get it after the pudding had been soaked in brandy, set light to, and then served with vanilla ice cream.....yummy.
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    when mine came from the mint it wasn't even a signed for service. Lucky I was in when the post arrived Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
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    No matter what happens, and which ever way markets go, bullionbypost send out an email with the header 'buying opportunity?'
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    Below is the email I just received from Customer Services (note no name provided) so I have just sent a further mail asking for an actual person's name as a point of reference should the caps come loose (I pointed out there have already been instances of caps coming loose). We shall see. I expect a generic and evasive answer without providing a name but we shall see. To be honest, I don't really mind if they don't provide a name but I do want to strenuously impress upon them how seriously I am taking this purchase and how high I expect their standards to be in my case. if I don't make them do this, no one else will. I have an image of them making a request and some spotty kid on 8 quid an hour not even bothering to look at any instructions. This image comes from years of having to deal with such people. Now I don't blame the kid necessarily - some jobs are tediously boring but I do blame the management who don't do their job and oversee properly. I once spent several lots of 4 hours long distance with BT just to get wifi properly installed back home in The UK. They expected me to give up....they were wrong. Thank you for your e-mail. I have made a request for your order to be securely packed as requested, however please note we are unable to tape the capsules. Regards Customer Services The Royal Mint
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    I bought a few of these as spares to bring down the cost average. I'm a mad collector of 1/10ths but in case there are any others out there I'm going to offer some for sale. They are expensive and I'll run through sums. $156 X 10 + $109 shipping = $1669 / 1.22 (exchange rate at time) = £1368 + £12 (customs clearance fee) = £1380 / 10 = £138 MCM declared the coins as numismatic collectibles so is subject to VAT. I can't be bothered trying to contest it as I have tried before and takes forever (I actually gave up) so I'll just claim the VAT back at a later date and accept the £12 fee. If anyone wants one, they will be £140 + postage of your choice.
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    Hi Numi, please continue to tip. exercise your right to free speech as others can choose to listen or ignore.
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    Great result on your double there!!! I took another little top up bet early this morning at roughly 9/1 on a trump win. Crazy odds. :D
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    i thought trump would win too, hence i backed him. but no im not nervous on foreign policy with him, with hilary i was!
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    I put £75 on Trump at 3/1. I've just cashed out the stake and now have a free shot at £142. It means I can go to sleep too.
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    Air-Tite Capsules with black ring, for 2oz Queens Beast. Brought a bulk amount of these over from US. 95p each P&P Large letter 1-6 £1.00 7-12 £1.30 Payment by paypal please Thanks for looking.
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    i got my 6.4 a few weeks back. Almost cashed it as well. I never saw 12/1, because i would have remembered changing my underwear.
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    It's a really good point @Kman! -amazing what the eye misses and the loupe reveals! Even for new bullion coins it's always worth a close look in the middle of the day under natural light with a loupe (if you have the luxury of time to do so - i.e. At the weekend for most of us). As has been well documented on the Forum, gold QB lion quarter ounce gold coins are a perfect example. I recently bought 8 in the US, and on first glance they all looked OK. But under the loupe I saw all sorts of different lines and marks on 4, while 4 look immaculate (at least to me). Always worth checking and then making notes or taking macro shots of every coin. And a good lesson/example for all of us in how to honourably describe your coins when selling. Thanks!
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    People were moving their dollars into pms and other currencies and then moved them back out when the picture wasn't so bleak...... I think.
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    Are you going to put them in your pudding then?
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    the people on here who backed him on betfair and such
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    I watched until around 1am before i went the bed. I have woke up to great news, i have not even checked the spot of silver yet. Its feels like brexit again. I had a £40 on Trump on betfair @6.4. I am gonna check silver spot now, 3...............2..................1............................................£15.04. Up a little, but not up as me on befair.
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    HGM have very little gold right now, a ounce bar and a Frech cockerel, Atties cannot process online orders right now!
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    Thought Trump would win. Nobody believed me. Lesson from Brexit. People dont like been told who to vote for by perceived establishment and celebrities. Am I nervous? I must say on foreign policy anything could happen, so yes. But, I honestly saw this coming. Anybody know gold opening projection? Got to be up 3-5%. Surely?
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    odds : reply your email but ignores your request : 1/200000000000 box open and capsule out of the box 5/1 send without proper packaging ie extra protection except the bubbled bag 1/100 send without special delivery 2/1 place your bets
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    Surprisingly the first Premium Member Prize Draw with Gold Member Bonus has actually been won by a gold member I was expecting it to start with a long series of roll overs before a Gold Member wins the pot. A big Congratulations to @SilverSniper you have won the premium member prize draw and also the Gold Premium Membership bonus Prize! Please email me your shipping address.
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