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    PF70 Panda moon festival and a Smithsonian Bei Bei. Also a Somalian Elephant.
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    Just wanted to show you guys two pictures of the coin, after i received it.
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    Ok not part of the stack but a very cool item nonetheless
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    My second graded beast :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Today I received my first order from goldsilver.be - 10oz Rooster, 5oz Libertad & 1oz 2014 Koala. All lovely coins, though slightly disappointed that the 5oz Libertad isn't in a capsule - can you buy these?
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    Lunar S1 1/2oz proof & Bu complete, Lunar S2 1/2oz Bu to date.
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    Another 25 Brits added to the stack today. About to take delivery of 200oz.
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    Happy. Today this beauty arrived. My gold beast. :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    a 1995 Large Twig silverpanda and 2 heartshaped pandas
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    Couldn't resist and laid some funds down for another 1/4oz gold queen's beast pending decent condition.
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    80% of my profits are from horse racing.. There is massive value on offer when you get up to doing each-way extra place offers. Even below this level you can find good profits doing each-way arbs if you know which races will throw bookmakers odds into disarray made enough to buy a roll of brits just betting on the recent York Ebor meeting.
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    http://agaunews.com/2017-krugerrand-expands-gold-range-adds-silver-platinum-coins/ A monster fifty ounce gold version and platinum also.
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    Maybe not quite the topic you were after, but you are going to have a sizeable stack quite soon, might be worth considering buying a safe. I genuinley felt quite nervous having 100 oz of silver in a box in my cupboard - I sleep very well at night after I got a safe!
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    Thanks guys. Heubach email me back says the money received, order was shipped out, but no tracking number... I believe Royal mail will deliver the last miles.
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    A shield sovereign from HGM. Unknown condition/date and a first unseen buy by me and if it's crap the last unseen buy by me lol