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    • Kind of like https://www.ebay.com/itm/Leica-StereoZoom-4-Microscope-with-Stand-and-Eyepiece-Set-31-15-74-Used-Working-/382197973071?epid=1108120536&hash=item58fcc6404f:g:zIQAAOSw-GFZldkM but the stand is slightly different and comes with illumination which can be removed and placed in its own adjustable stand as well. It's also the Bausch and Lomb model, not that there is a difference as Leica bought the rights and started badging them under their own name.   Very reasonably priced secondhand for the quality.  If you see a Wild stereo microscope for a reasonable price I'd go for that over these Stereozooms but I think these can beat any of the modern Chinese made scopes while often costing less.
    • A kilo of weight can be shipped from oz to the UK for about 40 pound.This is super quick 3 day delivery or you could probably get it down to about 20 pound for normal airmail  which would take about 10 days
    • Generally speaking, when you own shares in a gold/silver mining company you are getting two kinds of leverage. There is the leverage that comes from the fact that a small percentage increase in metal price leads to a bigger percentage increase in profit margin. The second is that if the miner is only barely profitable, or even unprofitable, at the current price, an increase in the metal price can push them into profitability and make an otherwise worthless company valuable. Companies that are unprofitable at the current price are sometimes called optionality plays and they are risky but can give good results if the price rises. First Mining Finance (FF) is a kind of optionality on steroids, because they are just acquiring assets and holding them until a higher price arises. The shares are highly volatile because whenever they make a new purchase, they fund it by issuing new shares, which dilutes the existing shareholders. As a shareholder you have to trust that the management knows what they are doing and that the purchases are adding enough value to offset the dilution. First Majestic (FR) is a miner and is actually producing product. They got hyped quite a lot last year and the price went high and has settled down a bit. It didn't help when they had an accident and some miners were killed. The share price is still arguably a little on the high side, but if you expect silver to go up, it is one of the better managed miners. Depending on how large your portfolio is, you might want to consider diversifying into a few other silver miners as well, such as Pan American, SSR Mining, Hecla and Fortuna. As you say, Keith N has a good reputation in the industry, though it does annoy me when I hear him being interviewed because he always trots out the line that the ratio of the price of gold to silver should be nine, because this is the ratio at which they come out of the ground. The two ratios are of course completely unrelated. As to silver production, more silver has been consumed than produced for several years now, so either stocks are running down or a lot of recycling is going on. Despite this, the price hasn't gone up much. Keith did actually attempt to organise a kind of production boycott among miners in order to force the price up, but there was little enthusiasm from other miners, and he was threatened with a lawsuit for attempted price fixing. As to what happens to gold/silver miners during crashes, this is a difficult and perplexing question. Sometimes, such as in 2008, they crash with everything else. At other times, they don't. Bear in mind that these days lots of market participants use high levels of leverage, either by using debt, or trading on margin accounts, or by using leveraged products. If there is a crash, they may be forced to sell everything they hold to meet a margin call, or to satisfy withdrawal requests from investors. My guess would be a panic sell across the board, but with metals and miners among the first to recover. This means you probably want to hold some cash in order to take advantage of distressed prices. Usual disclaimers: this is not investment advice. I own, or have owned, FF and FR.
    • Ah yes, they also released a 5 coin gold quarter ounce set of the different designs in 2006, mintage of 250 only.
    • I did find all these 1/4 oz proof gold Britannias in their census