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    • From a local store in Korea. 
    • This cannot be. What happened to global warming? I see the no newspapers are saying a mini Ice Age in 2030 is on the cards. We have already entered the frontend of a mini Ice Age but no doubt they will attempt to blame this on carbon dioxide. The thing with the internet is it is fairly easy to investigate this stuff. Then you see there have been solar minima every so many years and we are due for another. That temperatures in Roman times and the Medieval warm period were warmer than they were in the last century (no warming this century - if you hear there is, you are being lied to). That temperatures actually peaked in the 1930 and 40's after slowly warming up following the Dalton Minimum of the late 17's and early 1800's. There is proven fraud in the data b on being published -  exposed in the Climategate emails and documents leaked out of the University of East Anglia. Very few are talking about the fact there has been no warming since 1998 and we are heading into a prolonged and serious period of climatic change - the next period of significant cooling and a solar minimum and as there is no obvious preparation, millions if not billions are going to starve. It's all out there if you care to look and dodge the BS controlled media and paid 'experts.'
    • Dos not look that way, does it ? English is my first language. Gold Bullion FAQs Tandem does not sell gold bullion. The Harrods gold buy back service will, however, continue to be available in the Harrods store.
    • I got some stuff to send you numi I’ll post soon
    • So Harrods still sell gold bullion in the shop